Sbicca – Del Mar, CA

I visited Sbicca years ago for a friend’s girls-only wedding shower. I thought the food and views were ok but nothing memorable.  Recently, friend and I originally made lunch reservations for Poseidon but that quickly went to heck when we saw the disastrous parking situation by the beach. So we stumbled across Sbicca – well, more like Sbicca fell in friend’s lap as she was driving and cussing about the parking and so happened to find one free open space RIGHT IN front of Sbicca. Maybe cussing really helps when finding parking.

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Shore Rider – La Jolla, CA

I’m sunburned. Like, super super super bad. I spent almost an entire day hiking and sunning at Torrey Pines state beach (which friends say is as shocking as re joining Facebook). Joking aside, I’m learning to make the most of our beautiful San Diego which includes doing outdoor-sy stuff. Shore Rider recently opened in the La Jolla Shores area and offers a casual menu, open patio/bar seating, and plenty of tap beers. They are located just a few blocks from the beach and welcome ‘no shirt, no shoes’ kinda beach customers. Sounds bummy but only if you don’t know the casualness of beachy La Jolla Shores.

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777 Noodle House

I don’t visit City Heights often but knew there were some reputable restaurants in this area. Reputable not meaning Michelin three stars but more yelp stars if you know what I mean. I was in the area some weeks ago on a Friday for a funeral. It was strangely a warming way to start the 4th of July weekend as the service was touching and heartfelt in many ways. 777 Noodle House was just down the street so it was the right opportunity for us to finally try out this Vietnamese restaurant here in City Heights.

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Cusp Dining & Drinks (Happy Hour) – La Jolla, CA

I was meeting a friend and she suggested trying Cusp Dining & Drinks in La Jolla. I visited Cusp years ago and thought the view was fine but the food was meh. They offer happy hour Mon-Sun from 4pm-7pm. The restaurant is located on the 11th floor of Hotel La Jolla. There’s now only a valet parking option so make sure to bring cash. I originally heard it’s $3 with restaurant validation but the nice valet gentleman said the valet fee is now completely covered with the restaurant validation. So kudos there.

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Poke UTC (+ weekend ramblings)

I had one of the best Sundays ever. Sunday school went well and service afterwards was even better. There was a sense of family and community that brought a different feel to the day. So what did I do afterwards. Returned stuff at the mall and then eat Poke. Didn’t really go with the theme of the day but hey.  UTC really really sucks on weekends. The parking is atrocious and people just seem real angry. I was going to take the afternoon to window shop for stuff I didn’t need but that was nixed pretty quickly (well, I still managed to buy an awesome pair of girlfriend jeans from GAP and nice summer linen pants from Anthro). So girlfriend and I were quickly tired and decided to head to nearby Poke UTC for a late afternoon lunch.

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Pearl Chinese Cuisine (bubble cards, #2 pencils, NO more carts)

Scene: Sitting in an auditorium

Moderator: “I am the moderator. You will have three hours to take the test. Do not ‘check’ the bubbles. Do not ‘x’ the bubbles. You must *completely* fill in the bubbles with the number two pencil you have in front of you. Exam….starts…now…”

Those words sound familiar anyone. Anyone. Yeah. SATs. The thought of taking that test again brings panic sweats to my face.

Well, you can now relive the bubble card (as sis termed it in high school), along with the #2 pencil, here at Pearl Chinese Cuisine for their dim sum. There are no longer lovely ladies pushing around carts full of dim sum. There are no longer the ‘all dim sum for the price of a small’ specials during the week. There’s no longer…hmmm….the FEEL of dim sum at Pearl.

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Dede’s Teajuice City – CLOSED

I’ve read about recent closings and openings of restaurants in the Convoy area but was saddened when I saw the shielded doors at Dede’s Teajuice House. I used to frequent this restaurant many many times by myself. They had nice lunch specials but the lunch portions got smaller and smaller. I still enjoyed talking to staff here (particularly Wendy the owner) and would occasionally drop by to order take out. Dede’s still made a memorable snake gourd dish that I’ll miss.

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Grill House Cafe

I’ve been on a grilled meat skewers kick lately. I’ve had more lunch meetings than usual and the paying party has suggested Persian food on a few occasions. I started thinking about Persian food the other week and discovered Grill House Cafe in Miramar. The restaurant is tucked away in the same strip mall as Ashoka. They offer discounted prices during lunch so I thought this would be an opportune time to finally try Grill House Cafe.

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Fogo de Chao ( New Gaucho Lunch $15 AYCE Market Market Table & Feijoada Bar)

I’ve visited Fogo de Chao way more times than I’d like to remember. I was there with family just last Mother’s Day for lunch. Service was great but I think I just over-meated out. The salad bar didn’t seem as phenomenal and the plethora of people at the salad bar made it difficult to enjoy. Every mother that ate that day received one complimentary gift card for a free lunch or dinner (until July 7th). V’s birthday was coming up and Fogo de Chao is one of her favorite restaurants. So sis and I decided to treat her here for her birthday this year. We had the free gift card plus I wanted to try their new $15 Gaucho Lunch.

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Trust Restaurant – Hillcrest, CA

My cousin recently treated me to dinner and we both picked Trust Restaurant to try out. She’s a dentist foodie. She’s on Yelp more than I am searching for places to eat. We met at the hospital where she’s completing her residency so that we could carpool to Trust Restaurant. It’s honestly just like old times when we get together and it makes me miss her even more. We cranked up the music and sang N Sync songs the entire ride there. She joked that she was taking me on a proper date where I could order AS MUCH as I wanted. Why can’t every (real) date be like this. Her encouragement and laughter are contagious. That’s all that mattered that evening. I totally didn’t mean that.

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