Manila Fast Food & Desserts

My search for sisig continues. Or is it continued. I’m kinda over it now but that’s what happens to me. I overdo it. When I crave something. Every. Single. Time. I’d pass by Manila Fast Food & Desserts without much thought. I’m not sure why. They’re located in the same plaza as Boiling Crab and… Read More Manila Fast Food & Desserts

MIDDLE EASTERN, Supermarkets

Harvest International Market ( hot deli specials & fresh baklava too! )

I don’t frequent this part of town all that often unless I visit my cheap (albeit strong) Thai massage place. Or visit the super old Costco a few miles down. I’ve seen Harvest International Market over the years but thought it used to be a Mexican supermarket. I was surprised that it’s now, or has… Read More Harvest International Market ( hot deli specials & fresh baklava too! )


Mendocino Farms ( Soft Opening & Yelp event ) – Del Mar, CA

It was a surprise to see Carnitas Snack Shack close its doors in Del Mar. There was so much hype and adoration for Carnitas Snack Shack that eventually died down. We even stopped visiting as the food was inconsistent and tasted, well, unhealthy. So, it was an even bigger surprise when signs for Mendocino Farms… Read More Mendocino Farms ( Soft Opening & Yelp event ) – Del Mar, CA


Pegah’s Kitchen – Escondido, CA

I was in Escondido to have my car serviced. It was an early morning and all I could think about was chicken fried steak. And country gravy. I discovered Pegah’s Kitchen on my Yelp app and decided to try the restaurant as they offered chicken fried steak with country gravy on their breakfast menu. Pegah’s… Read More Pegah’s Kitchen – Escondido, CA


Mama Cinia Rice & Noodles – Mira Mesa, CA

I’ve been missing my friend Peanut. It’s been fun catching up with her via texts/phone calls. She’s now a busy mama to a beautiful girl but that doesn’t mean the two of us ever stopped gossiping or talking smack. She’s my ride or die girlfriend and someone who is fiercely loyal. She also introduced me… Read More Mama Cinia Rice & Noodles – Mira Mesa, CA

Dim Sum

Fung Fung Yuen (midweek Dim Sum) – Mira Mesa, CA

There’s been so much anticipation waiting for Fung Fung Yuen to open in Mira Mesa. They took over the now defunct Hometown Buffet building sometime ago. Fung Fung Yuen serves dim sum and then some (sorry, had to type that). People must lose their minds about dim sum because Fung Fung Yuen has been receiving… Read More Fung Fung Yuen (midweek Dim Sum) – Mira Mesa, CA


Baklavalicious – San Diego, CA

Getting a box of gourmet baklava will always make a girl’s day. What is about beautiful looking, two bite desserts, that gets me giddy and romantic. You will always eat with your eyes first and that will happen when you see the baklavas from Baklavalicious. Baklavalicious is located here in San Diego and has a… Read More Baklavalicious – San Diego, CA


New York Bagels & Cafe – Rancho Bernardo, CA

The last week or so has been packed full of activities. My grandma has been staying with me so life has been simple and accountable. She’s still incredibly humble but there’s a feistiness to her that we all love. Friend recently met grams and said grams exudes a special unspoken kindness. I haven’t used Groupon… Read More New York Bagels & Cafe – Rancho Bernardo, CA


Duke’s La Jolla

I’ve been waiting for Duke’s La Jolla to open. It seemed to take forever for them to remodel/rebuil this location. I had visited once but only did a walk thru. A date night would have been fun here that night but we ended up at a brewery down the street instead. The weather has been… Read More Duke’s La Jolla


Cinepolis ( Yelp Event – dinner & a movie )- Del Mar, CA

This is an over due post about this Yelp event some weeks ago. Cinepolis recently remodeled and teamed with Yelp to host an event that featured menu items as well as a movie. I met my friend Diana at the event and we were both excited to watch the fantastically horrible girls movie Rough Night.