Boto Sushi – Carmel Mountain, CA

Boto Sushi took over Yummy Sushi in Carmel Mountain some time ago. They revamped the entire restaurant and I must say it’s quite beautiful. Boto means “boat” in Japanese so the interior has darker wood tones that I personally like. Plus, they aren’t cheap with their a/c which has been a blessing during this summer’s heat wave.

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Tajima Izakaya

Tajima Izakaya is the restaurant my guy friends (who could care two sh*ts about food) prefer to eat when they’re done partying. These are the same guy friends that think Guy Fieri is a wonderful man and want to be friends with. SO, not sure if that gives Tajima Izakaya cred or no cred if you know what I mean. I had lunch here several years ago with sis and we both found the food to be shrug-alright at best. The restaurant has been remodeled so I thought lunch was worth another try.

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Oceana Coastal Kitchen (Yelp Event)

How is it that I’ve never been to Catamaran Hotel & Resort all this time I’ve lived in San Diego. How. I think I grew up thinking it was an older hotel with a Three’s Company kinda vibe to it. I don’t even know why. Oceana Coastal Kitchen is the restaurant that’s within Catamaran Hotel and they recently partnered with Yelp to host a pretty memorable dinner.

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Sis and I saw the sign for Tasty Noodle House some weeks ago when we were in Convoy for lunch. We knew Yu’s Garden had closed but had no idea what type of cuisine Tasty Noodle House served. We promised one another our first visit here would be together but I totally couldn’t wait so went without her recently (she doesn’t read this blog so I don’t care if I kinda lied to her).


Taste of Old Town 2015

These tasting events have become almost a mission for me. I’m a curious type of foodie blogger but I’m also a fiercely competitive kinda gal. I want to see if I can sample MORE than previous tastings AND if I can find the unicorn taco. Ok. Just re read that last sentence and it’s ridiculous. I don’t eat Mexican food all that often so trying out these events in Old Town has been such a treat for me and this food blog. Sometimes I wonder if cosmic forces are colliding together to somehow show me there’s another side to Mexican food that I’m missing out.

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Costco Breakfast (for 60 Sorority Girls)

College was a decent time for most of us but it was in the past. I have fun stories from way back when but hardly ever ‘live’ in those memories. It baffles me when I hear people still reminiscing about their college glory days as it just seemed so long ago. But then again, I’m only connected to a few college friends and they even annoy me when they say ‘remember when…’. Like no man.

I volunteered to get breakfast for a group of girls recently as I owed their house mom a favor. Both parties were excited as 1) they get free breakfast and 2) I get an exclusive practice run of their Rush performance. The house mom said the songs/chants are pretty cool and endearing so I was curious. They were totally fine with me getting Costco breakfast items as I was kinda on a budget.

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Fresco Urban Cafe

Fresco Urban Cafe has been around for enough years to call it a neighborhood restaurant. I haven’t visited in years but recently saw some new lunch specials that they were offering. Fresco Urban Cafe offers NY Pizzas, pastas, burgers, and salads. They added an outdoor patio with an outdoor tv as well. What I also appreciate about this place is that they turn on the a/c INSIDE the restaurant even though the pizza oven is by the dining area.

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San Diego Restaurant Week Launch Party 2015

San Diego Restaurant Week recently threw a Launch Party showcasing their September “Celebrate Local” theme. The event would take place at Go Green Agriculture located in Encinitas. I was excited upon hearing that 20 food vendors would be participating in this launch as what better way to sample all the various dishes you can try out during San Diego Restaurant week.

This particular Saturday was scorching blistering hot. It took place outdoors at noon so the heat played a huge part on how this blogger tasted and sampled items that day.

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Marketplace Grille – Carmel Valley, CA

I’m a creature of habit and that holds pretty much true to places I frequent often to eat. Lunch can be boring because I sometimes just want to eat and get the heck outta there. No disrespect to whatever habitual restaurant I go to. It’s just I have my blinders on when I’m on a time frame and can’t deviate from said time frame. So, I was surprised when, one day, I noticed Marketplace Grille in the Carmel Valley Plaza.

I was going to go my standard AYCE Indian restaurant but the lunch specials at Marketplace Grille caught my eye.

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Lemonade UTC

Who hasn’t heard of Lemonade opening in UTC. There was a palpable buzz and anticipation for this restaurant opening since people saw their colorful logo put up when they started the build out of this popular cafeteria style eatery. Shamps had gone to their new Hillcrest location and had raved about it. So I was excited with foodie love when I received an invite to try out the summer menu here at Lemonade UTC.

Their website states: ” Lemonade captures the L.A. spirit of adventure about food, an appreciation of the freshest seasonal ingredients, and a desire to reinterpret familiar dishes with unexpected twists. Our food is for people who care about what they eat. It’s clean, healthy, and inventive cuisine. ” 

I went to college in LA so understand a bit about the food culture and scene there. I never tried Lemonade since I left Los Angeles so that was another reason to be giddy to try their famed salads/braises/desserts here at their UTC location.

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