Cross Street Chicken & Beer – San Diego, CA

Cross Street Chicken & Beer has been on my absolute ‘to try’ list for 2018. I’m a sucker for fried chicken wings. My food adventures, the beginning of this new year, has been dismal. I’ve been ordering more take out than I’d like or am used to. Then excessively exercising all the dumb calories away.… Read More Cross Street Chicken & Beer – San Diego, CA


Golden Chopsticks Restaurant

V and I were going to be in National City so I researched restaurants for us to try for lunch. We always enjoy salt and pepper chicken wings so Soo suggested either Golden Chopsticks Restaurant or Royal Mandarin. Both had lunch specials but we opted for Golden Chopsticks Restaurant as it was a mile closer… Read More Golden Chopsticks Restaurant


Mama Cinia Rice & Noodles – Mira Mesa, CA

I’ve been missing my friend Peanut. It’s been fun catching up with her via texts/phone calls. She’s now a busy mama to a beautiful girl but that doesn’t mean the two of us ever stopped gossiping or talking smack. She’s my ride or die girlfriend and someone who is fiercely loyal. She also introduced me… Read More Mama Cinia Rice & Noodles – Mira Mesa, CA

Dim Sum

Fung Fung Yuen (midweek Dim Sum) – Mira Mesa, CA

There’s been so much anticipation waiting for Fung Fung Yuen to open in Mira Mesa. They took over the now defunct Hometown Buffet building sometime ago. Fung Fung Yuen serves dim sum and then some (sorry, had to type that). People must lose their minds about dim sum because Fung Fung Yuen has been receiving… Read More Fung Fung Yuen (midweek Dim Sum) – Mira Mesa, CA


Cinepolis ( Yelp Event – dinner & a movie )- Del Mar, CA

This is an over due post about this Yelp event some weeks ago. Cinepolis recently remodeled and teamed with Yelp to host an event that featured menu items as well as a movie. I met my friend Diana at the event and we were both excited to watch the fantastically horrible girls movie Rough Night.


Fresh Brothers – San Diego, CA

Carbs. What more can I say. It’s a girl’s best friend. I’ve been on a weird pizza craze lately. Not even sure why. I’m not much of a crust person. I’m even more not a deep dish crust kinda person. I went to a Yelp spin event and they gave us a coupon for a… Read More Fresh Brothers – San Diego, CA


Waypoint Public Del Sur

I’ve seen Waypoint Public at various events through out the years. They offered samples but none of which I can currently remember. Cdj visited their North Park location some weeks ago after watching fights at a nearby bar and swore he had one of his best dinners at Waypoint Public (then again, he’d probably give… Read More Waypoint Public Del Sur


Wokou Ramen & Yakitori

It’s been exciting to see Wokou Ramen & Yakitori build this North County location to their liking. You can tell the owners/partners want to bring a different vibe to this part of town. The open and sleek restaurant is hip, modern, and a breath of fresh air. Plus, where can you find ramen and yakitori… Read More Wokou Ramen & Yakitori


Trade Winds Tavern – San Diego, CA

I was curious to see what Trade Winds Tavern was about. I had seen them slowly take over the previous location. I didn’t know much about Trade Winds Tavern except seeing the mural of the girl every time we passed by. I didn’t know if the tavern would be Asian themed in regards to decor,… Read More Trade Winds Tavern – San Diego, CA


Crust Pizzeria – Torrey Hills, CA

I don’t visit this part of town often but recently discovered Crust Pizzeria in a Torrey Hills strip mall. They make their pizza dough and pizza sauces fresh daily. They also import their 100% fresh mozzarella from Wisconsin. The restaurant also offers salads, sandwiches, and a few entrees. There’s also wine as well as draft… Read More Crust Pizzeria – Torrey Hills, CA