Dumpling Hut – San Diego, CA

Sis and I have had epic auto-correct fails. Case in point, I texted her that we’re at Dumping Hut for lunch. You’d think she’d find that amusing but no. She just takes it as another opportunity to laugh and shame me – all via text. I don’t think San Diego can ever, EVER, have enough restaurants specializing in dumplings. Or anything dumpling related (be it xiao long bao, sheng jian bao, etc). Dumpling Hut seemed like a possible dumpling contender as, well, they have Dumpling in their restaurant name.   Continue reading Dumpling Hut – San Diego, CA

Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Escondido, CA

Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens

Gosh that’s a long restaurant name ain’t it. Friends and I had time to meet for a long lunch so we decided to meet here at Stone Brewing as they’ve known my non-existent desire to try another brewery. But hey, if there’s a restaurant inside the brewery, then that’s another story. Everyone made it sound like Stone Brewing in Escondido wasn’t THAT far away. Well, it totally *IS* that far away. I think I’m just used to the Ballast Point in Miramar and Scripps Ranch.  Continue reading Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Escondido, CA


It’s about time I finally visited this Vietnamese bakery of sorts. I’ve seen it many times (more like drove past it many times). My banh mi posts in the past have always asked if the banh mi bread is baked in- house or not. V called K Sandwiches the other morning to confirm their bread status and was told they make their own bread dough AND bake the breads on site. Which is funny because when I asked her why she doesn’t visit K Sandwiches, she shrugged and said ‘I don’t like their breads (for the banh mi) as much’.  Continue reading K SANDWICHES – SAN DIEGO, CA

Okada-Ya Takoyaki – Mira Mesa (Farmer’s Market)

I’m trying to remember how and when I was introduced to the wonderful goodness of octopus fritters. We didn’t eat takoyaki much when we were little and I think I only started eating them after college. I came across Okada-ya Takoyaki at the Mira Mesa Farmers Market many years ago. I was tentative, back then, to try their freshly made right in front of you takoyaki but was glad the hesitation didn’t last but a moment.

The Mira Mesa Farmer’s Market is small but they have a few small food vendors that I like. Arepex Grill made very nice stuffed arepas and I’m still a fan of Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company. I almost forgot about this little takoyaki stand until I read the post from Mary (at This Tasty Life) some weeks ago. She didn’t know if there was a name to the takoyaki stand so I was curious to stop by and research a bit to see if Okada-ya Takoyaki was still there.  Continue reading Okada-Ya Takoyaki – Mira Mesa (Farmer’s Market)

The Cheesecake Factory (happy birthday sis) – PASADENA, CA

I wouldn’t normally write about food at The Cheesecake Factory. Who hasn’t eaten there right. We’re all pretty familiar with this humungously popular food chain. Plus, the wait to just get a table can be over an hour. No thank you. But, when baby sis quietly says she wants to go to The Cheesecake Factory in Pasadena for her birthday…then sigh…whatever baby sis wants, baby sis gets (she knows this happens twice a year – birthday and Christmas so she better take advantage of it). It was a milestone birthday so I wanted to go all out for her.

The plan was for a movie, shoe shopping, and dinner at The Cheesecake Factory – all in the city of Pasadena that beautiful Saturday afternoon. I told her she had me for the entire day and I promised I wouldn’t be in a rush to leave back for SD.  Continue reading The Cheesecake Factory (happy birthday sis) – PASADENA, CA

MOLA SPANISH BISTRO (+ fun news Ramblings) – DEL MAR, CA

Sometimes meeting a close girlfriend for dinner can be the perfect date you waited for all week. Catching up and sharing stories with a chick is so different than sharing with a dude right. I hadn’t seen this friend in months so I suggested Mola Spanish Bistro in Del Mar. They seemed to have a nice happy hour menu with $4.50 drink specials as well.

Mola Spanish Bistro is located on the top floor of Del Mar Plaza. I believe they are owned by the same investors as El Agave downstairs. I went on a date there once but thought the food was average. So I wasn’t too inspired to try out Mola Spanish Bistro as I was nervous the price and food would match what I had at El Agave last year.   Continue reading MOLA SPANISH BISTRO (+ fun news Ramblings) – DEL MAR, CA

Roboto Tokyo Grill – San Diego, CA

I swear your eyes will read what *you* want your eyes to read versus what is actually written on paper. Case in point, I read Roboto Tokyo Grill as YAKITORI TOKYO GRILL. Smart right. I was in the area meeting someone and we both decided to  have lunch at this newly opened restaurant a few months ago. Roboto Tokyo Grill is a quick & easy Japanese fast food restaurant located close to San Diego State University.  Continue reading Roboto Tokyo Grill – San Diego, CA

Cali Baguette Express – Mira Mesa, CA

I think I can officially say my banh mi binges are over. It was getting kinda scary in the beginning. I’m not saying I don’t still enjoy a banh mi sandwich – I’m just saying I think I’ve tuckered out on ’em (at least for the moment). I have seen and passed by Cali Baguette Express many times over the years. We never once thought of stopping by this banh mi shop even though we were here at this strip mall getting pho or a hot pot. So it was exciting (my life is boring obviously) to finally try them out a few weeks ago.

They are located in the same strip mall as Wells Fargo, Bolsa, and QT Pot. It’s a tiny location but that doesn’t mean much when it comes to getting a good banh mi in my opinion.   Continue reading Cali Baguette Express – Mira Mesa, CA

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii – Rancho Penasquitos, CA

I’ve been on a quest to save money by not getting my daily iced coffee from Starbucks. I also made a promise to my mom that I’d stop using splenda in any drink as she thinks artificial sweetener will make you grow another toe (or something like that). I’ve gotten into the habit of making my own coffee (from Trader Joes thank you very much) every morning and re learning how to have coffee with simply cream (and no sugar whatsoever) has been weird. But I’ve been doing it – maybe not always with a smile on my face – but I’ve been doing it :)

We’ve driven past Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii many times but never thought much of this coffee shop. It’s in a such a weird location with a drive thru too. Sis and I would make fun of the name (I mean when was the last time you saw ASS in a business name) but would never stop in to try their coffee. I was in this part of town recently and paid a quick visit to this quirky-ly named coffee shop.  Continue reading Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii – Rancho Penasquitos, CA


I’ve had my eye on this restaurant for several months now. I didn’t think much about Calibanzo Hummus & Grill at first as I thought it would be all about hummus which isn’t exactly my favorite thing. Calibanzo Hummus & Grill opened about 2-3 months ago and the reviews I’ve seen thus far seem mostly positive. Plus, they seemed to have authentic skewers grilled over open coals. Me loves.

Calibanzo Hummus & Grill is located in the same mall as Trader Joes, Gyu Kaku, and Chuck e Cheese. This strip mall gets packed during lunch and parking can be tough. But hey, it’s nothing compared to Convoy so suck it up. If you’ve never been here before, look for Gyu Kaku and Board & Brew. You’ll see Calibanzo Hummus & Grill in the same corner of these restaurants.    Continue reading CALIBANZO HUMMUS & GRILL – SCRIPPS RANCH, CA

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