Piacere Mio Del Sur

A friend was back in town so we decided to meet for lunch the other afternoon. Piacere Mio Del Sur recently opened in the 4S Ranch development. The restaurant has been receiving nice reviews. They offer fresh pastas and even have a Design your Pasta option. Friend loves pasta so we decided to try Piacere… Read More Piacere Mio Del Sur


Urban Plates – La Jolla, CA

I visited Urban Plates over the weekend. I can’t even remember why I was in the area. Probably because I was too cheap this weekend to turn on the a/c so I was looking for places that had it blasting in their establishments. I have seen Urban Plates expand over the years. We were huge… Read More Urban Plates – La Jolla, CA


Officine Brera ( + Billy Joel concert ramblings) – Los Angeles, CA

I revamped the blog recently. On my own. The story of my life. I tried to hire a WordPress expert but that didn’t get me anywhere. So I had to do it the hard safe way and figure stuff out. That’s what you do when things unknowingly fall apart. A friend had a surprise for… Read More Officine Brera ( + Billy Joel concert ramblings) – Los Angeles, CA

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Cardiff Seaside Market

Yelp San Diego hosted an event two weeks ago at the Cinepolis in Vista. The revamped theater now has 4DX which is a new movie watching experience. Imagine seats that move, spray mist, tilt up/down. It was intense watching Guardians of the Galaxy in 4DX. Cdj and I decided to take the coast up to… Read More Cardiff Seaside Market


Red O – La Jolla, CA

Above and Beyond. That has been in my head for the past couple weeks. It’s what I do when I care about someone. Cdj’s birthday was last week and I wanted to surprise him. I had a few surprises but the primary was dinner. Red O Taste of Mexico recently opened in La Jolla. The… Read More Red O – La Jolla, CA


Jasmine House – Alhambra, CA

My parents found a new restaurant in San Gabriel that they said was pretty good. “Pretty good” , when describing Asian food, shocks me when I hear my family describe a restaurant (as they’re the toughest food critics around). Jasmine House is located in Alhambra. They are fairly new and attract customers with their  ‘free’… Read More Jasmine House – Alhambra, CA


Village North – San Diego, CA

I’ve been wanting to try Village North for months now. I even tried to plan a family dinner party there but no one at the restaurant ever picks up the phone. Cdj even drove by one night to see what’s up and he said the restaurant was completely empty and looked out of business. Thankfully… Read More Village North – San Diego, CA


Roy’s Restaurant (Lunch) – La Jolla, CA

Sometime I shake my head in disbelief when schedules match and friends are available to meet up for lunch. Pair that with 1000 OpenTable points and you have yourself a win win deal. Roy’s Restaurant is located in the Costa Verde shopping center. They specialize in Hawaiian fusion cuisine and offer seafood, steaks, and sushi.… Read More Roy’s Restaurant (Lunch) – La Jolla, CA


Yelp San Diego #YelpThrowBackThursday @The Flower Fields

The Flower Fields are in bloom again. Shockingly, I don’t think I’ve ever visited the fields as 1) there’s an entrance fee; 2) I can see the flowers when I drive past the freeway; and 3) my allergies 🙁 Yelp San Diego recently put on an event which featured local restaurants and vendors. There would… Read More Yelp San Diego #YelpThrowBackThursday @The Flower Fields