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Supernatural Sea to Sandwich

I was going to do a fun wine tasting in Miramar (I know, odd right) but the tasting didn’t offer as much food as we’d originally thought. Luckily, I remembered Supernatural Sea to Sandwich was nearby so we took a quick walk from the wine store to this popular sandwich shop. The heat that Saturday was excruciating. Like, no joke. It was brutal brutal brutal heat. The sandwich shop is small and it was packed to the brim with customers so that didn’t exactly help with air conditioning circulation that humid afternoon.


There’s also outdoor patio seating.


You wait in line to place your order with the cashier. The food is then brought out to your table (or bar table seating).


This is a smaller portion for $5. I smiled when I saw the ‘you-tiao’ (Chinese fried donuts) on top of the chowder.


The chowder was nice and creamy but could have been served hotter. They use bay scallops for this chowder. You could definitely taste and see the slivers of bacon in this soup. It was an ok cup of soup but not sure if I’d order it again.


Lobster Roll with Umami Butter

Damn this is a good looking sandwich isn’t it. The lobster tasted meaty and nicely seasoned.


I’m not exactly sure we could taste the “Umami Butter” in the sandwich though. What exactly was in the umami butter. It made me think of throwing a Make Your Own Umami Butter themed party (maybe add truffles, egg roe, foie gras, etc).


Diver Bay Scallops and Bacon

I was happy that the scallops were nice, plump, and large for this sandwich.


I wasn’t blown away by this sandwich as it tasted a bit plain for some reason. I’m not sure if it needed more spicy mayo (?) or another spread to add another punch to the scallops in this sandwich.


Here’s a pic of the scallops and lobster claw from both sandwiches.


And here’s a close up pic of the toasted buttered rolls these use for our sandwiches. Friend liked the rolls as it tasted like a bready, thick white toast hot dog bun. I personally thought the rolls were a bit too bready and thick but that’s just me.

Service was pleasant and tables/bar areas were cleaned quickly. There’s no rules on ordering first before you can save a seat so keep that in mind if you visit during peak hours. I think I’d revisit this Supernatural Sea to Sandwich if I was in the area again.

Supernatural Sea to Sandwich
7094 Miramar Rd
Ste 105
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 831-7835

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15 thoughts on “Supernatural Sea to Sandwich

    1. They have many sandwiches to choose from so I hope you get to try them out. Plus, Ballast Point is down the street so there ya go…

      I actually like Jersey Mike’s sandwiches 🙂

  1. Supernatural is crazy busy like every time I go (for lunch). Sometimes it’s so packed there are no seats so I’m forced to take it to go, which is fine. But sometimes I just want to eat that sandwich RIGHT NOW. I do agree that the bread is a bit on the thicker side. Usually I just eat these sandwiches with a fork now because trying to pick it up is a disaster for whatever shirt I’m wearing that day.

    1. I was surprised how busy they were that Saturday. In MIRAMAR. The crampness and lack of a/c just killed it for me that afternoon. Eating a sandwich with a fork is totally cool in my book.

  2. I think the bread is quite thick for me so the insides have to be VERY meaty or stuffed so that it’s balanced well. I did like the lobster roll but that bread was putting me off that day. It’s been a while since my visit though. Sometimes fivestar sends offers for this place. Once I got a B1G1 free but missed out on using it!

    1. Oh I’ve been trying to use FiveStar more often (I only use it at Boto Sushi though). It seems like quite a few people like the lobster roll here. Have you tried the lobster rolls at the farmers market?

      I can’t believe they have a BOGO here at Supernatural! That would be a great coupon to have and use.

    1. Maybe you can break down what’s in the Umami Butter then. I’m really curious what’s in it.

      Did you think the lobster roll here at Supernatural was better than the lobster roll we had at the Hillcrest Farmers market?

  3. Hi Faye,

    I’m still on the hunt for a lobster roll to end all lobster rolls here in San Diego. So far, I’ve tried the one at Ironside, the Wicked Lobster place (the one usually seen in farmer’s markets), and Lobster West. I have yet to try the one here, but I’m more of a fan of the mayo-based rolls than the butter-based ones. Sadly, I have yet to find one that is excellent in San Diego, especially since most of the lobster here is somewhat water-logged instead of being firm and juicy. Ironside is probably the worst offender here actually, and it’s because the mayo they use is a “brown butter mayo” which is incredibly heavy. Like halfway through my sandwich, I wanted a nap.

    I actually find the chipotle mayo they use on the scallop roll at Supernatural to be totally overbearing, and would much rather prefer a simple garlic aioli or something.The sweetness of the scallops are totally lost in all the flavor from the bacon and mayo (in my opinion of course). It is also a little one dimensional because both bacon and chipotle are “smokey”, and I think it could use a bit of zip.

    My favorite sandwich so far is the Kirin, which is their take on a banh mi with shrimp and chinese sausage. I think I need to have them add a fried egg to that sometime.

    1. Hi Ben,

      Oh man what’s with Ironside right now. I swear you’re like the FOURTH person that’s been to Ironside recently. I had dinner there recently and thought it was pretty good (didn’t have the lobster roll though). Gosh, I can’t remember the price of the lobster roll at Ironside now – was it expensive? Brown butter mayo sounds heavy but super yummy right now for some reason.

      I had the lobster roll at the Hillcrest Farmers Market. But I can’t remember if it was cold or hot.I think it was warm so probably butter? Friend paid for it and I remember it being like $17? Have you tried the lobster roll at the LJ Farmers market.

      I heart scallops like nobody’s business so the sandwich at Supernatural was alright. I wonder where they get their scallops from. You should ask if they have a garlic aioli they can use on the sammy next time you’re here. I’m not a big ‘smokey’ kinda person so I get your distaste for chipotle and bacon combined together.

      Heard the Kirin is quite good but now you’re making me want to re visit a banh mi place in Mira Mesa. Can you believe V Sandwiches burned down. Sad.

      1. V Sandwiches?! Haha, you mean K Sandwiches, right? I think you have the idea of a “V”ietnamese sandwich on your mind. Last I heard, they were in the process of rebuilding, and I wish them well. In Mira Mesa, I think you’re talking about Ba Le? It’s been years since I last went there – I personally don’t like the “fat loaf” style of bread, and prefer the longer style, if that makes sense.

        Supernatural sources from Catalina OP, or at least, used to (their produce is from Suzy Farms, and bread from Bread & Cie, if I remember correctly!). Smokey is nice, but it can get super monotonous – it needs something sour to balance it out. Or maybe I’ve just been eating too much thai food.

        I think the roll at Ironside was 20-22 dollars with fries.I haven’t had the one at La Jolla farmer’s market, but would it be the same stand as the HIllcrest/Ocean Beach one? The stand is called Wicked Maine Lobster, and I noticed they do have a stand in Hillcrest, La Jolla, and OB. Their lobster roll is decent, but the lobster is a little water-logged.

        1. Um. Ooooops? Yeah I meant K, not V. Not sure what I was thinking so thanks for the correction. Dang letters.

          I still love Bale the most in Mira Mesa. But I’m still a newbie when it comes to banh mi. Have you been A Chau in El Cajon? I need to visit that place to compare their banh mi to the ones I’ve tried in Mira Mesa.

          Does Supernatural really get their seafood from Catalina? I guess that wouldn’t surprise me other than that their scallop chowder wasn’t as awesome as I had hoped. And I didn’t know their rolls come from Bread & Cie?!

          Maybe my next social experiment will be Farmer Markets lobster rolls huh. Like try a lobster roll at every FM that has one. *THAT* won’t be too expensive and make me go broke right 🙂

  4. I wish this place was closer to home. Bert tried their Kraken sandwich several years ago when they were just a booth at the now defunct San Diego Farmers Market. It’s good they have an actual brick and mortar location now but it’s too far for me (whine whine). That lobster sandwich looks great…chockful of meat!

    1. Oh wow I didn’t realize they started at farmers markets! There’s something about lobster rolls and sandwiches that just makes one happy 🙂

      I want to try a lobster roll at the LJ FM soon but always cringe when I see the price tag (but hey, it’s expensive anywhere you go right).

      Hope you get to try out Supernatural if you’re in the area sometime soon (then go explore Ballast Point down the street!)

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