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Roast – Point Loma (Liberty Station), CA

Sometimes a rough day means taking a break and getting some fresh air. I visit Liberty Station every once in awhile but never really took the time to enjoy what it offers. Roast is new addition to the Station and I’ve been dreaming about their beef and porchetta. They offer sandwiches and salads. Their location is small but that didn’t matter to me as the food quality was pretty good.

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Mendocino Farms – La Jolla, CA

It’s been fascinating to see La Jolla Village transform over the years. The shopping strip/mall was old but I never really cared as I had fond memories of spending time in this area with friends when I was younger. The revamping of this mall has been major with big players moving in (Nordstrom Rack, BJ’s Restaurant). Mendocino Farms is also a new tenant. They built a brand new restaurant here in La Jolla Village.

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Rock N’ Jenny’s Italian Subs – Escondido, CA

How many sandwiches have I had over a lifetime. Quite a bit I’d like to think. My love of sandwiches has grown over the years as I punish myself over freshly baked bread while counting carbs. We were in Escondido over the weekend and wanted to find a quick/cheap sandwich place to try out before we headed to a local brewery. I knew Rock N’ Jenny’s Italian Subs was nearby so we decided to try out this sandwich shop.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy the sandwich shop but the sandwich I had here at Rock N’ Jenny’s Italian Subs was one of the best things I’ve eaten all year.

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Supernatural Sea to Sandwich

I was going to do a fun wine tasting in Miramar (I know, odd right) but the tasting didn’t offer as much food as we’d originally thought. Luckily, I remembered Supernatural Sea to Sandwich was nearby so we took a quick walk from the wine store to this popular sandwich shop. The heat that Saturday was excruciating. Like, no joke. It was brutal brutal brutal heat. The sandwich shop is small and it was packed to the brim with customers so that didn’t exactly help with air conditioning circulation that humid afternoon.

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Grater Grilled Cheese – Pacific Beach, CA


This is a an honest to goodness true snipit of a grilled cheese convo I had with sister last year.

me: ‘ I can make you THE BEST grilled cheese you’ve ever had. Better than yours. You wanna bet’.
sis: ‘ That’s the most ridiculous statement you idiot’
me: ‘ What. Why. ‘
sis: ‘ First, you don’t eat carbs. Two, you have NEVER made a grilled cheese sandwich in your life.’

I had read somewhere you can make a killer grilled sandwich (be it a club, turkey, grilled cheese) by using mayo instead of butter to brown the bread. Obviously, sis thought that idea was lame and insisted her grilled cheese sandwich is far more superior to mine. Hence why I was excited to try out the newly opened Grater Grilled Cheese in Pacific Beach and rub it in sis’ face.  Continue reading Grater Grilled Cheese – Pacific Beach, CA


I’ve heard so much about Board and Brew from the bf and from the baristas at the coffee shop. All dudes so all dudes’ opinions. So I was curious when I heard a Board and Brew opened in Scripps Ranch. FratB works close by and I figured if the Board and Brew sucked, then I could walk away my sorrows at the Trader Joes next door. This was some months during the holidays ago so Trader Joes was real festivus (that was a play on a Seinfeld episode) on all things orange colored and pumpkin. Continue reading BOARD and BREW – SCRIPPS RANCH, CA

Crossroads Deli (& Specialty’s cookies + blog twerking) – La Jolla, CA

I’m sure some of you have noticed that the blog look has recently changed. Hence, the title Blog Twerking (which makes no sense because can a blog literally shake its booty to twerk).

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Wich Addiction – San Diego (Mira Mesa, CA)

I visited Wich Addiction in Mira Mesa with Mary and CC some months ago to try out their sandwiches. I had heard great things about this place and was happy to have an opportunity to check it out.

It’s located in Mira Mesa (literally in the middle of MM so it doesn’t matter if you take the I-15 or I-805 fwy). I’m not a fan of this location b/c there’s not a lot of parking and it does take awhile to get here (since Mira Mesa is infamous for their red lights).

Ordering is easy – you go to the cashier, place your order, and they call your name when your order is ready. Cash/credit card accepted. Continue reading Wich Addiction – San Diego (Mira Mesa, CA)

Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery – La Jolla, CA

Sis worked in San Fran for some years. She’s not much into the food scene and she rarely ever reminisces about any of her food experiences while living in SF. BUT, when she heard Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery was coming to SD, she about lost her mind. She went on and on about how awesome their sandwiches were. And how special their fresh baked cookies tasted. Meanwhile, I’m yawning while she’s talking to me – wondering why she was speaking so passionately about some sandwich and cookie shop.

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Bolillo Tortas – Westfield UTC Mall, San Diego

Can anyone else agree that the newly remodeled UTC mall is crazy ridiculous (not sure if I mean that in a good or bad way).

The new food court really is a sight to be seen. It’s so different. I still remember when it had the the Yellow Brick Road in it.

Many of the old establishments in the food court are now gone (Hot Dog on a Stick, Steak Escape, Terriyaki House, etc).

We stumbled upon this place few months ago. I didn’t even know Bolillo was here. I remember reading about them from Kirk’s post awhile back (from their Gaslamp location).

Their UTC location is tucked away in the back (the old Subway location). It’s really visually stunning (for a food court place).

IMG_1981 (1280x960)
Love the distressed wood panels

On a side note, this was a decent buy at Costco. It’s two $50 gift cards for the price of $79.95. I bought it few weeks ago when it was discounted to $69.95 for a limited time.

photo (1280x960)
Costco purchase – $79.95 for $100

Bolillo Torta is one of the restaurants with them. You can see a list of their restaurants here.

I didn’t love them my first visit all those months ago. I thought my Cubana Torta tasted a bit dry even though the ingredients sounded amazing. But what sold me at the time was their bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeno. It normally costs $1 but it was included w/ every torta order. But now, it is not. They have reduced the prices of their tortas BUT each order no longer comes with the bacon jalapeno OR a choice of side.

Regardless, I was at the mall and wanted to give this place another try.

Making my Cubano
Making my Cubana

I think this is Miguel. They prepare each torta to order so you can actually see them making it right before your very eyes.

Gabby, the cashier, was so incredibly nice and helpful. I think the owner was there that night as well.

Cubano Torta $7.25
Cubana Torta $7.25

– Breaded Beef, shredded pork, ham, scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, avocado, tomato, lettuce, beans, mustard and mayonnaise.

Man - was this good or what
Man – was this good !

I substituted the breaded beef for carne asada and left out the beans. Gabby added a slice of queso fresco for me instead.

And I must say, this torta was AWESOME. The shredded pork was amazing. It was soooo juicy and flavorful. Normally I am not a huge fan of soggy bread but the bottom of the bread had soaked up all the pork drippings and oh my goodness…it was crazy good.

I saw them hollowing out the inside of the torta roll. Not sure if they do this so you can get a better ‘crunch’ when you eat the toasted torta? But I think normally they smear beans in the hollowed out section.

Looks burnt but it tasted great
Looks burnt but it tasted great

I was worried that maybe the rolls were burnt but it actually tasted just fine. And I appreciated that they took the time to toast the rolls for the orders too.

Bolillo Torta
Bolillo Torta $7.25

– Ham, manchego cheese, grilled pineapples, guacamole, refried beans, mayonnaise, mustard and homemade chipotle sauce.

Youngest sis thought this tasted ok. She said she tasted mostly the pineapple and that she wasn’t a fan of the beans (in the sandwich). But she, like me, isn’t a fan of beans in general.

Mayo, cheese corn
Mayo, cheese corn $1.00

This is their corn with mayo and cheese. They usually sprinkle Tajin powder on top but sis opted just for cheese/mayo. The corn was probably over boiled as it tasted watered down and was a little tough to chew. But the mayo/corn combination was killer – we both loved the taste of it.


Bacon wrapped jalapeno
Bacon wrapped jalapeno $1.00IMG_1965 (960x1280)

The first time I had this (months ago), the jalapeno was way bigger. This time around , it was smaller. I wish it had been prepared fresh but it tasted good regardless.

I’ve been back twice since these photos. They now include a side with each torta order (salad, fries or corn). But they raised the prices up a bit (still cheaper than what it states on their menu and online though b/c it doesn’t include the jalapeno). The last two visits haven’t been as good. The portion of my Cubana seemed alot smaller. It wasn’t as satisfying. BUT, it still was a great sandwich. I think it depends on who’s making the tortas that day.

I hope this place does well. It’s a wonderful addition to the mall and they really do serve great tortas in my opinion. I think they need to work on their consistency though. But I can’t wait to go back and have me another Cubana soon 🙂