I ate 13 cupcakes and feel real bad (Cupcake ‘Crawl’ 2014) – San Diego, CA

What a weekend. Fri = Chinese New Year; Saturday = Cupcake Crawl; and Sunday = Superbowl. I don’t think I can explain how gross I ate this weekend. I’m still recovering from Saturday’s sugar rush and Sunday’s fry-fest. So it’s been hard getting a flow to this current post…

Mary of This Tasty Life recently organized a get together for a Red Velvet Cupcake Tasting. She asked friends and fellow bloggers to buy 2 red velvet cupcakes (from an assigned place) and meet up at a designated location to try them all out. She gathered a group of people together and it was fun to see a few of the other bloggers ( Kirbie, CC, and Darlene ). And, it was finally nice to be able to meet Mr. K and Jake. There were about 12 people that afternoon so I believe there were about 13 cupcakes to taste (I think someone bought an extra cupcake to sample).

I am calling this a Cupcake Crawl because that’s what I’ve been calling it (in my head) since I received the email from Mary. I think all food crawls should be like this. The group of 12 didn’t have to go door to door and try out different cupcakes. Instead, we all went to our assigned places, bought our cupcakes, then met up at a designated location where we could relax, enjoy, and be lazy while judging cupcakes. Seemed so much more efficient than an actual crawl. But hey, I’ve never been to a food crawl so what do I know (except that this 2014 Chinese New Year/Superbowl weekend was meant to be L.A.Z.Y.).

So not sure if anyone else would call this a Cupcake Crawl per se but I did ๐Ÿ™‚

Everyone met at Social Life Pizza beforehand to have a bite to eat before the tastings. We had the option to skip that part if we couldn’t make it and to meet up instead at 3p at the same location. I felt like such a jerk because I got lost and made it there around 3:08p where everyone was waiting patiently around a large table. Sorry.

Mary pretty much labeled all the cupcakes with letters. Each table would get to sample one of the two cupcakes that was purchased. I honestly thought, before I got there, that this tasting would take no more than 30 minutes. Not sure why I thought that. I pretty much knew it would take longer than 30 minutes when Mary set this sheet of paper in front of me:

Feb 3 2013 040

– Score card sheet

Really. Really Mary. I was BLOWN away. These bloggers are LEGIT. This score sheet was intense. She had a few categories (Presentation, Frosting, Cake Taste). We were to give a score of 1-5 (five being the best) for all 3 categories and then tally up the 3 scores for a grand total. Each cupcake was only labeled a letter so no one really was supposed to know where that cupcake was purchased from. Me likes. Nice blind tasting with no influences (except Jake messed me up a few times with this!).

So pen in hand, I was ready. I already labeled “A” on my sheet in anticipation for the tasting. There were 6 people at my table: Kirbie, Mr. K, David, Allison, Jake and me. I didn’t know David and Allison but Mary pointed out that David was the ‘minion’ on her blog. I instantly squeeled and asked ‘Oh YOU’RE the minion?!” We were all laughing how people know each other from their given ‘nicknames’ on these blogs.

Note: We all took notes and gave scores but I didn’t take a copy of my score sheet so alot of these cupcakes will just have the names of the bakery (Mary sent us the list of bakeries last night). Mary will probably post more details on each cupcake as she has everyone’s score sheets/comments ).ย 

Feb 3 2013 039 Feb 3 2013 041

A – Yummy Cupcakes

I remember the frosting being quite sweet.

Feb 3 2013 042 Feb 3 2013 043

ย Bย – Yummy Cupcakes (with cocoa frosting)

Kirbie sliced the cupcake into sixths and I opened up the wrapper. I think it resembles a blossoming flower.

I couldn’t really taste the cocoa in the frosting

Side Note: I don’t know why I’m thinking about this now, but…um…I’ve never been a fan of red velvet ‘anything’. I never understood the appeal of red velvet or the way it was supposed to taste. I rarely order it from a dessert menu (if it’s there) but will take a bite of it if someone else orders it. So, that being said, I did my best that afternoon with my critique.

This is how I would taste my sample. I take a small bite of the cake (then jot down score/notes), then take a tiny bite of frosting (jot down notes), THEN take a bite of the cake & frosting together (jot down notes, tally the total score).

The hardest part for me was the frosting on each cupcake. I’m not a frosting type of gal and I usually scrape off the frosting on cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, etc.

Feb 3 2013 044 Feb 3 2013 045

C – Sweet Sisters

Mary even had a cupcake stand for each table ! Talk about putting a cupcake up on a pedestal (get it…hahhaha…no?).

Feb 3 2013 046 Feb 3 2013 048

D – Love Cupcake Cafe

The presentation of this cupcake was cute – we all noticed the heart confetti sprinkled on top.

Alright…SO…at this point, everything started to taste the same. This was only the 4th cupcake too. I whispered to everyone that I was having a hard time scoring the frosting b/c everything started to taste the same to me. We all laughed b/c I guess others were having the same issues too.

Feb 3 2013 049 Feb 3 2013 050

E – Elizabethan Desserts

The photo doesn’t do this pic justice – this was THE most florescent PINK cupcake I have ever seen. It was like neon pink. I remember not liking this cupcake at all – I thought it was going to be my least favorite of the day.

Feb 3 2013 051

– My plate

So this is what my plate looked like. As you can see, I didn’t take more than a bite or two of each sample. Everyone was taking a swig of ice water in between tastes because there was a lot of sugar that afternoon.

Feb 3 2013 053 Feb 3 2013 054

F – San Diego Desserts

I think I wrote that this cupcake reminded me of Costco’s version. It was pretty large and reminded me of a frosted muffin.

Feb 3 2013 055

G – Ralph’s

Obviously, this isn’t a cupcake. It’s a red velvet cake from Ralph’s. The presentation was standard and the red crumbs that decorated the sides of cake were cool.

Feb 3 2013 056 Feb 3 2013 057

– Spit Bucket

Our table was getting full from the samples: the cupcake wrappers, our sample leftovers, etc. So Jake grabbed a discarded cupcake box and we started to use it, as Jake lovingly called it, as our Spit Bucket. There’s a crazy story at the end of the post that comes from this bucket.

Feb 3 2013 058 Feb 3 2013 059

H – Pure Cupcakes

Feb 3 2013 060 Feb 3 2013 062

I – Sugar Scribe Bakery

Oh this was such a pretty cupcake. What girl doesn’t love purple sparkly glitter on their beautifully wrapped cupcake. I wish I could remember the details on this cupcake. I found a blurry copy of my notes but I can’t make much out of the pic.

Kirbie and Mr. K had to leave early so it was just 4 of us left at the table I think at this point. It’s hard not to make comments when you’re sampling the cupcakes but I reminded everyone, earlier on, to be quiet when judging b/c you don’t want to influence anyone else’s opinion. But Jake would sometimes blurt out a comment about the cupcake and I’d do a facepalm ” JAKE! Shhhhhh!! You’re influencing my notes!!! “ We would all start laughing because sure as sh*t, I’d write out his exact blurted-out sentiment in my notes’ Tastes like a Brownie ‘.ย 

Facepalm…dang you man…

Feb 3 2013 065 Feb 3 2013 066

J – Heaven Sent Desserts

Feb 3 2013 067 Feb 3 2013 069


Yeah, the bucket is filling up….

I made a comment to Jake that we should make someone eat the contents of the bucket at the end. His face lit up, he nodded, and started separating out the wrappers from the cake/frosting bits. What the heck is he doing.

Feb 3 2013 071 Feb 3 2013 072

K – Babycakes

I remember everyone calling this the Blood Cupcake because of the red crumbs and red goo gel that was on top of the frosting. The red goo had a weird berry flavor to it.

Feb 3 2013 073 Feb 3 2013 074 Feb 3 2013 075

L – Bread & Cie

Now, THIS was the worst cupcake of the day. I gave it a total of 4 points (out of a possible 15). The cake was terribly dry and the frosting was horribly sweet. We didn’t know which bakery produced this but we were all shocked when Mary revealed (about 15 min after we were done with the entire tasting) it was Bread & Cie . Bread & Cie is quite revered here in San Diego for their breads. So I couldn’t believe that #L was produced by them. I am curious to see what the others thought about this cupcake.

Finally, the last cupcake…

Feb 3 2013 076 Feb 3 2013 077

M – Sprinkles

Ironic how I got assigned to purchase this cupcake as I’m not a fan of the famous Sprinkles at all. But my sis is ridiculously in love with a few of their cupcakes (namely their chocolate banana cupcake) and has their cupcake schedule memorized.

The cupcake is meticulously decorated and I appreciate the way you can tell a tiny spatula was used to smooth out the frosting. The cupcake is $3.75.

I wasn’t blown away by this cupcake and felt that I’m not the type of person that would fall for this “Hipster Cupcake” (that’s what David called it at the table and wouldn’t ya know it…his words ended up in my head and ended up in my notes…dang you David!…j/k). I didn’t hear alot of complaints about this cupcake. BUT, this was THE last cupcake of the crawl so I think we were all just seriously relieved.

Feb 3 2013 078

– my plate after 13 cupcakes

Jeez. Are you kidding me.

Feb 3 2013 083 Feb 3 2013 080

– Final Cupcake ‘Spit’ Bucket

I didn’t think I could showcase the grandeur of this spit bucket. So Allison suggested we hold it up together to see if that would make for a better pic.

So why, you ask, was Jake removing the wrappers from the spit bucket earlier? I thought he knew I was JOKING when I said someone should eat the spit bucket at the end. But he wasn’t – he said his son T would totally eat it. T was sitting at the other table and I’m not sure if he knew exactly what was going on.

T’s seriously the coolest 15 year kid. He has such a happy-go-lucky disposition about him. I called out his name and asked him to sit on the bench next to me b/c we had a surprise for him.

I was part of the Greek system in college and had to go through a bit of the ‘hazing’. This spit bucket reminded me of such a time. I remember we asked the pledges to drink a glass of water with a live goldfish. We would then blindfold them and give them a glass of water with a dollop of jello (versus a live goldfish) inside the water. We’d shatter glass on the floor and ask them to walk bare foot across it. We’d then blindfold them and use Dorito chips instead to mimic the sound of crunching glass with your foot. Good times man…good times … ๐Ÿ™‚

Feb 3 2013 084

– “T” : the 15 year old destroyer

His dad handed him the spit bucket. I couldn’t tell if T was actually going to do it. Look at the expression on this face.

It’s like driving past road kill on the street – you know that *look* of horror/disgust you get on your face when you see the roadkill but you *still* have to take another peek at it?… THAT’s the look I had on my face watching T hold up this bucket.

But the hazing must go on. Let’s see how far this little man will go. He’s surrounded by 7 of us at this point. All adults. All waiting to see what happens.

Feb 3 2013 086

Is he gonna or not gonna…

Maybe he needs some help…

Feb 3 2013 093

There yaaaaa go little man…

We were laughing, uncontrollably, hysterically at this point. I was literally holding my stomach because I was cramping from laughing so hard. I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having and how this kid was making the entire place just laugh.

But all of a sudden, I sat back up and gasped to everyone:


I don’t really eat a lot of sweets so I think the 13 cupcakes literally made me delirious that afternoon.

Regardless, it was a memorable afternoon. I could not have asked for my first ‘crawl’ and cupcake tasting to be more fun.

Feb 3 2013 097


This was David, Allison, and my scorecard at the end. I forgot I took a quick pic afterwards.

So thank you to Mary for planning such an event. It was incredibly cute to see her and Jake together (barf right?). You read about a blogger’s significant other and it was cool to see the both of them interact and banter back and forth that afternoon.

Feb 3 2013 098

And as if that pic isn’t cute enough for the upcoming Valentines Day…

Here’s this pic that they happily posed for me to take…

Feb 3 2013 099

Get a room, man…get a room…

Just kidding ๐Ÿ™‚

I know Mary’s working on the results from this tasting so I’ll post a link to the results when it’s up.

Here it is:ย

Here is CC’s review as well:ย

Sugar & Scribe (whichย reminded friend Josh of a stripper he met once named Red Velvet…wtf…so random..see his ridiculous comments below) came in 1st place.

San Diego Desserts came in dead last in this Red Velvet Throwdown. That surprised me as I thought Bread & Cie or Elizabethan Desserts would hold that title for last place.ย 

My stomach is still on Pepcid mode after this weekend. Sunday was spent at Toxie’s eating ‘You Name It , We’ll fry It” foods. That was pretty much the theme of their Superbowl party. I have some fun food pics from that day that I’ll share in another post.

Hope everyone had a good jump start to this week…


22 thoughts on “I ate 13 cupcakes and feel real bad (Cupcake ‘Crawl’ 2014) – San Diego, CA

  1. Wow, you’re quick!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m still working on my post

    I also thought the one from Bread & Cie was the worst. It didn’t even taste like a cupcake. The texture was hard too. I think they should just stick to breads and ditch cupcakes from their repertoire. I was hoping that the bloody looking cupcake would gush out blood when it was sliced.

    That was pretty fun trying all these but yeah, towards the end, I was close to not caring anymore (haha).

    1. Hi CC

      Yeah I just wanted to knock this one out b/c I was afraid I’d forget what memory I had left (of the cupcakes) from that sugar high afternoon.

      Wasn’t it crazy that bad cupcake was from Bread & Cie? It totally doesn’t make any sense. I agree with you that they should stick with making breads. I can only imagine the glee on your face if that bloody looking cupcake actually oozed blood. I bet that would have made one helluva cupcake!

      I was laughing at your ‘close to now caring anymore’ towards the end b/c that’s what my taste buds and stomach were telling me too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m a BIG fan of red velvet, however I agree that the frosting (cream cheese?) can be overwhelming. Sugar Scribe Bakery’s ( I ) cupcake reminded me of a stripper I met once, I think her name was Red Velvet too!

    1. Hi Josh!!!

      Oh you would have loved this tasting then! I didn’t know you liked Red Velvet. I would have so dumped all my scraped off frosting on to your plate. OhhhEmmmGeeee – I’m clapping my hands right now – *YOU* would have soooo eaten the cupcake spit bucket. You wouldn’t even consider it to be hazing.

      I do not approve of you meeting strippers named Red Velvet (tell me she had purple glitter makeup too). But I’m ok with you meeting one named Cinnamon Sugar. Just kidding.

      Hope you’re doing well Joshy –

  3. Ha ha. 30 minutes! You’re funny. Maybe if we had had only three instead of thirteen… ๐Ÿ™‚ Jake is such an influencer. He can’t keep quiet so I am unsurprised that he kept blurting out what he thought haha. On our side, whenever Paul would look at Darlene’s notes she would hide them. It reminded me of school and hiding your notes so your neighbor wouldn’t copy you. Heehee.

    The “bloody” cupcake you guys had looks way, way bloodier than the one we had at our table. I think yours looks scarier! I’m glad you could come join us for the sugar rush! I’m already thinking of what to do next….

    1. Hi Mary,

      I know – I was stupid thinking 30 min. Thanks for reminding me. Jake definitely knows his stuff – I’m pretty sure I inadvertently cheated on 1/3 of my scorecard b/c of him (I would *sometimes*, ahem, write down notes that I *maybe* heard him say). I love Darlene’s method of hindering Paul from cheating!! Hahah!! It’s so high school. Whatever. Our table was better than yours…j/k..(kinda)

      Thanks for the first and only time I remember having a sugar rush. It was a great get together –

  4. It was great seeing you again and I’m glad you got to meet Mr. K, though I’m bummed we had to leave early. I missed out on T eating from the spit bucket! haha

    1. Hi Kirbie

      So good seeing you too and finally meeting Mr K. I think you would have had a field day watching T eat the spit bucket. It was the ‘frosting’ on top of this event ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sounds like so much fun! Why wasn’t I invited?! I love Red Velvet, but I don’t think I’ve had a really mindblowing one yet. Since I love flourless cakes/cupcakes, I think I’d like a flourless version best.

    I always feel so ripped off when I get those overpriced cupcakes from the cupcake shops. It’s funny, back when Brownie was around, I was more eager to spend $4-5 for his cupcakes than cupcakes for myself. lol The last time I went to one of them cupcake shops was when I went to that doggy bakery with Brownie. There is a Sprinkles in the same plaza, and I was having a sweet tooth that day, so I got treats for me and treats for Brownie. And he enjoyed his treats way more than I did. Sprinkles is definitely overrated. It’s alright, but not amazing.

    You are lucky you are not one of those people that blow up like a balloon lol. Do you exercise?

    1. Hi Behgopa,

      I can *SO* see you blowing more money on a dog than on yourself (for a cupcake). I saw the doggy cupcake at Sprinkles but was like EFFFFF that – I ain’t spending no $3 bucks on a dang dog cupcake. No one in my family seems to crave Red Velvet anything – not sure why. I think, for me, I was always confused why it only tasted like A LITTLE BIT of chocolate. Like why not make the ENTIRE thing taste like chocolate and then dye it red. Something like that. How was the flourless red velvet you tried – was it uber dense? What frosting do you like on the red velvets? Thanks for the compliment about me not blowing up like a balloon. Yeah, I exercise but not as much lately. But this weekend has forced me outta hibernation and into the gym. Hope you had a good Wednesday so far – it’s cold here in SD today!

  6. There were some pretty intense horrors in that list, haha. Luckily they were rounded off by 2-3 really outstanding cupcakes. It’s amazing how much of a difference you could tell between the candidates – even though there were 13 of them!

    Allison and I had a fantastic time with all of you. We felt like we had infiltrated the League of Extraordinary Bloggers. It was quite exciting, even though that by the end of the sugar-filled afternoon we started quoting that terrible Wilford Brimley commercial about having “the diabeetus.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Minion! (I mean David!),

      It was so great to meet you and Allison that afternoon as well. I’m glad we were all stationed at the same table as I’m still laughing from some of the conversations and hiccups we all were having together. Thanks again for the K1 driving suggestion for my sis too.

      I can’t believe you actually had 3 standout cupcakes from your list. I don’t think I personally was in love with any of them but my friend and I compared it to the Bachelor show: Imagine 13 beautiful wo/man standing in front of you, you had to kiss each of ’em, and at the end, you have to rate and compare the kiss. Corny , I know, but you get the idea. After the 4th wo/man, things might start to get a little jumbled in your memory b/c how do you rate *each* individual experience without it ALL sounding the same.

      Regardless, it was so much fun hanging out with you all. Thanks for coming. I just had to google “Wilford Brimley commericial” and wouldn’t ya know it, the ‘diabeetus” was the first thing that popped up! I forgot about that commercial! I wonder if people actually call it diabeetus because of that commercial.

      But it’s like reader Soo said earlier, good thing we’re not diabetic! Or should we say diabeetic…

      Have a great Thursday Minion and Minion’s wife ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi J.S.!

      Hahahah! Yeah no one is supposed to ‘talk’ about it but whatever. It was intense back then but now it’s more laughable than anything.

      Hope you’re having a good Tues ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I got a kick out of reading about the Cupcake Crawl. It sounds like a kick! I feel a little queasy though, after reading it, and pretty confident that if someone offered me a red velvet cupcake right now I’d say thanks but no thanks!

    1. Hi Debra

      Thanks for stopping by and reading ๐Ÿ™‚

      The cupcake crawl really was fun but just a bit too much (of red cupcakes). I STILL, to this day, cringe when I see anything red velvet. THAT’S how, um, memorable the cupcake crawl was.

      Hope you had a great weekend !

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