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Grilled meats are a necessity after a long hike at Torrey Pines. They just are. Friends think beer is more of a necessity but that’s why they’re outta shape. Kabob Lounge is located on El Camino Real in the same building as California Bank and Trust. They’re also next door to Ken Sushi Workshop which I’ve always wanted to try but get scared of going broke eating there.  The restaurant wasn’t that busy the weekend we visited so there was plenty of parking.


Kabob Lounge can be tough to find as they’re tucked away in this business center. Look the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse across the street if you need a reference point.

They have an outdoor patio with heaters. I liked the planters that enclosed the patio as it made the restaurant feel more separated from their neighbors.


The interior was clean and nicely air conditioned.


They have a self service soda fountain towards the back of the restaurant.


You order and pay at the cashier. They give you a number to put on your table and bring the food to you when it’s ready.

Spanakopita (3 pieces) $4.75

Handcrafted spinach pie, onions with feta cheese

The spanakopita tasted freshly fried as they arrived to the table piping hot. We had a coupon for a free appetizer (with purchase of another appetizer) so this was our choice for the freebie.


I can’t remember much taste of the spinach filling but the crunch was fantastic.

Combination Appetizer Platter $10

A combination of Baba Ghanouj, Hummus, Dolmades, Tabbouleh, and Falafel

This was a nice way to try out a variety of the appetizers here at Kabob Lounge. It’s a fair price at $10 and the presentation is pretty. The baba ghanouj and hummus were both creamy but under seasoned. They give you a small plate of pita which I don’t think they make in house. The tabbouleh tasted bright and fresh.


The two dolmades are filled with rice, tomatoes, onions, garlic. We didn’t really like these because of the mushy texture but that’s just us.


I have been on a falafel binge since our friend’s ‘Call Em How You Like Em Pita sandwich‘ Mediterranean party earlier this year.  The falafels here are dense and hearty. They appeared to be fried a tad bit long as the falafels tasted dry.

Combination Kabob #3 $18.50

Beef Shish Kabob and Ground Sirloin Kabob

You can choose two sides for your combination plates. We opted for the basmati rice and the shirazi salad (+$1).

I originally thought $18.50 was a hefty price tag for a two skewer plate but was happy when we saw this large plate arrive to our table.


Here is a close up of the beef shish kabobs and the ground sirloin kabobs. Grilled onions and red bell peppers are also skewered with the beef shish kabobs (which is filet mignon according to the menu).


And goodness gracious – the filet was tender, juicy, and flavorful. I thought it would be dry since it was grilled well done but surprisingly the pieces of filet were anything but dry.  We couldn’t get enough of this shish kabob. The ground sirlion was equally flavorful and moist but we all agreed the filet skewer was the star of the meal.

The restaurant got busier by the time we finished our dinner. I saw a few patrons picking up to go orders as well. I can see myself revisiting to order the beef shish kabob again and trying out more skewers from their menu.

11375 El Camino Real
Ste 170
San Diego, CA 92130
(858) 720-6600

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9 thoughts on “Kabob Lounge

  1. Hi Faye! How’s it going? I haven’t commented in a while, mostly just been lurking, but had some time today so here I am.

    I also want to try the Sushi Workshop, but I keep feeling dissuaded from the mentions of poor service and possibly racism in the Yelp reviews. If I remember correctly, that sushi place happens to have a dish with all sorts of fish roe, uni, and a butter sauce that sounds amazing. But like you mentioned, the prices are also a bit higher than I’m used to for good quality sushi.

    I see you’ve been on a middle eastern kick recently – have you tried Alforon? I don’t remember if I saw a blog post from you about it, but I think it remains one of the best examples of middle eastern cuisine in San Diego. The Baba Ganoush (my favorite) is off the charts. I’ve also been meaning to drag myself to Ala Turca at some point, the mixed grill plate looked very tempting.

    Do you tend to prefer the “fine” grind of chickpeas for falafel, or the chunky kind? I personally like the finer grind, mostly because I got a rock in the chunkier version once…

    My kick currently is poke – but San Diego has usually proven to be rather poor for selection, and I’ve been subsisting off Costco poke (surprisingly well balanced and fresh). Have you found anywhere that’s absolutely amazing? I tried the place in the farmer’s market in Mira Mesa, but I actually think Costco is better. Pokirito opened recently in Convoy, but their marinade ratio is awful (way too much sesame oil), however, their fish portions are generous if you get the large size.

    Anyhow, I hope you’re doing well! I was recently at the UTC, and remembered how we discussed the not-so-soon opening of the expansion: did you know there’s going to be a Shake Shack there next year?!

    1. Hi Ben!
      My friends rave about Ken Sushi and swear it’s the best sushi in town. I wish I could agree or disagree but everyone said the prices are outrageous so I haven’t had the chance to go. The pictures of their sushi on yelp are so tempting though. My sister still stands by Sushi Ota as the best sushi (I haven’t been there in years).

      I remember seeing Alforon on yelp some years ago and they received such great reviews. I thought they were mostly flatbreads though? I want to try their garlic paste sauce thingy – gosh – what is the name of that thick sauce? Baba Ganoush is one of my favorite items so I’ll have to visit Alforon if I’m in that area. I hope you get a chance to try Ala Turca as their meat plate is pretty awesome.

      I think I like the finer grind of falafels. I wish I had the falafel recipe my friend makes at his parties as those are still the best ones I’ve ever had. I’ve tasted those ‘rock’ falafels you’ve mentioned 🙁

      It is TOO funny you mentioned poke b/c 1) friend bought me two kinds of it at Costco (not cheap either) and both versions were pretty bad and 2) we visited Liberty Public Market recently and Fishbone actually seems like they might carry great poke! We ordered the live uni ($10) and a sashimi roll (salmon, tuna, carrot – wrapped in rice paper) and, omg, both items were pretty good. I plan on revisiting soon. But check out their info b/c I think you might like the poke option there.

      I did NOT know Shake Shack was coming to UTC!! Will they be located by the theatres?

      Hope you’re well too Ben 🙂

  2. They have different rices here that you can upgrade to for an additional fee. I remember I really liked their herbed flavored rice pilaf. I love rice with additional flavors since normal rice is boring to me. I keep wanting to order the lamb kabob here but I always get frightened of the price – ha.

  3. Wonderful pics, this is everything I want on a platter they never seem to include the tabouleh with dolma but this has it! Definitely bookmarking this, happy I found your blog through Soo’s

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