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356 BBQ & Bar ($25.99 AYCE) – San Diego, CA

We don’t venture outside of Convoy for AYCE Korean BBQ often. I was surprised and curious when a new Korean BBQ restaurant opened in Mission Valley. The restaurant was brand new, modern, and not AYCE. I should have written ‘but not AYCE’ because Cdj about fainted when he saw the prices here at 356 BBQ & Bar. We tried to visit some months ago but the service was non existent and they wouldn’t put on any of the Sunday football games on their tvs. So we didn’t give this restaurant much thought after that.

Fast forward to present time and 356 BBQ & Bar now offers a few AYCE options: 1) the 355 for $25.99; 2) the 356 for $29.99; and 3) the 357 for $36.99. The prices are further discounted Mon-Friday for lunch. For example, you can get the 355 for $21.99 during those days from 11:30a-3pm.

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Taegukgi Korean BBQ House ($15.99 AYCE Tuesday Lunch Special)

The gluttony in all of us constantly searches for the unicorn all-you-can-eat Korean bbq. Specifically a lunch AYCE Kbbq. I had seen Taegukgi Korean BBQ House over the years but never tried them as the reviews were mixed. I’d do a quick drive-by peek of their empty patio when I would visit Zion Market right next door. So I was happy to share this gluttonous adventure with Cdj the past two weeks. Yeah. We visited two weeks in a row – both on Tuesdays in order to get the $15.99 lunch deal. The AYCE lunch option at¬†Taegukgi Korean BBQ House normally costs $19.99 so the $4 savings on Tuesdays is a nice (almost) 20% savings.¬† Continue reading Taegukgi Korean BBQ House ($15.99 AYCE Tuesday Lunch Special)



With the sincerest apologies, Happy Belated New Years! Christmas blew by so quickly and New Years…well, how can it already be 2015. I don’t understand. I feel like I have quite a bit of food stuff to write about in my blog pipeline but I’m going to post about a recent dinner trip to Kogi BBQ right here in beautiful freezing San Diego. Kogi BBQ is an AYCE Korean BBQ located in Kearny Mesa (close to Convoy). But let me show you why the AYCE excursion to Kogi BBQ was an epic failure (at NO fault of the restaurant)…


1) Do Re Mi & 2) Grandma Tofu and Korean BBQ- San Diego, CA

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. I just got back from a getaway to San Francisco so I’m still kinda smiling from that trip.

I haven’t been to Do Re Mi in quite some time. Forget that they’re located next to Cheetah’s (I can’t believe they still offer a free cheeseburger if you visit Cheetah’s for lunch – and noooo – I don’t know this from experience – I just remember always seeing their Free Cheeseburger sign outside). But I felt the quality of DRM’s food had gone down hill over the years. Continue reading 1) Do Re Mi & 2) Grandma Tofu and Korean BBQ- San Diego, CA