Waypoint Public Del Sur

I’ve seen Waypoint Public at various events through out the years. They offered samples but none of which I can currently remember. Cdj visited their North Park location some weeks ago after watching fights at a nearby bar and swore he had one of his best dinners at Waypoint Public (then again, he’d probably give… Read More Waypoint Public Del Sur


The Lot Sunday Sterling Brunch (AYCE $35)- La Jolla, CA

I haven’t done a memorable brunch in some time. Weekends have come and gone so quickly this season. So I was beyond excited to try out The Lot Sunday Sterling Brunch in La Jolla on a beautiful Sunday morning. The Sterling Brunch takes place at The Lot movie center in La Jolla, California. I’ve walked… Read More The Lot Sunday Sterling Brunch (AYCE $35)- La Jolla, CA


Ken Sushi Workshop

My sister has mentioned several times to visit Ken Sushi Workshop for a dinner date. She and Peanut enjoy this restaurant for special sushi dinner nights with their husbands. This unassuming restaurant is located in a business park with California Bank & Trust. One of the chefs used to work for the infamous Sushi Ota… Read More Ken Sushi Workshop


Arclight on Tap – La Jolla (UTC), CA

UTC has been undergoing crazy construction for some time now. It’s made the mall a bit unbearable due to the noise, traffic, and parking. I don’t find many reasons to visit this mall because of the hassle. Recently Arclight promoted it’s Arclight on Tap summer series. The movie theater company would pair up with a… Read More Arclight on Tap – La Jolla (UTC), CA


Ibo’s Mediterranean Cuisine (Turkish fusion) @ La Jolla Open Aire Market

I don’t visit this farmer’s market as often anymore. Donut Bar is no longer a vendor here so that was a huge damper (friends find that strange since I’m not really a dessert person). Cdj and I visited on Sunday after a workout. We were both famished and figured what better way to celebrate being… Read More Ibo’s Mediterranean Cuisine (Turkish fusion) @ La Jolla Open Aire Market


Board & Brew – Del Sur

Sis and kids wanted to do lunch so I suggested Board & Brew that opened in Del Sur. They have never tried this sandwich shop so were curious about their items. The location has their signature outdoor patio and craft beers on tap. They share a parking lot with Target and Starbucks.

Wine bar

Tasting Room Del Mar

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to try out the Tasting Room Del Mar. I believe they only have evening hours so it was difficult finding the time to try out this tiny outdoor/indoor restaurant in downtown Del Mar. So it was fitting when someone suggested trying out Tasting Room Del Mar for a first… Read More Tasting Room Del Mar


C Level – San Diego, CA

I’m learning above and beyond is meant for special people in your life. You don’t offer that to someone who doesn’t feel the same. We recently celebrated V’s birthday. She loves the ocean. She’s the worst food critic for someone who rarely eats out. So I thought it only fitting to surprise her with lunch… Read More C Level – San Diego, CA


Cafe Japengo (Lunch) – La Jolla, CA

I’ve been bumping into random friends who’ve almost made it their mission to get me to be social and return a hug. It’s been humbling and heart warming. A close friend has been keeping tabs on me the last few weeks and will give me something to look forward to almost every week. It’s like… Read More Cafe Japengo (Lunch) – La Jolla, CA


Wokou Ramen & Yakitori

It’s been exciting to see Wokou Ramen & Yakitori build this North County location to their liking. You can tell the owners/partners want to bring a different vibe to this part of town. The open and sleek restaurant is hip, modern, and a breath of fresh air. Plus, where can you find ramen and yakitori… Read More Wokou Ramen & Yakitori