Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot ( $11.95 lunch special + Pokemon Go ramblings)

I was over Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot as the food started to taste the same with each visit. Not that this is a bad thing as consistency is a great trait but the soup base started to taste monotonous. Plus, the lunch special price was no longer $9.95. Sis wanted to treat V and her son for lunch. We know the two of them like Little Sheep. It had been awhile since all of us had a meal together so we decided on an adventure to Little Sheep.

Why an adventure you ask. Well, because my sister is a freak and wanted to collect more Pokemon Go crap. I don’t even know how that works. I just know terms like fuel stop, gym fights, pokemon balls, picachu. She refuses to buy more balls to feed or fight the creatures (or whatever) so she has to do pit stops (or whatever) to search for more balls. Cheapness never hurt so much.

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Dumpling Inn – Shanghai Saloon

I haven’t been to their new location since they took over the old Korean market. I visited the gutted site some time ago and couldn’t believe they were moving into this larger location. No one else seemed to believe me but Dumpling Inn did move. Plus, they added Shanghai Saloon to their brand. I’m not sure if it’s the same owners for both but it is an interesting pairing with an Inn and Saloon name. I didn’t feel the need to re visit as our last meal there wasn’t very good. But, I found out sis has visited the new location several times with cousins, uncle, aunt. She’s such a bratty traitor (isn’t she the one that touted she’d NEVER come back here, like, ever).

It turns out she kinda likes the food (especially when someone else is paying for it). She spoke of their green bean dish as well as a combination stir fried noodle plate that she likes. My uncle called me some time ago to invite me to join them for a family dinner at Dumpling Inn. My mom was in town so we thought it would be a fun time to eat at this restaurant. All the cousins were in town as well.

I was looking through my old photos of the construction and it still blows my mind how the original tiny location took over the old supermarket.

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Karl Strauss Brewing Company (4S Ranch)

Sis introduced me to this Karl Strauss Brewing Company location some many years ago. She visits this shopping center because she swears she’s seen Philip Rivers’ nanny go to Pei Wei to pick up food and maybe, just maybe, sis will run into Philip one day. Football-Crazy runs in our family. A good friend recently was available for lunch so we decided to visit Karl Strauss in 4S Ranch. The weather was still warm so something about having an ice cold beer appealed to the both of us. This location was busy during lunch but we were able to get a table in the back. They do have air conditioning as well as an outdoor/side patio. I’ve been here twice (once for a birthday dinner and the other time we tried to come for dinner but the bar service was non existent so we left).

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39 Hour Visit to San Diego (Part One)

July was an interesting month in many ways. I was keeping busy with work and learning new adjustments in my routines. Often I’d be tired and have nights where I’d scream “EFFFF YOUUUU” into my pillow when my windows were closed. It’s healthy. Another saving grace were friends visiting whom I hadn’t spoken to/seen in ages. My best friend came down twice with her family in the last month. Then my beloved dumbdumb2 visited from New York. He had planned this trip for awhile but let me tell you why his planning was ridiculous. He works like crazy and has little to no free time. He made the decision to visit San Diego some months ago. He asked us to help with flight plans and when we did, we never heard from him. So he took it upon himself to book his own flight. That’s like me handing my laptop to my 6 year nephew and saying ‘come on, just *try* ‘. Hence, the title for this post.

Let’s start with the basics.

  • he originally texted us the wrong dates he was visiting
  • then he’d get mad because we called him out on it
  • he booked his New York flight to arrive Friday night @ 8:30p with a return flight home around 12:00p Sunday. Yes. A day and a half later. 39 hours.
  • he booked this 39 hour visit on the weekend of Comic Con when he knew nothing or cared anything about Comic Con

Cdj joked that NY was flying to San Diego to only eat AYCE Korean bbq and to take a hike at Torrey Pines.

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Apollonia Greek Bistro (Power Lunch Menu)

I’d like to think I keep my girlish figure by eating healthy and working out seven days a week. But I don’t. I work out as often as I can and then skip meals. Friends are telling me it’s imperative to eat before and after a work out so I’m trying to listen to them. I sometimes visit Bristol Farms but decided to try out Apollonia Greek Bistro because, um, they had better a/c than Bristol Farms. Apollonia Greek Bistro is located in the Costa Verde shopping center which is across from UTC.

I feel like Apollonia has been here for some time now but I can’t remember. The restaurant has an outside patio, a bar, and comfortable seating inside. All I cared about was the a/c. I was still on fire and sweating from the work out. Side note: did you know your body is still burning calories way after a work out (well, that’s what Cdj explained to me since I couldn’t cool down fast enough even after 30 minutes).

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Grub Burger Bar – Carmel Mountain, CA

I think a generation of people were heart broken when Oscars left Carmel Mountain. The restaurant was part of the community and many of us had grown up eating their breadsticks, pastas, chicken, etc. We saw signage for Grub Burger Bar but didn’t really give it a second thought. I’m kinda an In N Out burger traditionalist right. I received an invite to try Grub Burger Bar recently. An evening with a new restaurant and some good company makes for a happy girl.

Grub stands for Good people, Real food, Unique vibe and Big flavors. They feature hand crafted burgers made from their signature blend of chuck and brisket meat. A full bar serves local craft beers and a variety of cocktails.

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Crudo By Pascal Lorange

Crudo by Pascal Lorange recently opened in Carmel Valley. I had seen the construction of this brand new restaurant over the months and it was fascinating to see all the live fruit trees/herbs being planted around front/side patio of the restaurant. I didn’t know much about Pascal Lorange except that he was well known in the Michelin culinary world. I heard he was moving to San Diego just to open Crudo. I mean, didn’t my crush Richard Blais do the same thing when he opened Juniper & Ivy some time ago? These chefs must mean business and it’s exciting to see new ideas and concepts being brought to San Diego from master chefs.

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Pho T Cali (for UFC 200 fight night)

I was kinda duped into hosting a UFC fight night recently. It was a big fight card and friends wanted someone who had a/c to host the party. They promised they would bring worthy food and beer. They also promised not to dirty the place, put feet on anything, and not breathe (a few were getting over colds). So fine. I’ll host the fight night. I was surprised the food of choice was Pho T Cali. I’ve only been there once so I was curious how their take out would be.

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Sbicca – Del Mar, CA

I visited Sbicca years ago for a friend’s girls-only wedding shower. I thought the food and views were ok but nothing memorable.  Recently, friend and I originally made lunch reservations for Poseidon but that quickly went to heck when we saw the disastrous parking situation by the beach. So we stumbled across Sbicca – well, more like Sbicca fell in friend’s lap as she was driving and cussing about the parking and so happened to find one free open space RIGHT IN front of Sbicca. Maybe cussing really helps when finding parking.

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Shore Rider – La Jolla, CA

I’m sunburned. Like, super super super bad. I spent almost an entire day hiking and sunning at Torrey Pines state beach (which friends say is as shocking as re joining Facebook). Joking aside, I’m learning to make the most of our beautiful San Diego which includes doing outdoor-sy stuff. Shore Rider recently opened in the La Jolla Shores area and offers a casual menu, open patio/bar seating, and plenty of tap beers. They are located just a few blocks from the beach and welcome ‘no shirt, no shoes’ kinda beach customers. Sounds bummy but only if you don’t know the casualness of beachy La Jolla Shores.

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