C Level – San Diego, CA

I’m learning above and beyond is meant for special people in your life. You don’t offer that to someone who doesn’t feel the same. We recently celebrated V’s birthday. She loves the ocean. She’s the worst food critic for someone who rarely eats out. So I thought it only fitting to surprise her with lunch… Read More C Level – San Diego, CA


Cafe Japengo (Lunch) – La Jolla, CA

I’ve been bumping into random friends who’ve almost made it their mission to get me to be social and return a hug. It’s been humbling and heart warming. A close friend has been keeping tabs on me the last few weeks and will give me something to look forward to almost every week. It’s like… Read More Cafe Japengo (Lunch) – La Jolla, CA


Wokou Ramen & Yakitori

It’s been exciting to see Wokou Ramen & Yakitori build this North County location to their liking. You can tell the owners/partners want to bring a different vibe to this part of town. The open and sleek restaurant is hip, modern, and a breath of fresh air. Plus, where can you find ramen and yakitori… Read More Wokou Ramen & Yakitori


Seasons 52 (Yelp Event) – La Jolla, CA

You either love or hate Yelp. You either love, hate, or put up with Yelpers. Or you secretly look at Yelp but don’t admit it. I’ve been yelping for so long that I don’t agree or disagree with those statements. The events Yelp hosts with restaurants tend to be memorable. It’s a way for an… Read More Seasons 52 (Yelp Event) – La Jolla, CA


Thyme in the Ranch – Rancho Santa Fe, CA

I’ve been feeling quietly blessed the last few weeks. Those are the best blessings. My mind tends to race when I get nervous or when stress takes over. Often times I feel I’m sinking but then feel strong hands grabbing under my armpits to lift me back up. A good friend is getting married at… Read More Thyme in the Ranch – Rancho Santa Fe, CA


Pokewan – Del Mar, CA

Pokewan recently opened in the Del Mar Highlands shopping center. The poke shop is located on the bottom level next to the yogurt store and Pappalecco (which does anyone else read/enunciate as Poppa Let Go). Pokewan has received decent reviews. The owners also have a stake in Love Boat Sushi. I visited one late afternoon… Read More Pokewan – Del Mar, CA


99 Ranch Market – (2nd San Diego location)

Can anyone else relate to the following observation. Asians call this supermarket 99 Ranch. Non-Asians call it Ranch 99. It’s just what I’ve personally noticed in my circle of friends. I was excited when I heard 99 Ranch Market opening a new location just a few miles from their original San Diego location. I actually… Read More 99 Ranch Market – (2nd San Diego location)


Boto Sushi Del Mar

We noticed Boto Sushi Del Mar had opened sometime ago in this revamped plaza. The restaurant is located towards the back of the plaza by Vons. There’s plenty of parking. We’ve visited twice in the past months for their lunch specials as well as a few other dishes.


Tasty Pot – Mira Mesa, CA

Friends and I all met for a quick lunch one afternoon. I was stressed from work and needed a break. Tasty Pot recently opened in Mira Mesa. I’ve heard of their Convoy location but never wanted to try them out. I’m over the hot pot craze (for the time being). But we figured we give Tasty… Read More Tasty Pot – Mira Mesa, CA


BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse – La Jolla, CA

My appetite the last few weeks has been a bit off. I haven’t been as hungry so discovering new places to eat hasn’t been a priority. Friends have been wanting to try out BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse so we finally had a chance to visit (twice) in the last week. BJ’s Restaurant is located in… Read More BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse – La Jolla, CA