Handoo Korean BBQ ( AYCE Korean BBQ) – San Diego, CA

This cooler weather has been making me happy. It rained (at least in my neck of the woods) Sunday morning which made me cozy up on the sofa even more before I headed to church. The cooler weather also makes me hungry. I guess it’s the whatever-bear-that’s-supposed-to-be-hibernating-in-the-winter in me. Gosh, is it almost winter too?… Read More Handoo Korean BBQ ( AYCE Korean BBQ) – San Diego, CA


Menya Ultra

Sis and I finally had time to catch up the other day over lunch. She picked me up and we headed to Menya Ultra upon my suggestion. We argued  back and forth about trying Menya Ultra due to the long wait and lines during peak hours. We were lucky to have had no wait for… Read More Menya Ultra


Village North – San Diego, CA

I’ve been wanting to try Village North for months now. I even tried to plan a family dinner party there but no one at the restaurant ever picks up the phone. Cdj even drove by one night to see what’s up and he said the restaurant was completely empty and looked out of business. Thankfully… Read More Village North – San Diego, CA


Hive – San Diego (Convoy), CA

I  was surprised when I heard Hive San Diego opening in Convoy. The huge location took over the old Office Depot spot. The investors remodeled the space and made it into something quite downtown-ish. The parking that evening was tight as they share a small lot with a few neighbors which include a dance studio,… Read More Hive – San Diego (Convoy), CA

Dim Sum

China Max (Dim Sum lunch)

It’s been a hard dim sum season for me and sis. Sounds so dramatic. Like we’re too baby piglets hunting for truffles or something. We haven’t been able to find any restaurants in San Diego that offers decent dim sum. Especially mid week. We were in Convoy one day for lunch and were so desperate… Read More China Max (Dim Sum lunch)


Hui An Garden – San Diego, CA

My uncle recently treated the family to dinner at Hui An Garden. The restaurant has been in a strange transition over the past few months. I heard a manager from Jasmine took over the restaurant when it was still Fu An Garden but that didn’t fare well. Then it was recently re branded Hui An… Read More Hui An Garden – San Diego, CA


Trade Winds Tavern – San Diego, CA

I was curious to see what Trade Winds Tavern was about. I had seen them slowly take over the previous location. I didn’t know much about Trade Winds Tavern except seeing the mural of the girl every time we passed by. I didn’t know if the tavern would be Asian themed in regards to decor,… Read More Trade Winds Tavern – San Diego, CA


Facing East (Eight Guys Xiao Long Bao + happy hour) – San Diego, CA

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to visit Facing East but none of my friends have been wanting to try out this new restaurant. I was in this plaza the other day and decided it was time for me to venture inside the restaurant. I was lucky as they offered happy hour that weekday from… Read More Facing East (Eight Guys Xiao Long Bao + happy hour) – San Diego, CA


Great Wow – San Diego, CA

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus because food hasn’t been much on my mind. You won’t hear me ever say that again. Kidding aside, life has been catching up to me and I’ve been trying to get my un manicured hands to blog more. Great Wow restaurant opened some months ago. Sis didn’t want to… Read More Great Wow – San Diego, CA


Dumpling Inn – Shanghai Saloon

I haven’t been to their new location since they took over the old Korean market. I visited the gutted site some time ago and couldn’t believe they were moving into this larger location. No one else seemed to believe me but Dumpling Inn did move. Plus, they added Shanghai Saloon to their brand. I’m not… Read More Dumpling Inn – Shanghai Saloon