Rarely do I have a new found ‘whatever’ obsession. But holy cow – do I have one now. Like, BAD. Super bad. I go to bed dreaming about it. I wake up dreaming about it. It’s like having my first boy crush all over again. Recently my mom and sis went to H Mart to pick up a bunch of items to make a homemade shabu shabu for dinner. They brought home this huge box of fresh young coconuts that made me shake my head in disbelief. I’ve seen these boxes being sold at H Mart in Mira Mesa but never understood why people would even buy them.

I had my first taste of coconut water from a real young coconut when I visited Thailand some years ago. I bought it from a street vendor and watched him hack off the top of the coconut and then insert a straw into the coconut. I was beyond excited to try the coconut. I took my first sip and that was it for me. I HATED it. The coconut water tasted un-sweet and strange to me. There was a weird after taste to it that made me nervous. And that was the last time I ever tried coconut water.

Coconut water is all the rage right now. I hear about this water EVERYWHERE.Β Sometimes I’d read the nutritional labels on the back of the carton and be shocked at how high the carb count would be.

So after my mom’s awesome shabu dinner, my youngest sis decided it was time for me to try a coconut. She’d do all the work so all I had to do was watch. These photos were taken in 3 different sessions:

Session 1 (after shabu dinner):


Sis had already placed all the coconuts in my fridge so I had to take one out and put back into the box for you guys to see.


She started the process before I could take pics. I asked why she used the bottom of the coconut vs the top of it to extract the coconut water. She explained that she was taught to poke around the bottom of the coconut as the ‘eyes’ of the coconuts are on the bottom and therefore easier to poke around for the hole (vs chopping off the top hard portion of the top of coconut).


Look how much coconut water came out of the nut! Isn’t that crazy?

The water was already chilled as the entire box was bone cold when they bought it (not sure how H Mart stores the boxes). But OMGGGGG – the taste of the coconut water was UNREAL.

It was the most refreshing natural tasting anything I’ve ever had. It tasted light, yet sweet, and yet faintly nutty at the same time. I was a little put off after the first sip because it tasted weirdly sweet to me. But keep in mind that I usually use Splenda or an artificial sugar for my coffee/drinks. I haven’t had a natural fruit (apple, orange, etc) drink in ages. So the taste of this beautiful natural water that came from this particular coconut was such an odd sensation for me. I was sold.

Sis and I started talking about how to extract the meat/flesh inside the coconut. I asked how she usually does it and she said ‘well, I usually throw it on the ground’. I couldn’t tell if she was joking. Then she said that at our sister’s house, she would take the coconut and bang it on the granite stool sitting thingy in the backyard. I started laughing and screeched ‘Like a monkey????’.

I suggested that we use one of my crappy knives and a mallet to bust the thing open. The outer portion of this coconut is mostly fiber. The hard part to crack is the middle hard shell of the coconut (beneath the fibrous layers).





Voila!! See, you don’t have to throw on floor or bang against something like a dumb monkey.




You can scoop the flesh out with a spoon. The coconut flesh is a bit firm-jelly-like (a texture that can be strange at first). I didn’t like the first few nibbles I took of the flesh and even FratB commented that he felt the texture was just off putting to him.



Alright, so that was session 1. I wasn’t totally hooked-obsessed JUST yet but I told mom and sis to go back to H Mart the next day and buy some more of these coconut boxes. I mean come on – let’s do the math now – each coconut, with FRESH COCONUT WATER AND COCONUT MEAT – cost a whopping Β 0.67c. Where else can you get that kinda deal.

So of course H Mart was completely sold out of the coconuts by Sunday evening. We went back Monday afternoon and found a different brand selling still the 9 coconuts but only now for $7.99/box.


Organic?!!! We couldn’t remember if the first box from Saturday was organic. Regardless, mom said the $7.99 for the 9 coconuts was still a great deal (hence why we bought 4 boxes!).


The one on the left was from the $7.99 organic box and the one on the right was from the $5.99 box on Saturday.


I believe the coconut water itself is only about 4g of carbs or so though.


I read somewhere to slice off the top of the coconut and look for the 3 veins.


Do you see the 3 veins right above.


Then you’re supposed to take the knife and place it between the veins and tap the knife in. Then you turn the knife horizontally and then twist the knife to pop open the coconut flap. That probably makes no sense right now as I’m typing it so click here for a much better explanation πŸ™‚

This technique totally didn’t work for us and we ended up just forcing the knife into the top of the coconut. This was a terrible idea as it 1) ruined the knife even more and 2) made our hands hurt.


But at least we punctured a big ol’ hole in the thing! And looksees what we gots here…



Can’t you just *TASTE* it.

This coconut produced quite a bit of water. It filled this wine glass about 3/4 way up! And oh myyyy goodnessssss – it was like pure liquid gold for me and sis.

Session 3:

Rarely does youngest sis ever out-know me in ANYTHING. But I must say that with fresh young coconuts – well – she’s the master. She’s right about poking the bottom of the coconut to find the eyes. It’s easier and safer in our opinion to do it this way.


Use a steak knife to poke (and give a little twist with knife) the bottom of the coconut. You’re trying to find 1 of the 3 eyes of the coconut.


I think she found one of the eyes here. You can see the knife was able to go farther into the coconut than the other ‘pokes’ or ‘stabs’.

Once you find that eye (hole), gently twirl the knife in a circle and try to create a nice exit hole for the water to come out of the coconut.


Kinda like this!


That’s a CHILLED beer glass. Now *THAT* is the IDEAL way to drink this water folks. Do you see a bit of the coconut flesh floating in the water too πŸ™‚


Just so dang refreshing. So dang dang dang much. I want to drink this all freakin’ day and night. And I want J.S. to geek out with her crazy science/biology and tell me how coconut water will somehow make me younger and more powerful. My mom thinks the coconut water has helped me recoup faster from being sick.

If this pic doesn’t show I’m coconut obsessed than I don’t know what will. The funny thing is that I’ve been scooping out the coconut meat and storing the meat in a ziploc in hopes of giving it to my best friend to somehow use. The funnier part is that I’m too lazy to crack the coconut (after I extract water) so I throw the whole waterless nuts into fridge for FB to later crack (he jokes that he’s now my labor monkey).

Even at $7.99/box, each fresh young coconut costs only $0.89c. The fresh coconut water that you extract from each coconut is way fresher and healthier than what you can get at a supermarket. I was reading somewhere that a lot of companies pasteurize the coconut water in order to store in the bottle/canister/etc. Or they’ll use coconut concentrate and add tons of sugar. My mom said it’s tough to ship young coconuts to the States because the weight of the nuts are so heavy and therefore makes it quite costly.

So however H Mart is doing it, take advantage of the cheap price they’re selling the coconuts for right now. When it was $5.99/box, it was only ONE per person. But when it was $7.99/box, there was no limit. If you didn’t think you liked (fresh) coconut water before, I humbly suggest you try one from H Mart now as it might just change your opinion for the better on this water. Trust me – you’re reading this from a convert now…

Happy Friday all…

9440 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 577-0060

UPDATE 1/16/15 @ 3:09P:

Like an compulsive idiot, I had to call H Mart earlier to see if they had any more young coconuts for sale and at what price. I SWEAR I wasn’t going to get more boxes. I SWEAR. But after hearing that they were selling the boxes of fresh young coconut for $5.99 again…wellllll….yeahhhhh….I had to go.


My heart sank when I saw the entire inventory SOLD OUT. There was actually one box left that was stacked on top of the Asian pears but that box looked terrible (someone had opened it and the coconuts looked smaller). I asked a worker if there were perhaps more in the back and he irritatingly shook his head and said NO. I was so heart broken and lost that I started to aimlessly wander the fruit section. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder from the same disgruntled co worker and he pointed to this:


HA! SUCCESS!!! YES!!!! They stashed another inventory right next to the food court so look for this area if you go and don’t see young coconuts.


They are strict about the 2 BOX LIMIT. I’m sure you can cheat and find another cashier to check out (for a second purchase). I, fortunately, have an amazing accomplice so he was able to meet me here to help buy another 2 boxes (we are going to visit my family in LA tomorrow so these coconuts are going to make for great gifts!).


Yeah. I Know. I’m crazy. I managed to unload two of the boxes (total of 18 coconuts) into my fridge and I can honestly say that I can’t fit any more stuff into my over packed refrigerator now. I believe that these fresh coconuts must be refrigerated after 5 days but I’m not sure.

Note: 1) the coconuts were again super cold in boxes when I purchased them; 2) take your time to lift the box and feel for THE HEAVIER BOXES (I picked one box that was significantly heavier than our other three boxes) 3) this $5.99 box is NOT labeled organic as was the $7.99 box es we purchased on Monday andΒ 4) customers seem to know about this coconut deal because I saw a TON of people with at least ONE box of coconuts in their cart when I was checking out.

I want to say the $5.99 sale price started again today, Friday 1/16, but I am not sure how long this deal will go on for. Probably at least until Sunday (or when their inventory runs out).

And my happy Friday pic to you all (and to laugh at)…



FratB’s dog is over today and the effer took off when I was unloading the coconuts into my house. That’s me chasing the dummy around the park trying to catch him. He’s so fast. Like a weirdly fat butterball turkey that can run.

73 thoughts on “FRESH YOUNG COCONUT (HMART $5.99/BOX)

  1. I LOVE coconut, but I’ve tried the pre-packaged coconut water three or four times and each time I thought it was disgusting. It tasted nothing like the coconut I know and love, haha! Now I’m super tempted to give this a shot.

    I don’t mind the flesh, but you’re right, the texture is sort of weird. It kind of reminds me of haupia. Have you had that dessert? It’s like a light coconut custard.

    Now I’m craving coconut and have an irrational desire to sing “I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.” πŸ™‚

    1. Minion!

      Happy new year! I’ve never had haupia so I’m googling that after this. I’m not a fan of custard (I’m the one that eats the torched sugar on top of a creme brulee and then makes the friend eat the remaining custard) so maybe that’s why the coconut flesh a odd to me. I did notice that one of the coconuts (I recently opened) had SUPER SOFT flesh and it tasted amazing.

      You must go to H Mart and buy one of these coconut boxes (and take pics of you trying to bust one open – I about took off another two fingers trying to pry one open this morning – I got way frustrated and violent). The coconut water will taste so different than what you’ve had. Just try to have the coconut chilled in fridge before you open so you get cold refreshing coconut water.

      I’m googling I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts after I google haupia….


    This is amazing. Me and my youngest sister loooooove fresh coconut and I usually pay $3-5 dollars per coconut!! She lives in NY and has bought them for $7 each I think. She actually drinks them so consistently one of her friends got her a coconut opener for her birthday haha. Too bad there are no H Marts around her.

    Also so funny I had a similar first fresh coconut experience. I was in Brazil and our family friends had a boat so we went to this really cute little remote island and at lunch one of the servers went to get us coconuts….right off the tree! He climbed the tree right there then stuck it on ice and lopped off the top. And then I hated it. Hahahaha. But a couple years later I started liking them. Maybe the first one I had was just less sweet.

    Totally agree with Minion’s comment above too. Nearly every pre-packaged one sucks. The only ONLY one that tastes just like coconut is Harmless Harvest. It’s raw coconut water and its amazing and they sell it at Costco. Unfortunately its quite pricey ($15.99 for 4 at Costco).

    But who needs to pay $4 per bottle of raw coconut water when Faye tells you about magical coconut deals at H Mart! Thanks for the tip :DDD (mentally figuring out what I can throw away in my fridge to make room for moar coconutz)

    P.S. I like the slimy young coconut meat.
    P.P.S. I’ll come up with a fresh coconut science lecture for you πŸ˜›

      1. Haha! Well my reply was a novel too. Hopefully whoever else reading the post will learn from our craziness over these things.

        I’m honestly twiching to get another box. $5.99/box vs the $7.99/box I just bought. I wonder if it’s organic? Dang it. Stop obsessing.

        But don’t forget to drink the coconut water cold! The ones we go were already cold but if yours isn’t, use either a frosted beer mug (I know you have one in freezer) or put a wine glass in the freezer.

    1. I swear you’re like my freak out blog twin JS. Because of this, I just called H Mart and guess what! They’re selling them again for $5.99/box. I’m seriously THIS TEMPTED to drive there and get more but you saw my fridge pic. I don’t have any more space man. I asked the Hmart lady if there’s a box limit per person and she said no. But I think she’s wrong so you might want to bring an accomplice with you if you want another box (OR, I bet you’re ballzy enough like me to ask a random customer at HMart to buy one on your behalf.)

      FratB also thought he said a young coconut being sold at Whole Foods for like $5 bucks. So he couldn’t believe the H Mart box deal. I was going research on the young coconuts and it’s ridiculous how these coconut water companies are fooling the public to think they are selling them FRESH young coconut water. It’s mind boggling to read how the young coconut makes the water and stuff. I tried to find that coconut water at Costco – which location did you see it at? But yeah EFF THAT when you can go to H Mart and get a dang box for $5.99!!

      I’m too embarrassed to show you how much scooped out coconut flesh I have in a zippy right now. I can’t even make FB eat it. And there’s now like 4 whole waterless coconuts in fridge (see, it’s taking up space that I could use if I buy another box). Maybe I should buy a coconut splitter or something.

      Ok I will anxiously wait for your fresh young coconut science geek-out post πŸ™‚

      1. Oh man I got something for you!
        Google coconut kefir how to tutorial!
        You can use that stuff inside the coconut to make coconut milk and turn it into a dairy free kefir.
        I eat this every morning for breakfast with fresh raspberries and it’s heavenly! has the starters and video instructions
        The health benefits are amazing too!

  3. OMG I wish this post came out a week ago! I bought a single coconut for 1.99 and had a hell of a time trying to open it (should have googled it). Chef knife wasn’t working and there were cut marks everywhere! What finally worked was STABBING the bottom in various spots with thick kitchen shears until it poked a hole! (I was totally thinking that I needed that cocojack from the Latin Food Festival)

    Uh yea, but regardless, I just called hubby and told him to pick up a box of coconuts on the way home haha! Fresh coco juice for me and I’ll have to try a new method to get to the meat inside…

    1. Hi Lynn

      Where did you buy the single coconut for $1.99? I can’t remember seeing a young coconut being sold in an American supermarket. Now I’m wondering if 99 Ranch might sell them too. The STABBING method to find the holes is a most excellent way to tackle the water in these things! I tried this method again this morning but it totally failed (first time since Saturday). I COULD NOT find one of the eyes for the life of me. I was thinking they perhaps shaved the coconut the wrong way and mistook the bottom for the top or something.

      I just did an update on the post. I, ummmm, kinda met FB in the H Mart area for lunch (ok, fine, I met him there because I wanted to see their young coconut inventory). The $5.99 boxes aren’t marked organic and there is a limit of TWO boxes. It sounds like you have a great hubby if he’s going to stop by later to pick up a box. I saw one woman with 6 boxes in her cart!

      I hope you do a post on how you crack open the shell and extract the coconut meat!

      1. I bought a single one from vinh hung (vietnamese supermarket behind target mira mes). i youtube’d before attacking my new coconut stash and there was a video using a cleaver which i DONT have *sigh* . the mother-in-law told me she has this tool that make a hole big enough for a straw. so juice only, no meat, which seems wasteful. i hope the coconuts are good for a week though since i can’t quite get inside to the meat (still have no idea how i did it on the first one without a cleaver).

        no coconut post for me unless i do a recipe. my current efforts are embarrassing O_O

        1. I thought I had to have a cleaver too but I found a totally BETTER way of opening it. You do a need a good size knife though AND an ice cream scooper. Sounds weird but it totally works. I’ll try to do a quick post about it tomorrow. How much was the coconut at Vinh Hung? I’m going to call H Mart tomorrow to see if they have more young coconuts for sale. The BF has been using the coconut water and coconut meat to make a smoothie !

    2. 1.99 isn’t bad
      Where I live they are 2.99 each
      I went to the link here to buy a box of coconuts and I couldn’t find it on the site πŸ™

  4. Wow Faye! You are like when I was in North Carolina eating smoked dry rub ribs everyday. πŸ™‚ Congrats of finding cheap coconuts! If you are interested in getting easier access to your life giving liquids I have a drill which should poke a hole in it and a jigsaw which should cut it in half…

    1. Hi Soo!

      I have a new method now of opening the coconut but thank you for the power tool offer! Can you just imagine – busting out power tools JUST TO drink a coconut. It honestly could be easier though – it’s definitely a mess the way I was doing it.

      I can’t imagine eating ribs everyday – or maybe i can if the ribs were THAT good huh! πŸ™‚

  5. Your coconut obsession amuses me. I tried it once at the December Nights thing last month and it was okay, I guess? Apparently I need another minion to go out and procure a coconut and do all the work for me to see if it’s really truly worth it.

    1. Did you try the water from a FRESH young coconut though?!! I’m totally bringing you a young coconut the next time I see you!! I like how you have ‘minions’. It’s like you’re the bad a&& chimp leader in a pack of monkeys in the jungle (I’ve been watching a lot of NatGeo lately).

      I want minions too now πŸ™

  6. Catching up on some of your recent posts. You have been good with posting frequently! I wonder if the sale is still going on and if it is at all Hmart locations. You totally made me want some too. Looks so refreshing. I can just taste it through the pics. I can just imagine quenching into one of those in the hot summer days. But yeah, you do go a little bit crazy with stocking up lol.

    1. I just went back to H Mart today (I’m such a freak about that market) and the boxes of young coconut (non-organic) are on sale for $7.99. I stopped myself from buying another box (or 4!) because I’m going to hold out until they sell the organic ones again.

      I’ve been trying to get back to my regular weekly postings so I need all the encouragement I can gets. I’ll do same for you since you’ve been posting every, oh what…6 weeks! J/K – glad to hear from you regardless!

  7. Hi–I live in Phoenix, and we don’t have any H-Marts here. The lowest price we’ve found for a box of 9 young coconuts is $18. Is H-mart still offering the $5.99 or $7.99 boxes? If they still have these prices, or heck anything less than $18/box!, I’m thinking about calling them to find out who their supplier is. Our local Sprouts markets (national chain) are starting to sell coconuts for $3 each! That’s even worse than the $2 each by the case!

    1. Hi Cindy,

      I think the price of coconuts have gone up significantly. I went to H Mart just last weekend and I think I saw the box of coconuts for $18 or $19. They used to sell them individually too – I think they would just open one of those boxes and then price them ‘whatever’ price separately. But I didn’t see the individual coconuts for sale that weekend. So I’ll have to see next time if the box and individual coconuts are there next time and see how both are priced now. I hope you find some fresh young coconuts soon – the weather has been so warm so a nice cold glass of coconut water sounds so good right about now !

        1. Oh maybe the price went down a bit at Hmart recently. I still can’t believe we found organic raw young coconut for that $5.99-7.99 some time ago. Sigh. 99 ranch was selling boxes of the young coconuts some weeks ago but they didn’t look as ‘fresh’ as the ones I’d seen at H Mart.

          1. Yeah, 99 ranch doesn’t keep their coconuts cooled.

            Still looking for the Organic Coconuts.

            Also, do you ever get pink coconut water? I’ve gotten 3 in the last batch. Tossed them all out since they didn’t look right to me.

          2. Yeah the boxes of coconut at 99 Ranch always look so beat up and uncared for (gosh I’m making it sound like a poor pound dog puppy).

            I’ve seen the expensive bottled coconut water that claimed to be ‘fresh’ and unpasteurized. They said the water might turn pink but that it’s a ‘natural’ thing. I still haven’t bought any of those bottles. I’d rather spend a few bucks on a fresh young coconut.

          3. Hi JLin, I buy 9 fresh coconuts a week to make coconut water kefir. So I definitely have seen all sorts of colors of coconut water, and pink is not uncommon at all and is perfectly fine to use. You’ll know if your coconut or coconut water has gone bad as it will have that bad fermented sting/smell.

            I know coconut kefir is fermented, too, but in a safe way. Still has the “sting”–almost like it’s on its way to becoming soda, but it doesn’t have the scary taste to it ;)…it just is less sweet.

            I’m in another state so I don’t know what 99 Ranch coconuts look like. But my young coconuts are from an Asian market, always shrink-wrapped. It’s actually my hubby who buys them for me, so I don’t know if the market keeps them cold. Sometimes they sit on our counter at home for a day or two or even three before he gets around to opening them for me. I haven’t had that affect the quality of the coconut water. But, once we turn in ito kefir, we do keep that refrigerated πŸ™‚

          4. Hi Cindy May,

            Thanks for the helpful info!

            H Mart sells the raw coconuts individually (also shrink wrapped). I can’t remember if it’s in the ‘cold’ section though. I want to say they’re sitting by the apples or whatever fruit that doesn’t have to be refrigerated. I always refrigerate mine when I bring them home though.

          5. Yes…our store sells them individually as well, but if we buy a case of 9, we get a 10% discount, and since I go through about that amount every 7 to 8 days (I put coconut kefir water in a daily hot pink smoothie–great pro-biotics, and I’m sick, so this is one thing I really need), we just buy the case πŸ˜‰ And yeah, it is more at the $14 to $18 price for a case.

          6. I’ll have to research the coconut kefir a bit more then. I tried probiotics before but didn’t stick with it long enough to see any changes to my health. Fresh young coconut is expensive but gosh, I spend like, what, $2.85 for a starbucks coffee (a day?). I’m sure fresh coconut water does the body way better than a caffeine fix.

          7. hahaha πŸ˜‰ agreed! Coconut Kefir is labor intensive compared to something like making Kombucha tea. I only do it because it helps me and my very unique situation so much. Well, and I do like the way it tastes. But opening all those coconuts every single week–it gets old for sure. Once the coconuts are open, it’s not hard to add the water kefir grains, but still it’s not nearly as easy as Kombucha. Kombucha tea is easy-peasy once you have the SCOBY. I’ve never made it with the second fermentation round when you add the fruit flavors. The plain stuff I make is fine, good for you, but not like the tasty sodas you can make if you do the second round fermenting with fruit. I’ve never done that, so don’t know if it’s easy or not. If you’ve made it with the second round fermentation, I’d love to read your post on it!

          8. My best friend wanted to start making Komboucha tea at one point but then gave up (ie got lazy). I completely understand how old it gets opening coconut, after coconut, after coconut. It was frustrating. We didn’t really know what to do with the coconut flesh so it started to feel wasteful πŸ™ I’d scoop out the flesh and freeze it but the bags started to pile up in the freezer. I haven’t done any fermentation with the young coconuts but your comment has inspired me to (well, inspired me to try out the recipe and give it to my best friend to try). Have a great weekend Cindy May πŸ™‚

          9. Thanks, you, too Faye! I too have piles of frozen coconut flesh in my freezer πŸ˜‰ At this point, I do (hate to admit it) throw most of the coconut meat out–just due to the labor of it. I do scoop out some and add it to my hubby’s fruit salads that I occasionally make. But I haven’t even gotten close to touching the frozen coconut meat. I’m guessing it will end up being dumpstered at some point. I don’t like being wasteful either… I know what I COULD do with it. But time, energy, and health are all issues!

          10. Whew. Thank goodness someone else didn’t know what to do with the coconut meat. We tried to blend the coconut meat with a bit of the coconut water to make a smoothie but good nervous about the calories from the coconut flesh. We finally just realized it was ok to just extract the water and be fine with it.

    1. Now I’m trying to remember if some of the coconut water had been beige colored. Maybe slightly. Gosh now you guys are making me want to go back to Hmart and buy a box! Maybe Cindy will know about the beige color.

      1. Wow, I never felt like a coconut aficionado! Our coconut water varies in color all the time from a light milky/white color to the pink to beige/tan. I’ve never had any problem with coconut water gone bad, except with some coconut I left in the refrigerator too long. When we tasted the meat, it had the stingy, “I’ve gone bad taste”, s?o? ?w?e? ?a?t?e? ?i?t? ?a?n?d? ?g?r?e?w? ?m?o?l?d? ?o?u?t? ?o?u?r? ?e?a?r?s? ?t?h?e? ?n?e?x?t? ?d?a?y?.? ?I?t? ?w?a?s? ?d?i?s?g?u?s?t?i?n?g?!? so we threw it out πŸ™‚ So far our noses or tongues have been able to notify us if something was truly wrong with it!

        (I used to have Cambodian neighbors across the street, so she helped me feel a lot more comfortable using coconuts. She grew up picking them out of her front yard tree all the time!)

        1. Oh wow $13 per box isn’t bad! I just tried to call our local HMart and they said they can’t quote prices over the phone πŸ™

          I went to a Latin Food Fest Grande Tasting recently and there was coconut rum. I gave you and Cindy May a shout out on post as you guys have re ignited my coconut water passion!

        2. I wish we had an H-mart here! $13/box is awesome! Is that for 9 coconuts? We are paying $18/box, and can’t find them anywhere for less (in Arizona). Another new Asian market opened here, and their coconuts are the same price.

          coconut rum…YUM! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the shout-out! If I lived there, I’d be on my way to H-Mart!

          1. I’m going to try to call them later tonight and see if someone else from HMart *might* tell me the current price of a box. That sucks AZ doesn’t have cheaper young coconut prices πŸ™

          2. Yes, it’s for 9. And this batch had zero pinkies.

            Yeah, Hmart is now my go-to place for Fresh Coconuts. I still go to the Viet market for my live dungeness crab.

            Local Viet market: 8.99 / pound
            99 Ranch: 9.99 / pound
            Hmart: 10.99 / pound

          3. I don’t think I’ve had one coconut that’s had the pink water yet (I guess we were lucky with all of our boxes). I hopefully will visit Hmart this weekend to check out the prices. I just tried calling them AGAIN and they won’t tell me the coconut prices over the phone. I got them to reveal they’re on sale though.

            Thanks for the tip on the dungeness crab! They’ve been SUPER pricey here in SD.

  8. Nice to see so many coconut water lovers. I just came back from a trip to Costa Rica and I am obsessed…been on the hunt for fresh young coconuts ever since. I live in Ohio…so imagine the challenge πŸ˜‰ Be grateful you are somewhere you can find them in bulk.

    1. Hi Tanja,

      Welcome back from Costa Rica – I heard it’s beautiful there. I’m sad there’s not more fresh young coconut options in Ohio.

      I have admit that I drove to H Mart after lunch today and bought a box of fresh young coconuts (9 total) for $12.99 ! Not a bad price but definitely nada compared to the $5.99 I paid all that time ago.

      Will hopefully do a post soon on today’s purchase! They were actually selling the coconuts individually so I’ll do the math breakdown in post as well.

  9. Man I suck at buying coconuts. How do you tell if a coconut is fresh when it’s inside the box? Do you feel it?

    The last 2 boxes were all yellow water. I returned the first box, but the 2nd box was the same. No wonder it was only $8 at hmart… lol

    1. I can’t personally tell if the boxes of coconuts will be bad or not. Most of the boxes are sealed with instructions not to open to inspect (lame right). But I’ve been lucky so far with all the boxes as no batch has turned out poorly. Not a single one. So I’m not sure what’s going with your boxes πŸ™ I cracked open another young coconut yesterday to see perhaps if the coconut water was a bit yellow (maybe that’s natural in a few?) but the water in this one was pretty clear. But gosh $8 bucks for an entire box right now is hella cheap!

      1. Well, I’m done buying from this H-Mart location. Purchased another box and it was bad. (brownish water). You can see it better if you pour it into a white ceramic bowl.

        Back to the Vietnamese market and they all been good.

        The last 3 boxes I purchased from H-Mart were not cold so that could be why. They need to be refrigerated.

        1. Oh no. That’s terrible news. I went to H Mart last week and the boxes were $12.99 I think on that visit. Do the Vietnamese markets sell the coconuts in boxes or are they sold individually?

  10. The best way to open a coconut is with coco-jack. It was on shark tank! Let’s you open the coconut without having to sacrifice your fingers! ??

  11. I have really enjoyed the feedback and the quest for green tender coconut water. I have a 120 acre coconut plantation here in Panama. Shipping time to the US to ports on the Gulf Coast is a week. Green coconuts need to be shipped in a refrigerated container from going bad. It seems like everything being purchased is coming from Asia. That is about a month at sea. Not good for green coconut water. You want fresh try and find something that is coming from the Gulf Coast.

    As for as telling if the green coconuts you purchase are bad try and look on the box at the shipment date. Anything past three weeks is not going to be good. Also make sure the coconut button is still attached to the coconut. This is the part of the coconut that is attached to the tree. If it is not there the coconut will most likely be bad.

    Now, talking about the size of the coconut. I have some coconuts that are the size of a baseball and talking about SWEET COCONUT WATER. Well, these are it. Others I have produce a little over a liter of water. But on average 0.5 liters to 0.8 liters.

    Street price for coconut water here in Panama is 50 cents for the small baseball type coconut and up to $1.50 for large green coconut.

  12. My wife and i accidentally ended up in playa rincon Dominican republic… they added rum to the water in the coconut and chilled it was yum yum from what i remember

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