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Lazy Acres Market (sister to Bristol Farms) – Encinitas

My heart melts when I see a new super market opening. I love the smell, sights, touch of these new markets. I had never heard of Lazy Acres Market. I didn’t know if it was a chain or perhaps a pricey organic kinda place (hello Whole Foods). So I was surprised to discover Lazy Acres Market is a sister market to Bristol Farms. My love of Bristol has diminished over the years but I’m a fan of their beer selection as well as their famous chocolate chip cookies. So I was excited to stop by Lazy Acres Market and check them out.

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Souplantation (Eat with the Farmers Event)

I received¬†an invite to Souplantation’s Eat with the Farmers Event in Carmel Valley a few weeks ago. I’ve been to this Carmel Valley location many times and actually liked the location even more after they remodeled (but I was depressed they took out the chicken in my beloved Chinese Chicken Salad, boo). This event intrigued me because as I never knew Souplantation had a farm-to-table concept. They actually work with local San Diego farmers to supply vegetables and produce to their locations. Souplantation wanted to thank their local farmers with this event by surprising them with a green carpet event (much like a veggie Oscar’s party!) and have them greeted by the children of the employee’s working there. ¬† Continue reading Souplantation (Eat with the Farmers Event)