Roadem BBQ ($9.99 AYCE Lunch Special)

My friends and I always complain how there’s no affordable all you can eat Korean BBQs for lunch here in San Diego. We’ve paid the full dinner AYCE price at many places but never felt we ate enough, for lunch, to warrant the $22+ dollars. So I was curious when I kept seeing Roadem BBQ  $9.99 AYCE lunch special when I was driving through Convoy. I read that it’s a limited all you can eat option with only five proteins to choose from. That’s totally fine with me especially if they’re offering banchan as well. So Cdj and I decided to visit Roadem BBQ the other day to check out this all you can eat lunch option.

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Vessel Restaurant + Bar ($15 BOTTOMLESS Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar + Weekend Brunch)

San Diego is such a beautiful city to explore for brunches. We have the views, the weather, and enough towns in this city to find a nice brunch to try. But, when was the last time you saw a BOTTOMLESS Build your own Bloody Mary bar. Yeah, bottomless. Meaning you can go up as many times as you want, stuff your one-shot vodka mason jar with goodies, and then do it all over it again when you want another bloody mary. Vessel Restaurant + Bar at the Kona Kai Resort offers such a thing on Sundays AND Saturdays. Their brunch menu also offers savory and sweet items to choose from while you’re enjoying your drink while admiring the harbor views.

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T-Pop Desserts & More

T-Pop Desserts & More is a small dessert shop located in Mira Mesa. They also serve various ramens, appetizers, and rice dishes. We visited some weeks ago as I had a Groupon deal to burn before the expiration date. The deal required that you order at least one non-dessert item from their menu. I’m not much of a brick toast dessert fan so this particular Groupon deal was great for our bunch that day.

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Sufi Mediterranean Cuisine ($15.95 AYCE Lunch)

I’m all about all you can eat (AYCE) restaurants here in San Diego. I admit I used to care about quantity over quality. But as you get older (and fatter), you realize quality takes the cake when it comes to an AYCE lunch option. BUT, leave it to the infamous Cdj to totally refute that and just want to eat as much as humanly possibly during lunch. He suggested Sufi Mediterranean Cuisine for lunch. He pitched that it was cheap (I think he said $11.95) and they had a TON of stuff to choose from. He’s usually wrong about one food fact per day (be it address location, price, type of food).  He said Sufi Mediterranean Cuisine was *now* his favorite place to have an AYCE meal. So alright.

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Din Tai Fung (1088 S Baldwin Ave) – Arcadia, CA

I’ve always wanted this blog to be about food and how it brings people together. My family still amazes me, even today, when they bring that to life. My mom was leaving for Taiwan and wanted to treat us to ‘anywhere’ we wanted to eat. The ‘anywhere’ just had to be in Los Angeles. Dang it. My friends love my mom because she tends to spoil them. So mom and friend unanimously agreed to Din Tai Fung (1088 S Baldwin Ave) in Arcadia. I’ve never understood the appeal of Din Tai Fung. I have visited a few in Taipei but couldn’t understand the hype. But my mom and grandma profess that Din Tai Fung, to them, is #1 and they’re the harshest food critics ever.

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Baguette Bros – San Diego, CA

I saw Baguette Bros some weeks ago when they newly opened. I was curious about this French banh mi shop but my banh mi obsession (remember all the posts from last year) had strangely subsided. I was recently back in this plaza and Cdj felt like something non-spicy/Chinese/chicken feet/insert anything Asian here. He’s aware the origins of a banh mi but he said anything between French bread is good enough for non-Asian food that afternoon. So off we went to visit Baguette Bros.

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Havana Grill – San Diego, CA

Cuban food is new to me even though I read about it all the time and see it on travel channels. Hearing and seeing hard panini pressed Cubanos, crispy plantain chips, recipes for sofrito…just had me in a trance. So I finally made it a point to visit Havana Grill that recently  opened in San Diego (Clairemont). I called Cdj to see if he wanted to join me and he was taken aback that I wasn’t bugging him to try an Asian restaurant in the area. He was kinda right. I usually come to this part of town for Asian food. So I wasn’t expecting much when I drove to Havana Grill the other week to try out a few items.

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O’Brien’s Pub – San Diego, CA

I’m nervous to tell you the reason I’ve never been to O’Brien’s Pub in Convoy. So here it goes – I thought everyone there would be irate at Asians because that parking lot sucks so bad. There. I said it. I half kid but the truth of the matter is that I’ve eaten at every single place in that plaza EXCEPT O’Brien’s Pub. I knew they have a great beer selection (told to me by non-Asian friends), play soccer matches, and probably serve non-Asian food. That was the extent  of my knowledge of O’Brien’s Pub. But now, I am a fan of this little pub here in Convoy. I’ve gone a handful of times and have been impressed.

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Village Kitchen – San Diego (Clairemont), CA

It was a cold and dreary day. I don’t think I could have been any happier. I took the day off to spend with my mom who was in town for the holidays. We thought it would be fun to treat friend to Little Sheep Mongolian hot pot. Little did we know that half of the Asian population in San Diego thought hot pot on a cold day would be a great idea that afternoon as well. The line and wait for Little Sheep, weekday, was over one hour. My mom noticed Village Kitchen open right next door so she asked friend if his stomach could handle a different style of Asian food. Of course he could (so he said bravely).

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Greystone Steakhouse – San Diego, CA

I had my Pretty Woman (the movie) moment the other night at the Gaslamp. I guess that could totally be taken the wrong way. I mean Pretty Woman in the sense that you’re told it’s a surprise dinner with a surprise event afterwards. I knew the restaurant was somewhere downtown but that was about it. I was told I had never mentioned this restaurant nor has it ever been written about it on this blog. So I was really surprised when we arrived at Greystone Steakhouse in the Gaslamp as 1) the restaurant was beautiful and 2) I totally mentioned about this place to him some weeks ago.

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