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Bellefleur ( Endless “Hold the OJ” Mimosa Sunday Brunch ) – Carlsbad, CA

Carlsbad isn’t a part of town I visit all that often. It just seems like a far drive for some reason and I haven’t been a fan of that outlet mall for some time now.

NY and CDJ wanted to get together recently. It had been a while since all three of us had met up. Actually, our last time together was for the feeding frenzy at Rei do Gado.

Weird how we always choose buffets to visit when we meet…

Sorry, got side tracked there…

They suggested a bunch of places that sounded terrible to me. CDJ suggested Carlsbad and for some reason, Bellefleur came to my mind. I couldn’t find too many detailed reviews about their Sunday Brunch so I thought it would be a nice place to finally try out with friends and post about.

Parking is a disaster on weekends at this outlet mall. I was lucky to find parking within about 5 minutes though.

Warning : this post has an obscene amount of pics. I couldn’t find many brunch pics of this place. So I took quite a few photos for those that prefer to read/enjoy a post with pictures versus words …

Feb 11 2014 017

– Front entrance

There were quite a bit of people waiting outside that morning. I was hoping they didn’t have a reservation and that I could flaunt my Party of 3 reservations in front of their faces. I’m terrible.

NY was already there and said CDJ was still trying to find parking. I asked why they hadn’t seated him yet and he said he was just waiting for everyone to get there. Whatever – that’s way to nice. I went to the hostess and asked if we could get seated b/c I really wanted to get started (with the pics and to take in the entire buffet).

NY always shakes his head because he says I’m more New York than SoCal with my bulldog ways. I don’t see it as being bulldog. I see it as maximizing the full potential of an AYCE brunch dang it…

Feb 11 2014 020 Feb 11 2014 019

– front entrance ceiling

It’s pretty magnificent. There’s something about this huge chandelier, the pristine white walls, the wood beam ceiling that just made me smile. It felt quite grand.

Feb 11 2014 018

– view of the bar (from entrance)

I knew IMMEDIATELY this was going to be a fun buffet. There were so many different stations set up everywhere.

Rob, our waiter, was great. I asked him for his strategy on how to tackle their buffet. He said he likes the Mexican station in the front patio and the seafood chowder towards the back. He suggested avoiding the made-to-order omelette bar because, well, you can have an omelette anywhere. He highly suggested the carving station in the back as well.

Feb 11 2014 021

– endless Mimosas

” I’ll have a mimosa, hold the orange juice… “

That’s how I ordered mine 🙂

I’m not a fan of champagne or orange juice. But I wanted to try out their champagne separately. NY said that you can’t eff up a mimosa with bad champagne because the orange juice usually saves the drink. Good point.

Feb 11 2014 096


I was able to take a pic of this when I walked by the servers station later that day. They use orange juice concentrate and Andre (?) champagne.

It’s been hard trying to write this post because I just took a lot of photos and they weren’t in any particular order. So trying to organize them, somehow, for this post has been painful. So bear with me here.

Feb 11 2014 022 Feb 11 2014 072 Feb 11 2014 073Feb 11 2014 080 Feb 11 2014 081 Feb 11 2014 082 Feb 11 2014 083

– Omelette station

I went for this station for my third plate. So it wasn’t the first thing I ate. But it was the first pic I took of the stations so there you go.

They have a ton of omelette fillings to choose from: baby shrimp, ham, mushrooms, peppers, jalapenos, etc.

You can choose either mozzarella or cheddar for your omelette. I liked the way they prepared my omelette. I asked Rob if they make their own guac and he said no BUT they doctor it up with their own spices.

Feb 11 2014 078 Feb 11 2014 079

– sausage and bacon

They were low on bacon obviously. Not sure if they used the bread to soak up the bacon fat?

Outside/outdoor patio: 

This is located in front of the restaurant and it’s pretty cool (AND  I’m sure it lures in tourists).  It’s covered with a canopy I believe.

Feb 11 2014 023

– fried chicken and fried liver/gizzards

Feb 11 2014 024 Feb 11 2014 025

– empanadas, fajitas, BBQ chicken and pork ribs

Feb 11 2014 026

– beans , rice

Feb 11 2014 027 Feb 11 2014 028

– taco station; hand made tortillas

Feb 11 2014 029 Feb 11 2014 030

– enchiladas, chile rellenos, salsa bar


On to to the carving station, made to order pasta, and waffle station in back:

Feb 11 2014 031 Feb 11 2014 032 Feb 11 2014 033 Feb 11 2014 034 Feb 11 2014 035 Feb 11 2014 036



Next is the soups/breads/dessert section :

Feb 11 2014 037

Feb 11 2014 038

– the seafood chowder and gravy

Skip the gravy – I tried it and it was thick and tasted too much like flour.

Feb 11 2014 039

– corn dogs and pizza (I think this must be for the kids)

Feb 11 2014 040 Feb 11 2014 041 Feb 11 2014 042 Feb 11 2014 043

– warm desserts

Feb 11 2014 044 Feb 11 2014 045 Feb 11 2014 046



Alright, on to the MIDDLE section of the restaurant :

Feb 11 2014 047

– SO MUCH to choose from!!

It’s all HOT foods in this section.  I was so giddy from all the variety.

Feb 11 2014 048 Feb 11 2014 049

– chicken with stuffing and chicken marsala

Feb 11 2014 050 Feb 11 2014 051

– eggplant parm and cajun white fish over rice

Feb 11 2014 052 Feb 11 2014 053

– stir fry swordfish

They were bringing out a new batch of this dish and let me take a quick pic!

Feb 11 2014 054

– stuffed casserole

Feb 11 2014 109 Feb 11 2014 110

– meatball pasta and mac & cheese

Feb 11 2014 075 Feb 11 2014 076

– green bean casserole and liver with onions

On to the cold seafood section:

Feb 11 2014 097 Feb 11 2014 098

– clams, mussels, peel and eat shrimp

Nicely chilled over ice and clean presentation.

Feb 11 2014 099

– view of their bar


That was a lot. I’m cross eyed right now from jumping pic to pic (in WordPress library) trying to do the best pic compilation of these stations.

Ok, finally I can talk about we ate. I’m kinda hungry right now actually.

Feb 11 2014 055

– CDJ’s first plate

His first plate at a buffet NEVER makes any sense. Like WTF is on this plate.


Feb 11 2014 056

– roast beef and ham

This was mine. I went to the carving station for my first plate. The roast beef was alright. I didn’t get the best piece b/c it was chewy and quite fatty. The ham was alright.

I put a bit of horseradish sauce and gravy on the side as well.

Feb 11 2014 057

– Seafood chowder

Tasted like clam chowder to us. We weren’t blown away by it but it wasn’t bad.

Feb 11 2014 058 Feb 11 2014 059

– chorizo tacos

Ahhhh, NOW we’re talkin’. This was CDJ’s tacos he wrapped himself He said the chorizo and freshly made tortillas tasted delicious.

Feb 11 2014 060

– NY’s 1st plate

He went to carving station for his first plate too. His roast beef looked and tasted ten times better than mine. He loved it and also said the slices of turkey were great too.

I was eyeing the Mexican station for a while b/c I was waiting for the Toritilla woman to come back and start making fresh tortillas (there were a bunch already made but I desperately wanted a fresh one).

Feb 11 2014 061 Feb 11 2014 062

– carnitas and FRESH batch of chile rellenos

Feb 11 2014 063 Feb 11 2014 065 Feb 11 2014 067

The rellenos were alright. It had quite a bit of eggy batter and the red sauce + cheese was plentiful. But it lacked seasoning.

Feb 11 2014 068 Feb 11 2014 069 Feb 11 2014 070

– NY’s seafood plate

He was complaining how he HATES to peel his own shrimp. I asked him how much more he would pay for a buffet with peeled shrimp. I think he said he’d pay $3 bucks more. Not sure how he came up with that number.

NY loved the shrimp and said you can tell it’s fresh b/c the shell peeled off easily.

Feb 11 2014 084

– French toast with strawberries and Bacon

I’m pretty sure this was CDJ’s 2nd plate. He said it tasted pretty good.

Finally – the tortilla woman is back. (CDJ and NY said my stalking and lurking in the area probably freaked them out so much that they pressured Tortilla woman to hurry back)

Feb 11 2014 086 Feb 11 2014 087 Feb 11 2014 088 Feb 11 2014 089 Feb 11 2014 090 Feb 11 2014 091

The woman was friendly and she said that it’s a basic tortilla recipe they use (flour, water, salt, baking powder). I think that’s what she said but my Spanish hasn’t been all that great lately.

Feb 11 2014 092 Feb 11 2014 093 Feb 11 2014 094 Feb 11 2014 095

– my 2nd plate

As you may know, I’m not a fan of Mexican food. BUT, I love freshly made tortillas. I put chorizo, onions, and freshly chopped cilantro on top of the just made tortilla.

Sorry to say, I wasn’t very impressed. The tortilla didn’t have the elasticity or chew that I so love about a freshly made tortilla. And the chorizo didn’t taste very flavorful at all.

BUT, keep in mind, that I don’t eat Mexican food all that much so I’m not sure if my judgement of my self-made taco is all that accurate. I made the boys try a bite and they seemed to like it.

Feb 11 2014 100 Feb 11 2014 101

– ham and roast beef

I was able to take better pics of the carving station.

The ham has a nice fat cap on it. Nice right!

The beef is nicely rare but I noticed one customer saying he wanted it more well done. So the carver gave a slice to the kitchen (which was right behind him) and had the slice warmed up to a more well done temperature for the customer.

Feb 11 2014 103


What plate am I on now? I don’t even know. I can usually tell it’s my plate because I don’t like stuff touching on a plate. I went back for a better selected cut of ham and roast beef. Total success as both meats tasted better this time around. The cup was a side of au jus. I also picked up a slice of waffle because, ahh, I don’t know why.

Feb 11 2014 105


Yeah CDJ threw in the towel at this point. He finished with a plate full of fresh fruit and desserts.

NY was close to being full but he could sense my wrath. He scoffed and said ‘ Pal, I’m kidding, I’m not done eatin’…’

He was waiting for fried chicken because the chaffing bin had been empty for some time now. And wouldn’t ya know what came out…

Feb 11 2014 106 Feb 11 2014 107


It was alright. Tasted nice and hot but again, lacked seasoning. We both thought the dark meat pieces were fried nicely though.

So after that, I told NY we had to get up and try their desserts. He looked defeated but whatever. He follows me up to dessert and I start telling him what he *should* try. We started to get in this HUGE argument (we were standing between the bread/dessert and carving station). He was telling me ” No effin’ way am I going to eat that “and “Are you crazy ?!!!”. Then me losing my mind and yelling ‘ You’re EATING IT !!!!’ and ” Just put it on your plate !!!!”

We stopped mid sentence because this older gentleman was standing right next to us, shaking his head. He looked at NY and said ‘wow, she’s hard core’. They started laughing and I walked away to the waffle station.

Feb 11 2014 112 Feb 11 2014 114 Feb 11 2014 115Feb 11 2014 102


This is Carlos, the waffle man. He was awesome. I was waiting for a fresh bowl of whip cream to be brought out but it was taking forever . He offered to make me a fresh waffle while I waited.

Feb 11 2014 122 Feb 11 2014 123


I think this is Bert. He was the carving guy. He had my waffle ready by the time I got back.

Feb 11 2014 117 Feb 11 2014 121

– freshly made eggplant parm and chicken marsala

They were bringing these out of the kitchen (when I was getting my waffle) so Carlos suggested I take a quick pic. It was 1:50p at this point and the brunch closes at 2p. So I think this would be the last batch of hot foods they would make that afternoon.

I was too full to try any of these hot item.

Feb 11 2014 118 Feb 11 2014 124

– NY’s dessert plate

He actually ate the entire plate. He said all the desserts tasted great. I don’t think they make them in house though.

Feb 11 2014 125 Feb 11 2014 126


Needless to say, I’m fanatic about whip cream. Freshly whipped cream that is. Not that stuff that comes outta a can (which still tastes alright).

The whip cream here is light, not too sweet, and is the perfect accompaniment to my fresh crunchy waffle. And no… no one is ever too old to add sprinkles and chocolate chips to their dessert.

Service was alright. We didn’t see much of Rob but there really wasn’t much of a need. I did wish our plates were cleared a little faster (when we were away from table getting more food) and our waters refilled before we had to ask. But it was super busy that Sunday and all the servers were hustling like crazy.

It’s $23.95 per person and includes bottomless mimosas. It’s a bummer coffee isn’t included. One of the guys ordered coffee (with free refills) and I believe it was an additional $2.00.

I would highly recommend this place if you’ve never been here before. They have so much to choose from and I never once felt rushed. Make sure to make a reservation (I didn’t see them on OpenTable though). I’m pretty sure people got there right when they opened at 10am and stayed right up until 2p when they close down the brunch. In fact, I saw one lady stumbling out the front door (her date was helping steady her – what a dude). So I’m pretteh sure that girl got her moneys worth that afternoon.

NY treated us to brunch that afternoon which was a nice surprise. I thought I was done with the laughs after we ate but more hilarity ensued after we left the restaurant.


5610 Paseo Del Norte
Ste 100-B
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 603-1919
Brunch: Sunday 10:00a-2:00p
Price: $23.95 (AYCE and bottomless mimosas)
These guys call themselves my own squad of dumdumbs. Sometimes boys provide a comic relief that girlfriends can’t. 
They’ll get together and stupid text me lame stuff like “Hey Faye, Dumdumb1 here…we just wanted to tell you we blew up the toilet last night from Korean bbq….”. 
We figured we would walk around the outlet and try to burn off the 8000 calories we just consumed. Shopping with guys isn’t my thing and NY had an agenda of items to get. He asked for my help at Banana Republic so that took about 35 minutes because he acts like a girl and takes FOREVER to make a decision on ONE PAIR OF PANTS.
I told them afterwards we had to split up b/c I can’t shop with them next to me. I ended up at the women’s Coach store browsing through their stuff.
Feb 11 2014 129 Feb 11 2014 130
Side note: Have you noticed things aren’t really that much cheaper here. I had to add these photos to make this post more girly. But this was a pretty perfume though. 
All of a sudden, I feel someone grab my arm and I was about ready to clock the person square in the face. It turned out to be Dumdumb1. I sighed and asked ‘What are you doing here’.
NY was all giddy and his eyes were as wide as saucers. 
NY: ” We followed a girl here with *THE* BIGGEST boobs “
me: ” Followed from where “(I’m browsing thru some coats hoping people don’t think I know this guy and can’t hear our conversation)
NY: ” From the men’s Coach store. Dude, Faye, she has THE biggest…”
me: ” I HEARD you the first time. Pipe down. People can hear  (I then discreetly scan the room and don’t see said big chested girl). I don’t see anything “
NY: ” Ohhhh mannnn – I SWEAR she was just here – hold on “
me: ” Dude, get away from me. You’re seriously messed up. Go away “
So they leave and do their own thing yet again. I get a call 20 min later asking where I was and if I had NY’s iphone. That’s strange. Why would they ask that. So I met up with them and NY was freaking out b/c he couldn’t find his iphone. I personally thought it was karma from him oogling the big chesty girl. He thought he gave the phone to me at Banana Republic which was 100% wrong. But perhaps he left it there. I was determined to find it b/c I know how stressful it can be losing your phone with all your contacts, pictures, etc on that particular phone. 
So *I* start running around like a headless chicken trying to track down HIS phone. Went back to Banana and the Information kiosk. We retraced all his steps. I tried calling his phone several times but I was sure the thief wasn’t picking up b/c he knew some crazy Asian woman was going to go off. Finally, on my 10th try calling the phone, when the rest of the guys had given up, someone picked up the phone. And guess where the phone was.
Men’s Coach store. We didn’t even think of checking there. But guess why the phone was there. B/c Dumdumb1 was sitting down in the store, admiring the big booby girl, and his phone fell out of his pocket. 
Ironic. I seriously should have pretended no one picked up the phone and taught NY a valuable lesson. The guys were laughing so butt hard about it. And there I was, sweating from running around, panicking, trying to find some dude’s phone. I didn’t see the humor in that. 
But. In the end, it was funny. How could I be mad at these dummies. I mean, what else was I going to do that Sunday afternoon. 
Happy Monday everyone – hope you’re staying warm this cold(er) evening…



11 thoughts on “Bellefleur ( Endless “Hold the OJ” Mimosa Sunday Brunch ) – Carlsbad, CA

  1. Hahaha! Your friends are awesome! I heard Coyote Ugly is open downtown. I think they would have a great time there but you might want to confiscate their phones first…

    Thanks for the awesome food porn! The place is lovely and you got me hungry for buffet food. So sad they didn’t season the fried chicken. That’s one of my fav dishes. You didn’t try the bbq ribs? Think I’m gonna hit the buffet at Harrah’s next weekend…

    1. Hey Soo,

      It’s FUNNY you mentioned Coyote Ugly b/c I was with these two guys when we actually saw the girls try out for Coyote one weekend (it was after our Rei do Gado lunch). They did a few walk-bys of the store front (b/c the girls were out front in line waiting for the audition) while I walked on the other side of the street b/c I was so mortified.

      I think you would like Bellefleur b/c they really do have a lot of variety. But I think it’s more variety than quality which might not be up your alley. I’m not a fan of beef ribs – find them too hard to eat. Have fun at Harrah’s if you go. I might finally try Valley View.

      Have a good Tues –

      1. Faye,

        Hahaha! You can’t take your friends anywhere! They should have taken photos. It lasts longer. Now that it’s open I’m guessing they are gonna wanna visit and get a closer look? You should take photos of them ogling the girls. It will help the blog with the it’s a day in the life of Faye theme. 🙂

        Let me know if you see a deal for Bellefleur. It does sound interesting. Don’t tell anyone but I go to Hometown Bufffet once or twice a year when they have a really good deal.

        I’m going to Harrah’s Saturday. Convinced my brother to drive for free meals for him and his wife. 🙂

        Happy Wednesday!

        1. Hi Ben

          The guys thought the girls auditioning for Coyote were a bit, um, not sure how to say this…well, let’s just say they weren’t really choice words. But yeah, I shoulda totally taken a pic and worked it into a ‘day in the life of FF’ theme somewhere in future.

          Oh I’ll totally be on a look out for a Bellefleur theme. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one as they don’t seem to need any help w/ selling their Sunday brunch. And I think Hometown is pretty decent – at least they have proteins! It’s just such a gut-bomb of a place with all the fried foods that I can’t stop eating.

          Sooo – guess where I was last night – Valley View !!! My family kidnapped me and took me there for the AYCE buffet (and gambling). But I have some pretty fun stories from last night that I’ll probably share soon. Have fun at Harrah’s – I saw a sign for it when we were leaving Valley View last night.

          1. Lucky! Let me know if there is an opening in the family like if somebody gets disowned or anything…

            Looking forward to the stories!

  2. Haha…it sounds like a day of babysitting little brothers or something lol. They sound like teenagers!

    I hate shopping with boys. And I think most boys hate shopping with me too. I am also one of those people that take forever to pick out just one item lol. Well, not always, but I can be at times.

    And speaking of Coach….what happened to them? It seems like they had more value like ten (+) years ago. I used to carry Coach items years ago, but hate it now.

    1. Hi MK

      You described the boys perfectly – TEENAGERS. That was the word I was looking for.

      I hate shopping with anyone. Period. It’s too stressful b/c the person always rushes you or slows you down. It’s a lose/lose situation in my book. I’m pretty sure me and you would make horrible shopping buddies.

      I’ve never been a fan of Coach BUT my sister gave me her 1y old Coach purse recently and I LOVE it. I don’t care that it’s a hand me down b/c I’ve been eyeing that one purse of hers forever so I was so happy when she gave it to me. Otherwise, I don’t really shop at Coach. Their outlet store is deceiving – I don’t think their stuff is marked down at all. No matter. It’s still somewhat fun to browse the store 🙂

      Hope you’re having a good Tues – the weather is ick today in SD…

  3. This is CdJ…
    Teenagers huh? I see how you guys are here at fayesfork.
    I dare any of you to eat AYCE with Fayefaye. Let me know how that works out for you.
    Rules. Strategies. Minimums. Pictures. No touching of food groups. Arguing with me over the price of my friggin’ coke! Endless badgering of vendors, waiters, and tortilla makers.
    But we love Fayefaye anyway – she’s lucky to have us.

    1. Hello CDJ

      Everyone, this is CDJ.

      Is *someone* grouchy today. Does someone need a {{{hugggg}}}. You’re like that rabid mean raccoon from Elf that Buddy tried to give a hug to when he traveled to NY to find his bad dad.

      Thanks for all the compliments 🙂

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