Pegah’s Kitchen – Escondido, CA

I was in Escondido to have my car serviced. It was an early morning and all I could think about was chicken fried steak. And country gravy. I discovered Pegah’s Kitchen on my Yelp app and decided to try the restaurant as they offered chicken fried steak with country gravy on their breakfast menu. Pegah’s… Read More Pegah’s Kitchen – Escondido, CA


The Broken Yolk Cafe – Del Mar, CA

Hope everyone had a fun Memorial Day weekend. I kept myself lazy which was actually quite hard to do. I finally broke that lazy cycle with the help of Cdj on Monday when he called me at 6:30a to plan a hike. It was actually an amazing hike with fun finds and the ocean mist,… Read More The Broken Yolk Cafe – Del Mar, CA


Harry’s Coffee Shop – La Jolla, CA

I’ve seen Harry’s Coffee Shop in La Jolla over the years but have only recently visited this small restaurant. I’m not always a breakfast type of person but I will try a restaurant if I see chicken fried steak or hollandaise on their breakfast menu. Cdj suggested we finally try Harry’s Coffee Shop some time… Read More Harry’s Coffee Shop – La Jolla, CA


Potato Shack Cafe

Potato Shack Cafe is a family owned breakfast and lunch restaurant in Encinitas. I don’t know about ya all’s preference but sometimes a girl’s gotta have her chicken fried steak in the morning. We are always on the quest to search for the perfect chicken fried steak in San Diego so we thought we’d venture… Read More Potato Shack Cafe

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Tobey’s 19th Hole Restaurant (& Balboa Park visit) – San Diego, CA

TOBEY’S 19TH HOLE CAFE Do you ever just wake up in the morning WANTING to eat something for breakfast SO BAD. Granted, my last meal was at 11a the previous day so I woke up starving. BUT, you know what I’m sayin’ about that breakfast craving. I woke last Sunday with the biggest hankering for… Read More Tobey’s 19th Hole Restaurant (& Balboa Park visit) – San Diego, CA