Vallarta Supermarkets (Ceviches & Torta Cubana) – Escondido, CA

I was hosting a milestone birthday party for my dearest of friends Arrow recently. I wuv him because he’s a no BS kinda dude and he never answers my questions the way *I* want him to answer my questions. No matter how much I act like a brat, he simply shakes his head, laughs and says ‘no, a true friend doesn’t give you the answers you want to hear. A true friend gives you the truth and doesn’t care if you hate him for it.’ So when it came time to host his birthday, I was determined to make him something super fancy and elaborate.

Hence why I ended up driving to buttfrekfar (hey, I serioulsly just made up that word…pretty funny huh) Escondido to buy ceviche from a Mexican supermarket. I swear I wanted to make ceviche from scratch but who has time to do that when the dinner party is on a Friday at 7p. I sure didn’t :(

I visited the Vallarta Supermarket in National City some time last year and thought the food/service/ambiance didn’t compare to the Northgate Market in Downey (where I visited a year ago or so). I thought the Vallarta in Escondido would be a closer drive (compared to National City) but it took me over 30 minutes to get to Vallarta because it was so inland.  Continue reading Vallarta Supermarkets (Ceviches & Torta Cubana) – Escondido, CA

Common Theory Public House (+ Gut Butt ramblings)

FratB recently left for a trip to Denver to see family. I told him I’d babysit his dog in lieu of him taking me out on 9 dates (not 6, not 10, but nine). He agreed and let me pick out the first date place he’d take me to before I dropped him off at the airport. Because I’m a somewhat of a decent girlfriend, I picked Common Theory Public House because 1) it was still Happy Hour ; 2) they have 28+ beers on tap which I know FB would love; and 3) HH + 28 different beers on tap = way cheaper to eat/drink at CTPH than it would be at airport/plane.

He said that he knew about Common Theory Public House because some of his co workers had been there for beers and food. I told him I heard about this place because of Kirbie’s Cravings Jinxi Eat’s, Oh-soyummy, and This Tasty Life posts. PLUS, I had *just* researched Common Theory Public House that same morning because I was craving something NON Asian in Convoy. So I thought it was serendipitous that we both wanted to try this place on that day. Besides, this trip would mean the most amount of days we’ve spent apart from one another since dating (cue the eye rolls, barfffs etc).  Continue reading Common Theory Public House (+ Gut Butt ramblings)


I was in the area getting a coffee and realized I hadn’t had lunch yet. My sister just told me about Pizza Rev the other night as she went with her family to their soft opening. So I figured I’d stop by this place real quick and spend $8.25 for a simple create-your-own-as-many-toppings single pizza. What would be the big deal right. Never been excited about a place like this before so why start today.

To my surprise, I found out I was visiting on their official Grand Opening day. I wasn’t sure if there were any promos but one of the girls told me that each customer gets either a complimentary pizza or salad with a donation to the Boys & Girls Club for that day (3/12/2015).  Continue reading PIZZA REV – SAN DIEGO, CA


There are certain streets in La Jolla that remind me of Greek Row in a prestigious Ivy League university. Prospect Street is the Harvard Greek Row, Girard Avenue is the Yale Greek Row, and Fay Street (ya know I had to use a street named after me, minus their error of forgetting to add an ‘e’ to the end of name) is the Stanford Greek Row. You get the idea.

So I was pleasantly perplexed when Catania (pronounced Kah-tahn-nia) Coastal Italian opened in the previously empty Jack’s restaurant/lounge on Girard Avenue. I saw the empty space as a beautiful Greek Row house that just needed the right sorority (sorry but Fraternities aren’t known to be the spiffiest of abodes) to reside in the house. Furthermore, this new sorority would be competing against strongly planted fellow sororities that are owned by the SAME Greek letters (the successful Whisknladel Hospitality Group in this case).  You get my wistful thinking.  Continue reading CATANIA COASTAL ITALIAN – LA JOLLA, CA


I’m probably the last San Diego blogger that you’ll see finally posting about 85c Bakery Cafe. I’d like to be defiant and bad a** to say that I never bought into the 85c gravy train but no….even though I am not a fan of this goliath of a Taiwanese bakery chain, I will admit that I’ve visited this newly opened San Diego location a handful of times now. Mostly because low carbers like me have a freak disorder of smelling breads vs eating them… Continue reading 85c BAKERY CAFE – SAN DIEGO, CA



I got burnt out on Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot some time ago. It’s a fantastic place to visit when 1) the weather is cold; 2) it’s during lunch & affordable; and 3) you’re craving soup. The only time to really visit, in my opinion, is during lunch when they have a revised $9.95 lunch special. Dinners here are too expensive as you have to order most items a la carte AND you have to pay for the soup base. So the $9.95 deal includes the soup, protein, veggies, and noodles. Not bad right. So sis, V, and I decided to go there for lunch the other day.   Continue reading LITTLE SHEEP MONGOLIAN HOT POT ($9.95 LUNCH SPECIAL)



I don’t frequent PB very often but we happened to be in the area last weekend. I was so praying for rain but we had the misfortune of having ample sunshine and pleasant breezes that day. Dang it San Diego, why can’t you keep raining. I don’t know how I found Crushed Pacific Beach as I know nothing about the food or restaurants  in this neck of the woods. FratB though, well, this is *his* territory and he’s quite proud of it. Funny though as we both laugh about our glory days at PB Bar & Grill back in the day. He had never heard of Crushed but I told him the menu looked simple, affordable, and worth trying.  Continue reading CRUSHED (BRUNCH & TAPAS)- PACIFIC BEACH

DON RIOS (previously MXN previously Santanas) – Rancho Penasquitos

I grew up hearing about Santanas as everyone in school just loved their burritos so much. I never really ate there so it wasn’t a big deal to me when Santanas changed to MXN. I recently drove by MXN in Rancho Penasquitos and noticed a new sign that said Don Rios where MXN used to be. So alright, curious nosy bee that I am, I decided to stop in and take a look.     Continue reading DON RIOS (previously MXN previously Santanas) – Rancho Penasquitos


How much romance does a girl need these days ( the answer is ALOT right). Remember when Carrie dated The Russian and his romantic gestures were just TOO much and she fainted in front of the museum. I like my fair share of romance but I’m not the type of girl that absolutely needs it. I guess I grew up with ‘whatever a guy can buy/do for you, you can buy/do for yourself as well’. So I was really taken aback (in a very good way) when FB recently took me for a surprise staycation at Estancia La Jolla. I was equally surprised to find that Adobe El Restaurante, located on the top floor of their casita style resort, offered two types of an AYCE Sunday Brunch. I considered myself Carrie Bradshaw with the Russian that day (well, except I’m Asian , Fb’s not Russian, and I live for food and not shoes…so yeah… virtually I have nothing in common with Carrie).

2 Years Already – The Camera Eats First

Let’s start with the cliches you know you *wanna* hear on an anniversary post of a  blog:

- my, how time flies
– gosh, every moment blogging has been so great
– what a difference a year makes

Those are the only ones I gots. Sorry. My head thought it had way more than that.

I don’t know where to start on this post to tell you the truth. Last year’s 1 year blog post felt so reflective yet sad/enlightening/etc at the same time. I almost can’t remember the heaviness I felt at that point. Continue reading 2 Years Already – The Camera Eats First

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