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356 BBQ & Bar ($25.99 AYCE) – San Diego, CA

We don’t venture outside of Convoy for AYCE Korean BBQ often. I was surprised and curious when a new Korean BBQ restaurant opened in Mission Valley. The restaurant was brand new, modern, and not AYCE. I should have written ‘but not AYCE’ because Cdj about fainted when he saw the prices here at 356 BBQ & Bar. We tried to visit some months ago but the service was non existent and they wouldn’t put on any of the Sunday football games on their tvs. So we didn’t give this restaurant much thought after that.

Fast forward to present time and 356 BBQ & Bar now offers a few AYCE options: 1) the 355 for $25.99; 2) the 356 for $29.99; and 3) the 357 for $36.99. The prices are further discounted Mon-Friday for lunch. For example, you can get the 355 for $21.99 during those days from 11:30a-3pm.

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Big Catch Seafood House ( $45 AYCE Sunday Brunch)

My holy trinity in life consists of all F’s: Faith, family, and food friends. I was determined to visit my family in LA on Christmas Day. My mom is in love with a new restaurant called Big Catch Seafood House in Alhambra. It’s not even an Asian restaurant. We visited Big Catch some weeks ago but the visit was a hit/miss for me. But I was excited to try the restaurant again for their $45.95 All You Can Eat Brunch with bottomless mimosas. PLUS, there were some secret ‘off the brunch menu’ items that completely blew us away.

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Karl Strauss Brunch (Sorrento Valley)

I’ve been wanting to re visit the Karl Strauss Brunch for a few months now. My mom took me and Cdj in 2013 and we had an ok time. The all you can eat brunch comes with endless mimosas; a pint of beer; OR a flight of beer. You can’t choose all three but one could dream right. The brunch is only offered at the Sorrento Valley location which is fine as this location has the koi ponds and Japanese garden. We nabbed the earliest Sunday reservation at 9:45a. The cost is $26.95 per person. There’s a two hour limit where you can enjoy the brunch. There was also live music the morning we visited (it started late though around 11:15a). The Karl Strauss Brunch is offered every Sunday from 9:45a-2:00p.

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Fogo de Chao ( New Gaucho Lunch $15 AYCE Market Market Table & Feijoada Bar)

I’ve visited Fogo de Chao way more times than I’d like to remember. I was there with family just last Mother’s Day for lunch. Service was great but I think I just over-meated out. The salad bar didn’t seem as phenomenal and the plethora of people at the salad bar made it difficult to enjoy. Every mother that ate that day received one complimentary gift card for a free lunch or dinner (until July 7th). V’s birthday was coming up and Fogo de Chao is one of her favorite restaurants. So sis and I decided to treat her here for her birthday this year. We had the free gift card plus I wanted to try their new $15 Gaucho Lunch.

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Seaside Buffet ( $19.88 AYCE weekend lunch) – Miramar, CA

I’d like to think I’m going through a transformation of some sort. Sports used to be such a big part of my life and I’m determined to get back into it. Friends have helped me greatly with this (they know the bone this dog needs to have in order to get fixated again). I’ll share more about that Friday. Anyway, I’ve gotten my butt back into working out and it sucks. Like S.U.C.K.S. But, it’s working and I can tell you I’ve lost zero pounds. Kidding aside, going to the gym again has helped me and last Saturday was no exception. I was done with a muay thai class and decided to eat something healthy. I called Cdj and he suggested an AYCE Chinese buffet to completely negate what I just accomplished in class. So Seaside Buffet was what we decided on.

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Taegukgi Korean BBQ House ($15.99 AYCE Tuesday Lunch Special)

The gluttony in all of us constantly searches for the unicorn all-you-can-eat Korean bbq. Specifically a lunch AYCE Kbbq. I had seen Taegukgi Korean BBQ House over the years but never tried them as the reviews were mixed. I’d do a quick drive-by peek of their empty patio when I would visit Zion Market right next door. So I was happy to share this gluttonous adventure with Cdj the past two weeks. Yeah. We visited two weeks in a row – both on Tuesdays in order to get the $15.99 lunch deal. The AYCE lunch option at Taegukgi Korean BBQ House normally costs $19.99 so the $4 savings on Tuesdays is a nice (almost) 20% savings.  Continue reading Taegukgi Korean BBQ House ($15.99 AYCE Tuesday Lunch Special)

Roadem BBQ ($9.99 AYCE Lunch Special)

My friends and I always complain how there’s no affordable all you can eat Korean BBQs for lunch here in San Diego. We’ve paid the full dinner AYCE price at many places but never felt we ate enough, for lunch, to warrant the $22+ dollars. So I was curious when I kept seeing Roadem BBQ  $9.99 AYCE lunch special when I was driving through Convoy. I read that it’s a limited all you can eat option with only five proteins to choose from. That’s totally fine with me especially if they’re offering banchan as well. So Cdj and I decided to visit Roadem BBQ the other day to check out this all you can eat lunch option.

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Sufi Mediterranean Cuisine ($15.95 AYCE Lunch)

I’m all about all you can eat (AYCE) restaurants here in San Diego. I admit I used to care about quantity over quality. But as you get older (and fatter), you realize quality takes the cake when it comes to an AYCE lunch option. BUT, leave it to the infamous Cdj to totally refute that and just want to eat as much as humanly possibly during lunch. He suggested Sufi Mediterranean Cuisine for lunch. He pitched that it was cheap (I think he said $11.95) and they had a TON of stuff to choose from. He’s usually wrong about one food fact per day (be it address location, price, type of food).  He said Sufi Mediterranean Cuisine was *now* his favorite place to have an AYCE meal. So alright.

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8Elements (AYCE lunch buffet) – Mira Mesa, CA

I hope everyone had a fattening Thanksgiving Holiday. Taking a week off from blogging felt thankfully lazy. So I’m back ready to blog about an all you can eat (AYCE) Indian buffet in Mira Mesa. I heard about 8Elements some time ago but had no idea who they were and where they were located in Mira Mesa. I’ve become accustomed to Indian restaurants in Miramar but not really in Mira Mesa. So we were surprised to find 8Elements in the same strip mall as Pho Cow Cali and Bank of America (corner of Black Mountain and Mira Mesa). How have we never seen an Indian Restaurant in this strip mall before? And 8Elements is seriously in the same corner area as Pho Cow Cali.

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Oceana Coastal Kitchen (Sunday Champagne Brunch)

I figured out the secret(s) to having a successful Sunday brunch: you must like the company that is sitting next to you; there must be some sort of classy liqueur; and there must be an abundant amount of fresh seafood. Oceana Coastal Kitchen was my answer to ‘Brunch, where’ve you been all my life?’. Their Sunday Champagne Brunch ($58/adult; $26 for children) is unique in a variety of ways. They have a sushi bar that offers nigiri, sashimi, and maki rolls. There’s also a cold seafood bar that offers crab legs, oysters on a half shell, shrimp. Then there are the various salads, bagel and lox, cheese platter, and desserts. The kicker is that you get to choose one full entree with the brunch (more to follow on that).

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