Nicky Rottens Bar & Burger Joint – Coronado, CA

I don’t know what’s happening to this non country bumpkin food blogger. I don’t normally enjoy the outdoors, beach, fresh air. I prefer very much to relax on my sofa with Lifu, watching reality tv, when I have downtime. So I was blown away by a different part of Coronado when we visited Nicky Rottens… Read More Nicky Rottens Bar & Burger Joint – Coronado, CA


Pacifica Del Mar

My friends are my lifeline. Family is always there but my few close friends are the ones I depend on more on a daily basis. I’m lucky my friends like to eat. Actually, I’m lucky that I have friends who know *I* like to eat. I recently met up with a best friend to have… Read More Pacifica Del Mar

American, Fish n Chips

Mr Fish & Chips – San Diego, CA

Don’t you ever wonder how certain cravings come about. My lunch cravings usually stems from something I was thinking about the night before. Or when I visit Yelp or fellow bloggers websites. Food pics – that’s another trigger for cravings. Mr Fish & Chips is located in Clairemont. Freshly battered deep fried fish is a… Read More Mr Fish & Chips – San Diego, CA


The Grill at Torrey Pines

I have a fondness for Torrey Pines. My grandfather used to love the public golf course here. Growing up, he would tell me the time slots (to tee off) were difficult to obtain. The time slots he did get would be early mornings. He was excited when sis and I obtained our driver license(s) so… Read More The Grill at Torrey Pines


Barbarella (Brunch) – La Jolla, CA

Happy Good Friday 2017 everyone. Easter is upon us and I’m looking forward to quietly celebrating with family. What’s the most important meal during this time though. You know the answer. Starts with a B and ends with an H. I think I have friends who would guess the wrong answer. Kidding aside, brunch is… Read More Barbarella (Brunch) – La Jolla, CA

Deli, Sandwiches

Roast – Point Loma (Liberty Station), CA

Sometimes a rough day means taking a break and getting some fresh air. I visit Liberty Station every once in awhile but never really took the time to enjoy what it offers. Roast is new addition to the Station and I’ve been dreaming about their beef and porchetta. They offer sandwiches and salads. Their location… Read More Roast – Point Loma (Liberty Station), CA


Hive – San Diego (Convoy), CA

I ¬†was surprised when I heard Hive San Diego opening in Convoy. The huge location took over the old Office Depot spot. The investors remodeled the space and made it into something quite downtown-ish. The parking that evening was tight as they share a small lot with a few neighbors which include a dance studio,… Read More Hive – San Diego (Convoy), CA



Leave it to sis to introduce me to an ice cream shop in San Diego. She makes fun of me when she discovers new eating places before her ‘oh-you-think-you’re-so-cool-bloggin’ sister. Creamistry has been opening a few locations all around San Diego. I had read this ice cream shop uses liquid nitrogen to make ice cream,… Read More Creamistry


Barbarella Restaurant & Bar

San Diego never ceases to amaze me. I’ve lived in this beautiful city most of my life but there are restaurants/places/sites I still have yet to discover. I’ve visited La Jolla Shores many a times be it with friends, on a first date, for a run on the beach. I have seen Barbarella Restaurant &… Read More Barbarella Restaurant & Bar

Dim Sum

China Max (Dim Sum lunch)

It’s been a hard dim sum season for me and sis. Sounds so dramatic. Like we’re too baby piglets hunting for truffles or something. We haven’t been able to find any restaurants in San Diego that offers decent dim sum. Especially mid week. We were in Convoy one day for lunch and were so desperate… Read More China Max (Dim Sum lunch)