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La Jolla Strip Club ($10!! Steak Monday NFL night) – La Jolla, CA

My junior high school friend (nicknamed Tiger for this post) and I wanted to meet up for happy hour. We recently reconnected this year and I can honestly say that it’s been a highlight in my life seeing him again after all these years.

It was Monday night and I wanted a place that was showing football BUT it couldn’t be a dumpy place. That’s pretty much my criteria these days.

He suggested La Jolla Strip Club in Costa Verde. For those gasping that I’m visiting a strip joint – calm down. It’s a cook-it-yourself steak place that’s not too shabby. They have a decent Happy Hour menu but I’ve never heard of their Monday Night Tailgate Party. You can choose a steak, chicken or kabob for $10. It comes with a salad and garlic bread too.

Their regular Happy Hour menu is in effect on Monday as well (4p-7p).

I got there right at 5:30p and found Tiger watching the game in the bar. He found a two person booth with a great view of the TV.

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– $7 vodka on rocks and $4.50 glass of red wine

All their vodka cocktails are $7 during HH. They have three wines available during their HH. I think mine was a merlot. Nothing spectacular about the red wine. Tiger seemed to like his drink though even though there was a gross olive in it.

dec 11 2013 052

They don’t have A1 sauce at this steak house. How is this possible. It’s not Ruth Chris or Donovan’s here. They do have their own steak sauce though. It tastes like a terribly sweet BBQ sauce with a huge dollop of molasses added to it. (Note: I had to re type the word ‘molasses’ a few times because I kept misspelling it – so after I googled it, it helped for me to read the word as mol-asses. Like a mole on your butt. Sorry – I have weird ways of trying to make words stick in my vocabulary).

dec 11 2013 051 dec 11 2013 053

– side salad for two people (included in $10 special)

They bring a nice size bowl of salad to your table to share. The salad had croutons, carrots, cucumbers, and I think a few tomatoes. I was able to grab the majority of the carrots and dump them on Tiger’s plate. The salad was already tossed with quite a bit of salad dressing (it was a creamy dressing but I don’t remember what kind it was).

We both opted for the steak for our deal and Tiger asked the waitress to put the steaks by the grill for us (instead of bringing it to our table). Nice. I didn’t know you could request that. I asked him what happens if someone jacks our steaks. He assured me the restaurant will replace our steaks if that happens 🙂  Ok, good to know then…

dec 11 2013 054

– communal grill at bar

dec 11 2013 055

– spice selection at grill

The grill is HOT. I mean like H.O.T.

I don’t know how to bbq at all. Unless it’s a George Foreman grill. No joke.

dec 11 2013 072 dec 11 2013 056

– $10 steak !!

The pic on the left is someone else’s steaks. Tiger unwrapped our steaks before I could take a pic. The pic on the right is of our steaks though.

The steaks here are ALWAYS presented wrapped in plastic. I’m not sure why. Maybe to ensure freshness or something? I don’t think it’s the most ‘elegant’ thing to do and they get a lot of criticism for it. For me, it’s alright. No harm done.


dec 11 2013 057 dec 11 2013 059


I honestly didn’t care how he prepared my steak that night (as long as it wasn’t grilled more than medium well). So he took the liberty to season the crap outta both steaks. We joked how both steaks looked so different than one another. I gave him the bigger longer one as I didn’t really have a preference b/w the two steaks.

dec 11 2013 062

I have NO idea what he put on these things. He must have grabbed 5 different spice containers and two different sauces (Worcestershire and Tabasco). I stopped him from putting Tabasco on mine though (never had a steak seasoned with Tabasco and didn’t want to start that night).

I was asking Tiger if he knew how to grill streaks. I don’t understand why guys get so butt hurt when asked this question. Like it somehow insults their manhood or something. He, of course, scoffed and said he owns like 8 different bbq contraptions at home and has grilled countless steaks.

dec 11 2013 060

– Grilling instructions on the wall

I’ve never seen anyone reading this. Not sure if it’s really helpful or not. But I was the only person at the grill that night reading this. Did I mention that everyone grilling were dudes. Not one of them (dudes) took a look at the instructions.

dec 11 2013 061 dec 11 2013 063 dec 11 2013 064 dec 11 2013 065 dec 11 2013 066


The grill is a decent size. It’s a great place to goof off and actually talk to some new people.

dec 11 2013 068 dec 11 2013 071 dec 11 2013 074 dec 11 2013 075

– my standing neighbors’ steaks

The guys next to me were pretty cool. Obviously they weren’t cheapos like me and Tiger. because they had the Guinness steak, porterhouse, and top sirloin. I think they were college kids too (UCSD is near by).

dec 11 2013 076

– our Monday steaks

Looking pretty good so far.

dec 11 2013 069 dec 11 2013 070

The instructions on the wall suggests you grill the bread last.

dec 11 2013 067


I commented to Tiger how there were ‘promiscuous’ women on the paper (I used other ‘choice’ words besides promiscuous actually).

dec 11 2013 073

– grilled garlic bread

Pretty delicious I must say. The french bread gets really crunchy and you can definitely taste the garlic butter that’s slathered on there.

dec 11 2013 077 dec 11 2013 082

– Happy Hour draft beer and red wine cabernet $4.50

This was our second round as we were going to be watching the game and catching up.

dec 11 2013 083

– my steak

He grilled it a nice medium. I liked. The steak itself isn’t the best cut of meat but what can you expect for $10 (including salad + bread too!). It’s a bit chewy but it was still a decent steak for Happy Hour.

dec 11 2013 084

– Tiger’s steak

His was grilled medium rare. Not sure if he meant to do this as he grilled both our steaks at the same time. But his steak was thicker than mine so that could explain the medium rare (which tasted just fine as well).

dec 11 2013 079 dec 11 2013 081

– their steak sauce

As I mentioned before, this tastes like a REALLY sweet bbq sauce. I hated it before but it went really well w/ the steaks we had that night. Maybe next time I’ll add some sort of hot sauce to this steak sauce to give it more of a kick (and take away from that yuck sweetness is has).

I think this $10 Monday night NFL deal is pretty cool. They could easily charge extra for the salad and bread so it’s nice that they give that as part of the $10 special. You also can take advantage of their weekly Happy Hour special that same night too. I’ve been here twice for UFC fights as they only charge a $5 cover for those nights. Not bad.

This is a 21+ only restaurant though. I asked if it’s possible to bring people under 21 to just eat here and the hostess said no. They did card me that night as well even though it was only 5:30p.

This is a great place for Happy Hour. I don’t know of another place that offers this kind of $10 steak deal as well on Mondays so it’s worth taking advantage of.

La Jolla Strip Club
4282 Esplanade Ct
(between Bus Access Rd & Genesee Ave)
San Diego, CA 92122
Neighborhood: University City
(858) 450-1400

Happy Hour:
Mon-Fri: 3pm – 7pm
Sat: 5pm – 7pm

I’m so glad this week is over. It’s hard to believe that there’s only two weeks left of the year. This month has gone by so fast hasn’t it.

I saw another amazing dusk the other evening. I was running up my stairs and caught a glimpse of the sky. So I threw on my jacket and ran outside. I actually met my neighbor and her son there too taking pics!

dec 13 2013 008 dec 13 2013 007 dec 13 2013 006 dec 13 2013 005 dec 13 2013 004 dec 13 2013 003 dec 13 2013 002 dec 13 2013 001


One side was beautifully purple/pink/blue. And the other side was such a crazy fiery orange/red. It was truly breath taking. My neighbor is originally from Chicago so she said this type of dusk is really cool for her to see. We didn’t know if the sky has been like this b/c of the weird temperatures lately. Regardless, it was just amazing. Best yet.

I’m teaching my second Sunday School this weekend so I’m nervous yet looking forward to it at the same time! It’s been pretty humbling having this opportunity so it kinda puts a smile on my face to know that I’m exactly where I should be right now, right at this very moment.

Hope this post finds everyone well…Happy weekend…

8 thoughts on “La Jolla Strip Club ($10!! Steak Monday NFL night) – La Jolla, CA

  1. Funny that everyone grilling the meats were dudes. If I went to a grill-your-own place, I’m sure Jake would want me to do it (since I’m the one that does it if it’s just us grilling – or I make my dad do it). Jake’s wants to learn/grill more, but he’s more than happy to leave it up to me haha. This is a killer deal, too. Someday I want to try out a place like this. The Riveria in La Mesa is one place I want to go – also because they have bacon popcorn and bacon cake… but I digress. 🙂

    Your explanation of mol-ass-es made me laaaaaaa-ffffff (laugh, if you can’t understand my silliness). 😀

    1. Hi Mary,

      How I envy your bbq skills. Do you know how to use charcoal in the bbq too? I always thought anyone knowing how to grill over charcoal was the grand poobahs of ALL poobahs.

      I bet you would have shamed all those guys at LJ Strip club that night w/ your bbq skills! That woulda been awesome.

      I *think* I’ve been to Riviera before. It was a bit dark and dive-bar-ish for me though. But I did hear about their bacon cake!!! That in itself would make me try out Riviera again.

      And yes, I got your silliness – I soooo appreciate your spelling 🙂 I think your spelling makes more sense than the actual word.

        1. You know how to bbq over charcoal!? You put other women to shame. Grilling is an art, that’s for sure.

          Bacon cake does sound sooo good right about now. I’m still debating what to have for a late lunch today.

          Happy Tues Mary!

  2. I totally thought you went to a strip club when I first read the title for this post lol. It’s really nice to catch up with old friends you haven’t seen in forever, right? I met a couple of my childhood friends a while back when I started Friendster-ing and Myspace-ing….lol. It was exciting to see them all grown up. And of course, most of our conversations were on reminiscing.

    Lol mol-asses! Funny. For some reason, I still remember when I first heard that word. It was on Pipi-Longstocking when Pipi and her friends get excited about sweets at the candy store and they talk about all the goodies they will eat, including something about mol-asses. I didn’t even see or know what mol-asses really was until later when I grew up.

    1. Hi Miss K,

      It’s always so great catching up w/ old friends. It’s funny b/c seeing Tiger again was surreal. He used to be such a runt back in 7th grade. Remember how all the girls would be taller/faster/bigger than all the boys back then. It’s nice that the boys have finally hit puberty.

      I never did the MySpace or Friendster thing (is there really a Friendster??!). I guess I miss Facebook a little bit at times b/c I did re connect with some old friends from that site. But I’ve reconnected with all the friends I’ve ever cared about this year so I don’t see Facebook/MySpace as a need anymore (just my personal .02c).

      That’s so funny how you remember the word mol-asses!! I remember watching Pippi when I was younger and thinking she was so cool. But I don’t think I remember that candy store thing.

      Have a good Monday MK 🙂

      1. Lol my childhood friend J used to be a runt too! He grew up to be a military stud. Yeah, Friendster and Myspace started it all. But I guess the brilliant mind of Mark Z outdid both of them to make the social media thing a little better.

        You won’t believe what happened with Brownie btw (my last blog post). I almost feel like your friend CDJ when he lost his dog. I miss him sooooo much!

        1. Hi Miss Kim,

          The runts are always the ones w/ the best stories huh 🙂

          I am so sorry to hear about Brownie. But it sounds like he’s living in a super cool farm right now so you should be happy for the little guy. It’s weird b/c I was just showing this video to my friend last night. Have you heard about Christian the Lion? These guys adopted the baby lion and raised him. They took him back to his native home b/c he got to be too big. But watch the video b/c it’ll totally make you bawl thinking that Brownie will probably remember you when and if you meet him again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sju3kSTAzdI

          It’s a really inspiring video and makes me cry (in a good way) when I watch it. So don’t be sad ok ?

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