The Landings at Carlsbad

It still surprises me when I come across a restaurant that’s been in existence that I haven’t heard of. Then add (to that surprise) that the restaurant, The Landings at Carlsbad, is located at an airport. Like, literally. I knew Carlsbad had her own private airport but who would have thought there’s an actual full service restaurant located on the premises. The Landings at Carlsbad serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week. It’s a stand alone restaurant that’s located inside McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, CA.  Continue reading The Landings at Carlsbad

Taegukgi Korean BBQ House ($15.99 AYCE Tuesday Lunch Special)

The gluttony in all of us constantly searches for the unicorn all-you-can-eat Korean bbq. Specifically a lunch AYCE Kbbq. I had seen Taegukgi Korean BBQ House over the years but never tried them as the reviews were mixed. I’d do a quick drive-by peek of their empty patio when I would visit Zion Market right next door. So I was happy to share this gluttonous adventure with Cdj the past two weeks. Yeah. We visited two weeks in a row – both on Tuesdays in order to get the $15.99 lunch deal. The AYCE lunch option at Taegukgi Korean BBQ House normally costs $19.99 so the $4 savings on Tuesdays is a nice (almost) 20% savings.  Continue reading Taegukgi Korean BBQ House ($15.99 AYCE Tuesday Lunch Special)

Tropical Star Restaurant & Specialty Market

Sometimes all I need in life is a good lunch with a good friend. It’s a doable request but I often take it for granted. Deciding what to eat sometimes can consume me (other food bloggers or foodies might attest to that). So it’s a relief when a friend takes charge and says ‘eff it let’s go here’. Cdj recommended Tropical Star Restaurant some time ago when I was on a Cuban sandwich obsession. I had driven by this tiny restaurant so many times but had never visited. Tropical Star offers Caribbean style food with recipes from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central and South America.

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Encinitas Fish Shop

Something I’ve enjoyed doing this season (of my life) is visiting restaurants along Highway 101. I am the last person you’ll want to be with on any car ride as I’m always in a hurry to get from Point A to Point B. Scenic driving is not my cup of tea. So it’s been funny that I look forward to exploring what the 101 offers. Friend wanted to take me to Encinitas Fish Shop as he’s visited the restaurant with his family and they’ve all enjoyed the seafood. The weather was sunny, warm, and bright the weekend of our visit.

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Pacific Coast Grill

I think I visited Pacific Coast Grill when they were located some miles South in Solana Beach years ago. Sis has mentioned that the views and food in their Cardiff location is pretty good. Friend took his nephew and niece here some months ago and agreed with sis’ sentiments. We visited for Easter brunch last month and had one of the best breakfasts ever in San Diego.

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Marion Crepes (inside Mitsuwa) – San Diego, CA

Marion Crepes recently opened inside Mitsuwa Marketplace in San Diego. I have a crepe fetish so I implored sis and V to come with me to try this new crepe shop. We just had lunch at Kula Revolving Sushi so it only took a few minutes to drive to the Mitsuwa Marketplace shopping center.

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Manila Sunset Grille

Manila Sunset Grille has been in Mira Mesa for some time now. Their location went through a nice exterior renovation recently. I’m not sure how we ended up finally trying Manila Sunset Grille last year but it’s been my go to grilled skewers place since then. Each item is made to order so there’s usually a wait time to get your dishes. I have no issue with this as hot off the grill items need time to prep so it’s understandable. Parking has never been an issue even on busy days so Cdj and I have visited Manila Sunset Grille restaurant several times already.

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Galaxy Taco – La Jolla, CA

I don’t think I can convey how happy a rainy day makes me feel. It’s even harder to express that happiness when that rainy day falls on a weekday that I have free for lunch. I hadn’t heard much about Galaxy Taco in La Jolla but was game for trying them out since their menu looked interesting. They are located in the La Jolla Shores area and even have a small private parking lot. Chef Trey Foshee, of George’s at the Cove, is owner of Galaxy Taco so that was another incentive to try this restaurant sooner than later.

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George’s at the Cove: California Modern ( Wedding Rehearsal lunch)

Yes. I just got engaged.

THIS. Should have been my April 1 (April Fools) post but I was too lazy. This write up is long overdue as this wedding rehearsal took place last summer. My cousin was getting married and her fiancee’s family hosted the rehearsal lunch at California Modern. His family was given the suggestion of George’s at the Cove and made arrangements to reserve the entire space in the restaurant’s California Modern floor. The actual rehearsal took place not far from California Modern so driving to downtown La Jolla that Saturday afternoon wasn’t too bad.

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Harry’s Coffee Shop – La Jolla, CA

I’ve seen Harry’s Coffee Shop in La Jolla over the years but have only recently visited this small restaurant. I’m not always a breakfast type of person but I will try a restaurant if I see chicken fried steak or hollandaise on their breakfast menu. Cdj suggested we finally try Harry’s Coffee Shop some time ago.

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