Ballast Point (Lunch) – Miramar, CA

I still shake my head when I visit this Ballast Point location. It’s in such an industrial part of Miramar where many fine restaurants are located (notice sarcasm in the last part of the sentence). I love Miramar as I used to work in the area and have super fond memories of standard restaurants we used to frequent. So seeing a beautiful brewery like Ballast Point in this part of town is great. I’ve visited this location for the beers but never had the time to try out their food. So my friends decided we’d try this place out for lunch because they care about my blog (who we kidding – they care about the draft beers).  Continue reading Ballast Point (Lunch) – Miramar, CA


I have to admit that I get happy when I see a new(er) restaurant in Mira Mesa. I like eating in this part of town but feel that I’ve tried every single place. So new restaurant blood is much needed to this sometimes ravenous blogger. Tim Ky Noodle opened some time ago but I had heard mixed reviews about this place. Did they serve pho? Or did they serve wonton noodle soup dishes? And fried rice? I wasn’t really quite sure but friend agreed to meet me here for lunch. Continue reading TIM KY NOODLE


I used to frequent this part of town as I’m always returning stuff at UTC. I’m also somewhat of a fan of their Arclight Cinemas. Jurassic Park opened last month so CDJ insisted I get a life and watch the lame movie. He told me to buy the movie tickets and he’d buy dinner afterwards. This trade deal made no sense since this was the particular time frame I was skipping dinners to fit into a bridesmaid dress. But he said Amardeen Cafe, minutes from Arclight, was healthy and he’d find me something low carb. So fine. Amardeen Cafe it’ll be.

Of course I couldn’t find parking that early Friday evening at UTC for the movie. I was panicking as Arclight won’t let you in a movie if you’re ‘x’ amount of minutes late. I ran to the theatre and CDJ started laughing when I found him at the concession stand. He said he saw me trying to find parking (he had just found a space) and observed me driving around and around. He said I had the ‘vinegar’ face (imagine what your face looks like when you sniff vinegar) the entire time I was behind the wheel looking for a parking spot.  My shoulders slumped and I didn’t even have enough power to muster up the strength for a sarcastic comeback. He knew right away 1) ok, no more jokes and 2) she must be hungry.   Continue reading AMARDEEN CAFE – LA JOLLA, CA

Lemon Zest & Garlic Fest – San Diego, CA

San Diego’s first ever Lemon Zest & Garlic Fest recently held it’s event at The Waterfront in San Diego. I was given media passes so I was excited to go once I did more research on this unlimited food/wine/beer event. Proceeds from this event would also benefit NSEFU Wildlife Conservation Foundation (link at end) so this festival seemed to be benefiting both two legged (us!) as well as four legged animals out there as well. I am a huge garlic lover freak AND I love tart lemons so I was excited about this weekend event.

Unfortunately, San Diego got hit with one of the worst July thunderstorms I can remember. The weather was humid, the skies were dark, and I was scared out of bed around 6:30a from Zeus like lightening. I immediately wondered if the Lemon Zest & Garlic Fest was still going to happen.   Continue reading Lemon Zest & Garlic Fest – San Diego, CA

Casa Sol y Mar – Del Mar, CA

I visited Casa Sol y Mar two years ago with Snooks and Toxie to try their Happy Hour. We all collectively thought the food was mediocre and the staff a bit rude. So there wasn’t ever an urge to return. But a group of friends recently wanted to get together for lunch and one of the girls suggested Casa Sol y Mar. I wasn’t going to throw in my .02c (shocker I know) as I figured perhaps the restaurant had improved since my last visit. Plus, hello, they have complimentary fresh chips and salsa.   Continue reading Casa Sol y Mar – Del Mar, CA

Savoie Eatery (Meet the Chef Dinner)

Meeting the chef is always a highlight if you’re a foodie. It’s like meeting the director or the action star of a movie. Savoie (pronounced Sah-vawh) Eatery recently invited me to their Meet the Chef dinner. Chef Mikel Anthony recently took over the kitchen at Savoie Eatery in Chula Vista. Chef has worked at Juniper & Ivy as well as Cucina Enoteca (Del Mar). At a mere 33 years of age, Chef Mikel was a match for this Karina’s Group restaurant that opened in just 2014. Savoie Eatery crafts dishes from the Mediterranean regions of France, Italy, and Spain.

My plus one was BW but it took her some convincing to come as it would be a long drive for the both of us. We compromised by me agreeing to pick her up and being the responsible driver. This is how we roll when we take road trips…   Continue reading Savoie Eatery (Meet the Chef Dinner)

Rust General Store (they have food!) – Old Town (San Diego)

I would have never thought a place called Rust General Store, in Old Town, would have a full menu. I always thought Old Town only had Mexican restaurants so it was refreshing to see a menu filled with sandwiches, salads, bratwursts, cookies, and ice cold drinks. I was intrigued by many of their sandwich names such as Mary Taggert, Juan Bandini, and Madam Fisher. I mean I seriously thought Rust General Store sold general stuff like iron and copper that, like, you know, rust.   Continue reading Rust General Store (they have food!) – Old Town (San Diego)


I’ve seen the signs for Savory Kitchen up for some time now. We weren’t really sure what this little restaurant was all about. The previous restaurant (Uncle Vinnie’s) had declined over the years and it was hard to see this location struggle. So I wasn’t too excited when Savory Kitchen in Carmel Valley finally opened. I was in the area running errands for cousin bride the other weekend and decided to stop in at Savory Kitchen to take a peek. Let me tell you what always makes a first sneak and peek EVEN BETTER…
Continue reading SAVORY KITCHEN (+ hello OG Mango Pie!)- CARMEL VALLEY, CA

Taste of the Past – Old Town (San Diego)

I haven’t visited Old Town in so many years. My last clear memory of Old Town was in the 6th grade when we took a field trip to this historic part of San Diego. Back then, life wasn’t about food or blogging. It was simply about having fun and spending time with class mates. I never really returned to Old Town after the 6th grade and there are simply two words to explain why: Whaley House. I have (and still am) afraid of ghosts. The Whaley House (or maybe their tour guides) frightened me so bad all those years ago. So I was a bit apprehensive when I was invited to try out The Taste of the Past event in Old Town over the weekend.   Continue reading Taste of the Past – Old Town (San Diego)

Summer BBQ 2015 + Apple Beauty Pageant

Summer BBQs are something that is still a bit foreign to me. It was so Americana to our family when I was growing up. My dad didn’t really bbq because he didn’t know how to. We rarely went to friends’ or neighbors’ for bbqs either. My only real bbq experience, now as an adult, is that of Korean AYCE bbq. Sad but true. And I’m usually the control freak with the tongs saying ‘don’t flip that yet!’. So being invited to someone’s house for a backyard bbq still feels odd yet a treat for me.   Continue reading Summer BBQ 2015 + Apple Beauty Pageant

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