Luna Grill (Shhhhh! – Kids eat FREE Tuesday) – San Diego, CA

Not sure if it’s really a Shhhhh! thing but I don’t see this anywhere on their website and we personally think it’s an AMAZING deal. Sis has two beautiful little boys (and nooo, I’m not biased) and is a bit compulsive with her/their eating routines (I’m not sure where she gets that from). But she told me about the deal Luna Grill had some time back because it’s honestly the best bang for your buck that you can get on a Tues evening. I am not sure if it’s only offered at this location though. Luna has about seven (?) locations here in SD and a few in Orange County as well.

The Mediterranean food here has been consistently good and they recently remodeled this location I believe. It’s the type of place to grab a quick made to order meal or take the family for a no-fuss type of dinner. They have two tvs that play sports so that’s kind of a plus.

Be warned though – Tues nights are a cluster frek’. Lots of kids (sometimes screaming) and lots of parents (who look frazzled and rightfully so).

You can order the free kids’ meal to go but honestly, you really should eat it there if you can b/c the food tastes 100% better when it’s served right then and there. Trust me on that one (we’ve ordered here on Tuesdays and taken it home to eat and it pales in comparison to what you experience when you eat it there).

You order from the cashier, pay, and they give you a number to place on your self seated table/booth. Credit cards are accepted and they have a self serve fountain drink station as well.

Here’s the kid’s menu that you can choose from:


Ages 10 and under. Includes choice of milk or fountain drink.  
(0 – 130 cals)





Add cheese   .75 

You get one free kid’s entree with the purchase (each) of a regular entree. So two regular entrees = two free kids meals 🙂

IMG_3217 (1280x960) IMG_3218 (1280x960) IMG_3219 (960x1280)

– Flat cut chicken kebab $10.50

Every entree comes with rice, side salad, cucumber yogurt dip, and choice of carrots or roasted tomato.

Sis prefers their flat cut chicken for some reason (over the regular chicken kebob option which is $1.00 cheaper). I’ve had the flat cut chicken before and it tasted a bit dry. But this time around, it was incredibly juicy and moist.

IMG_3222 (960x1280)

– Flat cut chicken close up

Thinly cut pieces of savory chicken

You can see they actually skewer these things and grill them (look at the skewer holes in the middle of the chicken).

IMG_3225 (960x1280)IMG_3231 (960x1280)

I hate carrots so sis orders the grilled tomato for me instead (not a real fan of tomatoes either but when grilled, they actually taste pretty good). The house salad is incredibly fresh and is topped w/ red onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes. The house vinaigrette is tart and tangy – quite perfect for me. And I love how they don’t just serve boring lettuce as the greens – they actually use an assortment of leafy greens for this salad.

The side of pita bread that comes with each dish (all 4 dishes) are plentiful and is served warm. But not sure if it’s made in house or not – not a big deal. Their cucumber-yogurt dip is refreshing and served chilled.

IMG_3220 (1280x960) IMG_3221 (960x1280) IMG_3223 (960x1280)


Traditional Persian style kabob made with all natural ground beef and seasonings.

This was our other adult entree. It’s ground up beef formed into a flatten meatball of sorts (sorry, that’s how we describe it). Their version here is good albeit salty this visit. But it comes out hot, hot, hot which we totally appreciate.

IMG_3230 (960x1280) IMG_3224 (1280x960)

Sis adores the rice here. She enjoys the portion where the chicken and beef drippings soaks the rice underneath (the above pic doesn’t do it justice).

And this was the kids french fries – I cannot stress how crispy and hot these things are. Almost perfectly so for us. It’s also well seasoned with salt and something else – can’t pinpoint that ‘something else’ though. But all four of us enjoy the fries here.

I don’t remember what sis ordered for the kids meals – except fries for both meals.

IMG_3227 (1280x960)

I think she ordered one chicken and one beef? Regardless, trust me, the kids portions are generous. Sis and I laugh b/c there’s no way anyone can go to McDonald’s these days with a family of four and leave without spending less than $25 probably. So the Tues deal here is crazy wonderful (I’m trying to refrain from saying ‘crazy stupid’ these days).

IMG_3226 (960x1280) IMG_3228 (960x1280) IMG_3229 (960x1280)

– Condiments on each table: ketchup, salt, pepper, ketchup, tapatio, and tumeric (?) powder

Update: Thanks to CC and Ben for pointing out that the seasoning powder is sumac 🙂

Service has improved greatly. Our last visit there blew us away b/c Wendy, the manager, was on top of the Tues night madness. They accidentally gave us rice for both the boys’ meals but she quickly brought out freshly fried french fries upon hearing of the mix up.

This is only offered on Tuesday nights so if you’ve never been here before, try to go on this night to get a chance to try a few things 🙂

I also just noticed that they have a happy hour menu…

Not sure if I would come here to watch NFL football on a Sunday but it’s worth a chance though. Especially with the HH items listed.

Luna Grill
7825 Highland Village Pl
San Diego, CA 92129
(858) 566-5862


8 thoughts on “Luna Grill (Shhhhh! – Kids eat FREE Tuesday) – San Diego, CA

  1. Good deal on the kids eat free! My daughter is now 13 so we can’t do that anymore, ha ha.

    I believe that powder is not turmeric, which is yellow. It is most likely sumac, a tart powder used in Middle Eastern cuisine.

    1. Hi CC,

      It really is a good deal – I think you can still try to get the free kids deal for your daughter – they are super cool and friendly (at least at this location).

      Sumac – that must be it. Thanks 🙂

      1. Ironically, we hardly ever did those kids eat free deals only because the food choices for kids were dismal. they were almost always all fried crap (chicken nuggets or corn dogs) with more fried #$%@ like fries and stuff. so, she usually ate from our plate or we’d get something healthier.

        on the other hand, this luna grill kids menu is pretty good – it seems quite healthy to me so kudos to the company for being a bit more conscientious in offering better foods for kids instead of fried junk.

        1. Yeah I’ve noticed that alot of these free kids meals are fried huh – Rubios is right next to this Luna, and now that I’m thinking about it, sis gets their fried chicken nuggets kids meals for the boys. So I agree that Luna deserves kudos for their healthier kids meals –

  2. That mysterious spice in the shaker bottle is called sumac, and tastes kind of sour. It’s great with rice, kind of like ume furikake.

    I love kebabs but I’ve never tried the Luna Grill. I’ve only been to the Balboa International Market (the little grocery store) and had the kebab there, which was a little dry but still very tasty. I think I prefer gyro more.

    As for beating $21 for feeding a family of four, I can only think of Souplantation’s $25 for a family of four coupon. Not every kid likes salad though…

    1. Hi Ben,

      I don’t eat Mediterranean food often so thanks for clarifying about the Sumac. And I love the comparison to furikake b/c it makes me have a much better understanding of it (b/c I LOVE furikake).

      Try the kebabs (that’s how I would have spelled it but LG spells it kebobs – I was thinking about that for the longest time) at Luna if you can. Maybe you’ll be able to tell the difference b/w the flat cut chicken and the regular kebab chicken. And I also agree with you on the Balboa International Market – the (chicken) kebab there was super dry (at least that particular evening) and service was terrible.

      Dang it – you’re right about the Family deal at Souplantation. BUT – there’s literally NO meat offered at SP (unless you pick out the chicken in the chicken soup 🙂 ) And yeah, sis thinks the whole buffet salad thing for kids is too much to handle.

      Have a good Monday –

  3. All of Jake’s kids are too old now to be able to score free kid’s meal, but that’s a sweet deal! I haven’t been here, but it looks yummerz. There’s a place in Miramar called the Grill House Cafe which has similar food that I love – like the beef kabobs. Yumyumyum! I love it when a place serves their food SUPER HOT. When I get lukewarm food I get a little sad since I know it was probably just sitting in the window, cooling down and getting lonely without me. So extra plusses for that. 🙂

    1. Hi Mary,

      I haven’t been to Grill House – will have to check it out.

      Aren’t hot kebabs the best?! Like scorching-burn-your tongue hot ya know?!

      Have a good Week 🙂

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