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Rock N’ Jenny’s Italian Subs – Escondido, CA

How many sandwiches have I had over a lifetime. Quite a bit I’d like to think. My love of sandwiches has grown over the years as I punish myself over freshly baked bread while counting carbs. We were in Escondido over the weekend and wanted to find a quick/cheap sandwich place to try out before we headed to a local brewery. I knew Rock N’ Jenny’s Italian Subs was nearby so we decided to try out this sandwich shop.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy the sandwich shop but the sandwich I had here at Rock N’ Jenny’s Italian Subs was one of the best things I’ve eaten all year.

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Karl Strauss Brewing Company (4S Ranch)

Sis introduced me to this Karl Strauss Brewing Company location some many years ago. She visits this shopping center because she swears she’s seen Philip Rivers’ nanny go to Pei Wei to pick up food and maybe, just maybe, sis will run into Philip one day. Football-Crazy runs in our family. A good friend recently was available for lunch so we decided to visit Karl Strauss in 4S Ranch. The weather was still warm so something about having an ice cold beer appealed to the both of us. This location was busy during lunch but we were able to get a table in the back. They do have air conditioning as well as an outdoor/side patio. I’ve been here twice (once for a birthday dinner and the other time we tried to come for dinner but the bar service was non existent so we left).

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Taste of the Past – Old Town (San Diego)

I haven’t visited Old Town in so many years. My last clear memory of Old Town was in the 6th grade when we took a field trip to this historic part of San Diego. Back then, life wasn’t about food or blogging. It was simply about having fun and spending time with class mates. I never really returned to Old Town after the 6th grade and there are simply two words to explain why: Whaley House. I have (and still am) afraid of ghosts. The Whaley House (or maybe their tour guides) frightened me so bad all those years ago. So I was a bit apprehensive when I was invited to try out The Taste of the Past event in Old Town over the weekend.   Continue reading Taste of the Past – Old Town (San Diego)