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I love my dude buddies. Buddies are sometimes better than girlfriends because they’re just non fussy, clumsy, and just plain ol’ funny. You know – like dudes. I don’t have a lot of buddies that are foodies. They honestly don’t care where or what they eat. Because, you know – they’re dudes.

Few of them read this blog because they don’t care enough about food (or me). That doesn’t hurt my feelings.

You know what DOES hurt my feelings. These buddies will all listen to what Guy Fieri has to say when it comes to food. THAT hurts my feelings.

Like come on. You’d rather visit a restaurant GUY FIERI is suggesting, HERE IN SAN DIEGO, than (listen to) ME (who LIVES IN SAN DIEGO). Are you frekkin’ kidding me.

My best buddy from college was in town. He texted me last minute asking to meet up for lunch. When I asked where, he texted ‘OB Noodle House’. I was surprised he suggested that restaurant as another buddy had been bugging me for years to try OB Noodle. I asked why he wanted to visit and wouldn’t ya know it.

“Because I saw it on Guy Fieri…”

I rolled my eyes because CDJ mentioned the EXACT SAME thing the night before (only he said it was a Chinese restaurant that had chicken wings but wasn’t able to name the restaurant because he’s a dummy & a dude).

So if THREE dudes suggested this place (let’s make that 4 dudes since Guy Fieri is so damn awesome), then fine. I’ll drive the extra distance to Ocean Beach for lunch.

I don’t visit Ocean Beach because it’s a farther drive for me. Besides, I always associated that part of town with flip flops and ya’ll know my hate of all things feet.

I researched OB Noodle House and it appears this restaurant is wildly successful partly due to Guy Fieri’s visit. I used to like Guy before he made it ‘big’. But his DDD show just got annoying. He was overly animated and gregarious to a point where the focus on the food got lost (to me). Plus, did you notice how each segment would only be 20 min with 10 min commercials.

Friend was driving from LA so we agreed to meet around 12:30p. There’s only street parking for this restaurant and I was lucky enough to get a parking spot right around the corner.



There’s a few outdoor tables on the sidewalk but they didn’t seem too comfortable. Friend was seated at the tiniest baby table inside. The tables in our section were extremely close to one another.

I took a moment to take in the restaurant.



I’m sorry. Was Guy Fieri HERE. At *THIS* restaurant. Because I’m not really clear on that.



We were staring at the ceiling for a bit. Friend asked what’s the significance of elephants to, I quote, “my people”. I explained to him ‘my people’  don’t have ties to elephants that I know of.

I whispered to him that I was the ONLY Asian at the restaurant which I found to be odd (for a popular Asian restaurant).

“Don’t worry they’re probably all working in the kitchen right now” he commented.



There’s also a wooden basket with napkins and chopsticks on the table.


KAKI FRY $7.00

top quality Japanese oysters deep fried with panko bread crumb, served with a house special sauce

I am a sucker for fried oysters. A straight up sucker. I love fried oysters but find it difficult to find a place that does them right.


Guess what folks. The fried oysters here were AMAZING. My first bite was an explosion of flavors (actually, it was probably the explosion of hot oil). The oysters were plump and was briny-creamy inside the perfectly fried panko exterior.



jumbo premium mid-joint chicken wings marinated with garlic and spices

A dozen arrives hot and fresh to the table after about 20 minutes.


I guess these were the wings CDJ had seen on the show because my buddy was so eager to eat these things.

We both felt the wings weren’t spicy at all.


He likes to eat his wings with ranch. He thought the wings were good.


I felt the wings were fried too long and dry. The skin was alright crispy but the marinade tasted a bit strange to me. Perhaps the red coloring was off putting to me. I thought we’d polish these off but there were 6 remaining by the end of the meal which rarely happens when I eat wings.

Sorry to say that these wings pale in comparison to my beloved wings at Phoung Trang. You hear that Guy Fieri.



Chinese broccoli, shrimp, beef, eggs, and Chinese sausage with chili sate sauce 

Friend wanted to order this as it was on the show too. Man, Guy Fieri really has a following doesn’t he. I thought this better be darn good fried rice for $12 bucks here in OB. He was excited to try the Chinese sausage in this dish.


It was a decent portion and I loved how they added fresh cilantro on top of the rice. I believe they used broken rice for this dish. It seemed the Chinese sausage was cut into thin slices then quartered. There were maybe 4 medium sized shrimp in the rice as well. The fried rice was prepared nicely and had a nice taste to it.

Was this amazing fried rice. Not really. Maybe if they used butter it woulda been (just kidding – still culo hurt about the Benihana experience). I thought this dish was expensive especially for Vietnamese food in Ocean Beach.



Friend wanted to order this as it’s his go-to pho bowl when he eats at a Vietnamese restaurant.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the broth. It had a nice clean beefy component to it that I enjoyed. Friend said he saw, on the show, how they prepared the broth with all these beef bones so that’s probably why. Well, thanks dude for giving me your pho 101 lesson you learned from Guy Fieri on DDD. I appreciate it.


He thought the noodles were cooked just right and weren’t too mushy. I tried the rare steak that quickly cooked in the hot broth. I must say the steak was tender and tasted pretty darn good.



It wasn’t a huge portion but it was enough to satisfy a grown man my friend said. He likes to add all this into his pho and then squirt a ridiculous amount of hoisin and sriracha sauce all bloody over the pho. I swear my friends do this so I won’t touch heir pho (they know I can’t stand hoisin or sriracha in the pho). Smart friends right.


Our table really felt tiny. Imagine the table as a clock: I sat at the 6p position (where you see the wings) while friend had to sit at the 9p position (look at the pho bowl) because those were the only seating options at this table. There was NO 12p or 3p option. Our knees kept knocking each other so it wasn’t the most comfortable of meals if that makes sense.

Service was nice and our water was refilled most of the time. I noticed alot of people drinking cold beers and cocktails during our meal. I always wonder how one does that and then head back to work. There’s a laid back kinda vibe to this restaurant and it does get loud.

The total was $42.98 before the tip. I told my friend there are quite a few Vietnamese restaurants, here in San Diego and LA, where he could eat like a king for $43 bucks. This restaurant was a fun place to try but like with most places Guy Fieri recommends, I leave thinking ‘WTF was he raving about’. 

Friend walked me to my car. I asked how he liked Ocean Beach so far and he replied ‘you mean Rat Beach’. I laughed and asked if he heard that on DDD or if he said that because of my hate of feet or something. He said no – he saw the Jackass dudes on TV and the guys were in OB drinking/eating and kept calling the city Rat Beach.

So, let me get this straight. Just so we’re on the same page. Guy Fieri brought you here and Jackass taught you about this town. Nice.

OB Noodle House
2218 Cable Street
San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 450-6868



14 thoughts on “OB Noodle House – Ocean Beach (San Diego), CA

  1. I dieddd laughing with the ‘what significance elephants have to YOUR people’ comment and the one about how all the Asians must be in the kitchen….lol.

    I’ve been to OB Noodle House pre-Guy Fieri (btw what a horrendous mural) and we thought the food was just ok but they have a good beer selection and tasty fruit flavored sake. The melon sake is probably my favorite. You do have to wait for a table for forever if you come during happy hour but its always a fun place to go to and the waiters are usually friendly… Although sometimes I eat beforehand.

    I think in the beginning DDD really was picking well but now they are running out of really solid places and just go anywhere. Some of his other SD picks are also not really thatttt great. Pretty funny, but the bf also likes Guy Fieri and always wants to go to the restaurants he features. Not sure what it is about Guy but he is clearly the Boy Whisperer.

    1. That elephant & kitchen comments were priceless. He said it so dry and drab too which made the comments even more ridic. He’s lucky I consider him a brother.

      Yeah my friend who lives in OB loves coming here for the drink specials as well. I’m pretty sure he’s drunk bumped into you at Lucy’s afterwards. I haven’t had sake in ages. There’s something about warm rice liquor that doesn’t settle well with me. Is the melon sake a warm drink? Augh that sounds bad right now.

      BOY WHISPERER !!!!!! BAHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Omg, seriously wiping tears from my eyes right now…

  2. Don’t feel bad. I listen to you Faye. I’d try O.B. Noodle House except it sounds too busy and too pricey. CDJ sounds like my sister-in-law.

    me: This is pretty good cha sui boa.
    SIL: The cha sui boa in National City is the best in town.
    me: What is the name of this wondrous place you go?
    SIL: I forget. I’ll get back to you.
    me: So how exactly is this National City boa better?
    SIL: I don’t know. I never went there. Somebody told me they are the best.
    me: Since they are the best in town shouldn’t you run down there and eat some?
    SIL: ….

    Have a fun weekend Faye! Going back to comic con tomorrow. 🙂

    1. Hi Soo,

      Ha thanks Soo. I’m not as badly hurt as I am being dramatic about.

      Your story so describes my weekly conversations with CDJ! Like word for word. My mom is kinda like that too (with restaurants in LA).

      I hope you had the best time at the Con. I’ve been seeing some fun stories on TMZ 🙂

      1. You are like a saint Faye! I only talk to the SIL every few months. 🙂 The con was awesome! I went on the free Gotham zipline:
        View this photo online:

        The new camera worked great at the con and I didn’t need a flash. 🙂

        1. That was THE funniest clip ever! Too bad you weren’t wearing any cosplay (is that the word) stuff when you were zipping down.

          Glad to hear the camera is working well for you and that you had a fantastic time at Comic Con –

  3. Dudes can be funny. I still think of TGIFridays when I think of Guy. I think that celebrity chefs are often times more about being entertainers and promoters than about the food.

    With some dishes, seeing consistency throughout time is easier said than done. With chefs coming and going, they may all be following exact same recipes. But some chefs just make things tastier than others. Maybe that was the case here that day with some of the dishes?

    The fried oysters do look good. I’d love a bite! I can’t eat pho without loads of hoisin sauce and sriracha either, plus extra lime! I don’t understand how people can eat that plain!

    1. Hey Behgo

      Gosh did he do commercial for TFIG too? Hey what do you think of TGIF’s new AYCE appetizers or something?

      I wished the chicken wings were better. I had such had expectations for them but maybe that’s the problem when going to try out a specific dish. Besides, Phoung has my benchmark fried chicken wings that I compare every single wing to.

      The fried oysters were so good! Why only a bite! My friend was same way – he doesn’t like oysters all that much. No one in my family eats pho w/ the hoisin and hot sauce. I remember your post about the pho. I still stand that one eats pho based on watching others eat it. Like I’m sure my nephews won’t add hoisin to their pho.

      Hope you’re surviving the heat !

  4. That Guy Fieri mural… is…. just…. wow. So bad. Please don’t throw a knife at me either, okay, Guy. The more I look at the mural the more it creeps me out.

    Even though you didn’t care too much for the wings at least they were all the “good” part of the wing! I like the wings at Phoung Trang, too, but I haven’t been back in awhile.

    Dude, $12 for fried rice? They should have put like 8 shrimps in there for that price. Geez.

    Even though Guy is annoying, I still watch DDD for the food porn. He usually manages to not annoy me too much but I can’t watch his cooking shows. That’s too much Guy time for me.

    1. Yeah right – that mural was soooo odd. Like is that his FOOT coming outta the wall or something.

      I love how you and I love the ‘good’ part of the wings. I wish more places did that so I will have to give mad props to OB noodle for that. I had wings at Phoung again the other day and I wish I could find something comparable. Help.

      $12 for fried rice is too much. I wish it was more substantial but oh well.

      DDD can be fun to watch if you DVR it and just fast fwd all the commercials and dumb stuff (hence anything involving his face – i kid, i kid!). I haven’t seen an episode in ages but I’ll have to this week so I can make fun of you 🙂

  5. The mural is hilarious! Well, a guy coworker recommended this place to me but I have no idea his sources! He’s a foodie though and surfs in the beach areas so that’s most likely how he found it! It’s a bit out of my way too so I haven’t quite made it there yet.

    I’m not a lover or a hater of oysters so I’d be curious what the fried version you recommend tastes like! Sometimes I feel funny about ordering fried rice but to be honest, some places do make it better than my home-cooked version. I should probably get a new recipe!

  6. I love OB Noodle House, and the new/2nd location is absolutely gorgeous! If you’re only going for the food, it might be meh, but if you consider the fun, social vibe and terrific beer list it’s one of my favorite places in SD to go and meet up with friends! I love the wet chow fun and Hong-Kong crispy noodles there and have ordered BOTH while dining alone and taking home the leftovers. The chinese sausage in the fried rice is pure bliss because it packs the flavor without the blobs of white fat that you get in the packaged kind!

    Soo, it’s definitely worth the wait, let me know when you wanna go! Let’s drag Faye! I swear she might see it differently if we go to the new location 😉

    1. Hi PJ,

      I heard about their 2nd location and would visit if I was in the area. I heard the drink specials are unreal here. I just can’t fathom the wait. And the crowds. And the parking. Aughhh. Must be nice to be young and oh so energetic (ahem – YOU).

      Ok I will do 2nd location with you. I will make sure to drink a pot of coffee before we meet up so I don’t get all ‘i’m soooo tired’ and poop out by 8p.

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