Lazy Acres Market (sister to Bristol Farms) – Encinitas

My heart melts when I see a new super market opening. I love the smell, sights, touch of these new markets. I had never heard of Lazy Acres Market. I didn’t know if it was a chain or perhaps a pricey organic kinda place (hello Whole Foods). So I was surprised to discover Lazy Acres Market is a sister market to Bristol Farms. My love of Bristol has diminished over the years but I’m a fan of their beer selection as well as their famous chocolate chip cookies. So I was excited to stop by Lazy Acres Market and check them out.

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The Hat – Murrieta, CA

I don’t often venture to Murrieta because, well, it’s Murrieta. Kidding aside, I’d only see the town on my drives to LA, Vegas, or Big Bear. Friend planned a getaway to Idyllwild (another place I’ve yet to visit) and he was super excited to drive by Murrieta. Why you ask. Because he’s a pastrami loving guy. He and his brother adore The Hat. We’ve visited the San Gabriel location and the brother has visited the Murrieta location. The Murrieta location is straight up awesome. It’s an actual eat in and drive thru restaurant (unlike the SGV location with just outdoor seating and that’s about it).

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El Pescador Fish Market & Restaurant

I visited El Pescador Fish Market & Restaurant when they were located in a tiny location in La Jolla. The restaurant was cramped, parking was tough, and the visit always seemed stressful. I heard they relocated just across the street so I figured it was time to visit El Pescador and see what seafood they had on hand.

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StreetCar Merchants of Fried Chicken, Doughnuts & Coffee – La Jolla, CA

I was browsing Yelp when I gasped at what I was seeing on the screen before me. StreetCar Merchants was open in LA JOLLA ? Say what. I’ve been craving fried chicken lately so the new opening of StreetCar got me excited. They took over a previous restaurant building next to the Inn and re modeled the interior. The menu is different from their North Park location so don’t expect just fried chicken at their La Jolla location. They share the small parking lot with the Inn but there was also easy street parking that weekend we visited.

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Cow By Bear (Sunday Brunch pop up) – San Diego

I’m seeing someone who earnestly tries to find new food adventures for dates. I was surprised when he said he got into a brunch event at a pop up named Cow By Bear. I wasn’t sure if I heard him correctly but he repeated: “Cow (like MOOOOOO). By. Bear (like ROOOARRRR)”. 

Ok. Real funny. His sense of humor and sarcasm is endearing. After researching though, it appeared this pop up restaurant is extremely popular and sells out months in advance for their dinners. Did I mention these dinners cost $150 per person. Well, they now offer Sunday Brunch for $100 per person. I tried to reason with friend that $100 for brunch is too much but he insisted we had to try Cow By Bear. Besides, the tickets are non refundable.

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Elijah’s Restaurant & Delicatessen

It was nice having close friends around during the holidays. There’s more laughter and, most importantly, there are more chances to eat out. Cdj has been a fan of Elijah’s Restaurant & Delicatessen. The restaurant used to be located in La Jolla but is now located in Kearny Mesa. I tried Elijah’s a few times in La Jolla but never thought much of the food or service. I had a Living Social deal that expired but still figured it was worth using (you’re supposed to be able to still get the ‘paid’ value of the voucher). We visited their new location on a Sunday for breakfast.

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Berkeley Pizza (Happy Hour) – North Park

We were in North Park on a weekend trying to look for a place to watch the Dallas Cowboys lose. Almost every sports bar was packed to the brim. We walked past Berkeley Pizza which was completely empty but they had 2-3 tvs playing the game. Friend didn’t really want to try Berkeley Pizza but was swayed when he saw they had happy hour specials. The location isn’t very big but it’s nicely comfortable. They have happy hour everyday from 12p-7p: buy any beer and get a slice of pizza for $2.00.

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The Craftsman New American Tavern

We visited The Craftsman New American Tavern some weeks ago. We were looking for a place to have a late brunch on a Sunday afternoon. The weather was perfect and the drive up the Pacific Coast Highway couldn’t have been prettier. The Craftsman New American Tavern is located in Encinitas and had a happy hour menu that appeared to be available on Sundays.

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Le Bambou Restaurant – Del Mar, CA

Le Bambou Restaurant in Del Mar is considered a mainstay in this area. It’s been around for ages and has managed to survive the times. I cannot remember if I’ve ever visited but I vividly remember seeing Le Bambou Restaurant every time I visit this part of town. The restaurant is tucked away in a corner of this re modeled strip mall and rarely seems busy. Friend and I were done with work one late afternoon so we thought it would be nice to try out this restaurant.

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Big Catch Seafood House ( $45 AYCE Sunday Brunch)

My holy trinity in life consists of all F’s: Faith, family, and food friends. I was determined to visit my family in LA on Christmas Day. My mom is in love with a new restaurant called Big Catch Seafood House in Alhambra. It’s not even an Asian restaurant. We visited Big Catch some weeks ago but the visit was a hit/miss for me. But I was excited to try the restaurant again for their $45.95 All You Can Eat Brunch with bottomless mimosas. PLUS, there were some secret ‘off the brunch menu’ items that completely blew us away.

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