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Eureka! Discover American Craft (Happy Hour & Lunch) – La Jolla, CA

Eureka! Discover American Craft

Gosh. I’ve wanted to like this place. Friend and I went to try out their Happy Hour one early evening. I just called Eureka! to confirm their Happy Hour days. It’s offered everyday from 2p-6p. 2p sounds a TADDDD bit early for Happy Hour but the nice gentleman on the phone repeated ‘2 pm’ several times (granted I re- asked ‘are you SURE’ a few times too).

You can sit anywhere in the restaurant for their Happy Hour. So we decided to grab a table as the bar area was full.

My last visit here was post- breakup so my appetite sucked. I’ve seen recent blog reviews about Eureka! from Oh-SoYummy and This Tasty Life. Plus, I had a $25 gift card for the restaurant that I wanted to use as well.


Steamers $10 (normally $14.95)

Manila clams steamed with butter, garlic, herbs, and sherry wine. Served with grilled ciabatta

I was excited to see this on their HH menu as it’s usually mussels being offered.

June 9 2014 007

The clams weren’t very meaty and the sherry wine broth, used to steam the clams, tasted a bit too ‘sherry’ for me. The dish looked to be a decent portion but we both felt unsatisfied after eating this item.

June 9 2014 008

House Side Salad $3.00 (normally 3.95)

House side salad served with mixed greens, chopped red onion,
cherry tomato, dried cranberry, blue cheese crumbles, and your
choice of dressing.

I felt like trying this for some reason (minus the dried cranberry and blue cheese). The nice waiter substituted the blue cheese with feta cheese. The balsamic vinaigrette was nicely tart and sweet for this refreshing salad.

June 9 2014 010

Hickory Pulled Pork Smoked Sandwich

Slow roasted pulled pork shoulder with caramelized onions. Served on a homemade roll and signature handcut fries. $10.75

Friend wasn’t digging the rest of the items on HH so he opted for this pulled pork sandwich.

June 9 2014 012

The pork was a bit dry but tasty nonetheless. Perhaps it needed a side of spicy tangy BBQ sauce.


Onion rings + 1.25

You can upgrade the regular fries to onion rings for a small price. The onion rings here are LEGIT. They are sliced thick and was almost the size of 1/2 the sandwich. The panko crust was nice and crunchy.

June 9 2014 013

Eureka! Wings

(also available in homemade firecracker) Tossed with chili garlic sauce. 10.50

Sorry for the ugly picture. I think we started to dig into these wings before I took a pic. The waiter let us split the dozen wings into two different flavors:

June 9 2014 014

Chili garlic sauce

June 9 2014 015


We both preferred the chili garlic sauce. Our waiter recommended I ask for the sauce, next time,  to be put on the side so the wings stay crispy. Yesss!

Nothing really impressed me during this meal (except for the service). The food wasn’t bad but it wasn’t memorable enough to warrant another visit back.

Fast forward a few weeks later when Brazil is playing Germany in the World Cup. I was terribly busy that day but wanted to take a break. CDJ suggested we meet at Red Robin at UTC but that sounded terrible (besides we just ate there the week before).  I asked if we could visit Eureka! instead as I remembered seeing Lynn’s photo of the tortilla burger.

Brazil was getting their a**es handed to them by the time I got to the restaurant. The place was kinda full with others wanting to watch the game as well. The nice thing about Eureka! is that there are TV’s almost everywhere you look.


Eureka! Wings $10.50

I asked for chili garlic sauce to be on the side and the waitress said ‘oh ok so naked wings?’.

Nude. Naked. Stripper style. I don’t care. I just want chicken wings CRISPY when I’m watching this sad soccer game.



The chicken wings …not Brazil, unfortunately, as of that point. I was delighted with these naked wings. The skin was crunchy and the dark meat of these wings tasted relatively juicy. My ONLY suggestion would be to sprinkle the wings with salt when they come out of the fryer. It lacked seasoning but I think they assumed I’d use the small side of chili garlic sauce for the wings.


Napa Burger

Oven-roasted Roma tomato, pesto aioli, Havarti cheese, pancetta, and arugula. 11.25

Sorry for the almost upside down pic. The 2nd half of game was starting so the entire restaurant was getting rowdy and nervous.


+1.25 for upgrade to Honey Cinnamon sweet potato fries

I didn’t try this burger as there’s arugula on it (I don’t know when and how I’ll ever be able to eat arugula again since ‘the incident’). CDJ liked this burger but didn’t really say why. I still think the sweet potato fries were a bit soggy and would benefit from the honey to be put on the side (or maybe this can actually be requested already?).


Tortilla Burger

Tomato, red onion, pickled jalapeño, homemade guacamole, cilantro, Monterey Jack cheese, and spicy chipotle sauce.
Wrapped in a grilled flour tortilla. 10.50

Another horrible photo but I was more into the game than taking photos at that point.

I couldn’t quite understand why I wanted to try this particular burger so badly.

But then it hit me. It reminded me of the Beijing meat pies I’ve been craving lately.

How weird am I.


I think they grill the burger (might I add to a perfect medium rare as requested), top it with all the goodies, then wrap it in a flour tortilla which they then put back on the grill. (I asked for the pickled jalapenos on the side).

I requested medium rare because I think, subconsciously, it would mimic the ‘soup’ inside the Chinese meat pie.


This pic showcases how they tuck the tortilla folds underneath. The tortilla tasted pretty darn good. It was thin up top and on the sides.

I’m not sure if I’m ready to say this. But this might have been the best burger I’ve had in 2014 (well, aside from In N Out but that doesn’t count). There was something about a juicy bloody medium rare burger, wrapped in a grilled flour tortilla, that had me in a mad boy crush. All the components of this burger (minus the omitted jalapenos) were a match for me. Go figure.


+1.25 for upgraded Panko Crusted Onion Rings

Funny as this was one of my favorite items from the past two visits. But these rings, fried perfectly, were just an afterthought after I had the naked wings and the tortilla burger. No offense panko rings.

Service was decent considering how busy the restaurant was for the game. It was the first time I felt pretty content talking to strangers sitting next to us as we were all cheering for Brazil. Plus, CDJ, being the dummy that he is, totally didn’t realize one girl was crushing on him pretty hard. I even texted him ‘Make a move ya dummy!’ Oh well. You snooze ya loose 🙂

Happy Friday everyone…

Eureka! Discover American Craft
4353 La Jolla Village Drive
San Diego, CA 92122
(858) 210-3444


16 thoughts on “Eureka! Discover American Craft (Happy Hour & Lunch) – La Jolla, CA

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    on a brighter note yay that people were cheering for Brazil + will have to try to tortilla burger!!!!! a.k.a. eat my sad World Cup feelings away. Especially if we get our asses kicked by the Netherlands in the 3rd place match tomorrow.

    1. I didn’t have my glasses on when I first saw ‘jdfsjdfkjnkajnkasljdada;kdasldkasldklasdkalskdskanbjdjkhfdjfdnsndskdklsadjsadjaieureiorueaioruarieopoeajfkdlmnmdnfdnkfljfffsfdklfjkdlflsfjdlfjkd’ so I literally thought that was the longest Brazilian word ever or something.

      I didn’t know who to cheer for during the finals. It didn’t do Brazil any revenge justice if either team won right. And I’m sorry about the 3rd place loss. At least the 4th place (prize) purse was decent 🙁

      1. You know actually most Brazilians were cheering for Germany! Brazilians have a huge rivalry with Argentina and in general South Americans don’t like Argentina because they are perceived to be snobby (probably because they refer to themselves with titles such as “The Europe of South America” haha). And there are a lot of Brazilians with German ancestry! So I was pretty happy with the result of the World Cup, considering we weren’t in the finals 🙂

        1. Yeah I didn’t know if you would cheer for the team that handed your country their a** but I figured it might be worth rooting for them so that Argentina can’t get the last FU to you guys 🙂

          So glad you were happy with the results in the end though !

  2. I’m frowning a bit at your comparison of the meat pie to the tortilla burger. I can see the resemblance, but there is no way, no how, that a burger will ever replace my meat pies! You have got me craving for something similar-ish but different food item now – sheng jian bao. I don’t know if anywhere in San Diego serves a good rendition of them, but I really want some… I might even go so far as to makign them myself!

    Those naked wings look super crispy – they remind me of Korean fried chicken wings, but without any sauce tossed on them. I could sure go for a plate of KFC and sheng jian bao now.

    That game made me kind of sad, it was like Brazil never even showed up. I’m stoked to see the Germany vs Argentina match though!

    1. Hi Ben,

      Yeah sorry about the meat pie and tortilla burger comparison but it was, subconsciously, what I was thinking in my head. I am not sure what can possibly compare to a Beijing Meat Pie here in San Diego. Quite sad and defeating actually (hence why I hallucinated when I saw the tortilla burger). Let me know if you find ANY pan fried meat soup dumplings anytime soon ok 🙁 I think making them yourself would be great if you had the time and recipe. I just imagine my kitchen being a MESS if I ever attempted to make a meat pie or sheng jian bao.

      The naked wings were crispy. Now I want to re visit that chicken wing place inside Zion! I’m SUPER surprised you like KFC for some reason. Hmm.

      Brazil’s 3rd place loss was almost as sad don’t you think. Sigh – what a way for them to end 🙁

  3. I’ve been tempted to try this place ever since I’ve read so much about it on yours and other SD bloggers’ blog posts. That med rare piece of meat does look juicy. I want to come here when I am craving burgers, which is maybe a few times a year. Oh Red Robin! I used to go to that place when I was a kid and hanging out at the mall! Haven’t been there in decades.

    1. Hi Miss K,

      The have location in LA There’s one in Claremont that I’ve seen a few times.

      I’m glad you like your burgers Med Rare too! I don’t crave burgers all that often but when I do I tend to jones for In N Out and sometimes Carl’s Jr.

      I’ll do a post on Red Robin soon. It’s changed quite a bit I think AND the burger I had was decent!

  4. That’s awesome you found a burger you love! I love the hamburger with bacon and the fries. I’ll have to get onion rings next time. 🙂

    What was the girl doing to indicate she was crushing? Poor CDJ…

    1. Hi Soo,

      I really did enjoy that tortilla burger. I hope it wasn’t a fluke. I hope you try the onion rings next time. I’m curious if you’ve visited the Red Robin around the corner? I usually don’t order burgers with bacon in em. I don’t know know.

      The girl crushing on CDJ was so friendly and cute with him. She knew a ton about soccer AND she was trying to get CDJ to converse!

      1. Red Robin was my go to burger place at UTC! I prefer the flavor of the beef patty and the bacon at Eureka. The bun I like a bit better at Red Robin. Overall Eureka’s bacon burger is my fav in the UTC area. 🙂 Next time I wanna try the bison burger and the onion rings. 🙂

        CDJ is cool!

        The receptionist at Massage Envy was really friendly to me last night but it might be her job to be really friendly to everybody…

        1. I thought the onion rings are RR was pretty good . They weren’t the big fresh ones (compared to Eureka!) but the breading was super crunchy and yummy. I want to see a friend tried the Bison burger in past but I do not remember.

          CDJ had Massage Envy gift certs and said he liked them too. So there ya go 🙂

  5. Too bad about their HH which I haven’t tried but I’m glad your most recent visit was successful. I’m very pleased that you enjoyed one you saw off my blog! *happy dance* My favorite is still the fig one because I like the sweet in that burger. As for honey on sweet potato fries, I agree it should be on the side too! They are still better than the regular fries though.

    1. Hi Lynn

      Yes your tortilla burger was the trigger that got me to re visit the place so thank you. I’ve tried the fig burger twice but never loved it the way others have.

      Thanks for concurring on the sweet potato fries 🙂 Maybe I’ll actually use my suggestion if I revisit Eureka! soon –

  6. I didn’t like the wings when I visited before, either, but apparently “naked” wings are the way to go! Funny, that reminds me I just saw a commercial over the weekend for a show called “naked dating”. Why does that exist?

    I like their burgers here as well. I think the mushroom burger I had is my favorite even though my bottom bun was all weird. I tried the cowboy one last week and it wasn’t bad, I think the mushroom burger might just be my “go to” burger for this place. I really like that they seem to do a true medium rare (2 out of 3 times for me) which I loooooove. Gimmie my pink almost bloody meat! Rawr! 😀

    Maybe I’ll try the crazy tortilla wrapped burger on my next visit.

    1. Hi Mary,

      You’re RIGHT about the naked trend!!! CDJ was just telling me about the naked dating so I actually saw a clip of the show and, um, it *kinda* looks interesting!! But then again, I’m a reality show fuhhh-reak.

      Ohhhh you’re going to call out the Mushroom Burger as your go-to burger here. I haven’t been able to latch on to mushrooms lately (as I’m not sure if it partially gave me food poisoning from few weeks ago). But I’m so glad you like your burgers bloody too. Have you ever ordered a burger rare?

      I hope you try the tortilla burger soon AND order the wings stripper naked (just so you can tell us how the waiter reacts).

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