Food Poisoning

To barf…or not to barf. That is the question.

A few of us went out Monday night for a final Happy Hour as one of the girls will be leaving us at the end of the month. I suggested the restaurant too.

I came home around 8p and immediately knew something felt ‘off’. I wasn’t in the mood to watch tv, catch up on VM, read blogs, etc. I just felt, not sure how else to put it, ‘OFF’.

I decided to go to bed early. Then it happened.

I needed to barf.

I’m not sure if there are easy barfers out there. I’m not one of those people. I’m scared to barf. It frightens me to imagine kneeing in front of the toilet and trying to upchuck stuff from my stomach. But something was terribly wrong that night. I could FEEL it. I was sweating hard from trying to push the feeling down to barf. I was DETERMINED not to barf and just survive until the next morning.

I started getting stomach cramps. PAINFUL stomach cramps. I don’t have kids so I never understood what ‘contractions’ felt like until last night. The cramps felt like gut wrenching contractions in my stomach. I would sometimes go into a fetal position in order to dull the contraction pains.

My body was telling me I needed to throw up. But my mind was telling me NO.

That’s kinda what it feels like when I go into my OCD mode. The body is saying one thing but the mind is saying another. Kinda like when I almost went dumpter diving to find moisturizer I thought I’d lost.

I didn’t sleep at all that night. I was too busy fighting the urge to vomit and holding my stomach to ease the cramping. I was having delirious nightmares/images of me possibly having appendicitis because could food poisoning be THIS BAD. I was ready to call my sis or best friend, around 3a, because I literally thought my life was ending and I needed to go to the hospital.

My eyes opened at 6a and I smiled as the urge to vomit had subsided.

It worked Faye. You did it.

But the cramps came back with a vengeance. It felt like my body was punishing me for not purging the poisons when I had the chance to. I guess I would be mad too.

I couldn’t get out of bed. It was that bad. I texted my girlfriends from the night before and they all, collectively, said what item must have made me sick. They reprimanded me for not purging the night before as that’s the best way the body heals itself.

Ok great thanks. Now can we move on to what I do NOW to feel better.Β 

Suggestions: Pedialyte. Gatorade. Stay hydrated. And that’s about it.

It was about noon. I was still in bed miserable and hurting. I decided to get out of bed and head to the store to find something, ANYTHING, to help me.


This was my bounty after deliriously wandering the aisles for about 30 minutes. Four different kinds of chicken soup, fruit, pepto bismol (suggested by pharmacist who ALSO mentioned I effed up by not barfing the night before), deli meat (which made NO sense).

So how do I feel this morning. Better. The cramps are still there but they’re not as frequent. Canned chicken soup has so much noodles and carrots in ’em – have you ever noticed that. I’m hungry but not really if that makes any sense. The thought of food makes me weary, if not nauseous at this point.

Needless to say, that’s why I’m posting a non restaurant review today.Β The thought about writing or reading about food makes me shiver. Literally.

Not sure if anyone else has had this same type of food poisoning experience but if there’s an alternative solution to easing the current cramps and nausea, please do share. Chicken soup + pepto hasn’t been the most delicious (note sarcasm here) of ways Β to ease my tummy’s anger.

Let’s hope this week gets a bit better –

19 thoughts on “Food Poisoning

  1. After I had food poisoning the only thing I could manage to eat was saltine crackers. They were salty and dry and I felt like they were “soaking up the bad stuff” if that makes any sense, haha. Plain rice or chicken broth is also good – you don’t want to have anything with much flavor since you can barely eat anyway. I found that actually vomiting (gross) made the stomach cramps stop completely so even though I didn’t want to, I did it. But I guess you’re beyond that point πŸ™

    Truly hope you feel better soon – food poisoning is like one of the worst things!! Which is why I swear off forever whatever place gave me food poisoning for their unintended cruelty.

    1. Hi Mary,

      My college buddy just texted me to go eat a carne asada french fry burrito to help w/ the pain. He taught me that trick (of his) years ago. But then I reminded him I have FOOD POISONING, not a HANGOVER. Back then he said greasy food helps soak up alcohol from the night before. So I guess that would be his version of your saltine crackers.

      So I guess vomiting is the best way to make things better. I knew it actually. I think that’s why the stomach cramps kept getting worse and worse. Hopefully I’ll never have to use that suggestion ever again. I just haven’t had food poisoning like this in ages.

      I know what place you’re swearing off. Does it have to do with a scary cow πŸ™‚

      1. Gross. The thought of food made me feel ill all over again so saltines were “safe” haha. I remember I couldn’t even sleep my cramps were so bad… ugh. Yes, it is that dumb place with the cows. Never again! Never ever ever ever.

        1. Dumb stupid cows πŸ™‚ Be GONE cows.

          I’m sorry you had the awful stomach cramps. My sis was lecturing me that I didn’t have anything CLOSE to contractions. She said she’s had stomach cramps and nothing compares to contractions. But dude, I would say losing sleep b/c of stomach cramps is ‘kinda’ like contractions right? Either way both suck.

  2. Oh no that sounds like the worst! But seriously you shouldn’t keep all that bacteria inside you next time, you could get more sick :(((

    Haven’t had food poisoning in a while but its awful. Last time I thought I had food poisoning I actually had an inflamed appendix and had to go to the hospital for surgery stat….I also didn’t tell anyone because I was dying of pain so everyone thought I disappeared until I managed to text my sister “at the hospital sadface”

    I think you bought all the right things, just lots of water and easy to digest foods. Take it easy and hope you feel better soon!!

    And I feel like an asshole but if a restaurant gives me food poisoning I will 100% Yelp about it.

    1. Hi J.S.,

      Yeah I was totally freaking out thinking it COULD HAVE been an appendix issue too! What were the symptoms you had? My friend said appendix issue is towards the side and not your belly. And if I ran fever I needed to go to hospital. But that’s the scary part. What if it was appendix (like you) and not food poisoning. Or kidney stones (I thought of that one too around 3a).

      I’ve been drinking as much water as possible and this morning has been the first time I’ve been able to, um, use the restroom. I felt, um, congested if you know what I mean. So this morning has been non-stop, um, de-congesting. So I need to be careful about staying hydrated. Thank you for your well wishes.

      Would you notify the restaurant of the food poisoning? I’ve always wondered if they’d believe the person. What if they ask for proof (yuck, I’m totally thinking something gross right now). I don’t know. I’m pretty sure I know what gave me the poisoning but I wouldn’t be able to say 100% for sure right.

      1. I had really really sharp stomach pains when I had my appendix even though my stomach was empty. It felt like the worst stomach cramps ever and I couldn’t really tell if it was on the side because it was just like the middle part of my body was dying. I was thinking it was food poisoning so I was like ok I can’t stand the pain but I’ll just take a bunch of Nyquil and pass out and wake up and be fine….and then it was like ok that is a suicide attempt I should probably go to the hospital. No fever or anything though I just thought I had the worst food poisoning in my life or something.

        Hmm I never thought about notifying the restaurant but I suppose that could be beneficial? I bet they would offer you a free meal to make up for it but I doubt you would want to return to the scene of the crime….:/

        1. That sounds super scary J.S.! I had kidney stones when I was younger and thought I was dying. Someone was driving home to take me to hospital but then the pain went away. Just like that. It never returned so I think that’s why I worry about false alarms. But the appendix thing is scary b/c you always hear about people dying from the thing BURSTING in their body. Jeez. I wonder what pain threshold you had to get to in order to have someone take you to hospital. Your threshold sounds a lot like mine. Like you better be in MASSIVE pain to warrant a hospital visit.

          I didn’t feel right calling the restaurant as it’s already been two days and I’m getting better. I don’t see myself returning anytime soon though. Or having anything mushroom/arugula related in a very long time. It’s funny because I took pics of the food/drinks that night and I had to walk away from the computer when it was downloading the pics earlier today. It was just too much for my stomach to remember πŸ™

  3. No… Sorry to hear about your horrible food experience. I’d out the perpetrators. Any court case would get thrown out as long as you document everything you reveal and it’s true. I’m glad you survived as I’d miss your good food stories! πŸ™‚

  4. Hope you feel better soon Faye! I agree with Mary about the saltine crackers, they help a lot. I’d hold off on the fruit since they’re raw, and I’m always a little skittish about eating raw foods when my stomach isn’t feeling well. Take care!

    1. Thanks Jinxi. I tried eating half a sandwich earlier but that didn’t work out. I ended up nibbling mostly the bread so that helped (I think). Thanks for your well wishes πŸ™‚

  5. I totally hate puking but it really does make you feel better quicker for both food poisoning and the too much alcohol thing.

    I’d notify the restaurant or business if you got food poisoning. Otherwise, how would they know that something was wrong with the food? And if multiple people complain, then they definitely have to look into the source!

    Hopefully, you don’t get the ‘denial’ response either. Once hubby grabbed food from ralphs deli in downtown and later when he didn’t feel good, I called and the associate/manager on duty responded ‘It’s not us. I learned from my training class that food poisoning takes 24 hours’. Oh please. *rolls eyes* It usually happens within the next couple of hours for everyone I know, including our own experiences. We even ate all the same meals previous other than the lunch from them. I was so pissed about that situation and the dumb person working that night.

    1. Hi Lynn

      I guess everyone is saying barfing is the way to go with food poisoning. I was just too scared to do it that night for some reason. Or too tired. Not sure.

      I’ve heard of restaurants denying they gave a person food poisoning. I understand it from the restaurant’s POV and there have been times I read restaurant reviews with food poisoning and thought ‘oh ouch that better be true or else that makes the restaurant sound awful’. I’m glad you stuck up for hubby and confronted the restaurant. Sorry you got such a lame response though. I’ll also vouch it took way less than 24 hours for food poisoning to hit my body (not sure what training class taught associate/manager that it cannot).

  6. I’d say you throw it up already. I think you would feel sooo much better once you do. I know I always feel so much better and relieved after throwing up….just gotta get it out and puke your guts out. I wonder what you ate that made you sick. When I have the urge to puke, it’s bad. I tend to puke nonstop…like with that food last food poisoning that I had around NYE. NONSTOP all day and night. Each time I puked, I felt better again…then felt like I am going to die again, puked again..better again, and so on. I don’t know HOW you can hold it. Go throw up, Faye……drink lots of fluids, rest, and I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Hi Miss K,

      I wish I had (thrown up) when the opportunity was there but it fortunately (unfortunately?) went away. I’ve definitely learned my lesson the hard way. I can’t imagine what you ate that made you throw up all day?! I don’t hold in the urge to puke all the time but when I do, it’s WORK. And look at the payoff πŸ™

      Thanks for your concern & suggestions. I’m feeling better today (Toxie brought over probiotics and Powerade zero for me yesterday so I think that’s helping?). Hope your week is going well Behgo –

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