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Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant – Arcadia, CA

Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant is a restaurant I have been wanting to try for some time now. They are located in Arcadia, CA. I’ve passed by this restaurant several times and was itching to try their famous Meizhou Roast Duck. My mom is such a lovable parent that she immediately said yes when I threw a tantrum wanting to try Meizhou Dongpo. Just kidding. The restaurant is stunning and modern. There wasn’t a wait when we visited one weekend afternoon. Continue reading Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant – Arcadia, CA

Hui An Garden – San Diego, CA

My uncle recently treated the family to dinner at Hui An Garden. The restaurant has been in a strange transition over the past few months. I heard a manager from Jasmine took over the restaurant when it was still Fu An Garden but that didn’t fare well. Then it was recently re branded Hui An Garden with another manager from Jasmine. My family knows the manager and made reservations for a dinner celebration over the weekend.

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Facing East (Eight Guys Xiao Long Bao + happy hour) – San Diego, CA

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to visit Facing East but none of my friends have been wanting to try out this new restaurant. I was in this plaza the other day and decided it was time for me to venture inside the restaurant. I was lucky as they offered happy hour that weekday from 3p-5:30p. Appetizers are 15% off  during happy hours. The parking can be horrendous in this plaza but it was manageable the hour I was there.

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Chun’s Seafood & Grill (formerly Chin’s Seafood & Grill)

Chin’s (not to be confused with Chun’s) Seafood & Grill used to be my go to place for lunch. I loved their Da Ru mein and Shanghai spareribs. The location was simple and convenient. I stopped going after my disastrous Taiwanese breakfast some time ago. Friend wanted to treat me to lunch recently as I had a successful work day so we both agreed to meet at Chin’s. We were both shocked that Yelp said the restaurant had closed. I called the restaurant, someone picked up, and said the business is still open. Little did we know that the restaurant had changed it’s name to Chun’s Seafood & Grill.

We laughed a bit when we saw the revised restaurant name on the building…

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Great Wow – San Diego, CA

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus because food hasn’t been much on my mind. You won’t hear me ever say that again. Kidding aside, life has been catching up to me and I’ve been trying to get my un manicured hands to blog more. Great Wow restaurant opened some months ago. Sis didn’t want to go at the time because she was over the dumpling scene in Convoy. So, fine. I left for Asia, ate tons of dumplings, and came home happy. So guess where she wanted to eat just a few days after I returned. Just guess. Yeah – Great Wow. She heard from our cousin the food was pretty good and now wanted to try it.

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Long Xing Ji (*GIANT* xiao long bao) – San Gabriel

I’ve been back a few weeks now from Taiwan. I didn’t crave Asian food for some time but finally missed some dumplings. My mom was in town and left her phone here so I decided to drive up to LA to return the phone (and have her treat me to dumplings galore). That’s what moms do. Friend came with me and he was craving xiao long bao in particular. He researched Long Xing Ji and laughed when he realized it was the same place I blogged about some time ago.

Long Xing Ji used to be called Wang Xing Ji. Friend pointed out that only the first word changed but the Xing and Ji remained the same. Wang Xing Ji was known for their Big A** Xiao Long Bao so I was curious to know if Long Xing Ji would have the same. My mom wasn’t a fan of Wang Wing Ji but agreed to try out the newly named Long Xing Ji.

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Dumpling Inn – Shanghai Saloon

I haven’t been to their new location since they took over the old Korean market. I visited the gutted site some time ago and couldn’t believe they were moving into this larger location. No one else seemed to believe me but Dumpling Inn did move. Plus, they added Shanghai Saloon to their brand. I’m not sure if it’s the same owners for both but it is an interesting pairing with an Inn and Saloon name. I didn’t feel the need to re visit as our last meal there wasn’t very good. But, I found out sis has visited the new location several times with cousins, uncle, aunt. She’s such a bratty traitor (isn’t she the one that touted she’d NEVER come back here, like, ever).

It turns out she kinda likes the food (especially when someone else is paying for it). She spoke of their green bean dish as well as a combination stir fried noodle plate that she likes. My uncle called me some time ago to invite me to join them for a family dinner at Dumpling Inn. My mom was in town so we thought it would be a fun time to eat at this restaurant. All the cousins were in town as well.

I was looking through my old photos of the construction and it still blows my mind how the original tiny location took over the old supermarket.

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Pearl Chinese Cuisine (bubble cards, #2 pencils, NO more carts)

Scene: Sitting in an auditorium

Moderator: “I am the moderator. You will have three hours to take the test. Do not ‘check’ the bubbles. Do not ‘x’ the bubbles. You must *completely* fill in the bubbles with the number two pencil you have in front of you. Exam….starts…now…”

Those words sound familiar anyone. Anyone. Yeah. SATs. The thought of taking that test again brings panic sweats to my face.

Well, you can now relive the bubble card (as sis termed it in high school), along with the #2 pencil, here at Pearl Chinese Cuisine for their dim sum. There are no longer lovely ladies pushing around carts full of dim sum. There are no longer the ‘all dim sum for the price of a small’ specials during the week. There’s no longer…hmmm….the FEEL of dim sum at Pearl.

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Dede’s Teajuice City – CLOSED

I’ve read about recent closings and openings of restaurants in the Convoy area but was saddened when I saw the shielded doors at Dede’s Teajuice House. I used to frequent this restaurant many many times by myself. They had nice lunch specials but the lunch portions got smaller and smaller. I still enjoyed talking to staff here (particularly Wendy the owner) and would occasionally drop by to order take out. Dede’s still made a memorable snake gourd dish that I’ll miss.

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Seaside Buffet ( $19.88 AYCE weekend lunch) – Miramar, CA

I’d like to think I’m going through a transformation of some sort. Sports used to be such a big part of my life and I’m determined to get back into it. Friends have helped me greatly with this (they know the bone this dog needs to have in order to get fixated again). I’ll share more about that Friday. Anyway, I’ve gotten my butt back into working out and it sucks. Like S.U.C.K.S. But, it’s working and I can tell you I’ve lost zero pounds. Kidding aside, going to the gym again has helped me and last Saturday was no exception. I was done with a muay thai class and decided to eat something healthy. I called Cdj and he suggested an AYCE Chinese buffet to completely negate what I just accomplished in class. So Seaside Buffet was what we decided on.

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