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StreetCar Merchants of Fried Chicken, Doughnuts & Coffee – La Jolla, CA

I was browsing Yelp when I gasped at what I was seeing on the screen before me. StreetCar Merchants was open in LA JOLLA ? Say what. I’ve been craving fried chicken lately so the new opening of StreetCar got me excited. They took over a previous restaurant building next to the Inn and re modeled the interior. The menu is different from their North Park location so don’t expect just fried chicken at their La Jolla location. They share the small parking lot with the Inn but there was also easy street parking that weekend we visited.

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Cow By Bear (Sunday Brunch pop up) – San Diego

I’m seeing someone who earnestly tries to find new food adventures for dates. I was surprised when he said he got into a brunch event at a pop up named Cow By Bear. I wasn’t sure if I heard him correctly but he repeated: “Cow (like MOOOOOO). By. Bear (like ROOOARRRR)”. 

Ok. Real funny. His sense of humor and sarcasm is endearing. After researching though, it appeared this pop up restaurant is extremely popular and sells out months in advance for their dinners. Did I mention these dinners cost $150 per person. Well, they now offer Sunday Brunch for $100 per person. I tried to reason with friend that $100 for brunch is too much but he insisted we had to try Cow By Bear. Besides, the tickets are non refundable.

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Big Catch Seafood House ( $45 AYCE Sunday Brunch)

My holy trinity in life consists of all F’s: Faith, family, and food friends. I was determined to visit my family in LA on Christmas Day. My mom is in love with a new restaurant called Big Catch Seafood House in Alhambra. It’s not even an Asian restaurant. We visited Big Catch some weeks ago but the visit was a hit/miss for me. But I was excited to try the restaurant again for their $45.95 All You Can Eat Brunch with bottomless mimosas. PLUS, there were some secret ‘off the brunch menu’ items that completely blew us away.

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Karl Strauss Brunch (Sorrento Valley)

I’ve been wanting to re visit the Karl Strauss Brunch for a few months now. My mom took me and Cdj in 2013 and we had an ok time. The all you can eat brunch comes with endless mimosas; a pint of beer; OR a flight of beer. You can’t choose all three but one could dream right. The brunch is only offered at the Sorrento Valley location which is fine as this location has the koi ponds and Japanese garden. We nabbed the earliest Sunday reservation at 9:45a. The cost is $26.95 per person. There’s a two hour limit where you can enjoy the brunch. There was also live music the morning we visited (it started late though around 11:15a). The Karl Strauss Brunch is offered every Sunday from 9:45a-2:00p.

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The French Gourmet

Breakfast is a meal that I don’t look forward to as much as, say, lunch or dinner. I used to enjoy going to breakfast alone in the mornings to gather my thoughts before work. I stopped doing that some years ago. The French Gourmet has been around for years. I swear they sold their fruit tarts at Price Club (aka Costco) when I was younger. I had passed by their Pacific Beach restaurant a few times but never thought about trying them out. I bought a discounted voucher some months ago and invited a friend to join me for brunch at The French Gourmet some weeks ago.

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Hash House A Go Go – San Diego, CA

There are certain food photos that instantly remind of cetain  friends and family. The food photos turn out nicely but all I remember are the conversations and laughter I had during that meal. It still feels like it was last weekend that I ate at Hash House A Go Go with Cdj and Ny. I had suggested this restaurant as they’re known for their massive presentations and portions of food. I’m not a big breakfast person, per se, but I am a fan of gluttony. I’m an even bigger fan of seeing Ny smile when he least expected to.

Especially over food. I mean, he did come to San Diego, all the way from New York, just to eat AYCE Korean bbq. Because that’s what you do when you have a 39 hour trip here to San Diego. Cdj and I will never stop making fun of him for that.

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Pacific Coast Grill

I think I visited Pacific Coast Grill when they were located some miles South in Solana Beach years ago. Sis has mentioned that the views and food in their Cardiff location is pretty good. Friend took his nephew and niece here some months ago and agreed with sis’ sentiments. We visited for Easter brunch last month and had one of the best breakfasts ever in San Diego.

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Champagne Brunch Cruise (via Vimbly.com) – San Diego, CA

I was approached by Vimbly some time ago to try out their website. They state ” Vimbly is the fastest way to book thousands of local activities, classes & date ideas — any of which can be booked directly with a best price guarantee. These include dance, cooking, glassblowing, pizza making, wine tasting, learning to DJ, improvisation, scotch pairing, samurai sword fighting, persuasion class, and more”. Maybe you all didn’t know this about me but I’ve always wanted to learn samurai sword fighting. Ok, just kidding. But pizza making…wine tasting…scotch pairing. Yes, I might be interested. I mostly browsed their restaurant/food tour/anything food options but stumbled across their Date Night tab. They even have a tab for special occasion, For Him, and For Her under the Date Night option. You book directly through Vimbly and they set up the reservation(s) for you. The Champagne Brunch Cruise seemed like the perfect fit for me.

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Queenstown Public House (Little Italy)

A rain storm was coming to San Diego so we wanted to take advantage of the warm sunshine before the skies started to weep. It was  one of those lazy weekends where you sit on the couch, in your baggy pjs, wondering ‘self, where would you like to treat yourself to today’. I had read wonderful reviews about  Queenstown Public House and was curious about their New Zealand inspired menu. Their weekend brunch seemed like a great way to try them out but the wait time seemed arduous. So we decided instead to stroll the Farmers Market in Little Italy.

We were surprised when we saw Queenstown Public House while crossing the street to get to another section of the Farmers Market. The restaurant is located in what looks like a quaint house with a front yard (artificial grass and all). We only noticed the house because people were sitting out front waiting for a table.

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Vessel Restaurant + Bar ($15 BOTTOMLESS Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar + Weekend Brunch)

San Diego is such a beautiful city to explore for brunches. We have the views, the weather, and enough towns in this city to find a nice brunch to try. But, when was the last time you saw a BOTTOMLESS Build your own Bloody Mary bar. Yeah, bottomless. Meaning you can go up as many times as you want, stuff your one-shot vodka mason jar with goodies, and then do it all over it again when you want another bloody mary. Vessel Restaurant + Bar at the Kona Kai Resort offers such a thing on Sundays AND Saturdays. Their brunch menu also offers savory and sweet items to choose from while you’re enjoying your drink while admiring the harbor views.

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