Bring it Mira Mesa. BRING…IT. I’m sorry  but I get so excited when I see a new Korean restaurant opening in the 92126 zippy here in San Diego. Tofu House recently opened in Mira Mesa and I’ve been waiting to try out this sister restaurant to their Tofu House in Convoy. V and I finally had the chance to meet for lunch so we both happily agreed to try this Tofu House last week.


I *think* this used to be the old Arby’s (when was the last time you actually stepped foot in an Arby’s by the way).


This building actually shares the same cross street as QT Pot so if you hate the food at Tofu House, you can always walk across the cross street and eat there.



I was surprised by the brightness of this location. And look what still is being offered gratis at Tofu House…


We didn’t try these but I think these beverages are flavored water/kool aid type drinks.

The restaurant was already bustling by the time we sat down around 11:30a.

Banchan and raw eggs on each table
Banchan and basket of raw eggs

The complimentary banchan included cucumbers, pickled radish, fish cake, and kimchi.

Each table already has the banchan and eggs placed on the table (which I found a bit frightening because how long do the eggs and cold banchan stay out before they are eaten or swapped out).

I like the fish cake the most and the sweet/tart sliced cucumbers are a close second. The busboy was amazing and constantly made sure our banchan was re filled each time one was empty.


V and I secretly gave each other a high five when we saw how many eggs were on the table (reason to follow).

Ordering took a bit as there appeared to be only one busy Korean man taking all the orders at each table. TOFU HOUSE MIRA MESA

Our white rice arrived about ten minutes before we received our orders. I love the aluminum bowls but always fear that it cools the rice unwantingly faster (compared to a ceramic bowl).


shrimp, pollack roe, clam, oyster, scallop, crab meat, clam meat, and calamari $9

This was my tofu stew (Soondubu) of choice and I opted for the spiciest ‘hot’ level.


And this is mine after I cracked three of the raw eggs into my ridiculously hot tofu cauldron.


This is what my cauldron looked like after I added my final 4th egg. I normally wouldn’t add that many eggs but the broth level was lower than normal and I wanted to add more ‘ummph’ to the stew. I usually omit the yolks but this time I added the entire egg and loved what resulted from it. The stew turned out almost creamy and rich. I think each tofu place you visit will have their own take on Soondubu. V believes that Tofu House does Soondubu the best. I do think there’s nice flavor to their soondubu but that they skimp on all the ingredients listed that’s supposed to be in the stew. I detected *maybe* 2-3 pieces of each listed item and I think, in mine, the crab meat was missing.

NOTE: you cannot delete an item listed for a soondubu and ask for a substitution. IF YOU DO, they will consider it as an ‘AS YOU WISH TOFU’ and charge you $11 for the soondubu



shrimp, clam, oyster

This was V’s soondubu and you can tell they didn’t fill it all the way. We found this peculiar as they usually top it off at their Convoy location.


This was her adding one of her many eggs to her cauldron. She usually adds more than 3 eggs to hers but let’s just say she broke the bank in ‘how many raw eggs can I crack into a soondubu before it spillith over’ that day.


Look at how *extra* creamy and yolky her stew turned out. It was so rich and yummy. Why did I only add egg whites in the past. She truly enjoyed her soondubu and said it’s still the best version she’s had. She said there’s a special soup flavor here at Tofu House that she hasn’t been able to find elsewhere (including the soondubu packets you can buy at H Mart).


Alright. Ok. We used alot of eggs.

GALBI 10 oz $14
GALBI 10 oz $14

Of course I had to order these marinaded short ribs right. But check out the $14 dollar price tag. For a TEN OZ portion. The Tofu House here in Mira Mesa sells their galbi in TWO PORTION sizes (10 oz for $14 and 15 oz for $17). I never saw that at their Convoy location.

I do enjoy their sizzling version and I find their galbi marinade pleasantly savory yet sweet. I like my galbi to be a fatty but the 10 oz portion we received was a bit *too* fatty. Plus, the portion felt incredibly small and unfair (we counted maybe 6-7 tiny short rib pieces). I felt disappointed that they would charge such a premium for what was served that day.

Aside from the attentive busboy who busted his arse to serve an already packed restaurant, the 1 or 2 main servers had a difficult time tending to everyone. It took us over 15 minutes to get the check and another 10 minutes to wait for someone to take the payment.


$34.56 for two people for lunch is not something that I’d likely pay again. Compare this meal to the soondubu + galbi combo I received at nearby D&C Tofu House last year. I paid only $15.99 for that D&C combo that INCLUDED a tofu stew, galbi, and more banchan to choose from. I do enjoy the soondubu here at Tofu House but the $9 price tag is steep for just a tofu stew during lunch.

V and I were amazed at the amount of business they were getting by the time we left. We saw 3 groups of 10+ per party that just walked in hoping for a table. So it doesn’t appear that Tofu House Mira Mesa will be hurting for business any time soon. If you’re in the area, give this place a try but hopefully you’ll give the other places like D&C Tofu House or Tofu Ka a chance as well.

Here’s their menu:



9089 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126

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16 thoughts on “TOFU HOUSE – MIRA MESA, CA

  1. The galbi looks delicious. 🙂 Last month I made galbi and it was $9.99/lb for the medium grade short ribs at Zion. I bought 4 lbs and had galbi for lunch for a week. 🙂

    1. The galbi was delicious but just too expensive. And yeah, H Mart is right down the street so I should just go there and buy it by the lb! Does Zion have cheaper galbi by the lb? I haven’t bought meat there in ages so maybe I should go there this week and check out the prices. Recently H Mart has been selling one grade of galbi and it ain’t cheap. I usually buy the cheaper grade as the lb-age adds up b/c of the dang bones 🙁

      1. I like Zion as you have a choice of 3 different grades of short ribs. The cheap grade is $8.99. I usually get the medium grade as I prefer the taste to the cheap grade. Also they sell marinated short ribs if you are lazy or want to cook it right away.

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize Tofu House had already opened, and yes, it used to be an Arbys. I do prefer the flavor of the tofu stew at Tofu House over D&C. I don’t think Manna BBQ has opened yet down the street …

    1. Hi Sandy

      Yeah Tofu House in Mira Mesa is open so it’s kinda exciting 🙂

      Funny you mentioned about D&C because I JUST had lunch there today ! Writing about Tofu House made me wonder if D&C was better. And I agree with you and V that the tofu stew at Tofu House is better. BUT (and this is a huge BUT), the galbi portion at D&C for their soondubu + galbi combo deal is amazing. Plus, I enjoyed the taste of their galbi today for lunch. The price of that deal went up to $16.99 now though (not bad considering what we just paid a la carte at Tofu House).

      Manna BBQ in Mira Mesa is open now too! I’ve been meaning to go but have ended up retreating back to my favorite Jeong Won.

  3. Yes, this used to be the Arby’s. The Arby’s that had no drive-thru so you really had to WANT it to to go into Arby’s. It always seemed like it was empty to me and wondered how it even lasted as long as it did. Arby’s – we ain’t friends.

    Whoa you guys did use a lot of eggs. I wouldn’t have even known what to do with the eggs, haha. Mary is not very familiar with Korean food, obviously.

    1. I visited that Arby’s years ago and it was so bad. The pics of their roast beef sandwiches always looked so delicious. But what you’d get was this weirdly grey meat that looked and tasted so bad. Funny you remember there was no drive thru there you weirdo. That just shows me you secretly love Arby’s.

      Yeah we demolished that egg basket. You know what’s so funny. I was thinking about the eggs earlier and thought ‘gosh, if they didn’t know, I wonder if first timers just drop a whole raw egg (vs cracking it) into the tofu stew’. So I was laughing because I could totally see you doing that! I’d have to get that on youtube or something.

      1. Pfft. Arby’s can bite me. I just thought it was a weird for a fast food restaurant to not have a drive-thru. Their roast beef sandwiches were gross.

        Haha… okay… give me a little credit. I meant I wouldn’t know what the eggs were for and like, only order galbi or something and be like “Eggs… why are there eggs? I don’t need eggs…”

        1. Good point about a fast food joint not having a drive thru though. I’m trying to think of all the fast food places I’ve seen with NO drive thrus now.

          I think I’d so mess with you at a Tofu House even if you ordered galbi. I’d probably, nonchalantly, tell you ‘oh you crack an egg over the sizzling galbi…yeah, for realz, you do.’

          But V did suggest cracking an egg over the sizzling onions under the galbi – how smart of an idea is that!

  4. we just ate here yesterday. the galbi seems expensive for the portion size and was way too fatty for me. my favorite galbi is still at Do Re Mi and it’s much meatier. i also thought tofu soup was usually cheaper than $9/bowl or at least cheaper than ramen noodle! maybe i don’t eat soup-type items often enough to know prices! must do more research… 🙂

    1. I’m glad you were able to visit this location. I haven’t been to Do Re Mi in ages but I think I remember DRM having a soondubu+ galbi lunch combo? I was talking to a barista today who tried Tofu House in MM and he defeatedly said that even though Tofu House MM is expensive, it’s still one of the best soondubus around 🙁

  5. To answer your question: I’m pretty sure the last time I went into an Arby’s was 1999, at the airport in Rio de Janeiro. Yup. But I do love roast beef so I’m surprised I haven’t ever gone again.

    The first time I went to Tofu House I went with my Korean roommate and I was super freaked out by the raw egg…..but then it turned out delicious. Then I went again with my non-Asian friend and we waited too long to add the egg and it didn’t cook and it was weird. I’ve never thought of adding more than one though. I usually get the same seafood one you get…..but infinitely less spicy I imagine 🙂

    1. Maybe Rio has better roast beef sandwiches than here. How crazy would that be. And you had it at the dang airport too. I bet it’s a fancy schmancy airport.

      I remember seeing the raw eggs when I first visited a tofu house. We weren’t freaked out but more like crap wtf do we do with it. But I think the trick now, for me, is to add as many eggs possible. I’ve added eggs to the stew when it’s not boiling and it didn’t doesn’t taste the same as when you drop it in when the stew is like molten lava.

      We must work on your spicy tolerance…

      1. Ha the bf is always trying to work on my spicy tolerance….you guys can gang up on me :/ Every time I order Thai food and ask for a spicy level lower than 5 he tsks tsks me under his breath -_____-

        1. I think it’s mind over matter man. You gotta train your *mind* to tell your taste buds that ‘hey, it’s not *that* spicy’.

          That made no sense as I’ve had spicier than spicy foods and it plain ol’ hurts. So I will try to have more compassion when you order a whimp 5 at spicy places. I will try.

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