Mendocino Farms ( Soft Opening & Yelp event ) – Del Mar, CA

It was a surprise to see Carnitas Snack Shack close its doors in Del Mar. There was so much hype and adoration for Carnitas Snack Shack that eventually died down. We even stopped visiting as the food was inconsistent and tasted, well, unhealthy. So, it was an even bigger surprise when signs for Mendocino Farms… Read More Mendocino Farms ( Soft Opening & Yelp event ) – Del Mar, CA


Yelp San Diego #YelpThrowBackThursday @The Flower Fields

The Flower Fields are in bloom again. Shockingly, I don’t think I’ve ever visited the fields as 1) there’s an entrance fee; 2) I can see the flowers when I drive past the freeway; and 3) my allergies 🙁 Yelp San Diego recently put on an event which featured local restaurants and vendors. There would… Read More Yelp San Diego #YelpThrowBackThursday @The Flower Fields


California Tap Room

What is about freshly baked pretzels that makes a girl happy. I think it’s because I’ve watched my bread (carb) intake for so many years now. I’ve let me bread cravings take over every once in awhile and the other night was one of those ‘every once in a while’ kinda time. California Tap Room… Read More California Tap Room


Karl Strauss Brewing Company (4S Ranch)

Sis introduced me to this Karl Strauss Brewing Company location some many years ago. She visits this shopping center because she swears she’s seen Philip Rivers’ nanny go to Pei Wei to pick up food and maybe, just maybe, sis will run into Philip one day. Football-Crazy runs in our family. A good friend recently… Read More Karl Strauss Brewing Company (4S Ranch)


Fireside by the Patio (@ Liberty Station)

I’ve fallen in love with Liberty Station. I wasn’t such a fan of Liberty Station in the past but the edition of their indoor public market has gotten my food loins going. Friends often joke that I should have the same passion about dating that I do with food. Yeah, like that’s *ever* going to… Read More Fireside by the Patio (@ Liberty Station)

Farmers Market

Liberty Public Market

The buzz about the Liberty Public Market was pretty exciting and loud wasn’t it. I didn’t think too much about this new indoor public market as I’ve been to similar versions in Seattle and San Francisco (gosh all with exs too, how ironic). Liberty Public Market is located in Point Loma and finding parking that… Read More Liberty Public Market


OB Noodle House Bar 1502

I still have a bad habit of being hungry before/during/after church. I pay attention during service, don’t get me wrong, but my stomach tells me to figure the eff out where we (that’s my stomach and I) will eat afterwards. Friend and I decided to go to OB Noodle House Bar 1502 (what a long… Read More OB Noodle House Bar 1502


BT’s Southern BBQ

BT’s Southern BBQ opened some months ago off the 56 freeway. A few of us were curious about this BBQ restaurant as we secretly think the location (in this particular strip mall) might be jinxed as the turnover (of a new restaurant taking over) has been pretty high. It’s a nice convenient location with plenty… Read More BT’s Southern BBQ


O’Brien’s Pub – San Diego, CA

I’m nervous to tell you the reason I’ve never been to O’Brien’s Pub in Convoy. So here it goes – I thought everyone there would be irate at Asians because that parking lot sucks so bad. There. I said it. I half kid but the truth of the matter is that I’ve eaten at every… Read More O’Brien’s Pub – San Diego, CA


High Dive Bar and Grill (Ballast Point Tap Takeover)

I’m always looking for the cool, dungy dive bar that I can walk into and just feel like I’m one of the ‘regulars’. I’m not exactly known to be a dive bar-y kinda gal (the decor clashes with my J Crew outfit – just kidding) but I do love me some good ol’ greasy bar… Read More High Dive Bar and Grill (Ballast Point Tap Takeover)