Pho Hoang Express – Rancho Bernardo, CA


My appetite recently has been a bit wacky as I just haven’t been all that hungry lately. I think I’m an emotional eater and if something jars me a bit (this can range from anything such as stubbing a toe), I just lose my appetite. So leave it to sis and V to try to change that and take me to a Vietnamese restaurant to help get my appetite back.  Pho Hoang Express is located in Rancho Bernardo and the girls were convinced hot pho would cheer up my stomach.

V and I picked up sis to carpool to lunch. Sis insisted it would take about ‘x’ minutes to get there. I told her no way it would be more like “x+5′ min. We made a bet to see who was right. So this is pretty much what I heard when *I* was driving : ‘YOU BETTER SMMMMMOKE THIS C CLASS RIGHT HERE !!!'; ‘GOOOOO  !!DRIVE FASTER!!!, WTFFFF'; ‘IT’S STILL YELLOW IT’S STILL YELLOW IT’S STILL YELLOW…AUGGGGGHHHHH….WHY’D YOU STOP!!!!’ .  Continue reading Pho Hoang Express – Rancho Bernardo, CA

Whole Foods ( Hot BBQ + Meat Department ) – Del Mar, CA


Whole Foods is honestly my looney bin cure when I’m having one of ‘those’ days. You know ‘those’ days. I’d almost compare the Whole Foods Del Mar as a therapist. I visit this therapist, get the soothing and understanding that I need, and voila – all cookoo is gone. The colors, organization, layout, food, EVERYTHING about this North County location just makes me, well, simply happy.

I’m still a fan of the Promenade this Whole Foods is situated in. I still fondly look back at my Afternoon-cay for under $25 at this Promenade. I so need an afternoon-cay right about now. This Whole Foods has been open for a bit now and I laugh when I remember CDJ’s  and my first visit here:

” I was wandering around just in awe (of all the colors, etc) and I heard CDJ say ‘Dayyummm‘. I replied ‘I KNOWWWW right’ ( *thinking* he was taking in all the colors and stuff). And I looked over at him and he was admiring some girls! He wasn’t talking about the colors OR the food OR the ambiance. ”  Continue reading Whole Foods ( Hot BBQ + Meat Department ) – Del Mar, CA

Extraordinary Desserts – San Diego, CA

My mentor’s daughter was in town over the weekend for the Easter weekend and we always make it a point to get together to catch up. Besides, I think her mom is secretly using me to get deets on her daughter’s dating life. I suggested Extraordinary Desserts in Little Italy as I had a few gift cards from Costco that I could use to treat us to desserts. They happened to be in the area so the mom dropped off the daughter at the Little Italy location on a Saturday afternoon.

I failed to realize how bad parking can be on a Saturday in Little Italy. There’s a farmers market here and it’s incredibly popular (rightfully so as there’s a ton of stuff at this market as referenced in Mary’s recent visit there). Reminds me that I need to re visit soon as I’m finding new things to do on weekends to stay busy. I found street parking and wandered around like a dummy because I didn’t know how to navigate Little Italy. Turns out I was only 3 blocks from Extraordinary Desserts but I walked around in circles for like 6 blocks. Nice one huh.  Continue reading Extraordinary Desserts – San Diego, CA

Davanti Enoteca (Easter Brunch + $10 Build your own Bloody Mary Bar) – Del Mar, CA


Easter is a meaningful holiday for me. I look forward to this particular Friday and Sunday each year. I was talking to my best friend Munchkin (MK) and we both reflected how this can season can be about so many different heart breaks and heart mends ( be it faith, love, work, family, etc). I never celebrated Easter with a big meal or a big brunch out. My family never did that. SO, I thought I’d break this tradition last Easter Sunday by going to Davanti Enoteca Del Mar and sin it up there with their bloody mary bar. Kidding aside, it was a last minute decision to try something new so I called a friend and we headed over to the Del Mar restaurant on a beautiful sunny Easter afternoon.

I actually made a reservation using Open Table. Gotta get me those 100 points per reservation yo (don’t use Open Table via yelp – they won’t credit you the 100 points I don’t believe). There were plenty of resos available for a late afternoon brunch. I called beforehand to inquire about the brunch (it ended 3p that Sunday, an extra hour longer than normal) and I also asked if the bloody mary bar was still well stocked (of course I’d ask that). JS from Sundiegoeats was the inspiration I needed to try this place out for brunch after reading her post about Davanti Enoteca (in downtown though). Her pics of the bloody mary bar were awesome.  Continue reading Davanti Enoteca (Easter Brunch + $10 Build your own Bloody Mary Bar) – Del Mar, CA

Kula Revolving Sushi Bar ($2.25/plate revolving sushi belt) – San Diego, CA


What is it with sushi conveyor belts that drives a girl like me bonks. I remember a time, when sis and I were little, going to a restaurant where the belt was an actual little river, carrying little miniature boats topped with two pieces of sushi, that floated around the entire restaurant. It was just so stupid Hello-Kitty-cute back in the day because as I got older, we realized just how bad the sushi was at these conveyor belt restaurants. But did that stop me from goin’ bananas when I heard about Kula Revolving Sushi Bar opening in San Diego. Of course not. Because I still love anything Hello-Kitty-cute.

Let me tell you what sucks so incredibly bad about Kula Sushi. I should have known this about Kula after reading about their arrival from mmm-yoso. They are probably in the 2nd worst parking lot in Convoy. The infamous Dumpling Inn has now migrated right next door (who called it man! – j/k) and partnered with Shanghai Saloon (pictures to follow) so their new hugely expanded space has wreaked havoc in this already too-small of a parking lot. Kula Sushi opens at 11:30am. I treated V to lunch and we got there around 11:25am. We didn’t find parking until 11:50am. *THAT* bad people. The parking sucks THAT BAD here.  Continue reading Kula Revolving Sushi Bar ($2.25/plate revolving sushi belt) – San Diego, CA

Original Pancake House – San Diego, CA

Skipping dinners is fine with me as I don’t often get hungry at night. The problem with that, after a surprising peaceful night’s sleep, is that you wake up starving like a hibernating polar bear who just woke up for the first time in 3 months. Original Pancake House sucks on weekends if you get there anytime after 9a. The wait gets ridiculous and you feel rushed to eat once you sit down.

So last weekend I called CDJ at 6:39a to see if he wanted to meet for breakfast. After cursing me out for waking him up so early, he agreed as longed as I could pick him up. This is what I imagine he looks like when he wakes up grumpy in mornings:  Continue reading Original Pancake House – San Diego, CA

Ballast Point – San Diego

Ballast Point was never a brewery I’ve ever heard of until last year when I started dating someone that reveres San Diego’s craft beers. Since last year, I’m pretty sure I’ve researched more San Diego breweries than most normal people. I guess I’d expect the same from the guy right. Like hey, I have a Hello Kitty passion. Maybe he should research some Hello Kitty museums or Hello Kitty food trucks to take me to on dates. You get what I’m saying.

This post is a bit overdue as we visited the newly opened Ballast Point some months ago. Their restaurant wasn’t even open yet but their bar/merchandise/food trucks were. We ended up coming to this Miramar location after our awesome visit to Green Flash Brewing Company which was only a few miles away.

I’m not kidding when I say that everything Ballast Point touches seems to turn to gold. They are literally located in an industrial area of the 92121 zip.  Continue reading Ballast Point – San Diego

Vallarta Supermarkets (Ceviches & Torta Cubana) – Escondido, CA

I was hosting a milestone birthday party for my dearest of friends Arrow recently. I wuv him because he’s a no BS kinda dude and he never answers my questions the way *I* want him to answer my questions. No matter how much I act like a brat, he simply shakes his head, laughs and says ‘no, a true friend doesn’t give you the answers you want to hear. A true friend gives you the truth and doesn’t care if you hate him for it.’ So when it came time to host his birthday, I was determined to make him something super fancy and elaborate.

Hence why I ended up driving to buttfrekfar (hey, I serioulsly just made up that word…pretty funny huh) Escondido to buy ceviche from a Mexican supermarket. I swear I wanted to make ceviche from scratch but who has time to do that when the dinner party is on a Friday at 7p. I sure didn’t :(

I visited the Vallarta Supermarket in National City some time last year and thought the food/service/ambiance didn’t compare to the Northgate Market in Downey (where I visited a year ago or so). I thought the Vallarta in Escondido would be a closer drive (compared to National City) but it took me over 30 minutes to get to Vallarta because it was so inland.  Continue reading Vallarta Supermarkets (Ceviches & Torta Cubana) – Escondido, CA

Common Theory Public House (+ Gut Butt ramblings)

FratB recently left for a trip to Denver to see family. I told him I’d babysit his dog in lieu of him taking me out on 9 dates (not 6, not 10, but nine). He agreed and let me pick out the first date place he’d take me to before I dropped him off at the airport. Because I’m a somewhat of a decent girlfriend, I picked Common Theory Public House because 1) it was still Happy Hour ; 2) they have 28+ beers on tap which I know FB would love; and 3) HH + 28 different beers on tap = way cheaper to eat/drink at CTPH than it would be at airport/plane.

He said that he knew about Common Theory Public House because some of his co workers had been there for beers and food. I told him I heard about this place because of Kirbie’s Cravings Jinxi Eat’s, Oh-soyummy, and This Tasty Life posts. PLUS, I had *just* researched Common Theory Public House that same morning because I was craving something NON Asian in Convoy. So I thought it was serendipitous that we both wanted to try this place on that day. Besides, this trip would mean the most amount of days we’ve spent apart from one another since dating (cue the eye rolls, barfffs etc).  Continue reading Common Theory Public House (+ Gut Butt ramblings)


I was in the area getting a coffee and realized I hadn’t had lunch yet. My sister just told me about Pizza Rev the other night as she went with her family to their soft opening. So I figured I’d stop by this place real quick and spend $8.25 for a simple create-your-own-as-many-toppings single pizza. What would be the big deal right. Never been excited about a place like this before so why start today.

To my surprise, I found out I was visiting on their official Grand Opening day. I wasn’t sure if there were any promos but one of the girls told me that each customer gets either a complimentary pizza or salad with a donation to the Boys & Girls Club for that day (3/12/2015).  Continue reading PIZZA REV – SAN DIEGO, CA

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