Jasmine Express (Chicken Feet is expensive per Toe) – San Diego, CA

Quick post here as I’m still shaking my head about my penchant for math when it comes to food. I was in Convoy and had a coupon to burn at Kula (which has gone down hill BTW). I had a quick lunch at Kula but wanted to bring some dim sum back for a late snack. Jasmine Express is the to go section of Jasmine Restaurant. Jasmine Express is notorious for their horrible service. But the ladies working that day were surprisingly welcoming.



No dim sum was physically showcased but they said I could order off the menu and they’d bring me my order.

I joked that I wanted the sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf but that it was too expensive at, say, $6 (I literally just *guessed* that number). One of the girls laughed and said oh, no, it’s not $6, it’s $5.89. Well, sorry that I was off by .11c.

My total was about $9.89 which sounded insane for just two orders of chicken feet. It was placed in one to go container. I joked that it’s crazy to pay almost 10 bucks for feet that fits in one large Chinese to go box. They joked back saying well, one order has about 4-5 feet so it makes sense to put two orders into one box. Alright. Sounds legit. And I never knew they counted how many feet per order.


It was packaged nicely with napkins and two forks. I counted about 9 feet.


And did you know that each foot has 4 toes. I’m a finance weirdo so I start wondering about these things when prices pique my interest.

$9.89 total equals:




Who knew chicken feet and toes could be so pricey.

I tried one foot and it was alright. It didn’t taste super amazing or freshly stewed. The stew sauce was a bit congealed so that’s a sign of no bueno right there as I’m not sure how old this batch was.


Here’s a better picture of the feet. With the four toes on each foot.

Cdj was appalled that I took the time to break down the math per foot and per toe. He said chickens have no toes. I asked if the chickens, to him, just walk around on nubbies.

In conclusion, I never understood how chicken feet could be expensive (I’ve seen them sold raw at 99 Ranch). But, could it make sense though. I mean, there are only two feet per chicken. Just like two wings and we all know how expensive chicken wings are. So there ya have it. $1.09 per chicken foot.

4609 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111


10 thoughts on “Jasmine Express (Chicken Feet is expensive per Toe) – San Diego, CA

  1. I love how you did a price-per-toe breakdown! I was never into chicken feet but it’s one of my parents’ favorites. That place sure is pricey though. I hope that there’s more local, affordable options for dim sum around your area!

    1. Thank you for appreciating the price-per-toe-breakdown ! It was such a ridiculous post but had to write something about the price per foot/toe. I wish there were more dim sum options here in San Diego –

      1. Seriously… if I hadn’t become a nurse, I would’ve been a financial analyzer or something. I live for finding the best bang for your buck. Last summer when we visited San Diego, we checked out this Vietnamese place called “The Food Shop” in downtown. It’s very casual, affordable, generous portions, and with friendly service. We visited twice during our 3-day stay. 🙂

    1. Surprisingly, the wait time was minimal (maybe 10 min and it was just me) that weekday lunch around 1p. The sushi tasted very generic and mediocre. The fish slice, on top of the nigiri, was thin. I enjoyed the scallop/hotate nigiri as well as the deep fried soft shell crab. Other than that, the meal was sad. And the conveyor belt didn’t have much inventory – it was easier to use the ipad to order and have the food slide out to you.

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