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Roy Yamaguchi’s Pacific Rim Cuisine (Aloha Hour) – La Jolla, CA

It’s still strange to me why they rebranded this restaurant to it’s current name, Roy Yamaguchi. I still just see this place, simply, as Roy’s.

Toxie, Snooks, and I finally were able to get together yesterday. They let me choose a place and I suggested Green Acres as they were having a Wine Wednesday ‘get together’ that was being promoted on their website. That turned out to be an epic bust/fail so the three of us drove around the area looking for another option. Toxie suggested Roy’s. I hadn’t been to Roy’s in ages but remembered they recently remodeled their bar area. So alright. Why not give it another go.

We walked in around 5:20p and the bar wasn’t busy. That was a surprise to me as I remembered always having to stalk for a table when I used to come here all that time ago. I believe they took out that private dining room to make more space for the remodeled bar.

Their Aloha Hour states $6 Appetizers and Drinks. You can order pretty much any of their specialty drinks for $6 which is a great deal. But, there are only six appetizers you can choose from (during Aloha Hour).

may 22 2014 019


Don Q Cristal Rum, Fresh Mint & Fresh Lime Juice

I enjoyed this mojito and thought it was a nice drink at the discounted price.

may 22 2014 020

Patron Skinny Margarita

Patron Silver Tequila, Patrón Citrónge, Sugar Free Triple Sec, Lime

The girls both ordered this. They were questioning how the Sugar free Triple Sec would taste but were happily surprised how much they liked this drink.

may 22 2014 014

Tempura Crusted Spicy Ahi Roll

I knew, instantly, this would be a disappointing happy hour for the three of us.

The portion was so small.  I don’t expect much from happy hour when it comes to the quality of the food. But I do expect the portion size to be fair.

may 22 2014 016

The 6 pieces (let’s keep in mind that would equal $1 per piece) weren’t very good. The sushi rice was overly sticky and I could only taste the hard tempura crunch that encapsulated this fried sushi roll.

may 22 2014 015

Lobster Potstickers

Yeah. Wow. We were a bit speechless when this dish was placed on our table. Three pieces of deep fried (almost flat) dumplings. Let me help you with the math on this one. That would equal $2 per potsticker.

may 22 2014 022

I didn’t even want to try this dish out of protest (I get food political like that). I asked if they could, at least, taste lobster in this deep fried dish. It was a resound NOPE.

I don’t do a food-political-protest fast all that well so I ate the garnish that you see at the top of the plate.

may 22 2014 017

Wagyu Beef Sliders

Alright, NOW we’re talking. I ordered this item as I had heard nice things about these sliders.

may 22 2014 018

I am not sure if it’s served on a pretzel bun but it didn’t matter. The little buns were toasted to perfection. The beef patty was incredibly juicy and flavorful. I don’t usually like caramelized onions but it worked well in this burger (or maybe it’s because I was just super hungry at that point). The sweet potato fries were nicely fried/seasoned as well. We ended up ordering another one of these sliders.

may 22 2014 021

Chicken Karaage  $8.95

This wasn’t part of the Aloha Hour but I wanted something protein. I felt defeated (and a bit embarrassed) when this arrived at the table. The presentation was sloppy and plain. Am I at Roy Yamaguchi’s or am I at Chick-fil-A. I mean no disrespect (to either parties) as Chick-fil-A makes great chicken items right. But it was a disappointing dish.

The dark chicken pieces were overly fried and not even the mayo dip could save these pieces. I just felt bad for ordering this dish (especially when it wasn’t on the Aloha Hour side of the menu).

may 22 2014 023

Beef Short Rib Tacos

The presentation of these tacos were nice. But again, it’s just a really tiny portion. I believe the taco shell is a fried taro chip.

may 22 2014 024

The short rib tasted ok if not a bit dry. The girls commented that this dish would have been better if there had just been a little more meat in the tacos.

may 22 2014 025

Big Island Ebi Roll

Shrimp Tempura, Coconut, Cream Cheese, Mango, Avocado, Habanero Aioli and Nitsume

So this roll had 5 pieces. I don’t think I can convey the heaviness of our sighs when we saw this appetizer. We didn’t do this in front of the server.

may 22 2014 026

They used soy paper instead of seaweed for this roll. The combination of cream cheese and mango, together, tasted off to us. I’ve never had a roll with coconut so perhaps that’s why I mostly remember that component of this appetizer.

We ordered another round of the same drinks mid way through. I thought mine still tasted the same but the girls commented that their Skinny Margs, the second time around, tasted bitter and not very pleasant.

Service was fine. They probably had about 3 waiters working the bar area. We spent around $33 each that evening.

We could not remember the last time a Happy Hour was this disappointing. Tox and Snooks both wanted me to write that they both felt this was THE worst happy hour they have ever tried.  I would have to agree.

I forgot I had not taken a picture of the front entrance. I told the girls to get outta the way or they’re going to end up being in the pic. Tox bolted but Snooks snuck in a hand sign right when I took the pic :

may 22 2014 027

That’s peace out. Not the middle finger.

Even though the food was disappointing, it was incredibly comforting catching up with these two. We joke that we might be working professionals but when we get together, we’re just like sorority sisters who can just be idiots around one another. It’s going to be hard when one of these three muskateers leaves soon.

Happy Thursday everyone. The long weekend is ALMOST here…

Roy’s Yamaguchi’s Pacific Rim Cuisine
8670 Genesee Avenue
San Diego, CA 92122

Aloha Hour 4:30-6:30p Nightly in the Lounge/Bar Only

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17 thoughts on “Roy Yamaguchi’s Pacific Rim Cuisine (Aloha Hour) – La Jolla, CA

  1. It’s nice when that “I just wasted money and calories” feeling is comforted with the presence of pleasant company. I would have still been wanting to cry lol.

    Sorry to hear that one of them is leaving. Where are they going?

    Lucky for the people with a normal work week schedule. I need a three day weekend too! Heck, I need another vacation already.

    1. Hi Miss Kim,

      Oh man yes wasted calories. That reminds me of my experience at Slaters 50/50. It was wasted calories here but it was even worse than that because there was barely any food to waste calories on. More like wasted dollars I suppose.

      One of the girls is moving soon for her husband & work. It’s going to be hard to see her go.

      I hope you don’t go crazy working this long weekend. It’s hard coming back from a vacation because it sooo makes you want another one asap.

      Happy Memorial Day Weekend Behgo!

  2. Mmmm… Those beef sliders sound good. Gotta try them sometime. 🙂 Bummer everything else was sad. It was nice seeing the 3 Musketeers reunite for an outing though. I really like the beef short ribs and the pineapple upside down cake there. 🙂

    Don’t work too hard on this long vacation weekend! I think I’m gonna try making bacon and Chinese sausage fried rice. 🙂

    1. Hi Soo

      Oh I forgot about your beloved pineapple upside down cake here! I’m glad there’s something on the menu that someone can vouch for.

      The 3 Muskateers did reunite and will remain a strong 3 for a few more weeks 🙂

      Bacon and Chinese Sausage fried rice sounds soooooo good right now !! I’m sure it’ll turn out great.

      Have a great long weekend Soo 🙂

  3. wait, when did they rebrand it? i still see it listed as ‘roys’ on their webpage. do you mean the sign has changed or something? does the menu say the long name?

    i’m glad you enjoyed the sliders! that was the best hh item and the only thing i’d order other than drinks for next time. have you done hh at cafe sevilla? it costs a little more but there are some really tasty items there. i’m also interested in flemings hh burger since i have a giftcard for there.

    1. Hi Lynn

      They rebranded some time ago (even when you visited a few months ago). The logo still appears the same at their entrance but the logo, I believe, has changed on the front of their building (facing Genesee). I forgot to take a picture of their menu but I think it does show the full rebranded name. I wished I remembered your mention of the complimentary edamame. I’m not sure if I’d come back here but if I did, the sliders would definitely be the first thing I’d order.

      Flemings had a nice HH the last time I visited (I think few years ago?). I remember thinking their HH burger was quite good so your gift card should serve you well. I haven’t been to Cafe Sevilla’s HH but heard great things about it. Will have to visit if I’m downtown soon.

      Hope you’re having a great weekend Lynn

  4. Now I want to know what happened at Green Acre. Maybe an office park HH location isn’t good at 3 in the afternoon. Sounds like a disappointing day.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      The Wine Wed Official Launch Party seemed to be a free wine tasting/light appetizers (as there was no mention of ticket fees, etc). So it was sad to see that you had to wait in line to buy a ticket, at $5/each, to try out EACH of their wines/beers/3 appetizers. The Green Acres kitchen was closed at that point so there was no way to purchase food (other than the 3 appetizers offered that day). So we felt a bit mislead.

      The location is as beautiful as your posts have described. One of the girls actually works in the same building as Green Acre’s Campus location so we actually jumped in car to go there (as she said they for sure have HH at that location). But once we got there, that location had shut down their HH that evening for a private event. Sigh. So we tried. We really tried (I think I told/showed them your Feb 2014 post about the food b/c I was so hungry and sad right then and there).

      So that’s how we ended up at Roy’s that early evening 🙁

      Hope you’re enjoying this pretty, overcast Sunday today Cathy –

  5. So disappointing! That last roll looks particularly icky. The soy paper with mango and big glob of cream cheese…..ehh. I’ve been to the Roy’s happy hour before but we only got the wagyu sliders and drinks which we liked and then did their price fixe dinner which seems to be a better deal than any of their happy hour dishes! The complimentary 7-spice edamame is good too, surprised you guys didn’t get served any 🙁

    1. Hi J.S.,

      It was a disappointing Happy Hour. It’s been hard to find a nice HH option for that area. I feel like my friends and I have tried every single restaurant option in this particular zip code.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the sliders too. They were tasty. Am I the *ONLY* person who doesn’t know about the complimentary edamame 🙁

      Hope you’re enjoying this long weekend J.S.!

  6. You would think they would at least kick the presentation up a few notches. Just because you’re having happy hour doesn’t mean you should skimp! It makes you look bad. Your whole comment about chick-fil-a or roy’s made me laugh (and for the record, I’m still never eating at Chick-Fil-a ever again). Oh well, at least the company was good. I had some terrible food over the weekend, too. Maybe I’ll write about it for Thurs or Fri…

    1. Hi Mary,

      We were all really surprised by the presentation of a few items that HH. It was hard to believe we were at THE Roy’s you know?

      You’ll have to tell us about your Chick-Fil-A experience. I went there once and didn’t think their chicken stuff was all that great. And that cow – jeez man – that walking cow freaks the crap outta my little nephews every time.

      Oh no sorry you had terrible food over the weekend 🙁 Hopefully, though, the company was good right ?!

      Happy Wed dear Mary !

      1. I got food poisoning from Chick-Fil-A 🙁 I am never eating there again! I used to think it was fine but now – nope, no thanks. I’ll eat somewhere else! Jake was with me during the “bad food experience” so yes, good company at least 🙂

        1. Nooooo!!! From Chick-Fil-A?!!! Oh gosh that must have been awful. Well, if I ever go back, I’ll make sure to punch that human size walking cow in the face for you ok?

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