356 BBQ & Bar ($25.99 AYCE) – San Diego, CA

We don’t venture outside of Convoy for AYCE Korean BBQ often. I was surprised and curious when a new Korean BBQ restaurant opened in Mission Valley. The restaurant was brand new, modern, and not AYCE. I should have written ‘but not AYCE’ because Cdj about fainted when he saw the prices here at 356 BBQ… Read More 356 BBQ & Bar ($25.99 AYCE) – San Diego, CA


BT’s Southern BBQ

BT’s Southern BBQ opened some months ago off the 56 freeway. A few of us were curious about this BBQ restaurant as we secretly think the location (in this particular strip mall) might be jinxed as the turnover (of a new restaurant taking over) has been pretty high. It’s a nice convenient location with plenty… Read More BT’s Southern BBQ


Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill

I’ve shared that I am often starving when I’m at church service. I don’t know why. My mind just often drifts to food and I find myself on yelp or reading food blogs to find out what I want to have for lunch after service. I’m anticipating September’s start of the NFL but also dread… Read More Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill