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Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant – Arcadia, CA

Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant is a restaurant I have been wanting to try for some time now. They are located in Arcadia, CA. I’ve passed by this restaurant several times and was itching to try their famous Meizhou Roast Duck. My mom is such a lovable parent that she immediately said yes when I threw a tantrum wanting to try Meizhou Dongpo. Just kidding. The restaurant is stunning and modern. There wasn’t a wait when we visited one weekend afternoon. Continue reading Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant – Arcadia, CA

Noble Chef – San Diego, CA

I think I know Convoy Street (and the area) pretty well so I wasn’t really quite sure why I hadn’t been to Noble Chef before. I’ve seen this restaurant but never paid much thought to it. So I was a bit taken aback when I glanced in to take a quick look. The first thing that took my breath away was their roasted meat show cased in the very front. How did I *NOT* know a place that has roast duck and roast pork. Plus, the interior of Noble Chef looked clean, bright, and modern. Cdj was on the way to meet me for lunch but I immediately called him to say there was a change of plans.

Continue reading Noble Chef – San Diego, CA


I’ve never had a real gut desire to visit this small Asian restaurant in Convoy. It’s located in the most awful strip mall (what’s up bad-parking) and the overall review of Red Moon Noodle House seemed terribly mixed. But dang it, my xiao long bao heroin addiction got the better of me (I’ve been watching a lot of Intervention on A&E alot lately so there’s been a lot of heroin addicts on there recently).

I was telling a friend the other day that the hot liquid soup of a xiao long bao is like heroin (well, from what I HEAR on Intervention. I’ve never done heroin). The addicts say that after their first ever ‘hit’, there’s nothing more in life they ever want. SO, that’s kinda like a hot cauldron of a soupy dumpling for me. I know it’s *kinda* dramatic but man, wait ’til you have your Unicorn Xiao Long Bao. Continue reading RED MOON NOODLE HOUSE- SAN DIEGO, CA