Americana Restaurant – Del Mar, CA

I just had the most whirlwind week of my life. I don’t know if I met the love of my life (being dramatic here) but I honestly had the best meet and greets (aka dates) with a special guy. It left me lovesick which I’ve never said on this blog. Hence why I’ve been MIA… Read More Americana Restaurant – Del Mar, CA


Vive La Tarte – San Francisco, CA

I stayed two nights with Peanut in her San Francisco abode. These were nights staying up late to talk, catch up, gossip, introduce new TV shows to one another. It was some much needed girl-time for the both of us. She introduced me to Vive La Tarte on my last morning with her. Vive La… Read More Vive La Tarte – San Francisco, CA


Breakfast Republic – Carmel Valley, CA

My girlfriends and I recently met up at the newly opened Breakfast Republic in Carmel Valley. This location took longer than expected to open but the restaurant is sleek, modern, and inviting. I’ve never visited any Breakfast Republic so I was excited to finally try out their menu with two of my friends. We visited… Read More Breakfast Republic – Carmel Valley, CA


Cafe Topes – Carlsbad, CA

I’ve made mention that I’m the brunt of jokes in my circle of friends because…well…I wasn’t born here. That’s the running joke/eye rolls/wtf reactions I get when I use that as an excuse for not understanding phrases/terms/jokes/etc. I’m lucky my friends have a thick skin as we’re often mean to one another (in a brotherly/sisterly… Read More Cafe Topes – Carlsbad, CA


Zel’s Del Mar

Sundays can be stressful for a variety of reasons. One consistent reason has always been breakfast. Friends and I always have the same question every Sunday around 10a. “WHATAWEDOING” for breakfast is the text I get every single time. Unbeknownst to me, they made an executive decision without my input, consent, yay or nay…well, you… Read More Zel’s Del Mar


Waypoint Public Del Sur

I’ve seen Waypoint Public at various events through out the years. They offered samples but none of which I can currently remember. Cdj visited their North Park location some weeks ago after watching fights at a nearby bar and swore he had one of his best dinners at Waypoint Public (then again, he’d probably give… Read More Waypoint Public Del Sur


Barbarella (Brunch) – La Jolla, CA

Happy Good Friday 2017 everyone. Easter is upon us and I’m looking forward to quietly celebrating with family. What’s the most important meal during this time though. You know the answer. Starts with a B and ends with an H. I think I have friends who would guess the wrong answer. Kidding aside, brunch is… Read More Barbarella (Brunch) – La Jolla, CA


StreetCar Merchants of Fried Chicken, Doughnuts & Coffee – La Jolla, CA

I was browsing Yelp when I gasped at what I was seeing on the screen before me. StreetCar Merchants was open in LA JOLLA ? Say what. I’ve been craving fried chicken lately so the new opening of StreetCar got me excited. They took over a previous restaurant building next to the Inn and re modeled… Read More StreetCar Merchants of Fried Chicken, Doughnuts & Coffee – La Jolla, CA


Cow By Bear (Sunday Brunch pop up) – San Diego

I’m seeing someone who earnestly tries to find new food adventures for dates. I was surprised when he said he got into a brunch event at a pop up named Cow By Bear. I wasn’t sure if I heard him correctly but he repeated: “Cow (like MOOOOOO). By. Bear (like ROOOARRRR)”.  Ok. Real funny. His sense… Read More Cow By Bear (Sunday Brunch pop up) – San Diego


Big Catch Seafood House ( $45 AYCE Sunday Brunch)

My holy trinity in life consists of all F’s: Faith, family, and food friends. I was determined to visit my family in LA on Christmas Day. My mom is in love with a new restaurant called Big Catch Seafood House in Alhambra. It’s not even an Asian restaurant. We visited Big Catch some weeks ago… Read More Big Catch Seafood House ( $45 AYCE Sunday Brunch)