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Trade Winds Tavern – San Diego, CA

I was curious to see what Trade Winds Tavern was about. I had seen them slowly take over the previous location. I didn’t know much about Trade Winds Tavern except seeing the mural of the girl every time we passed by. I didn’t know if the tavern would be Asian themed in regards to decor, food, and ambiance. We had a chance to visit Trade Winds Tavern recently for a media event.

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Cusp Dining & Drinks (Happy Hour) – La Jolla, CA

I was meeting a friend and she suggested trying Cusp Dining & Drinks in La Jolla. I visited Cusp years ago and thought the view was fine but the food was meh. They offer happy hour Mon-Sun from 4pm-7pm. The restaurant is located on the 11th floor of Hotel La Jolla. There’s now only a valet parking option so make sure to bring cash. I originally heard it’s $3 with restaurant validation but the nice valet gentleman said the valet fee is now completely covered with the restaurant validation. So kudos there.

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Tostadas ( North Park )

Pretty food sometimes just makes my day. The pictures don’t have to be perfect or photoshopped. I’m talking about food pictures where vibrant colors makes you want to throw down your camera and start eating from visual food hunger. The beautifully prepared ceviche and tostadas here at Tostadas North Park were breath taking. I was surprised by the simplicity and artistry of almost every item we tried that afternoon. I don’t frequent this part of town often but we decided to make it a fun date activity in the area that day starting with Tostadas North Park.

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The 3rd annual Latin Food Fest Grande Tasting 2015 was held this year at San Diego’s Broadway Pier. The weather in San Diego had been almost perfect all week. The humidity had left us but we were struck with warmer temps come Friday. Saturday was no exception as the heat wave seemed to penetrate the entire city. No matter though as the beautiful gusts of harbor wind was much loved and appreciated that day at the Latin Food Fest Grande Tasting.   Continue reading LATIN FOOD FEST GRANDE TASTING 2015

Karina’s Mexican Seafood

I was invited to try out Karina’s Mexican Seafood and was pretty excited as this seafood restaurant has been on my bucket list for years. Karina’s Mexican Seafood has been notorious for two things : 1) beautiful servers and 2) ceviche. I was able to bring a plus 1 and called CDJ. When I asked if he wanted to try Karina’s his reply was ‘who is that’.

me: ” It’s kinda like the Mexican Hooters…”
him: (interrupts me) “I’m in”
me: “…that serves ceviche, seaf….”
him: “I’M IN”
me: “…seafood, it’s in down…”
him:” stop talking you had me at Hooters”   Continue reading Karina’s Mexican Seafood

Casa Sol y Mar – Del Mar, CA

I visited Casa Sol y Mar two years ago with Snooks and Toxie to try their Happy Hour. We all collectively thought the food was mediocre and the staff a bit rude. So there wasn’t ever an urge to return. But a group of friends recently wanted to get together for lunch and one of the girls suggested Casa Sol y Mar. I wasn’t going to throw in my .02c (shocker I know) as I figured perhaps the restaurant had improved since my last visit. Plus, hello, they have complimentary fresh chips and salsa.   Continue reading Casa Sol y Mar – Del Mar, CA

Hello Betty Fish House (Beats, Boards, Bites, Brew Event)- Oceanside, CA


I would be lying if I said it’s not awesome to get invites from restaurants to come in and try whatever event or menu compliments of the house. Of course it’s awesome. But it was never the reason I started this food blog. Yes, I like going as an invited person to these events but more importantly, I enjoy sharing the food and pics from these events with everyone here (or elsewhere). A friend mentioned to me that maybe, finally, the universe is aligning for me. I’m getting invites to places that actually have been on my bucket list to try and I’ve also been asked to contribute (write) for a travel website. This felt like the first week, in a long time, that I just breathed, exhaled, looked up, and smiled a genuine smile. At least that’s what friend said at the end of this event when we went to the pier to watch the sunset.    Continue reading Hello Betty Fish House (Beats, Boards, Bites, Brew Event)- Oceanside, CA

Vallarta Supermarkets (Ceviches & Torta Cubana) – Escondido, CA

I was hosting a milestone birthday party for my dearest of friends Arrow recently. I wuv him because he’s a no BS kinda dude and he never answers my questions the way *I* want him to answer my questions. No matter how much I act like a brat, he simply shakes his head, laughs and says ‘no, a true friend doesn’t give you the answers you want to hear. A true friend gives you the truth and doesn’t care if you hate him for it.’ So when it came time to host his birthday, I was determined to make him something super fancy and elaborate.

Hence why I ended up driving to buttfrekfar (hey, I serioulsly just made up that word…pretty funny huh) Escondido to buy ceviche from a Mexican supermarket. I swear I wanted to make ceviche from scratch but who has time to do that when the dinner party is on a Friday at 7p. I sure didn’t 🙁

I visited the Vallarta Supermarket in National City some time last year and thought the food/service/ambiance didn’t compare to the Northgate Market in Downey (where I visited a year ago or so). I thought the Vallarta in Escondido would be a closer drive (compared to National City) but it took me over 30 minutes to get to Vallarta because it was so inland.  Continue reading Vallarta Supermarkets (Ceviches & Torta Cubana) – Escondido, CA



I don’t frequent PB very often but we happened to be in the area last weekend. I was so praying for rain but we had the misfortune of having ample sunshine and pleasant breezes that day. Dang it San Diego, why can’t you keep raining. I don’t know how I found Crushed Pacific Beach as I know nothing about the food or restaurants  in this neck of the woods. FratB though, well, this is *his* territory and he’s quite proud of it. Funny though as we both laugh about our glory days at PB Bar & Grill back in the day. He had never heard of Crushed but I told him the menu looked simple, affordable, and worth trying.  Continue reading CRUSHED (BRUNCH & TAPAS)- PACIFIC BEACH

DON RIOS (previously MXN previously Santanas) – Rancho Penasquitos

I grew up hearing about Santanas as everyone in school just loved their burritos so much. I never really ate there so it wasn’t a big deal to me when Santanas changed to MXN. I recently drove by MXN in Rancho Penasquitos and noticed a new sign that said Don Rios where MXN used to be. So alright, curious nosy bee that I am, I decided to stop in and take a look.     Continue reading DON RIOS (previously MXN previously Santanas) – Rancho Penasquitos