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Zip Fusion (+ Stupid Lifu the Dog ramblings) – Torrey Hills (San Diego), CA

I’ve seen ads for this place for quite some time now but never had the urge to try it out. They’re not really located in the Carmel Valley area that I normally frequent so it’s never been on my list of places to check out.

But before the SF trip, I wanted sushi so bad. But I was tired of all the sushi places that I frequent over and over and over again. I knew that Zip Fusion was a Korean owned sushi restaurant and it sounded really good that Wed night.

It’s located in a really tiny strip mall in Torrey Hills. You would totally drive past it if you weren’t pay attention. I can’t even tell you what’s in the mall b/c it was that small and I can’t even remember the names of any of the shops in that strip mall.

They offer the gimmicky 50% off certain rolls and nigiri. I used to be so excited about the 50% off deals until I realized that the ‘normal’ prices of these rolls/nigiri are priced sooo outrageously high (hence why the 50% is totally a gimmick and totally necessary).

The restaurant was quite empty when we went that Wed night. Not always a good sign but hey, it’s Wednesday night in the Torrey Hills area.

IMG_1593 (960x1280) IMG_1594 (960x1280)

– Spicy Seafood Salad $9.95

I really enjoyed this. Lots of fresh sashimi pieces (tuna, yellowtail, salmon, and maybe snapper). And the spicy dressing was indeed SPICY. Loves. And there’s something about the beautiful orange tobiko that makes any spicy seafood salad even better. So $9.95 for this salad wasn’t bad.

IMG_1595 (960x1280) IMG_1596 (960x1280)

– Scallop $3.50 and Ono nigiri $4.00

MG knows one of my favorite things is raw hotate scallops. So he tries to order this for me whenever it’s available. It didn’t disappoint here – fresh and briny. There’s something about biting into a raw hotate and having it taste meaty and just delicious.

We originally thought they brought out the wrong nigiri (in the 2nd pic). It looked exactly like squid b/c of the horizontal slashes on top. But waitress asked sushi chef and he confirmed it was Ono.  And OMG – this was *MY* favorite fish of the night. There was something so delicate and so beautifully soft about this fish. I don’t even know if I’ve ever had it before, especially in nigiri. But my goodness, this fish was sooo amazing. It’s in the white tuna family I believe. And so far, we haven’t been able to find another sushi place that has served Ono this good.

IMG_1597 (960x1280) IMG_1598 (960x1280)

– Snapper nigiri $4.00 and Yellowtail nigiri $3.50

Both the snapper and yellowtail tasted nice but nothing amazing like the Ono nigiri that night. But look at the 3 types of tobiko they put on top of the yellowtail nigiri!

IMG_1599 (960x1280)

– Complimentary fried stuffed jalapeno

I wanted to order something fried for an appetizer but didn’t want to seem like a fatty to MG so this complimentary appetizer was sooo appreciated 🙂 Granted, it was 1/2 a piece of a jalapeno to each person but whatever. It hit the spot man. Deep fried jalapeno that’s stuffed w/ cream cheese + krab = muy bueno for hungry girl.

IMG_1602 (1280x960) IMG_1604 (1280x960)

– Soft shell crab $6.50

For those of you who read my blog, you’ve probably come to see that I love deep fried soft shell crab. Even if I’m not *that* hungry, and I see it on the menu, I must order it. It’s become my ‘go to thing’ to order at every Japanese restaurant. And well, folks, I must say that we were served THE tiniest, THE smallest, pip-squeak of a soft shell crab EVER. I mean. Like look at your index finger right now…come on…do it….that was about the size of this sucker. Regardless, it tasted ‘ok’ and the side salad that it came with was fresh although totally not necessary.

IMG_1605 (960x1280) IMG_1606 (960x1280)

– Jalapeno lemon salmon sashimi $12.00

This was one of their specials that night. And the salmon slices were generous and tasted pretty fresh. Not sure why they put a slice of lemon on each piece – we tried to eat a piece w/ the lemon, jalapeno, and salmon but the lemon’s rind made it bitter. So maybe it’s purely for garnish. I was happy with the 5 pieces for $12 – thought it was a better than average value.

IMG_1608 (960x1280)

– Total $46.43

I’m going thru all my coupon books right now and I don’t see any deals for this restaurant. Strange. I know I’ve seen coupons for this place before but maybe they’ve stopped printing them. Regardless, I’d happily come back again to try out more items (and for the Ono nigiri!).

IMG_1592 (960x1280) IMG_1591 (1280x960) IMG_1590 (1280x960)

Zip Fusion

11130 E Ocean Air Dr
Ste 101
San Diego, CA 92130
Neighborhood: Torrey Hills

(858) 755-3130

So a few have asked me what’s up w/ Lifu the Dog. Even my mom and family have asked for an update on FayesFork and Lifu. He and I were getting along quite well and he was well on his way to becoming my sous chef and partner in crime (well, when it came to cooking and stuff). BUT. ( And this has nothing to do w/ MG now in my life…)

Lifu, I swear TO YOU, doesn’t understand English. Or Chinese. Or any language for that matter. Unless you have food, he could give two sh*ts about what’s going on in that moment.

AND. He has a propensity to run away Well…he doesn’t run b/c he’s kinda tubby and outta shape…so correction…he has a propensity to walk away.

Mochi busted my side screen door b/c when she came to live me last year, she would go through understandable separation anxiety and scratch the screen door. Me, being the cheapo and un-handy woman that I am, have not had that busted screen door fixed. Mochi never runs away so I was never worried.

Our dear Lifu, however, has discovered that hole in screen door, and if I don’t close the heavy glass door along w/ the screen door, he ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, takes off. Luckily, I usually realize this and have caught him walking down the street or half way to the park – always so clueless BUT oh-so-happy. Half my neighbors know him b/c I’ve seen them holding him walking down my street asking who’s dog this was. And when I chase after him, and call his name, he won’t even turn around to look who’s calling his name. THAT’S why I swear he doesn’t understand English or Chinese.

SO few weeks ago, when MG and I were done w/ brunch, we came back. I thought we closed the side door. About 1/2 an hour passed and I heard Mochi whimpering which is completely not like her. MG went to check on her and he came back and said ‘I think Lifu is gone’. (This is what I love/hate about MG. He NEVER loses his sh*t. Like…about ANYTHING. Kinda is refreshing but drives me bonkers at same time right).

So I freak the eff out. And start looking throughout the house, the backyard, the front, the street, etc for him. Poor Mochi, as much as she hates him at times, was probably trying to tell us ‘ That f*cker just took off man…’….

I thought Lifu was a goner. Truly. MG and I were running all up and down the streets. At the park. Asking anyone and everyone we saw if they saw a small fat Asian chihuahua that doesn’t understand English (no joke). And everyone said no. I ran to neighbors house trying to ring on doorbell to ask for help. MG and I were freaked out b/c he was meeting my family in a few days and the thought of saying ‘hey, um…yeah…we kinda lost your dog’ didn’t appeal to us.

MG was talking to a couple that had a chihuahua and was asking them if they had seen Lifu. They said no but that they are walking back to their house so they will continue looking. MG took off in another direction while I decided to re focus on my street and see if I can get help. Out of the corner of my eye, I see that couple (with the chihuahua) speaking to a woman and then pointing to me. The woman had a flyer with her. Let me show you the flyer…

IMG_1857 (1280x960)


I blocked out the phone # as you can tell. But the woman, who lives TWO DOORS DOWN FROM ME (!!!!), said she found Lifu on her driveway, just kicking it. So she went around trying to ask if anyone knew who this dog was but no one did. So she took him inside and started making Found Flyers!!! This was her original but she also made like 20 black and whites of this photo.

30 minutes this dog was gone. When I ran into her house, Lifu was just sitting in the foyer, looking at the husband and the kids, with his tongue hanging out. He didn’t even ACKNOWLEDGE me. No ‘hey, what’s up’ or ‘hey, where’ve you been!?’ or ‘hi!’. And keep in mind that Sunday was HOTTTT so I was sweating up a storm and all dehydrated and hyperventilating from running around like a crazy person.

Needless to say, my relationship with Lifu has not been the same since then. I still love the bugger but man, he’s still in the dog house with me.

MG was saying that some guy said he THOUGHT he saw Lifu heading down the canyon. And MG said he (MG’s) shoulder just slumped and thought ‘oh man, which part of the canyon do I start looking first (b/c it’s a HUGE canyon)’. I have a pretty amazing guy in my corner – that’s for sure.  He said he never doubted that we’d find Lifu but that it would just take time. But yeah, that when guy said canyon, MG was just like ‘wellllp, you gotta do what you gotta do man’.

My family jokes that I no longer love Lifu b/c I have a new man in my life. That’s 100% not true. I no longer love Lifu b/c he’s an SOB. That’s why. (I kid, I kid). My great uncle (who I love and look up to) gave my mom Lifu so I will always have soft spot for Lifu. But they joke that Lifu has done his duty to bring happiness and joy into my life and that maybe it’s time for him to move on to another sad person to bring joy to (seriously, I have the ODDEST family don’t I ??).

I hope this ridiculous story makes you laugh b/c it wasn’t as funny few weeks ago. Hope everyone is having a great week –


8 thoughts on “Zip Fusion (+ Stupid Lifu the Dog ramblings) – Torrey Hills (San Diego), CA

  1. I only eat those crazy Americanized rolls with cooked in food in them so I haven’t many delightful things to say re: sushi. Except uh, wooo, sushi! Your comments about the teeny tiny crab made me laugh though!

    Haha, poor clueless Lifu! At least it’s all funny in retrospect, right? My dog is not into running away at all. You can leave the door wide open and she’ll just stand there looking out until she gets permission to go outside. Lifu sounds like he’s got a little crazy mind of his own. 😀 You need to get some tags on him!

    1. Hi Mary,

      I think you’d like this place then b/c they really have a large selection of non-threatening rolls you’d like. I don’t remember if I’ve ever told me if you like soft shell crab or not…

      But yeah, I need to get Lifu some tags. And hahaha , I just re read your ‘he’s a got a little crazy mind of his own’ , he totally does. Stubborn little bugger he is. I wish your dog can school Lifu on how NOT to run away and be a good sport and just look out the open door like ‘normal’ dog 🙂

        1. Hi Mary,

          Oh then I’d be curious to see what you think of the soft shell crab! I wonder if that Bite of Boston place you visited would have it?

  2. The food looks very good and I’ll have to keep an eye out when we are in the area. Definitely teach Lifu that bad things will happen when he goes out the door- hit him with a super soaker water gun or spray with the hose or shake a can filled with screws…loud, bad things happen…and show him good things happen inside (toys, treats, fun!). Home Depot sells a heavy duty screen meant to not tear from cat claws; it seems to last forever.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Yes the food was pretty good so I think it’s worth a visit if you’re in the area. Thanks for the Lifu tips – i’ve tried to discipline him so many times but he seriously has a hard time grasping certain things. I’ll have to look into that heavy duty screen at HD – we bought a replacement mesh but I’m pretty sure Lifu will bust thru that one if we’re not careful…

  3. So glad Lifu is okay. What a little rascal! One bad thing about small dogs is that they can get lost so easily, especially Chihuahuas that run so fast. I’ve had Chihuahuas my entire childhood life. The first one ran out. His name was Mickey, and he kind of looked like Lifu, white with the big brown spots. But he was not fat and didn’t have the tongue sticking out to the side lol. He was kind of the neighborhood pimp, ran around impregnating the female dogs around the hood, getting us threats with law suits at the time. One day he ran out and just got lost and I guess he couldn’t find his way back home like he normally did or someone snatched him while he was out. We never saw him after that. He lived in our backyard and sometimes inside the house. We made sure to cover all the little escape holes, but he always found a way out. He always found a way out. He loved going out and being free. He was a hyper, restless little thing…horny too lol. His mission for going out was to get busy with the neighborhood female dogs. He was QUICK too. Whenever anyone started to open the door, he’d hear it from the other room and in a blink of an eye, he’d dash out the front door. Impossible to catch him because he was so lightening fast.

    Lucky your story had a happy ending, unlike mine. OMG sorry if I’m rambling about Chihuahuas, but your post made me reminisce. I had another Chihuahua after. He was just a baby. When I came home from school, I noticed that he wasn’t there to greet me, jumping on me and wagging his tail, licking me. And I found out that our stupid housekeeper at the time left the door open. I used to nag her about this all the time (because of flies coming in and dog running out), but I guess when she was alone, she did what she pleased. And….my little puppy got hit by a car and didn’t make it.

    After that, we got another Chihuahua (the last one I had). When my mom left it at someone’s house to dogsit, the stupid guy left her alone with his other big dogs. And you know how Chihuahuas get…all feisty, ready to beat up dogs 3x their size. And I guess these bigger dogs weren’t so nice…attacked her, killed her.

    I love Chihuahuas, but I’ve had sad experiences with all mine. Take extra good care of Lifu!

    1. Hi Miss K,

      Thanks for sharing your chihuahua stories – it’s great to hear how much you loved and cared for those pups. And I’m so sorry to hear about the sad endings 🙁

      MG is actually replacing the screen door right now so I’m HOPING this will deter Lifu from taking off again.

      Hope you’re having a great weekend !

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