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My friends are my lifeline. Family is always there but my few close friends are the ones I depend on more on a daily basis. I’m lucky my friends like to eat. Actually, I’m lucky that I have friends who know *I* like to eat. I recently met up with a best friend to have lunch at Pacifica Del Mar. We ate dinner here many years ago. I’ve celebrated New Years Eve here. But it had been years since I’ve been back. They have a lunch menu and offered extra points on OpenTable. So what more of an incentive did we need to re visit Pacific Del Mar on a sunny afternoon.


The restaurant interior was empty when we arrived. Not a good sign for an ocean view restaurant.


The patio had a few tables occupied. I was worried the host wouldn’t offer us one of the two free tables that faced the ocean.


So thank you Mr Manager/Host for seating us at the table right by the glass.


The view of the ocean was peaceful and clear that day.


I was so blown away by the iPad that listed and described their wines/beers/cocktails. Friend said Pacifica has used this for years now.


We requested the bread after we ordered.

I believe this is an olive bread. The bread came out slightly warm. Friend liked the butter and said it was nicely salty. The complimentary bread couldn’t compare to my current bread love at Barbarella.

baked pacific oysters $18

spinach | leeks | cheese gratinée

The presentation was simple. The oysters were small. Two of them were unacceptably small.

The raw oysters were topped with spinach, leeks, a cheese gratinee and then baked. The cheese gratinee was the star of this dish as it tasted creamy, rich, and had some essence of garlic. But the $18 price for the 6 small oysters wasn’t justified.

lemongrass poached shrimp cocktail $15

5 jumbo shrimp | lemon oil | cocktail sauce

The presentation was again minimal (not a bad thing). The shrimp wasn’t jumbo as listed on the menu. They were more medium sized. The shrimp was over poached and tasted bland as well as tough. The cocktail sauce was average and needed more horseradish. $3 per shrimp for this appetizer was high.

crabmeat louie $18

chopped romaine | pickled carrots | beets | hard-boiled egg | louie dressing 

The salad was well plated and the bright baby carrots made the dish pretty. We weren’t sure if the crab meat was fresh or prepackaged. The chopped romaine was fresh and friend enjoyed the yellow & red beets. She felt the salad was overdressed with the louie dressing. I thought the dressing was quite good. The dressing was similar to thousand island but without the sweet pickle relish.

barbecued sugar-spiced salmon $19

chinese beans | garlic mashed potatoes | mustard sauce

My heart sunk when I saw the plate arrive at the table. The salmon was tiny. It was a long sliver.

My heart perked up when I saw the doneness of the salmon. It was prepared a beautiful medium rare. The salmon tasted ocean fresh and was so supple. The fish was simply brilliant. The mustard sauce was delicately delicious and didn’t over power the fish.

I asked for extra string beans instead of mashed potatoes. The string beans were sauteed with fermented black beans which had a pungent salty punch to it. I liked it but felt it could have used half the fermented black beans.

The view from our table was great but this is what happened an hour or so into the meal. The shade went away and the sun was glaring down on our table. Hot red wine isn’t pleasant. There wasn’t much of a breeze on the patio that afternoon.

We asked if we could move to the table behind us as it was completely shaded and the patio was mostly empty.


We were grateful when the server set the creme brulee on the table. She said she heard it was a birthday lunch. So thank you management for reading the comments on our OpenTable reservation.

The creme brulee was fantastic. The sugary crust crackled when our hungry spoons dug in. The custard was so incredibly silky and smooth. You could see tons of vanilla bean flecks on the bottom of that beautiful custard.

Chocolate Bon Bon $8

vanilla ice cream | amaretto cookie  | walnuts

Yeah. That’s how we girlfriends roll for a lunch. Friend wanted to try another dessert as couldn’t gossip catch up fast enough. She’s had this chocolate bon bon before and wanted me to try it.

The bon bon had an amaretto cookie filling. I’m not a fan of amaretto as the almond taste is too intense for me. The hard chocolate ganache was just ok and a bit thick. The cherry sauce was too sweet.


The cappuccino was small but tasted fine. It was a nice way to end a meal.

Service was ok. There was quick interaction and that was about it. Lunch here at Pacifica Del Mar isn’t cheap but it’s more about the view/ambiance. We weren’t surprised that the restaurant wasn’t busy as the Del Mar Plaza has been dwindling over the past few years. Overall, it was an enjoyable long lunch with a friend.

1555 Camino Del Mar
Del Mar, CA 92014
(858) 792-0476

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  1. The creme brulee looks great! How do you like it compared to Fogo de Chao? What happened to Del Mar Plaza? It seemed like the life left with the grocery store and ice cream shop.

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