OB Noodle House – Ocean Beach (San Diego), CA

I love my dude buddies. Buddies are sometimes better than girlfriends because they’re just non fussy, clumsy, and just plain ol’ funny. You know – like dudes. I don’t have a lot of buddies that are foodies. They honestly don’t care where or what they eat. Because, you know – they’re dudes.

Few of them read this blog because they don’t care enough about food (or me). That doesn’t hurt my feelings.

You know what DOES hurt my feelings. These buddies will all listen to what Guy Fieri has to say when it comes to food. THAT hurts my feelings.

Like come on. You’d rather visit a restaurant GUY FIERI is suggesting, HERE IN SAN DIEGO, than (listen to) ME (who LIVES IN SAN DIEGO). Are you frekkin’ kidding me.

My best buddy from college was in town. He texted me last minute asking to meet up for lunch. When I asked where, he texted ‘OB Noodle House’. I was surprised he suggested that restaurant as another buddy had been bugging me for years to try OB Noodle. I asked why he wanted to visit and wouldn’t ya know it.

“Because I saw it on Guy Fieri…”

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Benihana (Lunch Specials) – San Diego, CA


My mentor’s daughter is back for summer break. I always look forward to seeing her as she’s like a little sister to me.  She’s so incredibly vibrant and has a passion for life that is so contagious. I guess that’s what being young does ta ya huh.

I’ve had to postpone dinner a few times as I just got too busy. I finally had a lunch open and suggested Benihana as my last visit to the City of Industry location was amazing. Surprisingly, friend has never been to a Benihana in her life. Perfect then.

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Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern – Point Loma (San Diego), CA


The past weekend started off with a bit of a hiccup but it eventually ended wonderfully. My best friend from San Francisco, Peanut, was in town so we spent most of a beautiful Sunday together.

We met with CDJ Sunday morning at Richard Walker’s Pancake House for breakfast. The host again was just ridiculous with his elementary school disciplinary ways. It was the first time, in a very long time, that I wanted to hand the menu back to him and walk away. I decided to stay as I had already waited 25 minutes in line. Besides, friends had never been to this location so I was hoping this lone wolf host didn’t define the restaurant (or the day).

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april 17 2014 008

Gatten Sushi (Revolving sushi belt + FREE DONUTS @ Del Mar Race Track 7/19/14) – Monterey Park, CA


This post will be mostly pics of sushi because 1) I’m a bit exhausted from a long week and 2) this sushi place reminds me of my family (who happens to be in town).

AT&T set up new service at my house the other day. Long story short, I spent over 10+ hours on phone with them, prior to install, auditing every detail of the new account before the install date. Come install date, yesterday, the tech(s) were at my house from 1:00p-6:35p. Am I happy with the end results. Not really.

I thought I could work on a few blog posts during the 5+ hours they were there. But, the cable and tv were both inoperable. Sigh…what to do. Not sure how other bloggers choose what they will write about on any given day. For me, lately, it’s the photos of food that are bright and pretty. Go figure.

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Hong Kong BBQ & Dim Sum – Mira Mesa (San Diego), CA

Hong Kong BBQ & Dim Sum

Sis, nephews, and I decided to try out Hong Kong BBQ in Mira Mesa last week for an early dinner. I used to order their roast duck bbq plate a few years ago for my dog (I mean this as a compliment as he was old and a super finicky eater). Sis, who is a stuck up brat when it comes to roast duck, swore the roast duck at Hong Kong BBQ was better than Sam Woo’s roast duck. But that was a few years ago so we figured why not try out the restaurant for a sit down dinner this time around. Continue reading


Eureka! Discover Fine Crafts (Happy Hour & Lunch) – La Jolla, CA

Eureka! Discover Fine Crafts

Gosh. I’ve wanted to like this place. My last visit here was post- breakup so my appetite sucked. I’ve seen recent blog reviews about Eureka! from Oh-SoYummy and This Tasty Life. Plus, I had a $25 gift card for the restaurant that I wanted to use as well.

Friend and I went to try out their Happy Hour one early evening. I just called Eureka! to confirm their Happy Hour days. It’s offered everyday from 2p-6p.

2p sounds a TADDDD bit early for Happy Hour but the nice gentleman on the phone repeated ’2 pm’ several times (granted I re- asked ‘are you SURE’ a few times too).

You can sit anywhere in the restaurant for their Happy Hour. So we decided to grab a table as the bar area was full. Continue reading


Tobey’s 19th Hole Restaurant (& Balboa Park visit) – San Diego, CA


Do you ever just wake up in the morning WANTING to eat something for breakfast SO BAD. Granted, my last meal was at 11a the previous day so I woke up starving. BUT, you know what I’m sayin’ about that breakfast craving.

I woke last Sunday with the biggest hankering for anything smothered with country gravy. Keith’s in Miramar used to be my favorite place to go for a chicken fried steak with country gravy. I’m not sure if they even made that country gravy in house and I honestly didn’t care because the gravy just tasted good.

It just HIT THE SPOT. You know that feeling when it comes to food right. Like you’re craving something and when you finally get it, you close your eyes and float away to your special foodnarnia place.

I was going to visit Original Pancake House again as they have a country gravy over biscuits on their menu. But it hit me that I’ve visited OPH a few times recently so why not try something new. I remembered reading Cathy’s post about Tobey’s some time ago. It was a beautiful weekend morning so why not try something new for a change.

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Jeong Won Korean BBQ Buffet ($21.95 AYCE)- San Diego, CA

Jeong Won Korean BBQ Buffet

This place is my go-to AYCE Korean BBQ here in San Diego. I believe they are the only KBBQ, here in San Diego, that offers ‘serve yourself’ meats/vegetables/banchan. I, personally, prefer that as it gives you a wealth of variety to choose from. Besides, I like LOOKING at what I can choose from at the buffet set up (versus looking at grainy photos on a menu). That’s just me though.

I’ve been very sketch on vegetables since my food poisoning incident. Well, specifically arugula and perhaps mushrooms. Just anything green and leafy. My stomach seems to only want meats and soups recently. I wasn’t really feeling an AYCE at 2:30p for a late lunch last week (especially right before the 4th of July long weekend). But CDJ convinced me to go. Continue reading


Hornblower Cruise (Yelp Rock the Boat Event) – San Diego, CA

I’ve been trying to re discover San Diego. Usually I prefer to do this alone but sometimes I need a little help. Yelp recently partnered up with Hornblower Cruises & Events and 20+ vendors to host an event for a ton of yelpers. This wasn’t an elite event so anyone with a valid yelp account could rsvp and wait, like everyone else, to see if they got in.

I wasn’t really feeling this event as it’s on a BOAT. Let’s break it down: I hate the water, I get sea sick, I CAN’T get off the boat when I’m done with the food, and there will probably be tons of people there I don’t know (or really want to know). Plus, the event is from 6-9p (with a one hour check in time from 6-7p – yikes). So the actual cruise portion of this event was two whole hours.

I figured if I got in, it would a sign from up above to enjoy a sunset cruise with people I don’t know. Woe is me.

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june 20 2014 089

Uni ($5.99 @ Hmart & how I pry/eat it)

I wanted to work on this post earlier last week but decided to put it on the back burner (as the thought of writing/posting pics, after food poisoning, of cracking open a live uni & then eating it, made me nauseous…like, LITERALLY).

Uni has been a seafood item that I’ve wanted to fall in love with. It reminds me of love actually. Or dating (to be more accurate). For example, on paper, uni sounds amazing and the descriptions of this prickly shellfish should be quite compatible with yours truly. But once you get to know uni, what if the chemistry isn’t there. You give uni a chance, uni gives you a chance…and… what if there’s just NO chemistry. Makes sense?

I can’t believe I’m using uni to describe my dating life. I wasn’t going to use uni as a metaphor AT ALL but I guess that’s what I’m thinking right now so there ya go. I’ll post about that paper chemistry another time perhaps.

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