Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine (Yelp Event)

Yelp recently partnered with Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine in Downtown San Diego to host a dinner event. Lionfish recently opened in the Gaslamp. You and your guest were able to order: – Two shared appetizers from the menu – One sushi roll from menu – One entrée each – A 12oz draft of your choice… Read More Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine (Yelp Event)


Crust Pizzeria – Torrey Hills, CA

I don’t visit this part of town often but recently discovered Crust Pizzeria in a Torrey Hills strip mall. They make their pizza dough and pizza sauces fresh daily. They also import their 100% fresh mozzarella from Wisconsin. The restaurant also offers salads, sandwiches, and a few entrees. There’s also wine as well as draft… Read More Crust Pizzeria – Torrey Hills, CA


Elbow Room (Weekend Happy Hour) – San Diego, CA

Football has been harder to watch this season because, well, the Chargers suck. More so that they can’t keep a lead and blow the 4th quarter. It’s a miracle they’ve won the last two games but I probably jinxed it right there by typing that. It’s tough finding a restaurant/bar that offers some sort of… Read More Elbow Room (Weekend Happy Hour) – San Diego, CA


Encinitas Fish Shop

Something I’ve enjoyed doing this season (of my life) is visiting restaurants along Highway 101. I am the last person you’ll want to be with on any car ride as I’m always in a hurry to get from Point A to Point B. Scenic driving is not my cup of tea. So it’s been funny… Read More Encinitas Fish Shop


Le Parfait Paris (Yelp event) – San Diego, CA

Yelp recently partnered with Le Parfait Paris to offer yelpers a chance to try out the restaurant’s French inspired dishes and pastries. We were given a $25 credit to try anything we wanted from Le Parfait Paris. Making a reservation was easy and confirmation was appreciated via an email sent to us. We visited on a… Read More Le Parfait Paris (Yelp event) – San Diego, CA


High Dive Bar and Grill (Ballast Point Tap Takeover)

I’m always looking for the cool, dungy dive bar that I can walk into and just feel like I’m one of the ‘regulars’. I’m not exactly known to be a dive bar-y kinda gal (the decor clashes with my J Crew outfit – just kidding) but I do love me some good ol’ greasy bar… Read More High Dive Bar and Grill (Ballast Point Tap Takeover)


Ballast Point (Lunch) – Miramar, CA

I still shake my head when I visit this Ballast Point location. It’s in such an industrial part of Miramar where many fine restaurants are located (notice sarcasm in the last part of the sentence). I love Miramar as I used to work in the area and have super fond memories of standard restaurants we… Read More Ballast Point (Lunch) – Miramar, CA



I’ve had my eye on this restaurant for several months now. I didn’t think much about Calibanzo Hummus & Grill at first as I thought it would be all about hummus which isn’t exactly my favorite thing. Calibanzo Hummus & Grill opened about 2-3 months ago and the reviews I’ve seen thus far seem mostly… Read More CALIBANZO HUMMUS & GRILL – SCRIPPS RANCH, CA


Ballast Point – San Diego

Ballast Point was never a brewery I’ve ever heard of until last year when I started dating someone that reveres San Diego’s craft beers. Since last year, I’m pretty sure I’ve researched more San Diego breweries than most normal people. I guess I’d expect the same from the guy right. Like hey, I have a… Read More Ballast Point – San Diego



I was in the area getting a coffee and realized I hadn’t had lunch yet. My sister just told me about Pizza Rev the other night as she went with her family to their soft opening. So I figured I’d stop by this place real quick and spend $8.25 for a simple create-your-own-as-many-toppings single pizza.… Read More PIZZA REV – SAN DIEGO, CA