CARNITAS SNACK SHACK I can only imagine my favorite person in the ENTIRE world, Guy Fieri, visiting Carnitas’ Snack Shack sometime in the near future. Because, hey, Guy Fieri is da man and seems to discover these ‘hidden gems’ in San Diego before anyone else. Hope you could feel the sarcasm in that opening statement.… Read More CARNITAS SNACK SHACK – DEL MAR, CA



NOK THAI KITCHEN Dating does weird things to people. Not sure what’s going on with me at the moment but I think my head’s been up my butt lately. I rarely ever eat Mexican or Thai food. But last week, I ate Thai food AND Mexican food two days in a row. What the hell… Read More NOK THAI KITCHEN


Katsu Cafe

KATSU CAFE CDJ doesn’t give a lot of good suggestions when it comes to food. In fact, his ‘let’s go here and eat’ suggestions are usually pretty darn bad. Recently though, he suggested we meet up at Katsu Cafe to grab a quick lunch and catch up.  Welp, I might have found my new favorite… Read More Katsu Cafe


Henry’s Pub

HENRY’S PUB CDJ and I have been close friends for years now. There’s not much I wouldn’t do for this guy as he’s pretty much the only man in my life that can put up with my (food and non-food related) insanity. So. When CDJ suggests to do something, and it’s on a day when… Read More Henry’s Pub


Pearl Chinese Cuisine – San Diego, CA

PEARL CHINESE CUISINE Sis and  I have nothing in common except for the fact that we both hate Lifu because mom loves a dog more than her daughters. I’m kidding (right?). When the two of us crave a particular food, we CRAVE IT BAD. It’s like two hungry chipmunks hunting for a nut. Pearl Chinese… Read More Pearl Chinese Cuisine – San Diego, CA

South African

Peri Peri – San Diego, CA

PERI PERI I can honestly say that I’ve never tried South African food and wouldn’t be able to tell you a lick of what comes from this country. I mean unless Charlize Theron does a cooking show on TMZ, then I pretty much don’t know anything about the food from here. So it was great… Read More Peri Peri – San Diego, CA


Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill

BLUE WATER SEAFOOD MARKET & GRILL I pretty much thought I’d written off any Guy Fieri related restaurants here in San Diego. So I wasn’t exactly thrilled when a date suggested coming here for a Sunday lunch. I had heard almost TOO much about Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill and pretty much didn’t want… Read More Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill


Five Star Seafood Restaurant – San Gabriel, CA

FIVE STAR SEAFOOD RESTAURANT My mom’s sense of food is pretty nonchalant. She likes food but doesn’t go all bananas about it. I don’t understand how we are related. Her restaurant suggestions usually goes like this ‘I will take you to great restaurant in LA but I do not know the name of it so… Read More Five Star Seafood Restaurant – San Gabriel, CA