Seasurf Fish Co – Del Mar, CA

I’m surprisingly enjoying life, as it is, at the moment. My schedule has been non stop with work but it’s been balanced with meeting friends to touch base on how life is ever changing for everyone. My friend Diana has been a steady force keeping my mind focused when my mind wanders. She’s a foodie… Read More Seasurf Fish Co – Del Mar, CA


Brigantine – Del Mar, CA

I think I’m the only one in San Diego who likes the dreary weather. Friend and I were free for lunch so we both decided to try Brigantine in Del Mar. They open at 11:30a. Valet parking is the only option (priced at $6) here unless you want to find paid street parking. Brigantine Del… Read More Brigantine – Del Mar, CA


Americana Restaurant – Del Mar, CA

I just had the most whirlwind week of my life. I don’t know if I met the love of my life (being dramatic here) but I honestly had the best meet and greets (aka dates) with a special guy. It left me lovesick which I’ve never said on this blog. Hence why I’ve been MIA… Read More Americana Restaurant – Del Mar, CA


Poseidon on the Beach – Del Mar, CA

This colder weather has made my spirit happy. There’s something, to this day, about this weather that puts me at ease. I wanted to catch up with a friend so we both thought it would be fun to have a late lunch at Poseidon on the Beach one sunny afternoon. Actually, it was a really… Read More Poseidon on the Beach – Del Mar, CA


Zel’s Del Mar

Sundays can be stressful for a variety of reasons. One consistent reason has always been breakfast. Friends and I always have the same question every Sunday around 10a. “WHATAWEDOING” for breakfast is the text I get every single time. Unbeknownst to me, they made an executive decision without my input, consent, yay or nay…well, you… Read More Zel’s Del Mar


Mendocino Farms ( Soft Opening & Yelp event ) – Del Mar, CA

It was a surprise to see Carnitas Snack Shack close its doors in Del Mar. There was so much hype and adoration for Carnitas Snack Shack that eventually died down. We even stopped visiting as the food was inconsistent and tasted, well, unhealthy. So, it was an even bigger surprise when signs for Mendocino Farms… Read More Mendocino Farms ( Soft Opening & Yelp event ) – Del Mar, CA


Cinepolis ( Yelp Event – dinner & a movie )- Del Mar, CA

This is an over due post about this Yelp event some weeks ago. Cinepolis recently remodeled and teamed with Yelp to host an event that featured menu items as well as a movie. I met my friend Diana at the event and we were both excited to watch the fantastically horrible girls movie Rough Night.


Del Mar Rendezvous (Appetizers & Lunch)

Del Mar Rendezvous has been in this part of town for quite some time. I don’t visit often as 1) their prices are high and 2) I don’t mind driving the extra distance to Convoy to satisfy my Asian food fix. Del Mar Rendezvous is located in the Del Mar Plaza. There are a few… Read More Del Mar Rendezvous (Appetizers & Lunch)


Ken Sushi Workshop

My sister has mentioned several times to visit Ken Sushi Workshop for a dinner date. She and Peanut enjoy this restaurant for special sushi dinner nights with their husbands. This unassuming restaurant is located in a business park with California Bank & Trust. One of the chefs used to work for the infamous Sushi Ota… Read More Ken Sushi Workshop

Wine bar

Tasting Room Del Mar

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to try out the Tasting Room Del Mar. I believe they only have evening hours so it was difficult finding the time to try out this tiny outdoor/indoor restaurant in downtown Del Mar. So it was fitting when someone suggested trying out Tasting Room Del Mar for a first… Read More Tasting Room Del Mar