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BT’s Southern BBQ

BT’s Southern BBQ opened some months ago off the 56 freeway. A few of us were curious about this BBQ restaurant as we secretly think the location (in this particular strip mall) might be jinxed as the turnover (of a new restaurant taking over) has been pretty high. It’s a nice convenient location with plenty of parking so we think this particular spot in the strip mall just needs to find the right tenant. So visiting BT’s Southern BBQ was high on our list especially when we heard they have quite a few craft beers on tap as well.

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The Whole Hog

This sounds terrible but I recently said no to a date because he’s a non-meat eating guy. I just can’t imagine sharing the rest of my life with someone who doesn’t eat meat. Don’t get me wrong – I truly admire non-meat eating people in my life and wish I could follow the same lifestyle (for health benefits and to save animals). But gosh, I love pork. I love super fatty pork. The Whole Hog has been on my list to try as I like bbq but don’t know much about it. I had heard they serve both Carolina and Kansas City style bbq sandwiches so I was curious to see what this little BBQ shop was all about.

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La Jolla Open Aire Market (Donut Bar, Mojito Coffee, Crepes…)

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you know Sundays are tricky for me. I have conflicting thoughts when I’m at church (food related so get yo mind outta the gutter) so friends came up with what they call a Social Experiment for Fayesfork. Instead of day dreaming about food, during church service, why not try eating before service. I’m not sure how that’s exactly a Social Experiment but more to follow on that. La Jolla Open Aire Market is held every Sunday in downtown La Jolla from 9a-1p. Friend said this Farmers Market would  be the destination for the Social Experiment that particular Sunday.

On a side note, I’ve recently learned how to use Instagram. Go ahead and get the scoffing, jokes, making fun of me outta your system. I’ll give you a minute. I opened the account some months ago but never post anything because it felt like a lot of work. So I was surprised when I noticed comments and followers on the account. I literally was like ‘what the hell is that pound sign before the donut word (in that comment)‘.   Continue reading La Jolla Open Aire Market (Donut Bar, Mojito Coffee, Crepes…)

Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill

I’ve shared that I am often starving when I’m at church service. I don’t know why. My mind just often drifts to food and I find myself on yelp or reading food blogs to find out what I want to have for lunch after service. I’m anticipating September’s start of the NFL but also dread it at the same time because Sundays at service becomes a combination of 1) obsessing about food and 2) checking game stats. I learn and benefit from each church service but find it funny how a sermon will inspire me to whatever food craving I have that day. So the newly opened Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill somehow was the decision for lunch that Sunday.  Continue reading Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill

Summer BBQ 2015 + Apple Beauty Pageant

Summer BBQs are something that is still a bit foreign to me. It was so Americana to our family when I was growing up. My dad didn’t really bbq because he didn’t know how to. We rarely went to friends’ or neighbors’ for bbqs either. My only real bbq experience, now as an adult, is that of Korean AYCE bbq. Sad but true. And I’m usually the control freak with the tongs saying ‘don’t flip that yet!’. So being invited to someone’s house for a backyard bbq still feels odd yet a treat for me.   Continue reading Summer BBQ 2015 + Apple Beauty Pageant

Whole Foods ( Hot BBQ + Meat Department ) – Del Mar, CA


Whole Foods is honestly my looney bin cure when I’m having one of ‘those’ days. You know ‘those’ days. I’d almost compare the Whole Foods Del Mar as a therapist. I visit this therapist, get the soothing and understanding that I need, and voila – all cookoo is gone. The colors, organization, layout, food, EVERYTHING about this North County location just makes me, well, simply happy.

I’m still a fan of the Promenade this Whole Foods is situated in. I still fondly look back at my Afternoon-cay for under $25 at this Promenade. I so need an afternoon-cay right about now. This Whole Foods has been open for a bit now and I laugh when I remember CDJ’s  and my first visit here:

” I was wandering around just in awe (of all the colors, etc) and I heard CDJ say ‘Dayyummm‘. I replied ‘I KNOWWWW right’ ( *thinking* he was taking in all the colors and stuff). And I looked over at him and he was admiring some girls! He wasn’t talking about the colors OR the food OR the ambiance. ”  Continue reading Whole Foods ( Hot BBQ + Meat Department ) – Del Mar, CA



I wish my vice was shoes. It just ain’t. I wish I could look at a pair of stilettos and ask Santa to have it waiting under the Christmas tree in a few months. But no. You wanna know my vice. Groupon. Groupon is FayesFork’s vice. I’m a sucker for Groupon. I buy Groupon for restaurants and end up never using them. And wouldn’t ya know it – they sent me an offer to Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ ($17 for $30) early September that I JUST HAD TO GET. Why can’t I love shoes just like the everyone else.

I was surprised that this deal allowed for the funds to be used for Happy Hour. Generally, no Groupon deals will allow for Happy Hour so this offer for the $30 to be used at Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ was pretty awesome. Plus, it’s ALL DAY Happy Hour Monday nights.

I was able to secure one of two OpenTable reservations for a Monday evening (BTW, did you know if you make an OT reservation via yelp, you do NOT get your +100 points – so be careful). The RSVP pickings were slim (4:45p and 5:15p). I was thankful that FB works close by and had no problem with a 5:15p reservation.

Mapo BBQ Korean Cuisine- San Diego, CA

CDJ and I came here one night b/c Jeong Won was just too busy (you can read my review of Jeong Won here). We had heard nice things about Mapo BBQ Korean Cuisine but we were just too in love with Jeong Won to consider going anywhere else.

We came here I think 730p on a Friday night. It wasn’t terrible packed so we were lucky and got a table right away.

These are the two options you can choose from for the AYCE:  Continue reading Mapo BBQ Korean Cuisine- San Diego, CA

Jeong Won Korean BBQ Buffet – San Diego, CA

This is one of the handful of the all you can eat (AYCE) Korean style BBQs here in SD. But what makes them stand apart from the others is their buffet style service – you literally walk up to the buffet station and pick and choose from a large variety of meats/vegetables/banchan.

I personally have never seen a ‘self-serve’ AYCE Koean bbq before. Usually, you order 2-3 dishes at a time and the server brings out the dishes to you. But here, you literally can take as little, or as much, as you possibly want to grill. Continue reading Jeong Won Korean BBQ Buffet – San Diego, CA