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Post Thanksgiving eats (& activities) – San Diego, CA

This was the first Thanksgiving I think we’ve ever had that had NO Asian food. Like zero, zilch, none. And the turkey wasn’t just a centerpiece for everyone to look at and pass over for fried rice, noodles, or roast duck.

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– Prime rib

I usually cook this medium+ because of the family’s kids, etc. But this year there were no kiddies around so I was able to experiment with a medium/medium rare version. It turned out really nicely .

Dec 1 2013 007

– prime rib au jus

This is my own recipe that I’m too lazy to go into details about right now. But I suck at making sauces but this sauce is my claim to fame in my picky hard to please family.

After I take the roast out to rest, I simmer the vegetables and drippings with a few other ingredients.

Dec 1 2013 010 Dec 1 2013 009 Dec 1 2013 012

– creamed corn, mashed potatoes, and roasted cauliflower

Dec 1 2013 008 Dec 1 2013 013

– Roast Turkey

My nanny once told me the trick to roasting a bird is to put the breast side down so that it stays moist from the basting and it’s own drippings.This turkey was a fresh Butterball turkey and about 10lbs. I didn’t grow up eating stuffing so I usually put a ton of garlic, celery, granny smith apples, butter, onions into the bird cavity.

This year, I took the bird out a bit earlier than I wanted (I think I was just super un-stressed about how the food would turn out b/c I was completely comfortable that everyone would be ok w/ whatever I served that evening you know?) . Having that stress taken off me, I think, changed the dynamics of how I prepped everything. So yeah, the turkey actually tasted good – I think we were all kinda surprised.

Dec 1 2013 014

– Voila 🙂


Dec 1 2013 018 Dec 1 2013 024

– cranberry sauce

So sis tried to make cranberry sauce for pancakes the next morning. Keep in mind she’s never used cranberries before either. I think it was our first time even eating a raw cranberry (it tastes like a super sour, super tart, super not sweet little tiny apple). She added sugar to the cranberries and reduced it. I didn’t try it b/c it just sounded really weird the next morning but mom thought the sauce was super tart.

Dec 1 2013 019 Dec 1 2013 022

– funny socks

My great uncle bought these socks for me when I was in Taiwan earlier this year. I thought these toe-separator socks were so adorable so he got me a few pairs. Never wore them so mom and I decided to try them on while watching TV that beautiful Friday morning.

I told mom and sis that we just HAD to go to the mall for Black Friday. No one really wanted to but we figured it was late enough that morning where most of the crowds were probably already gone.

The mall wasn’t disastrous and I managed to find parking pretty quickly. We hit up Macy’s first and it was a total mess. I don’t do well with crowds and neither does mom. But she wanted to duke it out with the others.

Dec 1 2013 025

Poor fella.

The pic above is of a guy (probably a dutiful boyfriend or husband) inside Macy’s by the women’s shoe department. He’s carrying a few bag loads of stuff and it appears that he’s just exhausted (and napping) from a very long morning with his girlfriend. I wanted to go to the furnishings department and get a blanket on sale to put over him. Is it weird that this gave me hope that there are nice guys out there 🙂

Dec 1 2013 026 Dec 1 2013 027 Dec 1 2013 029

– Tender Greens

We went to Tender Greens inside the mall for lunch. I had the cobb salad, mom had Thai Shrimp salad, and sis ordered the chorizo mussels.

Dec 1 2013 033 Dec 1 2013 037

– William Sonoma

I love this store. I would furnish my kitchen with all their stuff if I had the moo(lah) to do so. You know they actually have a small tiny prep kitchen inside? So sometimes they bake up little treats for people to sample. So that morning, they were baking their Bouchon double chocolate cookies and one of the girls added WS’s dark chocolate peppermint barks on top. So freakin’ good. I mean, soooooo good.

They also sell the Starbucks kcup espresso machine thingies. The handsome coffee man offered to demo the machine to me and make me a double espresso latte. Do I look like a girl who would say no to that. Gimme my latte and thank you very much 🙂 It was a generous portion too AND it was piping hot. Perfection.

Dec 1 2013 001

– sister’s trees

I love looking at this picture. Makes me think of Ben’s rain quote (well, probably because it was raining that day).

Friend and I met up Fri night for a late dinner. We wanted something fast and cheap. So Mimi’s Cafe sounded good for some reason.

Dec 1 2013 047 Dec 1 2013 049

– French onion soup

I wasn’t even in the mood for this but it was so dang good that night. Our amazing waitress Leanne was the best. The server prepares the soup for their customers so I requested mine w/ no crouton and less onions (more broth instead). The soup was hot, intense (onion wise), and cheesy. Delicious.

Dec 1 2013 050 Dec 1 2013 048

– Spinach salad w/ honey mustard dressing; complimentary bread basket

Salad was great too – their honey mustard made this dish. Bread basket had carrot bread and not-so-good french bread.

Dec 1 2013 053 Dec 1 2013 054

– chicken pot pie

Piping hot, creamy, and the crust was pretty good.

Dec 1 2013 052 Dec 1 2013 058

– Brioche Croque Madame

Open faced sandwich with ham, swiss cheese, and fried egg. Kinda salty and it was a smaller portion than what we had imagined. No matter. It was late and the day after Thanksgiving. The food overall was good and Leanne was just the coolest.

I can’t even remember what I had planned for Saturday. My friends from Orange County were driving down to see me later that day but I wasn’t sure what time. CDJ and one of his best friends wanted to do a hike at Lake Poway. For those that know me, I’m no country bumpkin – I’m not into hiking, nature, etc. But they convinced me to go so fine….

Dec 1 2013 072 Dec 1 2013 065

– Nutmeg Bakery & Cafe

We were going to meet up somewhere on Poway Road for lunch but we didn’t exactly know where. We found Nutmeg by chance and it turned out to be a cute place to have a late lunch 2p on a Saturday.

Dec 1 2013 067 Dec 1 2013 068

– Capri: Roasted Chicken, Organic Walnut Pesto, Fresh Mozzarella, Sundried Tomato Spread, Roasted Garlic

Not sure what’s up post Thanksgiving – but all of the food I’ve had since then has been pretty darn good. This sandwich was no exception. The bread was delicious and I enjoyed the melted mozzarella inside the panini. CDJ ordered same thing as well.

Dec 1 2013 069 Dec 1 2013 070

– Permalosa: Salami, Prosciutto, Port Salut Cheese, Grain Mustard, Pickled Shallots

Friend had this panini and he liked it quite a bit. This friend (who I’ll call NY) is the coolest b/c he lets me take random pics of his food AND let’s me take the first bite outta his food before he gets to try it (not b/c I’m a selfish brat but b/c I’m weirded out by germs 🙂  ).

NY paid for our lunches. They were taking their sweet ol’ time eating when I kindly reminded them that the park/lake closes at 5p which would give us about 2 hours to trek up the trails to the top of the Mount Woodson. I think they purposely were eating slow so they wouldn’t have to hike as much.


Dec 1 2013 073

– Lake Poway and Mount Woodson

This was my first time here. I couldn’t believe it. It was truly beautiful. The park closes its gates at 5p so you MUST be out by then or you’ll be stuck w/ your car there. It was about 3:08p by the time we started hiking. Mount Woodson is known for its Potato Chip Rock. I didn’t really care at first but then I saw a few photos on yelp and decided it was worth the trek.

None of us knew how long it would take to get to Potato Chip but we had to be back in less than 2 hours so it was looking really bleak. And the boys were sooo slow getting started. Jeez. Come on. They’re both from New York too. You know what they did best the entire time? Cuss. Like ALOT. It always makes me giggle in awe when New Yorkers cuss. It sounds so serious. So mean.

It was apparent we weren’t going to make it to the very top. Every 20 minutes, NY or I would ask someone coming down the trails ‘How much farther to the top, man’. And EVERY one would say 1.5 hours. Even after an hour of hiking, each person would say ‘you better hurry your pace’ or ‘yeah you have another 1.45 hours to the top’. How is that possible.

Dec 1 2013 079 Dec 1 2013 147

NY and CDJ wanted to call it a day and head back down as no one wanted to be locked in this park after 5p. At least the sun setting was really beautiful and serene. NY took the pic of me standing on a rock – pouting – to see if I could get a glimpse of Potato Chip (which there was no way since we were still so far away from the top).

It was such a great afternoon though. I’ve met NY a few times and he’s so genuine, funny, and jovial. I don’t think there was a moment during the lunch/hike when one of us wasn’t laughing from the other person saying/doing something totally ridiculous.

Dec 1 2013 201 Dec 1 2013 202

– The Lake after sunset

Dec 1 2013 218 Dec 1 2013 220

We all came back to my house afterwards to have left overs and watch the UFC fights. My friends from OC came down soon after so we all just hung out at home. It was the perfect night. There was no planning. No obsessing. No need to entertain or to be a great hostess. It was just ending November with a group of friends that I felt safe and comfortable with.

Dec 1 2013 217

This was a bottle of wine that I bought in honor of Lifu (j/k). Everyone liked it though. Isn’t the hippo cute?

Sunday came around and it was a big day for me. I usually help w/ the kids Sunday school but that day, I had to teach the kids by myself. I was nervous and anxious trying to prepare last week but I figured my angst should take a back seat to the actual task at hand. We always get together 30 min before we start and are given words of encouragement, etc.

The quick message that morning was that this is the season (the month) of hope for a lot of people.  Remember there are people out there with a different (difficult) journey than yours. You might just be an answer to their prayers and not even know it. So be that light in someone’s life. Be that spark of hope. Intentionally make this month more special.

I was going to meet up with family afterwards for lunch at Uncle’s house but I was tired. So I went to HMart to get stuff to make for lunch (and dinner). HMart always has great live seafood deals (usually they beat 99 Ranch by a few bucks per pound). But look at this deal!

$4.99/lb!!! For LIVE lobster. I am not sure how they do it here though. They have a tank of live lobster that sells for $6.99/lb. Then they have a guy manning a box (with no water) with live lobsters for $5.99/lb. Then I see the same guy inspecting a few of his live lobsters and putting a few choose ones in the show case box (over ice and the ice fog show). The lady behind the counter said it’s $4.99/lb for these chosen lobsters. I asked if they were dead or somehow defective (I don’t freakin’ know). But she said they’re alive and tried to show me a few dead ones (this had me laughing a bit). But there were a few that were still moving so I got two of them.

Dec 1 2013 223 Dec 1 2013 225

They were only 2.85 lbs but who cares. The beer in the pic was used to steam the lobster (ok, fine, I did take a sip before I used it to steam the critters). I was really happy w/ the price tag and it made for a really great late lunch that Sunday (even though the stupid Chargers game was blacked out and they lost to the Bengals anyways).

So it’s December you guys! I hope this post finds you well and that your stomachs are gearing up for this December season….

Oh and it’s Cyber Monday right?! I’m getting emailed mostly free shipping & handling offers though (big whoop right).

11 thoughts on “Post Thanksgiving eats (& activities) – San Diego, CA

  1. You had a busy weekend! The dinner looks like it turned out GREAT! We didn’t try too many new things over the weekend, mostly we ate out at places we’d already been to. I wish I had another day of vacation man. The Fat Bastard wine name made me laugh! I would totally buy a bottle of wine with a name like that because I don’t know crap about picking out wine. My dad told me about the lobster deal but we didn’t get any since we had so many leftovers. Oy. Happy start of December, Faye! 🙂

    1. Hey Mary,

      I tried my hardest to have the laziest weekend. I really did.

      Isn’t *today* the hardest day to get back to the grind of things. I just want another long weekend.

      I was kinda proud at the way TG dinner turned out – maybe the trick is to be cool and collected during cooking. Very un-me 🙂

      Oh you shoulda checked out the cheapo $4.99/lb lobsters!! I don’t know if they still have it but if they do, you gotta jump at the chance to get ’em.

      Happy December to you too Mary !

  2. I have had the pleasure of experiencing some of the dishes noted above. ” Pay attention” or you may miss out on something great! Thx Faye.

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for stopping by and happy December to you – I’m learning to pay attention, slowly but surely so thank you…

      Have a good week

    1. Hi CC,

      I’m totally laughing right now b/c I think I would have done the same thing. It’s ok. It’s Monday. The day after a few days of vacation. We are both entitled to a few brain farts today.

      I gave the prime rib recipe on your last post but it was totally half a&&ed so I’ll have to give it to you another time. Or re do the roast and post about it another time.

      Let me know what you think of Nutmeg if you ever go (with your coupon too dang you!!).

      Hope you’re having a sane good Monday CC –

  3. Were the lobsters smaller than the rest? I can’t think of how else they would select for lobsters, so they’ve got me befuddled.

    Dig the socks by the way – it’s like having intricately painted nails, kind of.

    What did your mom think of the Thai Shrimp Salad? I heard so many mixed things about it, so I’m curious, but every time I go to Tender Greens, I always go for Nicoise (PS: Tender Greens has some serious portion sizing issues depending on the day).

    It sounds like you had a great extended weekend – now onto the coldest week in a while. I was looking at the forecast (since I was kind of cold this morning), and I noticed we’ll be having 4-5 days of sub-60 highs, which is REALLY cold for San Diego. I’m not ready for this kind of weather!

    1. Hi Ben,

      The $4.99/lb lobsters were smaller than the $6.99/lb ones. I always heard that smaller lobsters taste better? One of the lobsters I bought had a small crack in it’s head (but it was still alive). Maybe the condition of the lobster is how they determine their price?

      Ha, yeah the socks do make the toes look painted huh!

      The Thai Shrimp Salad was ‘ok’. I think there was supposed to be papaya in it but I don’t remember even seeing or tasting it in the dish. The shrimp itself tasted pretty nice though – and they give you about 5-6 pieces or so. So $11 was an alright price I think. I do agree with you about their portion size – it’s a hit or miss. AND, sometimes their chicken/steak are over cooked.

      I’m totally looking forward to the cold weather! I knew it was going to be cold at night but I didn’t know about the temp during the day. I can’t believe 60something degrees is considered cold in SD (I’m seeing high 50s in my neck of the woods though during the day – how exciting!!)

      So bundle up !!

  4. Nice looking food prepared by you! You should cook more often. I did the Black Friday thing this year too. Finding parking wasn’t bad for me either, but geez the long lines and the crowd! It almost felt like if I wanted to buy just one or two items, it wouldn’t even be worth standing in line for…and that almost makes you think that you should be stocking up on more stuff to make your long wait in line more worthwhile. I got some good deals. I want to go again for end of the year sales continuing to go on, but I freakin hate the crowds too!

    I love hiking, but haven’t been in a whiles. What a great way to burn off some of those Thanksgiving calories…shopping and hiking!

    1. Hi MK,

      I totally agree w/ you about the Black Friday. I think we should have tried to go that Thursday night. I was so happy when I found parking that Fri but like you said, the lines to actually purchase the items you found were soooo long. Hopefully you were able to buy stuff online yesterday (I didn’t).

      I can’t believe you like hiking. Good for you – I think I have to adjust my mind set about being one with nature, my surroundings, the fresh air and stuff (I’m yawning in sarcasm as I’m writing this sentence).

      Happy December to you MK!

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