Waypoint Public Del Sur

I’ve seen Waypoint Public at various events through out the years. They offered samples but none of which I can currently remember. Cdj visited their North Park location some weeks ago after watching fights at a nearby bar and swore he had one of his best dinners at Waypoint Public (then again, he’d probably give… Read More Waypoint Public Del Sur


C Level – San Diego, CA

I’m learning above and beyond is meant for special people in your life. You don’t offer that to someone who doesn’t feel the same. We recently celebrated V’s birthday. She loves the ocean. She’s the worst food critic for someone who rarely eats out. So I thought it only fitting to surprise her with lunch… Read More C Level – San Diego, CA


Thyme in the Ranch – Rancho Santa Fe, CA

I’ve been feeling quietly blessed the last few weeks. Those are the best blessings. My mind tends to race when I get nervous or when stress takes over. Often times I feel I’m sinking but then feel strong hands grabbing under my armpits to lift me back up. A good friend is getting married at… Read More Thyme in the Ranch – Rancho Santa Fe, CA


BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse – La Jolla, CA

My appetite the last few weeks has been a bit off. I haven’t been as hungry so discovering new places to eat hasn’t been a priority. Friends have been wanting to try out BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse so we finally had a chance to visit (twice) in the last week. BJ’s Restaurant is located in… Read More BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse – La Jolla, CA


The Clubhouse Grill @ Fairmont Grand Del Mar

I’m not into hotel restaurants as they’re usually fancy and expensive. Grand Del Mar has been known for it’s grandeur. I’ve had friends visit their fancy restaurant for special occasions and tell me how expensive things were. That was beyond my budget. A blogger friend told me the hotel has a coffee shop that’s affordable… Read More The Clubhouse Grill @ Fairmont Grand Del Mar


Urban Plates – La Jolla, CA

I visited Urban Plates over the weekend. I can’t even remember why I was in the area. Probably because I was too cheap this weekend to turn on the a/c so I was looking for places that had it blasting in their establishments. I have seen Urban Plates expand over the years. We were huge… Read More Urban Plates – La Jolla, CA


Claire’s on Cedros – Solana Beach, CA

My mom recently came to town via Amtrak. The train station is located in Solana Beach. Claire’s on Cedros is just two blocks down so we all met for breakfast recently. Claire’s on Cedros is known for their breakfast. I read lines can be extremely long on weekends. The friendly girl I spoke to that… Read More Claire’s on Cedros – Solana Beach, CA


Nicky Rottens Bar & Burger Joint – Coronado, CA

I don’t know what’s happening to this non country bumpkin food blogger. I don’t normally enjoy the outdoors, beach, fresh air. I prefer very much to relax on my sofa with Lifu, watching reality tv, when I have downtime. So I was blown away by a different part of Coronado when we visited Nicky Rottens… Read More Nicky Rottens Bar & Burger Joint – Coronado, CA


Pacifica Del Mar

My friends are my lifeline. Family is always there but my few close friends are the ones I depend on more on a daily basis. I’m lucky my friends like to eat. Actually, I’m lucky that I have friends who know *I* like to eat. I recently met up with a best friend to have… Read More Pacifica Del Mar

American, Fish n Chips

Mr Fish & Chips – San Diego, CA

Don’t you ever wonder how certain cravings come about. My lunch cravings usually stems from something I was thinking about the night before. Or when I visit Yelp or fellow bloggers websites. Food pics – that’s another trigger for cravings. Mr Fish & Chips is located in Clairemont. Freshly battered deep fried fish is a… Read More Mr Fish & Chips – San Diego, CA