Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine (Yelp Event)

Yelp recently partnered with Lionfish Modern Coastal Cuisine in Downtown San Diego to host a dinner event. Lionfish recently opened in the Gaslamp. You and your guest were able to order:

– Two shared appetizers from the menu
– One sushi roll from menu
– One entrée each
– A 12oz draft of your choice for each guest or glass of selected wine

This was a generous event that everyone wanted to get in to. So we were happy when we made the guest list.

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Crust Pizzeria – Torrey Hills, CA

I don’t visit this part of town often but recently discovered Crust Pizzeria in a Torrey Hills strip mall. They make their pizza dough and pizza sauces fresh daily. They also import their 100% fresh mozzarella from Wisconsin. The restaurant also offers salads, sandwiches, and a few entrees. There’s also wine as well as draft beers. Friend told me about Crust Pizzeria as she’s been here many times for lunch and has enjoyed her meals. So we met up some time ago at Crust Pizzeria for me to try them out.

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Elbow Room (Weekend Happy Hour) – San Diego, CA

Football has been harder to watch this season because, well, the Chargers suck. More so that they can’t keep a lead and blow the 4th quarter. It’s a miracle they’ve won the last two games but I probably jinxed it right there by typing that. It’s tough finding a restaurant/bar that offers some sort of weekend happy hour when there’s an NFL game on. Elbow Room was a recent find and I must say that I like this cool sports bar. They’re located right next to Sonic and have ample parking. We were surprised they represent the Cleveland crowd and have a section dedicated to their city fans when a Browns game is on. I wonder if there’s a non-San Diego city that have that for the Chargers.

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Encinitas Fish Shop

Something I’ve enjoyed doing this season (of my life) is visiting restaurants along Highway 101. I am the last person you’ll want to be with on any car ride as I’m always in a hurry to get from Point A to Point B. Scenic driving is not my cup of tea. So it’s been funny that I look forward to exploring what the 101 offers. Friend wanted to take me to Encinitas Fish Shop as he’s visited the restaurant with his family and they’ve all enjoyed the seafood. The weather was sunny, warm, and bright the weekend of our visit.

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Le Parfait Paris (Yelp event) – San Diego, CA

Yelp recently partnered with Le Parfait Paris to offer yelpers a chance to try out the restaurant’s French inspired dishes and pastries. We were given a $25 credit to try anything we wanted from Le Parfait Paris. Making a reservation was easy and confirmation was appreciated via an email sent to us. We visited on a weekend hoping for a brunch meal. Their weekend brunch is popular and runs until 2p or so. We opted for a later meal and was happy to try their sandwiches.

The restaurant is pristine and well maintained. Their pastries and desserts are showcased for you to see when you walk in. You order at the counter, pay, and then seat yourself. There’s also a dog friendly outdoor patio.

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High Dive Bar and Grill (Ballast Point Tap Takeover)

I’m always looking for the cool, dungy dive bar that I can walk into and just feel like I’m one of the ‘regulars’. I’m not exactly known to be a dive bar-y kinda gal (the decor clashes with my J Crew outfit – just kidding) but I do love me some good ol’ greasy bar food at times. Ballast Point Brewery (did anyone else hear they sold to a powerhouse beer company for like $1B dollars) participated with High Dive Bar and Grill for San Diego’s beer week recently. Ballast Point would release, in limited quantities for that one night, 23+ new craft beers for crazy enthusiast fans to try out. I don’t drink beers as often as I should but how could I not find at least one beer out of the twenty three that I’d like. So we met 9 friends that night to try out Ballast Point Tap Takeover at High Dive Bar and Grill.

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Ballast Point (Lunch) – Miramar, CA

I still shake my head when I visit this Ballast Point location. It’s in such an industrial part of Miramar where many fine restaurants are located (notice sarcasm in the last part of the sentence). I love Miramar as I used to work in the area and have super fond memories of standard restaurants we used to frequent. So seeing a beautiful brewery like Ballast Point in this part of town is great. I’ve visited this location for the beers but never had the time to try out their food. So my friends decided we’d try this place out for lunch because they care about my blog (who we kidding – they care about the draft beers).  Continue reading Ballast Point (Lunch) – Miramar, CA


I’ve had my eye on this restaurant for several months now. I didn’t think much about Calibanzo Hummus & Grill at first as I thought it would be all about hummus which isn’t exactly my favorite thing. Calibanzo Hummus & Grill opened about 2-3 months ago and the reviews I’ve seen thus far seem mostly positive. Plus, they seemed to have authentic skewers grilled over open coals. Me loves.

Calibanzo Hummus & Grill is located in the same mall as Trader Joes, Gyu Kaku, and Chuck e Cheese. This strip mall gets packed during lunch and parking can be tough. But hey, it’s nothing compared to Convoy so suck it up. If you’ve never been here before, look for Gyu Kaku and Board & Brew. You’ll see Calibanzo Hummus & Grill in the same corner of these restaurants.    Continue reading CALIBANZO HUMMUS & GRILL – SCRIPPS RANCH, CA

Ballast Point – San Diego

Ballast Point was never a brewery I’ve ever heard of until last year when I started dating someone that reveres San Diego’s craft beers. Since last year, I’m pretty sure I’ve researched more San Diego breweries than most normal people. I guess I’d expect the same from the guy right. Like hey, I have a Hello Kitty passion. Maybe he should research some Hello Kitty museums or Hello Kitty food trucks to take me to on dates. You get what I’m saying.

This post is a bit overdue as we visited the newly opened Ballast Point some months ago. Their restaurant wasn’t even open yet but their bar/merchandise/food trucks were. We ended up coming to this Miramar location after our awesome visit to Green Flash Brewing Company which was only a few miles away.

I’m not kidding when I say that everything Ballast Point touches seems to turn to gold. They are literally located in an industrial area of the 92121 zip.  Continue reading Ballast Point – San Diego


I was in the area getting a coffee and realized I hadn’t had lunch yet. My sister just told me about Pizza Rev the other night as she went with her family to their soft opening. So I figured I’d stop by this place real quick and spend $8.25 for a simple create-your-own-as-many-toppings single pizza. What would be the big deal right. Never been excited about a place like this before so why start today.

To my surprise, I found out I was visiting on their official Grand Opening day. I wasn’t sure if there were any promos but one of the girls told me that each customer gets either a complimentary pizza or salad with a donation to the Boys & Girls Club for that day (3/12/2015).  Continue reading PIZZA REV – SAN DIEGO, CA