Manila Sunset Grille

Manila Sunset Grille has been in Mira Mesa for some time now. Their location went through a nice exterior renovation recently. I’m not sure how we ended up finally trying Manila Sunset Grille last year but it’s been my go to grilled skewers place since then. Each item is made to order so there’s usually a… Read More Manila Sunset Grille


Manna BBQ – Mira Mesa, CA

MANNA BBQ I was excited when I heard an all you can eat Korean buffet was coming to Mira Mesa. This type of gluttony is only reserved for the elite of the elite (I love you Joey Chestnut). Joking aside, this part of town needed new AYCE blood that they could sink their fangs into.… Read More Manna BBQ – Mira Mesa, CA



I don’t frequent Poway all that often but CDJ was in the area and we decided to meet for a quick lunch at Poway Sushi Lounge. My aunt and uncle took me here some years ago as they swore Poway Sushi Lounge makes dang good sushi. They also own Lifu’s spaz sister so that should… Read More POWAY SUSHI LOUNGE



TOFU HOUSE Bring it Mira Mesa. BRING…IT. I’m sorry  but I get so excited when I see a new Korean restaurant opening in the 92126 zippy here in San Diego. Tofu House recently opened in Mira Mesa and I’ve been waiting to try out this sister restaurant to their Tofu House in Convoy. V and… Read More TOFU HOUSE – MIRA MESA, CA



KOGI BBQ With the sincerest apologies, Happy Belated New Years! Christmas blew by so quickly and New Years…well, how can it already be 2015. I don’t understand. I feel like I have quite a bit of food stuff to write about in my blog pipeline but I’m going to post about a recent dinner trip… Read More KOGI BBQ (AYCE KOREAN BBQ) – SAN DIEGO, CA

Korean, Tofu

D&C Tofu House – San Diego (Mira Mesa), CA

My quest for Korean Tofu continues in Mira Mesa. WTF is wrong with me. At least that’s what sis keeps telling me every time I suggest trying another tofu house. Plus, keep in mind these visits (to D&C Tofu House) were during the heat wave. I haven’t heard much about D&C Tofu House from other… Read More D&C Tofu House – San Diego (Mira Mesa), CA


Shozen & Manpo BBQ – San Diego (Mira Mesa), CA

Ok. Obviously, as you can see, I’ve been on a weird Korean tofu/BBQ kick for the past few weeks. I’ve been trying to keep it in the Mira Mesa part of town to keep it interesting. Shozen has been around for ages and my family used to go there for their grille-at-the-table BBQ. But as… Read More Shozen & Manpo BBQ – San Diego (Mira Mesa), CA


Do Re Mi – San Diego, CA

I haven’t had Korean food in ages and finally had the weirdest craving for spicy hot tofu soup. I was driving around Convoy and decided to stop by Do Re Mi to see if they were still open for lunch. Thankfully they were as my stomach wasn’t taking no for an answer. I used to… Read More Do Re Mi – San Diego, CA


1) Do Re Mi & 2) Grandma Tofu and Korean BBQ- San Diego, CA

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. I just got back from a getaway to San Francisco so I’m still kinda smiling from that trip. I haven’t been to Do Re Mi in quite some time. Forget that they’re located next to Cheetah’s (I can’t believe they still offer a free cheeseburger if… Read More 1) Do Re Mi & 2) Grandma Tofu and Korean BBQ- San Diego, CA