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Lazy Acres Market (sister to Bristol Farms) – Encinitas

My heart melts when I see a new super market opening. I love the smell, sights, touch of these new markets. I had never heard of Lazy Acres Market. I didn’t know if it was a chain or perhaps a pricey organic kinda place (hello Whole Foods). So I was surprised to discover Lazy Acres Market is a sister market to Bristol Farms. My love of Bristol has diminished over the years but I’m a fan of their beer selection as well as their famous chocolate chip cookies. So I was excited to stop by Lazy Acres Market and check them out.

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The Craftsman New American Tavern

We visited The Craftsman New American Tavern some weeks ago. We were looking for a place to have a late brunch on a Sunday afternoon. The weather was perfect and the drive up the Pacific Coast Highway couldn’t have been prettier. The Craftsman New American Tavern is located in Encinitas and had a happy hour menu that appeared to be available on Sundays.

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Jorge’s Mexicatessen – Encinitas, CA

When I crave something, I CRAVE it. Like, bad. It’s more important than work, my friends, my mental health. Someone taught me how to make chicken soup some many years ago and I still think that recipe is awesome. But I haven’t found a place in San Diego that makes memorable chicken soup. So cue Jorge’s Mexicatessen in Encinitas who’s known for their Mexican style chicken soup. What is a Mexicatessen by the way. Is a Mexican delicatessen? Regardless, I was excited to finally try Jorge’s Mexicatessen for breakfast one morning with a friend.

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Encinitas Fish Shop

Something I’ve enjoyed doing this season (of my life) is visiting restaurants along Highway 101. I am the last person you’ll want to be with on any car ride as I’m always in a hurry to get from Point A to Point B. Scenic driving is not my cup of tea. So it’s been funny that I look forward to exploring what the 101 offers. Friend wanted to take me to Encinitas Fish Shop as he’s visited the restaurant with his family and they’ve all enjoyed the seafood. The weather was sunny, warm, and bright the weekend of our visit.

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Potato Shack Cafe

Potato Shack Cafe is a family owned breakfast and lunch restaurant in Encinitas. I don’t know about ya all’s preference but sometimes a girl’s gotta have her chicken fried steak in the morning. We are always on the quest to search for the perfect chicken fried steak in San Diego so we thought we’d venture to Encinitas one Saturday to check out their breakfast options.

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Bite San Diego is a food touring company that explores different parts of town here in the beautiful city we live in (and currently having relievable cooler weather). They recently added a new food tour for the city of Encinitas so I was curious to see what that tour had to offer. It’s a three hour tour with about 5 restaurant stops so that made me subconsciously feel better about the calories we were going to consume that day. That’s smart food thinkin’ right there.



I don’t frequent Leucadia or Encinitas all that often but was giddy when I came across Solterra Winery & Kitchen some many months ago. I knew instantly I wanted to have my birthday celebration here. I’m not exactly subtle at dropping hints so it wasn’t hard for Cdj to pick up on the very obvious nuances I’d sputter out (about Solterra Winery & Kitchen) every time the topic of my birthday came up.  So a few weekends ago, he ‘surprised’ me with a luncheon here where a close group of friends had gathered together to celebrate my 21st birthday (that’s the age I wanted to be that afternoon).