Why can’t we have more Japanese skewer restaurants like Yakitori Yakyudori here in San Diego. My family likes this place so much. Even my impatient mom, who RARELY waits on any list for a restaurant, came here first one night to put her name on the wait list. We waited AN HOUR AND 20 MINUTES folks. I couldn’t believe my mom was ok with that (don’t get me wrong she still complained the entire hour and 20 minutes though).

I’ve blogged several times about Yakitori Yakyudori and still think it’s a legit authentic wood charcoal grill place to experience this type of cuisine. My mom was in town and in the Convoy area so she called me and FB to meet her there for dinner. I highly suggest calling ahead for a reservation. Continue reading YAKITORI YAKYUDORI


I don’t think it’s easy to date someone like me because I zone out on football plus I hate Mexican food. The combination can send any man into a tizzy. So I feel lucky to be with FratB because he understands my insanity on Sundays (until football is over at least). Since I keep it real on this blog, I will admit that in church, me and FratB often texts each other what we feel like eating when we watch the football game (after service). We sit right next to each other in service but we’ll literally text each other ‘how about Phuong Trang wings’ or ‘how does El Patron tacos sound’. So he was quite surprised when I suggested Super Sergio’s for Mexican food. He always gets nervous when I suggest Mex food as he assumes I’m either in a bad confused mood or he’s in trouble for some unexplainable reason.  Continue reading SUPER SERGIO’S – SAN DIEGO, CA


I’ve never had a real gut desire to visit this small Asian restaurant in Convoy. It’s located in the most awful strip mall (what’s up bad-parking) and the overall review of Red Moon Noodle House seemed terribly mixed. But dang it, my xiao long bao heroin addiction got the better of me (I’ve been watching a lot of Intervention on A&E alot lately so there’s been a lot of heroin addicts on there recently).

I was telling a friend the other day that the hot liquid soup of a xiao long bao is like heroin (well, from what I HEAR on Intervention. I’ve never done heroin). The addicts say that after their first ever ‘hit’, there’s nothing more in life they ever want. SO, that’s kinda like a hot cauldron of a soupy dumpling for me. I know it’s *kinda* dramatic but man, wait ’til you have your Unicorn Xiao Long Bao. Continue reading RED MOON NOODLE HOUSE- SAN DIEGO, CA


Rarely do I have a new found ‘whatever’ obsession. But holy cow – do I have one now. Like, BAD. Super bad. I go to bed dreaming about it. I wake up dreaming about it. It’s like having my first boy crush all over again. Recently my mom and sis went to H Mart to pick up a bunch of items to make a homemade shabu shabu for dinner. They brought home this huge box of fresh young coconuts that made me shake my head in disbelief. I’ve seen these boxes being sold at H Mart in Mira Mesa but never understood why people would even buy them.

I had my first taste of coconut water from a real young coconut when I visited Thailand some years ago. I bought it from a street vendor and watched him hack off the top of the coconut and then insert a straw into the coconut. I was beyond excited to try the coconut. I took my first sip and that was it for me. I HATED it. The coconut water tasted un-sweet and strange to me. There was a weird after taste to it that made me nervous. And that was the last time I ever tried coconut water. Continue reading FRESH YOUNG COCONUT (HMART $5.99/BOX)


My mom and I have different tastes in food. She will proclaim that so-and-so is THE BEST whatever restaurant in town while I’ll say ‘eh, it’s alright’ after I try the place. China Max is that place for me. My mom and uncle think China Max is the preferred place to eat when it comes to Chinese food.

She wanted to treat FratB to dinner when she was in town some time ago. I think she gets a kick of seeing him wide eyed when trying new dishes (and his mastery of using chopsticks). I had suggested meeting at Pearl restaurant but she scoffed and said she didn’t like the food at Pearl. Continue reading CHINA MAX – SAN DIEGO, CA


Dong gua (aka Chinese winter melon) has long been a favorite  item of mine. I always hoard it when I see it at Little Sheep or other hot pot restaurants. I’ll barter my daikon chunks for your dong gua chunks. I will never take no for an answer.

Recently Soo told me that his brother grows dong gua in the brother’s own backyard and had an extra dong gua melon he wanted to give me if I cared for one. Um…helllo…YES I want a dong gua melon! I’ve only seen the already chopped and divided dong guas available at 99 Ranch. One must assume the dong gua melons are huge because the divided pieces of the melon are quite large. Soo assured me that his brother’s dong gua was just a tiny one. Continue reading DONG GUA SOUP (LITTLE SHEEP STYLE)



Alright. So to keep with the theme of “What I feel like eating when I’m recovering from a cold”, the following is a post of an AYCE lunch at Royal India in Del Mar. Yeah. ALL YOU CAN EAT. Right after a doctor’s appointment. Sis can’t understand why I’m craving AYCE buffets during this time. My taste buds are still a little wonky but hey, that’s ok. It was only 10:55a and Royal India opens promptly at 11:00a for their lunch buffet. PURRRRRFECT. If you’ve never been to a buffet RIGHT WHEN THEY OPEN, then  you’re life has been incomplete. Continue reading ROYAL INDIA ($10.95 AYCE BUFFET)- DEL MAR, CA



I haven’t seen old CDJ in what felt like ages. I think it’s always hard seeing a good friend meet someone new and possibly have a friendship change because of that. Too bad CDJ isn’t that lame though. Shabu Shabu house was *our* spot to always visit almost every week at one point. I introduced him to this place many years ago and he’s introduced this place to everyone he knows since then. We recently met up at Shabu Shabu house with FratB to catch up and complain about the dumb Chargers and the even dumber Bears. Continue reading SHABU SHABU HOUSE – SAN DIEGO, CA



With the sincerest apologies, Happy Belated New Years! Christmas blew by so quickly and New Years…well, how can it already be 2015. I don’t understand. I feel like I have quite a bit of food stuff to write about in my blog pipeline but I’m going to post about a recent dinner trip to Kogi BBQ right here in beautiful freezing San Diego. Kogi BBQ is an AYCE Korean BBQ located in Kearny Mesa (close to Convoy). But let me show you why the AYCE excursion to Kogi BBQ was an epic failure (at NO fault of the restaurant)…



I admit that, in the past, I had no life and would plant myself (happily) on my sofa and watch hours of TV. CDJ used to call me and ask me to dinner but I’d just shake my head and say ‘sorry dude, watching tv right now’. When he asked what I was watching, and I told him, he literally texted a few of our friends to stage a ‘WTF is wrong with her’ intervention.

Alright. I admit watching QVC on a Friday night is kinda sad. But their cooking segments, with the all mighty annoying Wolfgang Puck, can be pretty mesmerizing. I saw a segment some time ago where he was pitching his own brand name bread knife. Normally I wouldn’t care but his sous tv assistant chef was prepping a garlic bread that I was losing my mind over. Continue reading PULL APART GARLIC SHEPHERD’S BREAD

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