Ignite Bistro – Carlsbad, CA

Cdj had a birthday recently and I wanted to surprise him with as many gifts possible. The surprises included: him choosing a movie at a fancy movie place (without me criticizing about his movie pick), a nice lunch (without me judging him for his pick), and parasailing adventure at Torrey Pines Gliderport (without me nagging him about not having me as beneficiary on an his unwritten Last will & Testament). So he picked Keanu – the stupidest movie ever that Cdj will end up paying for with make up credits for ever – and we agreed on Ignite Bistro for a late lunch since it was nearby to the movie theatre. I’ve seen Ignite Bistro on Yelp and a few other sites so thought it would be a fun new place to try out for a birthday lunch.

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Sushiya – Del Mar, CA

I have no idea how long Sushiya has been here in Del Mar Highlands but it feels like an eternity for some reason. I’d pass by them many times but never had an urge to try them. This Japanese restaurant seemed almost over shadowed by Searsucker that is just to the left of them. But I’ve come to frequent Sushiya over the last year as I’ve become a fan of their lunch and dinner specials. They are located on the bottom half of the Del Mar Highlands plaza.

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Nordstrom Marketplace Cafe (Horton Plaza)

I rarely visit Horton Plaza because the parking structure confuses me. Plus, I’ve gotten burned trying to validate at night, in their structure, after visiting a club in the Gaslamp, only to realize that the validation box thing was closed (note to people: validate before 9p to be safe). Nordstrom Cafe has been a casual restaurant that sis and I have frequented for many years. I didn’t realize it’s called Marketplace Cafe (on Yelp as well). Then someone there said it’s called Nordstrom Marketplace Cafe. I had a Nordstrom gift card I wanted to use so decided to treat a friend to a weekend lunch at the Marketplace Cafe located on the top level of  Nordstrom Horton Plaza.

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Liberty Public Market

The buzz about the Liberty Public Market was pretty exciting and loud wasn’t it. I didn’t think too much about this new indoor public market as I’ve been to similar versions in Seattle and San Francisco (gosh all with exs too, how ironic). Liberty Public Market is located in Point Loma and finding parking that weekend was tough. I was looking forward to the visit but dreaded the Mother’s Day weekend crowd. This post will mostly be a summary of what we saw and ate that afternoon. I’ll hopefully follow up with future individual posts about my favorite artisan vendors here at the Liberty Public Market.

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Char House: Saigon Grill and Pho – San Diego, CA

Friends think I should rent a condo in Convoy as I’m in that area at least two times a week. To eat. Like, seriously. For food. I’ve seen signs for Char House over the last few months and was curious to see what this new Vietnamese restaurant had to offer. Note to self and to others reading this: Char House is closed on TUESDAYS. I, of course, tried to visit for the first time on a Tuesday and cried when I pulled on the closed doors. They are located across from Car Max and a tshirt printing company.

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Kabob Lounge

Grilled meats are a necessity after a long hike at Torrey Pines. They just are. Friends think beer is more of a necessity but that’s why they’re outta shape. Kabob Lounge is located on El Camino Real in the same building as California Bank and Trust. They’re also next door to Ken Sushi Workshop which I’ve always wanted to try but get scared of going broke eating there.  The restaurant wasn’t that busy the weekend we visited so there was plenty of parking.

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Crab Town – San Diego, CA

My world revolves around food. It truly does. I’ve always said food brings people together. A meal can mend, heal, celebrate whatever you’re going through. I’m on a crazy Louisiana seafood boil craze at the moment and I’m lucky to have amazing friends who help me feed my current food frenzy. I hadn’t heard much about Crab Town and didn’t even know about them. But they have lunch specials that other similar style restaurants don’t offer so it was the perfect opportunity for me to finally try out Crab Town in San Diego.

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The Landings at Carlsbad

It still surprises me when I come across a restaurant that’s been in existence that I haven’t heard of. Then add (to that surprise) that the restaurant, The Landings at Carlsbad, is located at an airport. Like, literally. I knew Carlsbad had her own private airport but who would have thought there’s an actual full service restaurant located on the premises. The Landings at Carlsbad serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week. It’s a stand alone restaurant that’s located inside McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, CA.  Continue reading The Landings at Carlsbad

Taegukgi Korean BBQ House ($15.99 AYCE Tuesday Lunch Special)

The gluttony in all of us constantly searches for the unicorn all-you-can-eat Korean bbq. Specifically a lunch AYCE Kbbq. I had seen Taegukgi Korean BBQ House over the years but never tried them as the reviews were mixed. I’d do a quick drive-by peek of their empty patio when I would visit Zion Market right next door. So I was happy to share this gluttonous adventure with Cdj the past two weeks. Yeah. We visited two weeks in a row – both on Tuesdays in order to get the $15.99 lunch deal. The AYCE lunch option at Taegukgi Korean BBQ House normally costs $19.99 so the $4 savings on Tuesdays is a nice (almost) 20% savings.  Continue reading Taegukgi Korean BBQ House ($15.99 AYCE Tuesday Lunch Special)

Tropical Star Restaurant & Specialty Market

Sometimes all I need in life is a good lunch with a good friend. It’s a doable request but I often take it for granted. Deciding what to eat sometimes can consume me (other food bloggers or foodies might attest to that). So it’s a relief when a friend takes charge and says ‘eff it let’s go here’. Cdj recommended Tropical Star Restaurant some time ago when I was on a Cuban sandwich obsession. I had driven by this tiny restaurant so many times but had never visited. Tropical Star offers Caribbean style food with recipes from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central and South America.

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