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Roast – Point Loma (Liberty Station), CA

Sometimes a rough day means taking a break and getting some fresh air. I visit Liberty Station every once in awhile but never really took the time to enjoy what it offers. Roast is new addition to the Station and I’ve been dreaming about their beef and porchetta. They offer sandwiches and salads. Their location is small but that didn’t matter to me as the food quality was pretty good.

They are located inside Liberty Public Market by the Stone Brewing Company. I am still a fan of this market which you read about here.


The menu is simple and easy to read. Roast has a very small location with limited seating. You order, pay, and wait for your items to be prepared. It’s best to take the order outside to the Market’s patio and enjoy the food there.


The beef was medium rare that day. The girl sliced off about three small pieces and weighed them for our sandwich.


The nice cashier (I believe he’s the husband of the owner?) offered me a sample of the chicharron. The fried pork skin is $3/lb. The sample was very crispy (wouldn’t recommend for people with weak teeth). I’ve tried chicharron, freshly fried and from bags, but haven’t found a version that I like or love so far. I much prefer fried chicken skin (such as the version at Chic-Boy). I’d love to see Roast possibly offer that in the future.

They weigh out a piece of the porchetta and then chop up the meat. I was excited to try the porchetta as the fat ratio was significant.  I didn’t know how crispy the pork skin would be though.

I ordered two items for friends and  I to share that afternoon.


You can choose two sides or one large side for the bowl. You also pick a protein. I opted for a large kale caesar salad. The porchetta is drizzled with the their home made salsa verde. There’s also a split slice of provolone cheese underneath the porchetta. I am not sure if I was charged for the cheese as it says an extra $1 for the provolone on the menu. There’s also a bit of broccoloni laying on top of the salad.

The salad portion was nicely generous but I found the kale to be bland. It needed more dressing. We didn’t really eat much of the salad.

So how was the porchetta you ask.

DELICIOUS. The skin was crispy! You could taste the velvety pork fat under the bits of the crispy pork skin. The pork flesh was tender, juicy, and well seasoned. The salsa verde tasted bright and herbalicious. I would order the porchetta by the pound next time (they charge $13 per half pound so not cheap).

I didn’t like the provolone cheese with the porchetta. It didn’t melt and meld well with the salad and the pork. Maybe the cheese would work better in the porchetta sandwich.


It’s not a very big sandwich for $10.

But This was a wonderful medium rare roast beef sandwich. The beef was tender yet had a nice pull when you’d take a bite of the sandwich. The french roll had a wonderful crust and chewiness with the delicious bloody roast beef. They added some sort of onions (I thought it looked pickled when I saw them preparing the sandwich) but it shows ‘onion jam’ on their website. They also add a tantalizing chimichurri sauce inside the sandwich.


The nice gentleman gave me a bit more chimichurri sauce and I couldn’t have been more grateful. I would add more chimi sauce before each bite of the roast beef sandwich and just close my eyes in bliss while eating. It was a bloody good sandwich.

Roast isn’t cheap but the quality you receive is top notch. I would have preferred more meat in both the bowl and sandwich. I much preferred the sandwich over the bowl as the bread was better than the kale. I hope to return soon to buy their roasts by the pound or to try another sandwich.

2820 Historic Decatur Rd
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 795-0055

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    1. Oh gosh you must try the porchetta here. It’s a different preparation than roast pork or lechon as they wrap pork belly around pork loin and then roast the meat together. The crispy skin is delicious with the fatty pork meat but the salsa verde brought everything together.

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