Vive La Tarte – San Francisco, CA

I stayed two nights with Peanut in her San Francisco abode. These were nights staying up late to talk, catch up, gossip, introduce new TV shows to one another. It was some much needed girl-time for the both of us. She introduced me to Vive La Tarte on my last morning with her. Vive La… Read More Vive La Tarte – San Francisco, CA


Breakfast Republic – Carmel Valley, CA

My girlfriends and I recently met up at the newly opened Breakfast Republic in Carmel Valley. This location took longer than expected to open but the restaurant is sleek, modern, and inviting. I’ve never visited any Breakfast Republic so I was excited to finally try out their menu with two of my friends. We visited… Read More Breakfast Republic – Carmel Valley, CA


Mission Rock Resort : Oysters , Bar, Grill (with some great friends) – San Francisco, CA

I flew up to San Francisco for both work and relaxation. It’s not often that I get that opportunity so I was grateful when the timing (and, yawn) the stars aligned. I wasn’t expecting much from the trip as work was my first priority. But, sometimes, just SOMETIMES, you get to work with some pretty… Read More Mission Rock Resort : Oysters , Bar, Grill (with some great friends) – San Francisco, CA


Mister Jiu’s – San Francisco, CA

I didn’t realize I was MIA from writing until recently. That is an utmost great sign that, well, I have a life. Seriously. My friends think: more posts = no life ; less posts = life. Kinda have to agree. I recently returned from San Francisco. It was a trip of a lifetime. I can’t… Read More Mister Jiu’s – San Francisco, CA


Poseidon on the Beach – Del Mar, CA

This colder weather has made my spirit happy. There’s something, to this day, about this weather that puts me at ease. I wanted to catch up with a friend so we both thought it would be fun to have a late lunch at Poseidon on the Beach one sunny afternoon. Actually, it was a really… Read More Poseidon on the Beach – Del Mar, CA


Golden Chopsticks Restaurant

V and I were going to be in National City so I researched restaurants for us to try for lunch. We always enjoy salt and pepper chicken wings so Soo suggested either Golden Chopsticks Restaurant or Royal Mandarin. Both had lunch specials but we opted for Golden Chopsticks Restaurant as it was a mile closer… Read More Golden Chopsticks Restaurant


Cafe Topes – Carlsbad, CA

I’ve made mention that I’m the brunt of jokes in my circle of friends because…well…I wasn’t born here. That’s the running joke/eye rolls/wtf reactions I get when I use that as an excuse for not understanding phrases/terms/jokes/etc. I’m lucky my friends have a thick skin as we’re often mean to one another (in a brotherly/sisterly… Read More Cafe Topes – Carlsbad, CA


Zel’s Del Mar

Sundays can be stressful for a variety of reasons. One consistent reason has always been breakfast. Friends and I always have the same question every Sunday around 10a. “WHATAWEDOING” for breakfast is the text I get every single time. Unbeknownst to me, they made an executive decision without my input, consent, yay or nay…well, you… Read More Zel’s Del Mar

Mexican Fusion, YELP EVENTS

Red O ( Yelp Event ) – La Jolla, CA

I thought I’d written off Red O in La Jolla after my last experience here. So I wasn’t going to rsvp for a Yelp event that was being hosted with Red O. Then it hit me that, gosh, a lot has changed and transpired in my life since my last visit here. Forget that the… Read More Red O ( Yelp Event ) – La Jolla, CA


Menya Ultra

Sis and I finally had time to catch up the other day over lunch. She picked me up and we headed to Menya Ultra upon my suggestion. We argued ┬áback and forth about trying Menya Ultra due to the long wait and lines during peak hours. We were lucky to have had no wait for… Read More Menya Ultra