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Great Wow – San Diego, CA

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus because food hasn’t been much on my mind. You won’t hear me ever say that again. Kidding aside, life has been catching up to me and I’ve been trying to get my un manicured hands to blog more. Great Wow restaurant opened some months ago. Sis didn’t want to go at the time because she was over the dumpling scene in Convoy. So, fine. I left for Asia, ate tons of dumplings, and came home happy. So guess where she wanted to eat just a few days after I returned. Just guess. Yeah – Great Wow. She heard from our cousin the food was pretty good and now wanted to try it.

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Infini Tea (Taiwanese lunch specials) – San Diego, CA

Sis is the worst food critic ever. First, she doesn’t even write about it (be it yelp/zomato/etc). Second, she complains non stop about whatever dish that ‘sucked’. Third, she assumes, because I blog, I will share *her* sentiments on here without revealing her identity. I recently had a huge craving for Taiwanese food and searched endlessly for a solution to this craving. Infini Tea popped up in a search which at first baffled me as I wasn’t craving boba drinks. But it turns out Infini Tea serves Taiwanese based dishes.

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Dumpling Hut – San Diego, CA

Sis and I have had epic auto-correct fails. Case in point, I texted her that we’re at Dumping Hut for lunch. You’d think she’d find that amusing but no. She just takes it as another opportunity to laugh and shame me – all via text. I don’t think San Diego can ever, EVER, have enough restaurants specializing in dumplings. Or anything dumpling related (be it xiao long bao, sheng jian bao, etc). Dumpling Hut seemed like a possible dumpling contender as, well, they have Dumpling in their restaurant name.   Continue reading Dumpling Hut – San Diego, CA

Liang’s Kitchen (+ WTD & Chocolate rationing ramblings) – San Diego, CA


Sis, V and I all went to lunch the other day. Sis ALWAYS jones for Beef Noodle Soup (BNS). It’s probably the only thing she ever craves. Sis has a love/hate relationship with food b/c to her, eating is just a chore and it’s a lot of work. We skype everyday and every week, I’ll get a message ‘Don’t you think it sucks that we have to eat’. I think her meaning is that we’ve literally tried every restaurant in San Diego and she’s just defeated that she hasn’t found her unicorn restaurant yet.

So when sis gets defeated like this, I concede and agree to go to her BNS of choice, Liang’s Kitchen. I really am not a fan of this place and their popularity has died down since they opened. I forgot I posted about them last year. Continue reading Liang’s Kitchen (+ WTD & Chocolate rationing ramblings) – San Diego, CA

Savory Buffet (AYCE Lunch Buffet $9.98) – San Diego, CA


My cheapo uncle (and I mean that in the most endearing way) introduced me to this place YEARS ago. He was the one in the family that we associated with cheap. Not frugal. But CHEAP. So when he told me about this, years ago, I shrugged and said ‘no thanks’.

He finally got the family to try it out and I really liked it. There was a variety of hot dishes, made-to-order noodle soups, sushi, desserts, salads. All for under $10 bucks.

I took HK and her family there when they visited for dinner one night and they LOVED it (even though it was pricer at $15 or so).

But my last two visits there proved disappointing as the food didn’t seem as good and the sushi just seemed to deteriorate in quality. So whatever. It’s not like I can’t find other places that offer cheap AYCE lunches right. Continue reading Savory Buffet (AYCE Lunch Buffet $9.98) – San Diego, CA

Flavor Garden ( Xian Bing / Soupy Meat Pie quest ) – Alhambra, CA

My drives to LA have been wretched lately. I’m not sure if I jinxed myself by writing all those times how easy, quick, and great those drives used to be. Dang it. I jinxed it.  The drives up lately have taken more than 3+ hours. Sigh.

I was in LA earlier this week to pick up sis and finish some work stuff. I realize that when I go to LA, I’m always, most of the time, just starving. I think it’s because I skip breakfast and lunch when I head up. Hence, why I go nutzo by the time I get there and complete everything. Continue reading Flavor Garden ( Xian Bing / Soupy Meat Pie quest ) – Alhambra, CA

Beijing Pie House ( Pan fried soupy meat pies ) – Monterey Park, CA

I drove up to LA last week for work and to see my mom before she left for Asia again. It was one of those chaotic-WTF days. I’m used to getting everything ready to go the evening before and then jumping in my car the next morning for the drive. But that morning my feet just kept dragging for some reason.

The drive always starts off great. I always think it’s a precursor to how the rest of the day will be. Which is so lame b/c that’s a lot of pressure. I make my usual pit stop at Starbucks to get my Americano and a venti iced water.

I was driving for about 40 min and saw Caltrans signs saying expect traffic b/c of a car accident. Greattttt. Just greattttt. It was right before Las Pulgas exit which is THE saddest exit ever b/c there’s nothing around it and it’s the lone exit for a few miles. Continue reading Beijing Pie House ( Pan fried soupy meat pies ) – Monterey Park, CA

Kang Kang Food Court ( Shengjian Bao + cheap Chinese food FAIL) – Alhambra, CA

As I mentioned in my last post, I had to come up to LA last minute to help family with a few things. It was a bit last minute and I tried to come up Saturday night but was too tired. So first thing early Sunday morning, I jumped in car with dogs and drove up. I didn’t have another Easter bunny moment BUT I drove up in record time. There wasn’t a lick of traffic. None. Zilch. Not even in the crappy I-5 section where it becomes 3 lanes and cars get jammed up. It was THE smoothest/quickest drive in my life.

I was in THE ZEN you know. I knew what I had to do once I got to LA and I was laser focused on that. Just calm thoughts, rainbows and butterflies (you know what I’m talking about)…so serene…then I look over at passenger side and see Mochi swaying… Continue reading Kang Kang Food Court ( Shengjian Bao + cheap Chinese food FAIL) – Alhambra, CA

Beef Noodle Soup (2 Broth versions + funniest story in Hualien) – Hualien, Taiwan

*I wanted to write this post later as there were a few other places in Hualien I tried before my departure – but in light of this heat wave here in SD, I thought it only fitting to write about a hot bowl of Beef Noodle Soup…*

I FINALLY had beef noodle soup on my trip and it happened to be on my last night in Hualien. Mom and I were rushed because we had to catch the 10:05p train back to Taipei. She told me there’s a tiny beef noodle soup place by us and that it’s owned by a Christian husband/wife couple. I’ve seen their BNS ‘soup kitchen’ in front of their restaurant but I never wanted to try it b/c the weather was so humid/hot. But on our last night, I thought it would be fitting as my last meal in the city. It was around 8:15p when we walked over.  Continue reading Beef Noodle Soup (2 Broth versions + funniest story in Hualien) – Hualien, Taiwan

Taiwan 2012 food pics and funny stories – June 19, 2013 (in Taiwan now…)

It’s really early/late right now so forgive me if this post sounds totally discombobulated .  I’m so tired but this jet lag is kicking my butt. So thought I’d write a bit to help me calm my thoughts before I try to get to sleep 🙂

I’ve been here less than 24 hours but haven’t had the opportunity to go on my usual crazy food excursions as of yet. Too busy settling some work and family stuff first.
I had an amazing trip to Taiwan late last year and wanted to post a few things about that trip in the meantime. The 2012 trip was so much more than about food which surprised me.

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