DON RIOS (previously MXN previously Santanas) – Rancho Penasquitos

I grew up hearing about Santanas as everyone in school just loved their burritos so much. I never really ate there so it wasn’t a big deal to me when Santanas changed to MXN. I recently drove by MXN in Rancho Penasquitos and noticed a new sign that said Don Rios where MXN used to be. So alright, curious nosy bee that I am, I decided to stop in and take a look.     Continue reading DON RIOS (previously MXN previously Santanas) – Rancho Penasquitos


How much romance does a girl need these days ( the answer is ALOT right). Remember when Carrie dated The Russian and his romantic gestures were just TOO much and she fainted in front of the museum. I like my fair share of romance but I’m not the type of girl that absolutely needs it. I guess I grew up with ‘whatever a guy can buy/do for you, you can buy/do for yourself as well’. So I was really taken aback (in a very good way) when FB recently took me for a surprise staycation at Estancia La Jolla. I was equally surprised to find that Adobe El Restaurante, located on the top floor of their casita style resort, offered two types of an AYCE Sunday Brunch. I considered myself Carrie Bradshaw with the Russian that day (well, except I’m Asian , Fb’s not Russian, and I live for food and not shoes…so yeah… virtually I have nothing in common with Carrie).

2 Years Already – The Camera Eats First

Let’s start with the cliches you know you *wanna* hear on an anniversary post of a  blog:

- my, how time flies
– gosh, every moment blogging has been so great
– what a difference a year makes

Those are the only ones I gots. Sorry. My head thought it had way more than that.

I don’t know where to start on this post to tell you the truth. Last year’s 1 year blog post felt so reflective yet sad/enlightening/etc at the same time. I almost can’t remember the heaviness I felt at that point. Continue reading 2 Years Already – The Camera Eats First

PHO SAIGON and GRILL (+ sign the card ramblings) – RANCHO PENASQUITOS, CA

Pho Saigon and Grill is probably the lone Vietnamese restaurant in Rancho Penasquitos (or PQ as we San Diegans lovingly call this part of town). I’ve passed by this little restaurant several times but have never had a meal here.

They are located in the same plaza as Stater Brothers and 24 Hour Fitness. The parking can be a disaster during peak hours of people working out (obviously I don’t work out anymore because when the heck are peak work out hours). Continue reading PHO SAIGON and GRILL (+ sign the card ramblings) – RANCHO PENASQUITOS, CA


Sis and I used to visit Urban Plates all the time when the restaurant first opened. It was great to have an affordable place where most meals on their menu cost $10. Their appeal waned over the years (to us) as the quality and consistency of their food diminished. FratB and I recently re visited on a sunny weekend. Continue reading URBAN PLATES


I’ve heard so much about Board and Brew from the bf and from the baristas at the coffee shop. All dudes so all dudes’ opinions. So I was curious when I heard a Board and Brew opened in Scripps Ranch. FratB works close by and I figured if the Board and Brew sucked, then I could walk away my sorrows at the Trader Joes next door. This was some months during the holidays ago so Trader Joes was real festivus (that was a play on a Seinfeld episode) on all things orange colored and pumpkin. Continue reading BOARD and BREW – SCRIPPS RANCH, CA


I don’t frequent Poway all that often but CDJ was in the area and we decided to meet for a quick lunch at Poway Sushi Lounge. My aunt and uncle took me here some years ago as they swore Poway Sushi Lounge makes dang good sushi. They also own Lifu’s spaz sister so that should explain their mind set of most things. Just kidding. Continue reading POWAY SUSHI LOUNGE



Bring it Mira Mesa. BRING…IT. I’m sorry  but I get so excited when I see a new Korean restaurant opening in the 92126 zippy here in San Diego. Tofu House recently opened in Mira Mesa and I’ve been waiting to try out this sister restaurant to their Tofu House in Convoy. V and I finally had the chance to meet for lunch so we both happily agreed to try this Tofu House last week. Continue reading TOFU HOUSE – MIRA MESA, CA


My young coconut water obsession had progressed steadily in the last month. I’d crack open at least ONE a day to drink. I almost gave up these nuts at one point because stabbing the bottom of these things to find that one of three eyes began to kinda hurt my hands and palms. But finally, I found a really great way to open a young coconut.

My other crappy knife I used for my previous attempts (opening a young coconut) had to be put to rest because the blade was coming outta the handle. I’m pretteh sure it was from the repeated whacks with the metal mallet. Continue reading OPENING A YOUNG COCONUT



My mom recently left for Taiwan and I wanted to see her one last time before her trip. I hate driving to LA but she did the ‘oh I have BEST restaurant I want to take you to’ schpeel on me. Alright, fine, I’ll drive to stupid LA. OF COURSE she had NO idea what the restaurant was called. She kept saying Shanghai Restaurant and I kept asking ‘ok yeah I know it’s a Shanghai restaurant but what’s the NAME of the restaurant’. She kept saying it’s Shanghai Restaurant and I’d repeat ‘I need the NAME of restaurant’. So needless to say, I felt like a total idiot after I found out the NAME of the actual restaurant is, in fact, Shanghai Restaurant. Nice one Faye.

Continue reading SHANGHAI RESTAURANT (Hello XLB + Sheng Jian Bao) – SAN GABRIEL, CA

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