Infini Tea (Taiwanese lunch specials) – San Diego, CA

Sis is the worst food critic ever. First, she doesn’t even write about it (be it yelp/zomato/etc). Second, she complains non stop about whatever dish that ‘sucked’. Third, she assumes, because I blog, I will share *her* sentiments on here without revealing her identity. I recently had a huge craving for Taiwanese food and searched endlessly for a solution to this craving. Infini Tea popped up in a search which at first baffled me as I wasn’t craving boba drinks. But it turns out Infini Tea serves Taiwanese based dishes.

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Catalina Offshore Products (samples + Tommy Gomes amaebi demo)

The heat, along with a hectic work schedule, about ruined me last week. You ever just have one of those days where you say EFF IT. That day started bright and early Friday morning when I got up at 5a. Do you know how frustrating waking chirping birds can be to an insomniac. I can probably name you every single bird’s specific CHIRP that sounds off in my backyard at the crack of dawn. I decided to take the day off to recoup and settle my rattled nerves that were getting the best of me. So where to when you have a day off and you’re in a less than chirpy (get it, chirpy, like the birds…ok yeah lame) mood…Catalina Offshore Products.

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The Whole Hog

This sounds terrible but I recently said no to a date because he’s a non-meat eating guy. I just can’t imagine sharing the rest of my life with someone who doesn’t eat meat. Don’t get me wrong – I truly admire non-meat eating people in my life and wish I could follow the same lifestyle (for health benefits and to save animals). But gosh, I love pork. I love super fatty pork. The Whole Hog has been on my list to try as I like bbq but don’t know much about it. I had heard they serve both Carolina and Kansas City style bbq sandwiches so I was curious to see what this little BBQ shop was all about.

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ACQUA al 2

I wish I could say I ate Italian food more often but the truth of the matter is that I simply don’t. I don’t consume pasta and don’t usually eat all that much cheese so going out to a nice Italian restaurant hasn’t really been my thing (friends will gripe and attest to that). I’ve heard of Acqua al 2 (pronounced ah-cua alh do-ay) as friend’s parents went to their original location in Florence. The restaurant is still alive and well in Italy. The parents loved the food there and actually visited the Gaslamp location some years ago. I had seen Acqua al 2 many times when I was clubbing it up in the Gaslamp (that’s totally not a truthful statement – I saw the restaurant many times at the mercy of getting lost driving around Gaslamp). So I was curious and open minded when I had an opportunity to try out this Italian restaurant.

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FuAn Garden

FuAn Garden opened some time ago in Convoy. I am not sure why I have never visited up until now. I like spicy foods and am always excited when a new Chinese restaurant opens here in San Diego so not sure about the delay. I was in the area so decided to meet CDJ for a quick lunch here at FuAn Garden. He always asks why Asians like to eat spicier than frek foods on a humid day.

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Wow Wow Waffle (LJ Farmers Market)

I didn’t think I could see more food vendors at the La Jolla Open Aire Market. So imagine my surprise when I saw Wow Wow Waffle towards the back of the market by the food court. I hadn’t heard of Wow Wow Waffle before but their displayed mason jars of various ice cold lemonade completely caught my eye and attention.

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Grater Grilled Cheese – Pacific Beach, CA


This is a an honest to goodness true snipit of a grilled cheese convo I had with sister last year.

me: ‘ I can make you THE BEST grilled cheese you’ve ever had. Better than yours. You wanna bet’.
sis: ‘ That’s the most ridiculous statement you idiot’
me: ‘ What. Why. ‘
sis: ‘ First, you don’t eat carbs. Two, you have NEVER made a grilled cheese sandwich in your life.’

I had read somewhere you can make a killer grilled sandwich (be it a club, turkey, grilled cheese) by using mayo instead of butter to brown the bread. Obviously, sis thought that idea was lame and insisted her grilled cheese sandwich is far more superior to mine. Hence why I was excited to try out the newly opened Grater Grilled Cheese in Pacific Beach and rub it in sis’ face.  Continue reading Grater Grilled Cheese – Pacific Beach, CA

La Jolla Open Aire Market (Part 2)

Part II of the La Jolla Open Aire Market continues on today’s post. These will be mostly pics of quite a bit of what we saw and tried on our last visit here.   Continue reading La Jolla Open Aire Market (Part 2)

Karl Strauss – Sorrento Valley

A friend works in the Sorrento Valley area so she asked if we could meet for lunch at Karl Strauss. I’m not a big fan of this restaurant and I heard the place gets packed during work week lunch. Friend assured me there’s good looking guys in suits whom eat at Karl Strauss so we should most definitely go. I shrugged as that sounded terrible at the moment but then she said she’d treat so alright. What’s with shrugging these days – it seems to get me my way for some reason.   Continue reading Karl Strauss – Sorrento Valley


The 3rd annual Latin Food Fest Grande Tasting 2015 was held this year at San Diego’s Broadway Pier. The weather in San Diego had been almost perfect all week. The humidity had left us but we were struck with warmer temps come Friday. Saturday was no exception as the heat wave seemed to penetrate the entire city. No matter though as the beautiful gusts of harbor wind was much loved and appreciated that day at the Latin Food Fest Grande Tasting.   Continue reading LATIN FOOD FEST GRANDE TASTING 2015

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