Richard Walker’s Pancake House – La Jolla, CA


The weather has been so insanely beautiful the last week. I normally don’t take the time to enjoy what we have here in San Diego. I’ve been finding myself looking for places to eat that forces me to open my eyes and start loving (again) what San Diego offers her citizens.

I received a coupon in the mail some time ago for the new Richard Walker’s Pancake House that opened in downtown La Jolla. It was $5 off $15. It was expiring the next day so I figured I’d go to an early mid-week ‘Party of 1’ breakfast. I heard nice things about this restaurant but never wanted to drive to their downtown San Diego location. So this coupon and new location gave me a nice incentive to try them out.


They took over Forever Fondue’s location (does anyone else remember Forever Fondue?). They have garage parking but it’s $8 (on Faye Ave across from Best Western Hotel). The paid garage parking might be a nice idea if you’re going to spend some time in LJ later that day but for me, that morning, no thanks. I’ll drive an extra 15 minutes than pay $8 bucks. It was surprisingly tough to find street parking that midweek.


The restaurant was busy but not full. There wasn’t anyone at the hostess stand to greet people so I stood there for a while before a busboy noticed me. He pointed for me to sit in the chair. I was a bit confused as I wanted to at least put my name on a list or something. More people started to show up so I got nervous that my place in a non-organized line was in jeopardy (I’m so militant that way). The manager came up and said hello to everyone. He then told me to have a seat and when I did, he said ‘no, not there…THERE‘. He wanted me to sit side by side (even though there were multiple chairs available) with the 1st couple that was already waiting. Then he instructed the 3rd couple to sit next to me. He did this for the others that were waiting after us as well. I think this was his way of knowing each person’s place in line. The girl next to me started snickering and we both whispered ‘wtf, are we in the first grade again’. 

I was seated about ten minutes later in a huge booth. I’m so used to the friendly prompt service at the Original Pancake House. The girl/guy who seats you (at OPH) always asks if you want coffee or water before your waitress comes out.



I was only given a menu and that was it. No biggie but it took awhile for the waiter to stop by.



They serve Boyd’s coffee I believe. It’s the same brand that OPH uses so I knew I’d like this coffee. There was no sugar or cream on the table so I had to ask the waiter to bring them out. They do not use heavy cream here. Boo.



I ordered a side of hollandaise sauce ( to blog about of course) 🙂


I asked for the eggs to be runny. This was the runniest they could do (according to waiter). The eggs were more fluffy than anything. The diced ham tasted ok.



This was the winner for me that morning. The sauce was uber rich and luscious. I still prefer the hollandaise at Original Pancake House though.





This comes with my diced ham and eggs. It comes with the standard buttermilk pancakes but you can upgrade to their other pancakes for an additional charge.

I don’t eat pancakes all that often but when I do, this is how I do it…


Lots of butter and a tiny bit of maple syrup 🙂

The pancakes come out freshly made so that’s always a plus. I don’t think there was anything amazing about these buttermilk pancakes but I don’t ever get blown away by pancakes in general.

Service was ok. Coffee and water could have been refilled a bit more often. I’m used to always saying ‘no thank you’ to the coffee girl at OPH because someone is constantly trying to refill your coffee (this is a good thing when you LOVE their coffee). And keep in mind that Richard Walker serves the same Boyd coffee.

My bill ended up being under $15. He didn’t charge me for the hollandaise sauce so I didn’t quite make the $15 mark (in order to get the $5 off). I wish he had asked me if I wanted anything else before he set the bill on the table. I might have ordered a side of bacon to try (ahem, for the sake of the blog and to make the $15 min mark).


I liked the to go container for the pancakes and he gave me a cup for my left over coffee.

Would I return to Richard Walker’s for a future breakfast? Sure – if I was in the area and the wait wasn’t too long. Would I drive here over going to the Original Pancake House (in Poway). Probably not.

Regardless, it was a beautiful morning to have breakfast in La Jolla.

Richard Walker’s Pancake House
909 Prospect Street
La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 459-8800

Open everyday 6:30a-2:30p


14 thoughts on “Richard Walker’s Pancake House – La Jolla, CA

  1. Wow! Lovely photos Faye! Everything is so bright and shiny like a new restaurant should be. That’s cool you drove on your Ave! I wouldn’t mind having a street named after me…

    I can’t believe your calculations were slightly off and you didn’t get your $5 off… You must have been working too hard that week…

    I was kinda tempted by the coupon but never got around to it as I’m not a big breakfast person.

    That’s good you had a good morning otherwise. 🙂

    1. Hi Soo,

      I’ve been trying to listen to you and others about using lighting to my advantage. Maybe that’s another reason I’ve been enjoying this weather. The pics just turn out nicer on a pretty day right 🙂

      I know. Can you believe my calcs were off. ME. Of all frekkin’ people.

      I’m not a big breakfast person either but sometimes it’s nice to have that bottomless coffee at a restaurant. I think they have lunch stuff – not sure you would have spent $15 worth either though.

      It was a good morning Soo 🙂

  2. Too bad the pancakes weren’t amazing, but I could sure go for some pancakes right now. I am the same way with parking. I’d much rather park further if it’s free than to pay to park closer.

    That seating system for waiting does sound a bit funny and weird. They should do something about that. I am sure others would find it unusual or maybe even offended. Too bad you didn’t make the $15 mark. I would have felt a little jipped if I went there to use up a coupon and didn’t use it. But you know me lol.

    Regardless, it sounds like a lovely peaceful morning on a beautiful day. I don’t really eat in the morning, but it’s been forever since I’ve gone out somewhere in the morning to just enjoy a beautiful day, sipping bottomless coffee or whatever. I’ve never been a morning person, but as I am getting older, I am finding the peaceful mornings to be enjoyable.

    1. Hi Miss Kim,

      I don’t usually eat pancakes but sometimes they do just HIT THE SPOT. Especially with crap load of butter and syrup.

      I wish I could have hit the $15 mark as well as I would have saved more money in the end that way. Oh well. At least I was able to try the place out even though the 1st grade seating system was a bit strange.

      There are so many breakfast places in LA that you should try out. Not these busy places but the small hole in the wall restaurants where you can just relax and catch up on reading or something. I used to love going to Larchmont for coffee. It always felt so breezy and green (from trees) there.

  3. “Learned well you have, young padawan.” 🙂

    The stars was have been misaligned… That’s a mistake I would make if I didn’t have my calculator out…

    I doubt I would have spent $15 unless I could get gourmet cookies to go or something…

    4 more days till my weeklong SF trip. 🙂

    1. I’m going to have to research this Padawan chick. I barely remember her but I’m sure my little nephews will tell me everything about her 🙂

      The weather should be beautiful for your SF trip Soo. Make the most of the trip (by that I mean lots of ridiculous eating) !

      1. Faye,

        You must spend more time with your awesome nephews!

        padawan = Jedi in training
        Padmé Amidala = Queen of Naboo

        It’s going to be glorious Faye! I’m going to eat dim sum everyday and look for more awesome zongzi. 🙂 Then before bedtime I’m getting dessert at Humphrey Slocombe and Bi-Rite Creamery. 🙂

        1. You got it Soo. I will get a lesson from the nephews about Padawan and Padme 🙂

          I’m glad you have a ‘where to eat’ timeline for your trip. Usually it’s planned around parks, oceans, city ‘stuff’ (yawn) – but a trip planned around food is always the winner –

  4. I just went to Richard Walker’s on Sunday! Our waitress told us they used whipped cream here – it tasted a little richer to Jake and I. We got crazy baked pancakes instead of regular pancakes. I’ll do my post soon-ish. I need a day off to catch up on my blogging, sheesh.

    I like how brown and even their pancakes are. My homemade pancakes have never ever in my life ever come out looking all evenly brown. But I guess I don’t care since they still taste good.

    It was a beautiful day in La Jolla this weekend – we parked down by the Contemporary Art museum, that’s where we usually park. It would have amused me if you had parked on Faye Ave, because I’m a dork like that.

    1. Hi Mary,

      Do they used whip cream for the coffee? I could be wrong but I thought my guy said it was half & half. I can’t wait to see your post about this place. How do you think RWPH compared to the Original Pancake House?

      Oh yeah their pancakes are so beautifully brown. Mine never turn out that pretty or uniform either ! I’ll have to use one of your pancake recipe one day as I still use bisquick b/c I’m lazy that way.

      Is there more parking by the museum? I haven’t been that way in a while so I don’t remember. I’d only park on Fay Avenue if you helped me spray paint the letter ‘e’ at the end of the misspelled street name 🙂

      Hope you’re having a good week Mary –

      1. I would totally help spray paint that E on with you. I’m sure La Jollans will not mind one tiny little itty bitty bit. 😀

        We usually manage to find more parking out that way, people I guess don’t want to walk that far to go into Downtown LJ, maybe.

        1. Bahhhhahhhhh! La Jollans won’t mind a tiny little itty bitty bit. Ya think?! I’ll buy the spray paint. You spray the ‘e’. Then we bolt in separate directions.

          Thanks for the suggestion on the parking. I’ll have to make my way towards the museum (which I haven’t visited in years). And what the heck is that restaurant that’s across from it now – it used to be an IHOP or Denny’s and then it was a breakfast/Mediterranean place or something? Gosh it’s been too long since I’ve driven that way – maybe I’ll do a beach jog there soon.

          Happy Thurs Mary 🙂

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