Smokeyard BBQ & Chop Shop – La Jolla (UTC)

That was a long break of not blogging. Work has been all consuming (in a good way) so writing about food blissfully took a second place to actually making money (maybe I’ll profit from this blog one day). Smokeyard BBQ & Chop Shop opened a few weeks ago. I had heard nothing about this new restaurant at the UTC mall. They’re located by the Macy’s section. It’s a brand new, built from ground up, place. I think I might have found them via Yelp. I was looking for a Happy Hour place to enjoy one weekend while watching football so we ended up at Smokeyard BBQ.


Daily 3-6p. We got there around 2:30p. Funny as we didn’t order one item from their happy hour menu.


BRUSSEL SPROUTS (V) bourbon -maple glaze, smoked almonds

I don’t think I can eat brussel sprouts unless they’re deep fried. This was a nice version here at Smokeyard BBQ. But some of the brussels tasted burnt. The bourbon maple glaze was a delicious sweet component to this dish that I really enjoyed.

HOT CHICKEN SANDWICH crispy chicken breast, peanut slaw, kosher pickle, lime aioli, brioche bun

Madison, the bartender, highly recommended this hot chicken sandwich.

This was a handsome sandwich. Can a sandwich be described as a date. Oh, yes, I think it can.

The breaded fried chicken breast was succulent and moist. It was a heavy (on the stomach) sandwich that we mostly enjoyed.

SMOKEYARD BURGER: thick cut bacon, lettuce, tomato, crispy onions, grilled mushroom, SY BBQ sauce, aioli, aged white cheddar, brioche bun

I wasn’t really hungry but figured it would be fun to try the burger at Smokeyard BBQ. I opted for coleslaw as my side dish (included in price). Not sure if they purposely threw in a few extra crispy onions on the center of the wood plank but it was a nice touch.

They make some good looking sandwiches and burgers here.

The burger was prepared a perfect medium rare.

This was a juicy burger. The bottom bun was soaked by the end. I thought there was too much going on with the burger. I didn’t need the mushrooms or crispy onions. I’d try this burger, just meat and cheese, the next time around.

We were pretty full at this point and didn’t have room to try any items on happy hour. But, I wanted to try the Mammoth beer on tap. Their original location is in Mammoth Mountain ! I’m hoping to do a mini snowboard trip there this season before the snow melts.

Madison gave me a sample which I was thankful for as this dark beer wasn’t really my thing. I’d return to try another beer on tap during happy hour though.

Service was nice as the restaurant wasn’t busy. There were a few patrons at the bar enjoying the football game with us. I still have a hard time remembering the full name of the restaurant though. Smokeyard BBQ & Chop Shop seems like such a long name for some reason (I kept calling it Smokehouse or chop house). Regardless, it was a nice visit and I hope they succeed in their new location in San Diego.

4313 La Jolla Village Dr
Ste 2265
San Diego, CA 92122
(858) 630-7427


12 thoughts on “Smokeyard BBQ & Chop Shop – La Jolla (UTC)

  1. I was just walking past this the other day and it caught my glance. The burger looks amazing as does the mac and cheese. Where else have you tried in the new section of the UTC mall? I stocked up on some custom juices at Pressed Juicery which were delicious and healthy too.

    1. We tried to go to Pressed Juicery after but the one girl working was too busy. Is that the juicery located right next to this bbq place? I’ve also tried Larsen’s steakhouse (posted about it some weeks ago). It was ok but I’m going back there soon to try their HH.

  2. We passed by here during the Christmas shopping season but haven’t had a chance to stop in. Nice preview visit. What do you think of the Mac and Cheese (no description)? Is there parking fees or validation at the mall yet?

    1. Parking was again so miserable. It’s most convenient to park by Macy’s and Red Robin. But there are limited spaces and I don’t know how to navigate the new parking garage. No parking *YET* at least 🙁

      I didn’t try the mac n cheese and didn’t realize until now I didn’t comment about the dish. Friend said it was ‘awesome’. I’ll try to get more details .

    1. He said it tasted freshly made, cheesy, not too spicy (from jalapenos), pasta was prepared just right, and delicious. A bit pricey at $12 for serving size but a good dish nonetheless. I just noticed it’s listed as the ‘sides’ on bottom of menu.

    1. You know you need a life when you start describing food as people . J/k – it was a fittingly handsome burger for a fittingly beautiful restaurant though. I’m really hoping they don’t start charging for parking here at the mall CC.

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