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The Grill at Torrey Pines

I have a fondness for Torrey Pines. My grandfather used to love the public golf course here. Growing up, he would tell me the time slots (to tee off) were difficult to obtain. The time slots he did get would be early mornings. He was excited when sis and I obtained our driver license(s) so our duty as grandaughters could be fulfilled. So the sights, turns, streets of Torrey Pines Golf Course still makes me smile. The Grill at Torrey Pines is located at The Lodge at Torrey Pines. The Grill was recently renovated. Their outdoor seating has views of the golf course.

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The Landings at Carlsbad

It still surprises me when I come across a restaurant that’s been in existence that I haven’t heard of. Then add (to that surprise) that the restaurant, The Landings at Carlsbad, is located at an airport. Like, literally. I knew Carlsbad had her own private airport but who would have thought there’s an actual full service restaurant located on the premises. The Landings at Carlsbad serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week. It’s a stand alone restaurant that’s located inside McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, CA.  Continue reading The Landings at Carlsbad

Pacific Coast Grill

I think I visited Pacific Coast Grill when they were located some miles South in Solana Beach years ago. Sis has mentioned that the views and food in their Cardiff location is pretty good. Friend took his nephew and niece here some months ago and agreed with sis’ sentiments. We visited for Easter brunch last month and had one of the best breakfasts ever in San Diego.

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The Barrel Room

There’s nothing better than getting together with a girlfriend and catching up. It’s great to do so over coffee or a walk on the beach but this is a food blog so who let’s keep it real. Catching up with a friend is best done over a cheese & meat board with a bottle of wine at a restaurant I’ve yet to try. Friend suggested The Barrel Room as she’s a fan of their vinos and cheeseboards. So we stopped by one evening to sit in their patio and share a dinner together.

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I’m not the biggest Brian Malarkey fan but I applaud his restaurant success here in San Diego. I’ve visited Searsucker and Burlap but had yet to dine in his casual restaurants such as Green Acre. Snooks, Tox, and I tried to visit one of his Green Acre locations some time ago but the attempt ended up being  too defeating. Fast forward to better timing because I finally had my first meal here at Green Acre a few weeks ago.