april 11 2014 012

Best of China AYCE $16.99 Hotpot – San Diego (Mira Mesa), CA

Mom and sis were in town last week. They felt bad that they made me go to Pala Casino the night before to try out the casino’s buffet. So to make up for it, they let me choose a place to eat for dinner the next day.

I honestly didn’t eat the entire next day because the buffet wrecked me (from over stuffing my face). So, I was starving by dinner time. And well, sometimes a girl just craves hot pot. A nice, boiling cauldron of spicy, herby, broth.

Why I craved an AYCE hot pot though is beyond comprehension.

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april 7 2014 055

Uncasked: A Neighborhood Craft Beer Fest – La Jolla (UTC mall), CA

I knew, against my better judgement, to not go to this event.

Porque you ask? Well, because I don’t really drink beer.

Plus, I’m not a fan of a ‘fest’ that includes people, whom I don’t know, drinking beer.

This is what the event pitched:

Savor some of our favorite local brews and tasty bites. Plus, join us for Plaza Unplugged showcasing top local musicians. 

$20 Entrance Fee Includes:
A Branded Beer Glass
Uncasked Tasting Guide
Unlimited Bites
10 Drink Tickets

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April 3 2014 015

Crossroads Deli (& Specialty’s cookies + blog twerking) – La Jolla, CA

I’m sure some of you have noticed that the blog look has recently changed. Hence, the title Blog Twerking (which makes no sense because can a blog literally shake its booty to twerk).

I was texting a friend about ‘tweaking’ the blog and it auto corrected to ‘twerking’ which brought us to tears from laughing so hard.  Continue reading

april 1 2014 054

Puesto @ The Headquarters (Yelp Event) – San Diego, CA

Yelp recently partnered up with Puesto to host an event at Puesto’s newest location at The Headquarters.

I don’t participate in many of these events but was curious about this particular one because I’ve heard such great things about this Mexican restaurant. Besides, my last event to Fogo de Chao was an epic success and I managed to meet a few nice people.

I don’t eat a lot of Mexican food so this event was a nice opportunity for me to try out this restaurant.

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March 28 2014 143

PIRCH (Fresh Market Thursday cooking class) – La Jolla, CA

This year, for me, has been finding the simple things in life that makes me laugh & smile in a way that I think I had forgotten. NY forced me to go to the beach the other weekend because he was convinced it would make me laugh. The beach. Yeah. Why.

I was wondering why my last visit to PIRCH left me with such a residual high (and no, I wasn’t smoking weed).

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march 23 2014 068

Porto’s Bakery & Cafe ( + my Behgopa Hunger Rage ramblings) – Los Angeles, CA

Miss Kim, of Behgopa, cracks me up because she gets worked up about stuff and doesn’t have issues venting how she feels. I made a comment to her on a previous post and came up with the term Behgo Rage (which I meant as Miss Kim Rage).

But something occurred to me. Behgopa means I’m Hungry in Korean. I thought the Behgopa Rage I was using was making fun of her (hey, she makes fun of my cheapness alright) but then something else came to mind.

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March 24 2014 125

PIRCH ( a Food Blogger’s smile from ear to ear ) – La Jolla (UTC Mall), CA

One of the worst cliches in this world is “the best things happen when you least expect it”.

Actually, I think I hear that from friends who give me dating advice. Maybe that’s why I cringe when I hear that cliche.

Well, you ever have a cringe that bites you back in the butt.

I sure did.

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mar 19 2014 038

Emerald Chinese ($2.85 Dim Sum + .0001% Chance Ramblings & Nijiya Pocky ) – San Diego, CA

This is what sis and I found earlier:

mar 19 2014 026


She was sitting at my desk and grabbed a pen from a ‘pen jar’. I heard her screech and call my name. Sis had grabbed a pen from this ‘pen jar’ and splattered weird liquid everywhere.

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march 11 2014 009

The Cheesecake Factory Happy Hour (+ Are you a man or a mouse ramblings) – Escondido, CA

I wouldn’t normally do a blog post about The Cheesecake Factory because it’s like, yawn, The Cheesecake Factory. Don’t get me wrong – they have ok food. But the long wait to get a table, the quickly churned out food, etc etc doesn’t seem appealing to even write about.

But a weird ‘return a cheesecake‘ story IS and a helpful ‘hey, did *YOU* know TCF has a Happy Hour?!’ was worth sharing with everyone.

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So it begins…