Shogun Kobe Japanese Restaurant (Lunch Special) – San Diego, CA

I had such a fun time at Benihana for lunch a few weeks ago. I was surprised at the value and the quality of the food we received that afternoon.

It was one of those days here in San Diego where it was a long morning and everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. You know those days. I skipped breakfast and didn’t realize how hungry I was until I noticed it was already 1:30p. Usually I go to bed wondering where I’ll be eating for lunch the next day. But that day, I honestly had no craving for anything in particular.

So I remembered Benihana and the lunch deal. I didn’t have two hours to burn for lunch BUT I felt like something teppanyaki for some reason that afternoon. Maybe watching someone throw food in the air would make the day better ๐Ÿ™‚

Friend told me Shogun had a nice lunch deal. I hadn’t been there in ages so I thought it would be fun to try out that afternoon. I heard their lunch ‘shows’ aren’t as long or slow as Benihanas so ok, let’s go.

november 28 2013 002 november 28 2013 003

Someone at our table said they thought this was an old Benihana location. It looks kinda like it I guess with the temple theme they have going on here.

november 28 2013 004


My friend was already seated by the time I got there. There ended up being about 8 people at the teppan table that afternoon. I appreciated how the server took all our orders quickly.

november 28 2013 005

I was placed at the corner again (I wonder if this is a good or bad thing). I was making mental observations about how this place differed from Benihana. The grill area seemed pretty run down and kinda dirty. So I’m not sure what to make of that. I guess I feel bad bashing a place that is serving me affordable food that’s being prepared right in front of me.

november 28 2013 006 november 28 2013 008

Lunch entrees come with a choice between salad and soup. The salad was pretty good with their ginger dressing. Friend got the soup and we both thought it was nice.

november 28 2013 010

– two signature dipping sauces

I believe the darker sauce is the onion based ponzu/soy. The other one pretty much tastes like thousand island salad dressing.

november 28 2013 009

– our chef (Alan?)

Oh how I liked this guy. He wasn’t overly showy and flashy.

november 28 2013 007 november 28 2013 011 november 28 2013 012 november 28 2013 013 november 28 2013 014

– making fried rice


november 28 2013 015 november 28 2013 016

– Fried rice $2 extra

They don’t use nearly as much butter as Benihana but this fried rice still tasted pretty good. Friend ordered this and said he never saw me scarf rice so quickly. I guess my theory is that the faster I eat it, the more I hope no one sees?

november 28 2013 017 november 28 2013 018 november 28 2013 020 november 28 2013 021

– vegetables and onion fire volcano

Ok – I must admit – I giggled and applauded like a 2 year old when he set the onion volcano on fire. I couldn’t help it. They didn’t do that at Benihana.

november 28 2013 022

– vegetables

Man oh man oh man. Shogun gives you WAY more vegetables than Benihana. Way more.

The veggies consisted of zucchini, mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers.

There was a boyfriend/girlfriend couple at our table that couldn’t eat onions. The chef had no problems making a separate batch of vegetables for them with NO onions. Bravo.

november 28 2013 023 november 28 2013 024

– Proteins for our table

I’m amazed at how the chef can prepare ALL this simultaneously.


november 28 2013 025 november 28 2013 026

november 28 2013 029 november 28 2013 031

–ย Sesame Chicken and Samurai Shrimp ย $13.00

Friend got this combo and we both felt the $13 price tag was really incredible. The shrimp was plump, delicious, and seasoned just right.

They use breast meat for the chicken and it was a bit dry. I noticed on the dinner menu that you can choose either dark or white meat but they only served white meat for lunch (at least during our meal).

november 28 2013 027 november 28 2013 028

– Filet Mignon and Sesame Chicken $15.25

I chose this combo and enjoyed the filet quite a bit. They usually ask how you like your steak prepared. Mine came out more medium well (than the medium rare I requested). But hey, it still tasted fine and I give mad props to the guy for multi-tasking all our food at the teppan table that afternoon.

november 28 2013 030

– cleaning the teppan

I don’t like when they do this when we are trying to eat but I totally understand it. I’m the same way after I stir fry something in a pan – I HAVE to clean it asap or I panic. Pans are easier to clean when they’re hot right. But the chef cleans the teppan pretty quickly so no biggie.

This lunch was much faster than Benihana. I think we were in and out in about an hour and ten minutes or so. Not bad.

It wasn’t as cheap as Benihana but I thought Shogun gave you a lot more food. I’d happily come back for lunch. Although I’m not a fan of lunch being made into a ‘show’, I do 100% appreciate that I can see my food being prepared fast, fresh, and piping hot right in front of me.

Shogun Kobe Japanese Restaurant
5451 Kearny Villa Rd
(between Clairemont Mesa Blvd & Monel Ave)
San Diego,ย CAย 92123
Neighborhood: Kearny Mesa

(858) 560-7399
Lunch: Monday – Friday:11:30am – 3:00pmSaturday & Sunday:12:00pm – 3:00pm

It’s my hope to get a Christmas tree every year but then I realize how much work it is. I’ve only had ONE xmas tree the entire time I’ve lived in my current place. Peanut and I went to Home Depot and bought a really nice tree that year and decorated it together. It was awesome.

So I was going to get a look-a-like xmas tree for my kitchen counter (like a rosemary or pine bush trimmed to look like an xmas tree). But sis said that was stupid as all sh*t so she took me to Evergreen Nursery to get a real tree.

dec 11 2013 012


This is their section of the little Christmas trees. It’s kinda sad b/c each one looks like they wanna be adopted by a good family.

Then we stumbled on this one.

dec 11 2013 014 dec 11 2013 015

Really? Total Charlie Brown tree.

They were selling this thing for like $18 too. Sis made a good observation that this is obviously the chopped off top of a Christmas tree. But look at it. Who would buy this poor thing. *I* did ๐Ÿ™

Sis screeched that I had SUCKER written all over my forehead. She’s so mean.

She bought me another tree instead which I’m happy with. But I hope that Charlie Brown tree found a good home ๐Ÿ™‚


7 thoughts on “Shogun Kobe Japanese Restaurant (Lunch Special) – San Diego, CA

  1. Lol yeah I don’t understand why you would buy that tree either. So did you decorate your new tree all purdy?

    That hot soup looks good about now during this freezing weather. It’s kind of funny how both bf and gf don’t eat onions. I wonder if one of them did not eat onions first and converted the other one or if two coincidently non-onion-eating people paired up (maybe through their mutual dislike of onions? Lol).

    1. Hi MK

      B/c the Charlie Brown tree looked so sad. But I’m sure I woulda been more miserable if I had to pay the $18 price tag for him though. I haven’t decorated the tree we bought yet though – hoping to do so tonight or this weekend.

      Good question about the non-onion eating couple. That would be rad if one converted the other to not like onions too huh? That’s love right there ๐Ÿ™‚

      Have a great Friday!

  2. A rosemary tree wouldn’t be so bad if you really liked rosemary haha! You could dry it and have dried rosemary for awhile afterwards! That poor Christmas tree, he’s got personality, I’ll give him that. I think Shogun is the first teppan style place I went to, before I went to Benihana. The onion volcano makes me giggle, too. I love it! And I love tasty onions. Jake claimed to not like onions either when we first start dating until I told him how onions are basically one of the base ingredients for practically any dish and I’ve managed to get him to actually eat onions (cooked though, he only eat them raw on sandwiches like I do). Success! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Mary,

      I personally don’t like rosemary b/c it reminds me of lamb. I’m so frightened by lamb that I literally can’t be around key ingredients usually associated with lamb (i.e. Rosemary and mint jelly).

      Thanks for seeing the personality the little tree had – I’m tempted to go back and see if he’s still there.

      That’s great how you got (tricked!) Jake into eating onions. I used to hate eating them raw too (like in burgers) but I’ve grown to really like raw onions now for some reason. Does he prefer the red or the white onions? I always thought the regular white onions were harder to eat raw.

      Happy Monday!

      1. I mistyped, he doesn’t eat them raw haha. Only I do! Red is easier to eat raw, unless it’s a sweet onion. In any case, I always prefer raw (even at In-n-Out!). Funny, I don’t associate rosemary with lamb. Mint jelly is hella gross but I loves me some lamb. My favorite preparation of lamb has been maple glazed pistachio encrusted (from Croce’s), not that you asked ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Hahah – ok, yeah, that makes more sense then. I didn’t think he’d like raw onions for some reason. I LOVE raw onions in my In N Out burger too!! But their onions, for some reason, always wrecks your breath for like 48 hours.

          I didn’t even know Croce’s had lamb. Maple glazed pistachio encrusted on ANYTHING sounds amazing though. My Irish Setter used to run through the rosemary bushes we had in our other house and it would gross me out every time b/c he would come back smelling 100% like rosemary. I think i associate rosemary w/ lamb b/c I see it in every recipe and the lamb I’ve tried in past always had rosemary in it too.

          Croce’s is shutting down right? I’m going to check out their menu later – you got me curious…

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