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356 BBQ & Bar ($25.99 AYCE) – San Diego, CA

We don’t venture outside of Convoy for AYCE Korean BBQ often. I was surprised and curious when a new Korean BBQ restaurant opened in Mission Valley. The restaurant was brand new, modern, and not AYCE. I should have written ‘but not AYCE’ because Cdj about fainted when he saw the prices here at 356 BBQ & Bar. We tried to visit some months ago but the service was non existent and they wouldn’t put on any of the Sunday football games on their tvs. So we didn’t give this restaurant much thought after that.

Fast forward to present time and 356 BBQ & Bar now offers a few AYCE options: 1) the 355 for $25.99; 2) the 356 for $29.99; and 3) the 357 for $36.99. The prices are further discounted Mon-Friday for lunch. For example, you can get the 355 for $21.99 during those days from 11:30a-3pm.

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BT’s Southern BBQ

BT’s Southern BBQ opened some months ago off the 56 freeway. A few of us were curious about this BBQ restaurant as we secretly think the location (in this particular strip mall) might be jinxed as the turnover (of a new restaurant taking over) has been pretty high. It’s a nice convenient location with plenty of parking so we think this particular spot in the strip mall just needs to find the right tenant. So visiting BT’s Southern BBQ was high on our list especially when we heard they have quite a few craft beers on tap as well.

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Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill

I’ve shared that I am often starving when I’m at church service. I don’t know why. My mind just often drifts to food and I find myself on yelp or reading food blogs to find out what I want to have for lunch after service. I’m anticipating September’s start of the NFL but also dread it at the same time because Sundays at service becomes a combination of 1) obsessing about food and 2) checking game stats. I learn and benefit from each church service but find it funny how a sermon will inspire me to whatever food craving I have that day. So the newly opened Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill somehow was the decision for lunch that Sunday.  Continue reading Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill