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Grub Burger Bar – Carmel Mountain, CA

I think a generation of people were heart broken when Oscars left Carmel Mountain. The restaurant was part of the community and many of us had grown up eating their breadsticks, pastas, chicken, etc. We saw signage for Grub Burger Bar but didn’t really give it a second thought. I’m kinda an In N Out burger traditionalist right. I received an invite to try Grub Burger Bar recently. An evening with a new restaurant and some good company makes for a happy girl.

Grub stands for Good people, Real food, Unique vibe and Big flavors. They feature hand crafted burgers made from their signature blend of chuck and brisket meat. A full bar serves local craft beers and a variety of cocktails.

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Cusp Dining & Drinks (Happy Hour) – La Jolla, CA

I was meeting a friend and she suggested trying Cusp Dining & Drinks in La Jolla. I visited Cusp years ago and thought the view was fine but the food was meh. They offer happy hour Mon-Sun from 4pm-7pm. The restaurant is located on the 11th floor of Hotel La Jolla. There’s now only a valet parking option so make sure to bring cash. I originally heard it’s $3 with restaurant validation but the nice valet gentleman said the valet fee is now completely covered with the restaurant validation. So kudos there.

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Fogo de Chao ( New Gaucho Lunch $15 AYCE Market Market Table & Feijoada Bar)

I’ve visited Fogo de Chao way more times than I’d like to remember. I was there with family just last Mother’s Day for lunch. Service was great but I think I just over-meated out. The salad bar didn’t seem as phenomenal and the plethora of people at the salad bar made it difficult to enjoy. Every mother that ate that day received one complimentary gift card for a free lunch or dinner (until July 7th). V’s birthday was coming up and Fogo de Chao is one of her favorite restaurants. So sis and I decided to treat her here for her birthday this year. We had the free gift card plus I wanted to try their new $15 Gaucho Lunch.

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The Broken Yolk Cafe – Del Mar, CA

Hope everyone had a fun Memorial Day weekend. I kept myself lazy which was actually quite hard to do. I finally broke that lazy cycle with the help of Cdj on Monday when he called me at 6:30a to plan a hike. It was actually an amazing hike with fun finds and the ocean mist, at that early in the morning, felt calming. I suggested The Broken Yolk Cafe which recently opened in Del Mar (off Del Mar Height Road). He was game as I’m pretty sure breakfast is his favorite meal so we jumped in our cars and headed over to The Broken Yolk Cafe.

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Ignite Bistro – Carlsbad, CA

Cdj had a birthday recently and I wanted to surprise him with as many gifts possible. The surprises included: him choosing a movie at a fancy movie place (without me criticizing about his movie pick), a nice lunch (without me judging him for his pick), and parasailing adventure at Torrey Pines Gliderport (without me nagging him about not having me as beneficiary on an his unwritten Last will & Testament). So he picked Keanu – the stupidest movie ever that Cdj will end up paying for with make up credits for ever – and we agreed on Ignite Bistro for a late lunch since it was nearby to the movie theatre. I’ve seen Ignite Bistro on Yelp and a few other sites so thought it would be a fun new place to try out for a birthday lunch.

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High Dive Bar and Grill (Ballast Point Tap Takeover)

I’m always looking for the cool, dungy dive bar that I can walk into and just feel like I’m one of the ‘regulars’. I’m not exactly known to be a dive bar-y kinda gal (the decor clashes with my J Crew outfit – just kidding) but I do love me some good ol’ greasy bar food at times. Ballast Point Brewery (did anyone else hear they sold to a powerhouse beer company for like $1B dollars) participated with High Dive Bar and Grill for San Diego’s beer week recently. Ballast Point would release, in limited quantities for that one night, 23+ new craft beers for crazy enthusiast fans to try out. I don’t drink beers as often as I should but how could I not find at least one beer out of the twenty three that I’d like. So we met 9 friends that night to try out Ballast Point Tap Takeover at High Dive Bar and Grill.

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House of Bites – San Diego (Miramar), CA

I’ll take up any opportunity to try out a new hole in the wall in Miramar. I used to work in the area so this part of town holds a special place in this blogger’s food obsessed heart. I hadn’t heard of House of Bites and read favorable reviews about this Mediterranean and Italian (?) mom & pop shop on Yelp. Not always a good thing when you see a bunch of 5 stars and nothing else though. But House of Bites was worth a try as I’ve been on a crazy binge of eating sandwiches lately.

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Farmer’s Market Foodventure (Cook with Jason)

Farmers Market has been my thing this year. You can search this blog and see how I’ve fallen in love with getting lost at a farmers market (alone or with someone). So I was really curious when I received an invite to try out Farmer’s Market Foodventure at Solana Beach with Chef Jason (from Cook with Jason). The concept is that you meet at a local kitchen, explore the town’s farmer’s market, tour an olive oil company, sample some wines at a winery shop, and then take some of the market’s bounty to use for a hands on cooking class where you’d be making dinner for yourself and others with the help of Chef Jason. The foodventure starts at 1:30p and ends around 6:30p so it’s a half day leisurely affair where you can take your time and enjoy yourself.

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Supernatural Sea to Sandwich

I was going to do a fun wine tasting in Miramar (I know, odd right) but the tasting didn’t offer as much food as we’d originally thought. Luckily, I remembered Supernatural Sea to Sandwich was nearby so we took a quick walk from the wine store to this popular sandwich shop. The heat that Saturday was excruciating. Like, no joke. It was brutal brutal brutal heat. The sandwich shop is small and it was packed to the brim with customers so that didn’t exactly help with air conditioning circulation that humid afternoon.

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SEA & SMOKE ( Build Your Own Cinnamon Bun Bar Brunch )

I think people get sad about Labor Day weekend because it marks the end of summer or something. I honestly don’t know. Because, um, I don’t enjoy summers and the heat all that much. But, I had some fun activities planned for that long weekend so I was kinda excited. Girlfriends (all the single ladies – whoop whoop) decided to drive down from LA to visit me for wine tasting at Temecula. So, what better way to pre-funk it than with breakfast with sad lonely Cdj at Sea & Smoke.

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