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Original Pancake House (Eating like a Weirdo) – Poway, CA

Original Pancake House

Look. *I* don’t think I eat like a weirdo but all my friends and family do.

It’s rare that I don’t somehow modify a dish (as stated on menu) when I order. I don’t see that as a bad thing because 1) I’m paying for it and think it’s only right to eat what I’m paying for; 2) I’m not hurting anyone (being Β a pain the buttocks isn’t the same thing ); and 3) I’ll pay extra if needed (sub mashed potatoes for extra veggies, etc).

The people I eat out with the most have gotten so used to me doing this that it’s almost expected out of me. CDJ and NY have been scolding me about my dinners with new acquaintances. They always say ‘BE NICE (to guy) and DON’T ORDER LIKE A WEIRDO (modify everything)’.

Thanks for having so much faith in me guys.

So I figured I’d show you an example of how I modifyΒ a dishΒ (for breakfast). I’ve been having serious insomnia lately AND waking up super early (5am). I used to go out to breakfast alone all the time. Not because I love breakfast. But because I loved having a quiet cup of coffee, reading the paper, and sitting at a booth that I’m familiar with.

Original Pancake House in Poway is pretty cool. I prefer this location over the Convoy location (hated my last visit there).

They have booths AND an outside patio at Poway.

May 5 2014 025

Forget the details of this pic. I don’t care about that. The only thing I care about is ONE item. One PARTICULAR item. It was driving me bonkers.

Wanna take a guess…

May 5 2014 026

Be gone you stupid Ketchup. Be gone.

I actually just put it in the empty booth behind me when no one was looking. Don’t worry – I didn’t chuck it at the waiters face.

april 30 2014 009

Coffee $2.95

If you’ve never had their coffee before, you need to JUMP IN THE CAR, right now, and go try it. Their coffee is, in my opinion, the best restaurant coffee I’ve ever had. Granted, pouring heavy whipping cream into any cup of joe is heaven. I honestly drink 3-4 cups when I’m there (free refills duh).

april 30 2014 011

Eggs Florentine $12.95

Alright. Let’s just start modifying shall we.

I always try to break it down in parts too. So that the waitress doesn’t think I’m a COMPLETE neurotic weirdo.

Can I have the eggs lightly scrambled, not poached. No tomatoes but can I get cilantro instead. Egg muffins on the side, extra toasted please with a side of butter & jam if possible. And yes, I’ll take potato pancakes as my choice.Β 


I have wanted, so badly, to whisper ‘bacon on the side too’ but think it’s a bit too, um, much?

Poway offers cilantro here (where as Convoy doesn’t have cilantro, like, at all). The servers here at Poway seem to be super cool and very efficient.

april 30 2014 012

I also noticed that I paid $10.95 for this dish at Convoy last year. Not sure if the prices went up for the general franchise?

I so love the hollandaise sauce here. I honestly wouldn’t order this dish if the sauce wasn’t included. It’s THAT good.

april 30 2014 013

– potato pancakes

I appreciate how their Pancake House Originals come with the option of potato pancakes. The version here is great: lacy-crispy around the edges and almost creamy in the middle. I only eat the edges and it must be with lots of sour cream. It comes with apple sauce (blech). Sis and I never understood why people eat these things with apple sauce.

april 30 2014 015

– english muffin

CDJ always laughs when he sees me eat this. He says I look like a dang mouse eating ONLY the edges AND, to add further insult to injury, I pawn the mouse-chewed-edges off to him like it’s some gift that he should be thankful for.

May 5 2014 031

– hot tea experiment

This is the little container they use for the heavy whipping cream. I tried to do an experiment. We usually open the lid of the hot tea pot (at Asian restaurants) as it’s a quiet sign to the servers that the pot needs more hot water. I thought I was all clever to see if this ‘quiet request’ method would work at an American breakfast restaurant.

It KINDA did but after like ten minutes. No biggie. It would have been easier if I just asked ‘can you refill the cream’ vs staring at the container and hoping, eagerly, for some one to refill it.

May 5 2014 033

The coffee isn’t cheap here so I always ask if I can get my ‘last cup’ of coffee in a to go cup. Smart right. It’s a generous cup size and makes for a most excellent iced coffee later in the afternoon.

So there ya have it. One of my breakfast modifications.

Original Pancake HouseΒ 
14905 Pomerado Road
Poway, CA 92064

Open Daily: 7a-3p






20 thoughts on “Original Pancake House (Eating like a Weirdo) – Poway, CA

    1. WTFFFF!!!! My nails?!!!! You fuhhhhreakkkkk!!!!

      Aren’t fluffy scrambled eggs yummy. I went through a weird season where I wanted my scrambled eggs to be super runny. What’s your take on runny eggs? I saw a recipe once for slow stirred scrambled eggs over super low heat – it takes like 20 min of constant stirring to make this runny egg recipe or something. Looked soooo good.

      See, we’d make good eating buddies because I’d give you all my tomatoes πŸ™‚

      Hope you signed up for the SEA180 event!

  1. The outrage! How could they think you are a eating weirdo… They are lucky you eat with them!

    When I eat out I like my food a certain way which is often not how they put it on the menu. πŸ™‚

    Andre Baptiste Sr.: They say that I am the lord of war, but perhaps it is you.
    Yuri Orlov: I believe it’s “warlord.”
    Andre Baptiste Sr.: Thank you, but I prefer it my way.
    The Lord of War

    1. Hi Soo,

      Man you need to so punch my friends in the face (just kidding! – right?).

      I forgot you modify your dishes too! Puesto tacos. ‘nuf said.

      Ok I don’t know those quotes so that’ll give me something to do later πŸ™‚

  2. It’s been forever since I’ve had breakfast for breakfast. I was up late last night (I am always up late) and I was thinking about waiting a couple of hours to grab some breakfast when the sun rose. But mine was going to be a Mc’ds lol. It was too early to be getting dressed and going anywhere but I felt like eating breakfast. I fell asleep though lol so it didn’t happen. What time did you go?

    I love quiet peaceful mornings too. Serenity! I like your ice coffee bit. Do you fill up on fountain sodas too? lol. As cheap as I am, I don’t really like taking drinks to go. I don’t like taking leftover food to go much either, but it happens. I am curious to try their coffee now! I wonder what has been your most extreme order modification. One of the modification orders that I remember is some celebrity (I forgot who) that came and wanted thousand island dressing for a salad, which we don’t even make. But since they were VIP/celeb status, one of the chefs decided to whip it up a la minute. I don’t think we would have for any ordinary diner though lol.


    1. Hi Miss K,

      Sometimes I crave McD for breakfast too (their 2 sausage egg mcmuffins for $3.50)! OPH opens at 7a which is kinda late. I think I got there around 7:05a that one morning.

      Yes serenity – total serenity sometimes when it’s super early at the restaurant. I don’t drink sodas all that often but when I do, yeah, I totally refill. But you should try out OPH’s coffee (and breakfast) on a weekday when you can.

      I’m so surprised you don’t take home left overs. I rarely leave unfinished food at a restaurant. Maybe b/c I’m cheap or something – but I just figured I can always make the left overs into another meal somehow.

      I thought you were going to totally lecture me about my modification ways. I’m curious who was the celebrity that wanted thousand island dressing!

      1. Lol I’m cheap too, but with some things more than others. You won’t believe what CHEAPNESS thing I did this week lol. I’m not sure if it was worth it but at least it didnt cost me anything. Oh and today I had the worst pancakes I’ve ever had in my life! After a bite I spit it out and couldn’t continue. I didn’t make a scene since it was free lol.

        I would’ve lectured you, but I remember you saying how you did it in modification lol. Do you sub things during tasting menus too? That’s when chefs get really annoyed!

        1. Ohhh I wanna hear your cheapness story!! You should be on vacation by now so I expect juicy stories from ya. I’m SO glad you didn’t make a scene about the bad pancakes. I kinda thought you were going to say you threw the pancakes at the waiters face or something. Sooo Behgo if you ask me (I kid, I kid!).

          I do sub stuff on a tasting menu (if allowed). Sorry πŸ™ But the last Restaurant Week wasn’t so great so I may not be doing future tasting menus.

          Hope you’re having a fun Wed Miss Kim –

  3. All I can think of is “When Harry Met Sally” πŸ™‚ I stopped getting the potato pancakes because they weren’t crisp enough for me. Haven’t tried anything with hollandaise sauce there yet – time to do so!

    1. Hi Sandy!

      I remember that scene!! Oh my gosh. My friends told me the same thing some years ago too! Thank you for reminding me – I love that movie so much.

      You should give OPH another chance (the Poway location). I’m sure you can request the potato pancakes to be prepared crispier. And I hope you can try one of their egg dishes that has the hollandaise sauce.

      Hope you’re staying warm today in this windy weather Sandy πŸ™‚

  4. Haha I thought of Sally in that movie, too, when I was reading your post! Jake used to order things they way he wanted them but lately he’s decided to order it as is to see if it’s better than his modified version. He’s found that he likes the combination of some flavors as is! But if it’s something you really like then I don’t see the harm in asking for it “your way” (I’m suddenly thinking of Burger King… huh). I love the coffee here but hot coffee causes me pain. Maybe if I only had like half a cup I would be fine, haha. I don’t see how anyone eats potato pancakes with apple sauce either, grossy gross. Sour cream, pleaseeeeeee!

    1. Hi Mary,

      Don’t you just love Sally in that movie. I’m seriously going to re watch it tonight (I think it’s somewhere in my DVR).

      I’ve been ‘better’ about my modifications (well, only when I meet new people for dinner). I should try to go one week without modifying anything. Oh man – my friends and family would so buy you a drink if I could pull that off.

      How does hot coffee cause you pain? Don’t you just add ice cold yummy cream to it. Is this a trick question. You’re trying to trick me. You do seem to be sensitive to hot stuff though (remember the chicken soup at Crossroads!!! sorry – I shouldn’t be laughing but I’m remembering your cussing).

      Apple sauce = blech. She needs to hang out with the gross ketchup sitting at the empty table. πŸ™‚

      1. Hot coffee makes my stomach hurt – it’s like my stomach feels too full and then feels all crampy for like, the rest of the day. It’s really lame. But when it’s cold it’s fine. It also depends on the type of coffee. Like… pretty much alllllll Starbucks drinks give me this feeling as well, even the iced coffee.

        That soup was SO HOT OMG! hahaha

        1. Oh no that sounds awful πŸ™ I wonder if you miss being able to drink hot coffee? Starbucks coffee can be super acidic and harsh on the tummy. I’m so glad you were able to drink all that hot Cuban coffee though! It made me crave one so bad.

          I agree with that soup being SO HOT (but you’re kinda leaving out the F word you inserted when you said that ) πŸ™‚

  5. You do know that you can request lightly poached eggs, so they’d be runny…that’s why I love Eggs Benedict (which was the description of your order)- (Florentine means spinach and is a different item). I adore the potato pancakes here. The food, coffee/cream, heavy silverware and, occasionally, the unique breakfast sausage make every meal special.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      I’m not a yolk type of person so that’s why poached eggs scared me. But I didn’t know you can specify the different poaching levels of an egg. Thank you for sharing that tip. I ordered the Florentine this time around as I like the ‘I’m trying to eat healthy’ factor the spinach gives me. And yes, 100%, all you stated (food/coffee/heavy silverware/breakfast sausage) can make for a special meal πŸ™‚

      Happy Wed Cathy –

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