Manna BBQ – Mira Mesa, CA


I was excited when I heard an all you can eat Korean buffet was coming to Mira Mesa. This type of gluttony is only reserved for the elite of the elite (I love you Joey Chestnut). Joking aside, this part of town needed new AYCE blood that they could sink their fangs into. My go to AYCE Korean bbq has always been Jeong Won in Convoy. I’ve visited the Manna in Convoy but would always think of Jeong Won in the back of my head (sounds like a bad K-drama soap opera if you substitute ‘visited’ with ‘dated’). So I was a bit hesitant when friend suggested Manna BBQ in Mira Mesa for a mid week lunch as spending $21.99 for their cheaper  AYCE option seemed crazy. That hesitation went away when he said the two magic words. “My treat”. Continue reading Manna BBQ – Mira Mesa, CA

Fish District – San Diego, CA

I haven’t been making my weekly trips to Costco lately. I don’t know why. Oh I know. My membership expired and I didn’t want to spend money to renew it (so far, so good on this). Did you know Costco will be ending their relationship with Amex next year? Mother’s Day was approaching and sis wanted to make a trip to Costco. Her Costco membership is quite intact so she offered for me to tag a long with her (gee, thanks oh great one). We both get defeated when it comes to lunch at times because we feel we’ve eaten at every single place, especially here in the Carmel Mountain area. We begrudgingly agreed on Rubios but then saw the new Fish District on the same side of this mall. Sis actually said she’s visited the Fish District in Carlsbad with a friend and liked their seafood.  Continue reading Fish District – San Diego, CA

Bacon and Barrels 2015 – San Diego, CA

I couldn’t believe it when I got a media invite to Bacon and Barrels 2015. It was an event that I’d been wanting to try but never got around to in the past. So the invite felt like raindrop on roses and whiskers on kittens (please tell me you know where that came from). The event took place last Saturday May 9, 2015 from 1p-5p. As the event name touts, there would be vendors sampling bacon related items (both food and alcohol).  Did I mention the samples were unlimited. Yeah. Unlimited. Gimme that whiskered kitten stat.   Continue reading Bacon and Barrels 2015 – San Diego, CA

M Juicery and Creamery – Alhambra, CA

San Gabriel has almost too many shaved ice places. I’ve never been a huge fan of shaved ice (except for the condensed milk topping if it’s offered) and I think my mom was kinda over the shaved ice craze as well. Youngest sis is the most soft spoken in the family and she rarely has suggestions on where to eat. So sis surprised me when she suggested M Juicery and Creamery to try out their ice cream.  Continue reading M Juicery and Creamery – Alhambra, CA

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend my mommas

I’ve been thinking about the meaningful women, that are also moms, in my life. I mean, it’s Mother’s Day weekend no. I’m not all that strong expressing feelings in person so I thought I’d give a bit of an homage to each of these women that I look up to and love with everything I possibly have.   Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day Weekend my mommas

The Hake Kitchen and Bar (Yelp Event) – La Jolla, CA

Yelp recently partnered with The Hake Kitchen and Bar in La Jolla to host dinners for those that were lucky enough to get in. Each person was able to invite one guest. You would be able to share three appetizers, one dessert, and two drinks between you and your guest. The restaurant would call you with a date and time of the week that worked best for both parties. I was quite blown away by this offering and so hoped that I’d get in as I’ve wanted to try Hake Kitchen and Bar for so long. I’ve had my eye on their Sea Scallop Tiradito for over a year now. So I was elated to have the opportunity to finally try out this dish (and a few others) without maxing out my already maxed out credit cards.    Continue reading The Hake Kitchen and Bar (Yelp Event) – La Jolla, CA

Tokyo Shabu Shabu – Pasadena, CA


I had to see someone in LA over the weekend and decided to make it a longer visit so I could see my mom and youngest sis as well. My mom and sis were so excited I was driving up and made the decision that we MUST see a movie and we MUST eat a meal that they’d pick out. Alright, sounds awful to me as their pick of movies and restaurants can be loopy. I knew what movie they wanted to see so I surprised them by buying advance tickets to their favorite Arclight theater. Can you take a guess what movie they both wanted to see so bad. I’ll let you take a moment to think about it.    Continue reading Tokyo Shabu Shabu – Pasadena, CA

Shogun Restaurant (BEST Teppanyaki Lunch Special) – San Marcos, CA

It’s rare when sis, mom, and I are all in the same part of town AND all free for a quick lunch. Mom was getting ready to drive back to LA but we all managed to agree to have lunch together as it’s been too long since our last sitting (which I think was at Gyu-Kaku). Sis picked a cheap bento place but it ended up being closed down. Our mom REALLY likes Shogun for some reason but, this is the funny part, she only likes their non-teppanyaki items. So fine, sis and I agreed to appease her and we drove to Shogun in San Marcos.   Continue reading Shogun Restaurant (BEST Teppanyaki Lunch Special) – San Marcos, CA

Hello Betty Fish House (Beats, Boards, Bites, Brew Event)- Oceanside, CA


I would be lying if I said it’s not awesome to get invites from restaurants to come in and try whatever event or menu compliments of the house. Of course it’s awesome. But it was never the reason I started this food blog. Yes, I like going as an invited person to these events but more importantly, I enjoy sharing the food and pics from these events with everyone here (or elsewhere). A friend mentioned to me that maybe, finally, the universe is aligning for me. I’m getting invites to places that actually have been on my bucket list to try and I’ve also been asked to contribute (write) for a travel website. This felt like the first week, in a long time, that I just breathed, exhaled, looked up, and smiled a genuine smile. At least that’s what friend said at the end of this event when we went to the pier to watch the sunset.    Continue reading Hello Betty Fish House (Beats, Boards, Bites, Brew Event)- Oceanside, CA

Arepex Grill (Venezuelan Arepas) – San Diego ( Mira Mesa Farmers Market)

My knowledge of Venezuelan food is pretty limited. In fact, if you go to the search tab on this website and type in Venezuela, you will find the lame words NOTHING FOUND. I have heard so much about arepas over the years but never had the chance to really try them out. I mean, what was my excuse. An arepa, to me, looked like a fat chubby gordita stuffed with lots of meat and stuff. But then again, I’m not a die hard fan of Mexican food so perhaps that was another reason I never got my bottom outta my work chair to try an arepa.  Continue reading Arepex Grill (Venezuelan Arepas) – San Diego ( Mira Mesa Farmers Market)

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