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Le Bambou Restaurant – Del Mar, CA

Le Bambou Restaurant in Del Mar is considered a mainstay in this area. It’s been around for ages and has managed to survive the times. I cannot remember if I’ve ever visited but I vividly remember seeing Le Bambou Restaurant every time I visit this part of town. The restaurant is tucked away in a corner of this re modeled strip mall and rarely seems busy. Friend and I were done with work one late afternoon so we thought it would be nice to try out this restaurant.

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Bushfire Kitchen – Del Mar, CA

It was exciting to see Bushfire Kitchen open a location in Del Mar. I’ve visited their Carlsbad location ages ago and had heard about their new location. The construction seemed to take longer than expected but this Bushfire location is modern and quite pretty. They’re located off the 5 freeway and there was plenty of parking the day we visited. The Del Mar location is the first to serve breakfast so we were all excited to try that out over the weekend.

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Sbicca – Del Mar, CA

I visited Sbicca years ago for a friend’s girls-only wedding shower. I thought the food and views were ok but nothing memorable.  Recently, friend and I originally made lunch reservations for Poseidon but that quickly went to heck when we saw the disastrous parking situation by the beach. So we stumbled across Sbicca – well, more like Sbicca fell in friend’s lap as she was driving and cussing about the parking and so happened to find one free open space RIGHT IN front of Sbicca. Maybe cussing really helps when finding parking.

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Snooze an A.M. Eatery – Del Mar, CA

Does life get so busy that you forget to write about a breakfast place. Or maybe the food wasn’t that great and your blog’s subconscious doesn’t want to put in the effort. Can a blog even have a conscience. Or maybe there was meaning behind the meal that wasn’t worth sharing about at the time right. Snooze has been here in Del Mar for some time now. I remember when it was IHOP and I’d eat here once in a while. The food was pretty bad when it was IHOP so it was nice seeing Snooze take over the space and re build it to a pretty hip location. The lines have always been long even on a weekday.

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The Broken Yolk Cafe – Del Mar, CA

Hope everyone had a fun Memorial Day weekend. I kept myself lazy which was actually quite hard to do. I finally broke that lazy cycle with the help of Cdj on Monday when he called me at 6:30a to plan a hike. It was actually an amazing hike with fun finds and the ocean mist, at that early in the morning, felt calming. I suggested The Broken Yolk Cafe which recently opened in Del Mar (off Del Mar Height Road). He was game as I’m pretty sure breakfast is his favorite meal so we jumped in our cars and headed over to The Broken Yolk Cafe.

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Sushiya – Del Mar, CA

I have no idea how long Sushiya has been here in Del Mar Highlands but it feels like an eternity for some reason. I’d pass by them many times but never had an urge to try them. This Japanese restaurant seemed almost over shadowed by Searsucker that is just to the left of them. But I’ve come to frequent Sushiya over the last year as I’ve become a fan of their lunch and dinner specials. They are located on the bottom half of the Del Mar Highlands plaza.

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Musical Pairing ( The Art of Harmonizing Music to your Food – partnering with Ruth’s Chris, Del Mar)

I’ve shared tidbits about myself over the years this blog has been alive but I don’t think I’ve ever shared my love of music. Primarily piano. The piano holds that small place in my heart that makes me teary if I let myself *just* think about it for more than thirty seconds. So imagine my curiosity when I heard about Musical Pairing coming to town. Musical Pairing is a concept where you pair food with, gasp, MUSIC. Yeah, we’ve paired food with wine and alcohol. But I have never heard of pairing food with music. Ever. Could listening to music, while eating certain courses, change the way you taste/feel/think about food. I don’t think I can convey how excited I was to try out this event.

Barbara Werner, the founder of Musical Pairing, and I had a few email exchanges before the event. It’s funny when you can *feel* someone’s personality over emails isn’t it. We couldn’t write fast enough about food, music, and the event.

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SEA & SMOKE ( Build Your Own Cinnamon Bun Bar Brunch )

I think people get sad about Labor Day weekend because it marks the end of summer or something. I honestly don’t know. Because, um, I don’t enjoy summers and the heat all that much. But, I had some fun activities planned for that long weekend so I was kinda excited. Girlfriends (all the single ladies – whoop whoop) decided to drive down from LA to visit me for wine tasting at Temecula. So, what better way to pre-funk it than with breakfast with sad lonely Cdj at Sea & Smoke.

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Casa Sol y Mar – Del Mar, CA

I visited Casa Sol y Mar two years ago with Snooks and Toxie to try their Happy Hour. We all collectively thought the food was mediocre and the staff a bit rude. So there wasn’t ever an urge to return. But a group of friends recently wanted to get together for lunch and one of the girls suggested Casa Sol y Mar. I wasn’t going to throw in my .02c (shocker I know) as I figured perhaps the restaurant had improved since my last visit. Plus, hello, they have complimentary fresh chips and salsa.   Continue reading Casa Sol y Mar – Del Mar, CA


You either love or you either hate raw oysters. Our flock used to go to The Fish Market to get our fix of raw oysters. Inappropriate (often filthy) descriptions were used to describe what and how a raw oyster tasted like. But raw oysters, no matter how much you make fun of the taste/texture/etc, still cost a pretty penny to eat. What if you could have a raw oyster for just $1 dollar ( or 100 pennies if that makes it sound like a better deal ). Trifecta Tavern now offers Buck a Shuck Oysters on Fridays. PLUS, the little pub-like-restaurant also offers $6 Flight of four 4.5 oz beer tastings (ANY beer they have on tap).

I recently stumbled across this new Friday deal offered at Trifecta Tavern when I was researching places that offered triple IPAs on draft. Friends have assigned me the task of finding the best IPAs on tap since we fell in love with the Knee Deep Simtra at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens. I had no problem doing that as long as the place had decent food. I’ve visited Trifecta Tavern a few times but felt the food quality had diminished since Whole Foods opened a few years ago. They still offer $10 Burger & Beer on Wednesdays but the burger on our last visit wasn’t all that great. So it was nice to find that Trifecta Tavern added a new Friday special to try out.  Continue reading TRIFECTA TAVERN (BUCK A SHUCK OYSTERS & $6 Flight of 4 FRIDAYS) – DEL MAR